Mila Kunis Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

Guest co-host Mila Kunis got in Ellen's hot seat for "Burning Questions." Find out about her dirty car and the last time she broke the law!

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Mila Kunis Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

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Clara Terp.
Clara Terp.:
I love how mila answers some questions easily but some answers are soooo difficult
Naval Kumar Shukla
Naval Kumar Shukla:
"When did you last break the law"

"Today" - was the coolest answer among all
Katherine Leonard
Katherine Leonard:
I love how relatable she is!!
Nadia R
Nadia R:
Mila’s idea of a perfect day alone is also my ideal day 😂 Order coffee and watch reality tv
That I’m never alone answer😂I felt that
Universal Traveler
Universal Traveler:
I relate with almost everything she said love this girl specially the "sit there and do nothing all day"
lynn ramadan
lynn ramadan:
Mika is beautiful inside out and her laugh makes me melt .
Kateryna Sarapulova
Kateryna Sarapulova:
Mila is so great! I just love her energy!
Kim Arnold
Kim Arnold:
As a mom of 4……if I had one day alone I would do the exact same thing!!! (Well that and miss my kids the whole time 🤦🏼‍♀️😂)
Ellen is like I’m not even going to try anymore lol she just looks annoyed and angry the whole time
Ellen… is not the same anymore. You can feel the dead energy
She's so charming. Honestly, I wish she would let herself have a second electric car in her household (especially if she's just going to borrow another car anyway) and that she would let herself get a day off alone like that.
Gino Cassano
Gino Cassano:
Ellen is dying to end this show. She’s really off
Jay Vala
Jay Vala:
Mila's every answer and I'm like "SERIOUSLY !!"🤣🤣
Sara Khan
Sara Khan:
She’s so adorable. I wish her the best
3Ls Gonzalez-Arce
3Ls Gonzalez-Arce:
Oh man!!! Ellen super different this last season. You can tell she is dying to wrap! Good for her to end on top
Sara Khan
Sara Khan:
Mila’s description of her perfect day alone is my everyday… 😅
Col b
Col b:
38 and she still looks incredible.
I think she has grown more stunning as she has matured :))
hudson herm
hudson herm:
mila's eyes everytime she smiles.
Just Youtuve
Just Youtuve:
She’s so funny
Angela Music
Angela Music:
I'm so in love with her voice😍😍
It's funny when some people say a certain celebrity is beautiful inside out. You really can't tell if someone is beautiful inside unless you're very close to them. Like a partner or a family member for instance.
Dayna Morris
Dayna Morris:
My brother got a concussion and a neck injury from a trampoline so she's not wrong
Mila is so cute, bless her sweet little heart. She's like a bean.
Btar Doja
Btar Doja:
Ellen is always good vibes...
Allison Dunham
Allison Dunham:
They are matching perfectly 🤣
Love her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
I love mila! what a woman
Suman Seetharam
Suman Seetharam:
I don’t believe they are a one car family like she said. Ashton and Mila have all the money in the world and still so humble 🙏
Abby Daddy’s little girl
Abby Daddy’s little girl:
i really hope we still hear of ellen i will miss her😭
Still can't believe this show is ending
Ксения Лавнич
Ксения Лавнич:
Мила сама милота)
Monica Sanchez
Monica Sanchez:
It’s 100% TRUE! Trampolines are the MOST DANGEROUS things for kids and I know because my daughter almost lost her life on one- I wish more people were educated about how dangerous they are before they purchase one for their kids…..💔
I love Mila!
Robyn Stevenson
Robyn Stevenson:
Trying to watch some of the last daily shows on my small & basic mobile phone (grrr) as Aus. tv stations wouldn't broadcast. At least I've seen some favourites in Melissa(s) Etheridge & McCarthy but mainly the irreplaceable & much loved Ellen. Every happiness. xox
Mac Ten
Mac Ten:
That alone time though hahaaa
asking a mom (with small kids), what you do when you are alone... Ellen->BAD Question, Mila great response. :-)
3:12 - 3:13
Simon Le Grec
Simon Le Grec:
Amazing woman
Vinayak Praveen
Vinayak Praveen:
Her eyes are so gorgeous!!!!! T - T
lana andrew scott
lana andrew scott:
mila is the only one bringing the energy in this, that's usually the hosts job but ... oh, well
Rafa C
Rafa C:
"Do you take a shower?"
Please, bring Elisha Cuthbert to this show.
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez:
Just here for Mila ❤️
Stay Forever
Stay Forever:
Love how they are wearing the same thing
Maneesh Palackal Unni
Maneesh Palackal Unni:
It's a nice game 😃Ellen's questions are burning🔥 😃
Naval Kumar Shukla
Naval Kumar Shukla:
3:11 Everyone get that xD
I Love watching Mila and "young Trump" play burning question! Love you Ellen! <3 Mila <3
Sauce Apple
Sauce Apple:
Mila broke the law to[day], lol.
Rossella Di Pede
Rossella Di Pede:
Sorry but the whole time I was only thinking “Shut up Meg” 😂😂
Tanq _Mchunu
Tanq _Mchunu:
She's right Trampolines are very dangerous ,i don't know how many times i hurt myself on those things growing up
ASMR Sandra
ASMR Sandra:
Mila is beautiful and smart💖
Nati Amos
Nati Amos:
I really don't like Ellen, I don't think she treats her guest well. Mila is so great and such a good sport.
Louise P
Louise P:
Are they meant to be dressed the same 😂
Meme M
Meme M:
She's gorgeous, and looks like a famous Egyptian icon named Sherihan!!!
Im sad that Ellen is leaving.
Sony dove
Sony dove:
Beautiful video💚
Nataliya Bisirkina
Nataliya Bisirkina:
She's so cute)))
whitney denise
whitney denise:
Cant wait until I am happy daily like mila. She is so beautiful.
Esther Xie
Esther Xie:
Ellen is so so serious. She is not having fun.
Progressive Canadian
Progressive Canadian:
Hopefully for Ellen's sake Mila Kunis was wearing deodorant😁
Blake Green
Blake Green:
Is it just me or was their vibe that Mila was hella uncomfortable explaining how she had to borrow her dad’s car 😕. Ellen’s definitely not helping it either because she just seemed bitter toward the end.
Fit Halim
Fit Halim:
Idk i feel like ellen is not really vibing with mila, like i can feel the fakeness from ellen
Tia J
Tia J:
Ellen show please have back Robert Pattinson to the show
J C:
Mila is the most beautiful woman in the world - inside and out.
They're twinning!
Galo Coronel
Galo Coronel:
Mila is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍
lia kiss
lia kiss:
She’s so beautiful 😍😩
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil:

3:41 my daily life, except moveis and clips instead of tv
kinda sad bcs last season but good for ellen
Moon Pi
Moon Pi:
I thought this show stopped last year
Fe B
Fe B:
Such a boring one - came here after John Krasinki which was good and hilarious
Ellen looks tired.
That’s amazing to be that rich, and to live in a house hold with only one ☝️ car 🚙, that she had to borrow her father’s car!
Here in the Middle East you will see a below average Arabic family with an average income and they have 2 to 3 cars !
I thought it will be Kate Mckinnon, not Kristen Bell
Dakotah Lapierre
Dakotah Lapierre:
They are called stoptionals
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil:
Josaphene Eryani
Josaphene Eryani:
They wear the same,,, that's cute
lexi lex
lexi lex:
Ranish Iqbal
Ranish Iqbal:
Plssss do burning questions with billie eilish before ur show ends i begggg uuu plsssss
Simply Mathusha
Simply Mathusha:
Nilam farooq and Mila Kunis could be sisters
Sam S
Sam S:
Ellen reminds me of Hilary....
Muhammad-Amiin Dhimbiil
Muhammad-Amiin Dhimbiil:
I was reading while I suppose to Sleep, that was today.
👁Cheshire Cat eyes 👁
If the world knew about….
Broke the law~ Oh, I’m sure today.🛑💢✴️
After hearing what she has said to some of her other famous interviewees I wouldn't want to meet her. Same for Conan O'Brien and the racist remark he made to Angelina Jolie about Whoopi Goldberg's afro hair
Naz Kiwi
Naz Kiwi:
Are they dressed the same on purpose
One car household?! Ashton really has this woman acting like she’s not worth as much as she is. Ooof
Yay Megatron!!
Katie 🎶🌚
Katie 🎶🌚:
I thought the Ellen show will be canceled..
yaldram muqadis
yaldram muqadis:
Yo Ellen is still on air???????
Lily Anne Solis
Lily Anne Solis:
in what country ellen show is shooting?
ana belen ramirez
ana belen ramirez:
how can everybody keep press the button before!!!! its been too many years! come on! AFTER!
William Weinberg
William Weinberg:
1:34 she eats her belly button lint. 🤢🤮
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph: