Mike Budenholzer Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Heat vs Bucks | September 8, 2020 NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game 5 Highlights | September 8, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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56 comentarios:

Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
I think the bucks are about to let him go
They got exposed this series coach bud on the hot seat
bud barker
bud barker:
This guy is horrible at making adjustments, hes lucky to have giannis as his star player...and hes avoiding questions here and just keeps congratulating his guys....hes been exposed, time for him to go.
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek:
If some idiot says that the heat only won because giannis wasn’t in the game I will be so mad
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek:
He knows he finna get fired tomorrow
Miami Heat beat the Bucks and the refs this series squarely
Tex Mich
Tex Mich:
You just got Herro'd
king javed
king javed:
Bledsoe or westbrick who makes the most bricks?😁😁 im building a huouse i need bricks!!!
General manager: hey coach come here i need to talk to you

General manager: sorry did i call you coach my bad you aint gonna coach no mo you gonna to put some respeckt on the bucks name
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith:
I’m here speaking to Former.... I MEAN coach Mike Budenholzer about this devastating loss
david james
david james:
The Bucks literally left it out there, starting with leaving Malcolm Brogdon to walk away. Should have never given Bledsoe the money.
Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo:
Playoff fraud. Boneheaded decision making from the very start
G M:
“Ya fired.”

bruce lau
bruce lau:
Guess he’s getting fired tomorrow ..
Lil FlexSeal
Lil FlexSeal:
fire him asap
Dy2 Str33t-King
Dy2 Str33t-King:
Bledsoe just went to throw his jersey in the dirty clothes hamper......missed
dandre morris
dandre morris:
He is the Mike D'Antoni of the East!!!
he needs to be gone ASAP
The Boring Geek
The Boring Geek:
I can't watch this men without getting angry
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360:
Take back his coach of the year award and give it to Spo
alex m
alex m:
Just heard another Bledsoe miss
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos:
Fire him ASAP
I wish giannis antetokounmpo played today!!! they didnt score for 4 minutes in the 2nd quarter down by 1!!
Ryan Sproviero
Ryan Sproviero:
What was Bud thinking challenging that mauling of Jimmy by Lopez? He needed that challenge to stay alive in the end. With that challenge who knows what happens.
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade:
n vangogh
n vangogh:
Respect to mike b HOWEVER. Jason kidd should've never gotten fired after 2017. Dumb.
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson:
Did anyone else find the officiating ridiculously in bucks favor the entire game , quick whistle ?
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas:
welp, that's it for ya, bud. that was your LAST game coaching giannis
Fool Tool
Fool Tool:
If he get fire please come to pacers as something
Sean Coonery
Sean Coonery:
They lost cause they never adjusted to put Giannis on butler the first 3 games
Rigo Batiancila
Rigo Batiancila:
this guys career is on the line
Allen Chevez
Allen Chevez:
Everyone on the comments saying to fire him. Before he got hired bucks weren’t even contenders y’all ain’t happy
joe kiat
joe kiat:
Bud is not a very good playoff coach, he makes no in game adjustments and Spo out coached him.
J-876 King
J-876 King:
Front office preparing his walking papers as we speak

Don't get me wrong, great regular season coach but not the guy you want to be coaching in the post season

We saw it last year and we saw it with the 2015 Hawks
Alexander Sugar
Alexander Sugar:
Clearly he has a pattern of falling short in the playoffs, but I wouldn't just blanketly label the guy a bad coach. Whether in Atlanta or Milwaukee, as soon as he came in he turned mid-level playoff teams into #1 seeds, and that's worth something (although it was never enough to get them over the hump, evidently)
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson:
What’s killing me is, weren’t you prepared for going home? Lol, it was 3-0 just the other day, y’all was about to get swept. No way you guys were winning 4 straight, stop it Coach
Bud gone
JU Photoshop Support
JU Photoshop Support:
if giannis played the bucks would win the series
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson:
Budenholzer is the next victim of jimmy butler , Coach killer
Fool Tool
Fool Tool:
Hope he dont get fired he's a good coach shits happen
Sheng Cheng
Sheng Cheng:
Eric Bledsoe needs to be removed from the starting lineup. He sucked the whole series.
You should have given Brook the ball in the post more.
John Man
John Man:
Mike Budenholzer, you should have been making adjustments man. You should have made them after you were down 3-0. Actually no, you should have made them after you were down 2-0. I don't know if the Bucks will let you go this year, but it's possible they will next year if you don't deliver.
If Billy Donovan got fired, taking it 7 games with that roster... 😱 😱 😱
josh-DF :D
josh-DF :D:
Would love to see a Spoelstra vs Vogel series 1 more time. And now Vogel is on the Higher ground..
deep bench is not a thing, unless your whole team is the bench and you are the 2004 pistons. Stop trying to make it work when you have MVP/DPOY
Elio y Milada Channel
Elio y Milada Channel:
This guy should be fired by next week. Back to back years with number 1 seed and has been outcoached 2 seasons in a row. He can't coach once playoffs arrives
Coach mike is a good coach but he just not meant to be a playoff coach like other coach. His scheme isn't just good enough to win it in playoff. Sad.
I'm not trying to step on anybody's toes and maybe you guys know better, but this guy actually is a great coach coming from a Heat fan. If you look at all the coach firings this year in the bubble and before from McMillan (indy), Donovan (okc), Brown (phi), Gentry (pelicans), Atkinson (Nets), Boylen (bulls) and other for sure deserved fired coaches like the Knicks (but that organization is 💩). What kind of for sure head coach champion market is out there? If this guy gets fired he will be the first one hired by one of those other squads
jixseylo portacion
jixseylo portacion:
I think he shouldn't be fired. He's a good coach who just needs to be better at adjustments. Milwaukee should learn from Pat. In 2011, Spo almost got fired (starting 9-11) and people where clamouring for Pat to takeover but the Godfather trusted Spo and that trust turned into 4 trips to the finals and two championships. With that trust Spo used the Pace and Space concept to unlock the Heat's potential. He also got Lebron to develop a postgame by showing him a piece of paper (shot chart). Spo went above and beyond to earn the trust that he was given. Learn from Pat.
Come to the warriors Giannis
chris wong
chris wong:
#1 team with the best record, 2 years in a row
#1 defensive team in the NBA
#1 Best player arguably in the NBA
1 win in the semi-conference finals
David M
David M:
Heat fans can you please stop with the fake Napolean complex garbage. Your team was better than the Bucks, period!
J Legèr
J Legèr:
That Social Justice stuff was absolute trash lmao

Both men were/are criminals that have been celebrated with no fact checking.
NsB Reese
NsB Reese:
They lost because of the reset of the season the Chemistry wasn’t there no more .
they injured him on purpose
im a buck fan we would of beat the heat in 7 , if only giannis didn’t get hurt