Mila Kunis Hits the Ranch While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Mila Kunis is a Golden Globe–nominated actress who's decades in Hollywood include the legacy TV shows Family Guy and That '70s Show, as well as award-winning films like Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Kunis takes on the wings of death while breaking down NFTs, explaining what it's like to have Conan O'Brien as a neighbor, and fact-checking Ashton Kutcher's episode of Hot Ones.






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First We Feast
First We Feast:
Shout out to Mila for lowkey leaking the Salma Hayek episode and offering to help get Conan O'Brien on the show!
Mila is a top notch person. Love her!
Katya Z
Katya Z:
Her conversation skills are insane. Someone give her a chat show, this girl can joke and listen. I like how she stayed positive throughout.
Jooshua Lewis
Jooshua Lewis:
She is one of few guest that treats this like a conversation and not and interview I like how interested she was to know stuff about Sean and wasn’t self absorbed like a lot of A list celebrities
Bri Loya
Bri Loya:
I love that Ashton was there with her, that's so cute. They're hilarious. What a fun girl :) loved this episode!
The fact that she used her time at the end to hype up the show before her own projects makes me love her even more
Her calling out her husband is comedy gold. The fact that he is on-set is perfect.
I love how down to earth she actually. Gamer, not too squeemish, good sense of humor, money, brains etc etc AK absolutely nailed it 😂
Eric Lamarche
Eric Lamarche:
Mila seems like such a genuinely cool and level headed person. Big respect
F K:
He’s such a great interviewer that he doesn’t need the distraction of eating to make these interviews great, but it does make it so fun to watch!
Jose Morales
Jose Morales:
Can't get enough of this woman she's so total and down to earth
Underneath The Underneath
Underneath The Underneath:
All these years later - still the cutest
David Hasselblad
David Hasselblad:
Mila Kunis and Ashton are my favorite celebrity couples. They are both genius’ and just plain amazing people. And relatable.
hadid sarah
hadid sarah:
I love how she asked him questions too and was intrested in his person , she's a great conversationalist
Instant classic. Such a casual, communicative, normal person. She brought vintage Sean out, just shows that doing interviews is a two-way street.
Isaac McG
Isaac McG:
You can really tell how infectious of a personality Mila has by how much Sean is laughing along with her. I think Sean laughs more in this video than any other one.
Ang D
Ang D:
I love that Mila was able to interview Sean for once and get him to talk about himself. For as great of an interviewer as he is, we know not much about him xD
Pam Pam
Pam Pam:
She seems like such a genuine person, love this! Congrats on all your success and your gorgeous family 🥰
jude victorious
jude victorious:
It never gets old watching Sean Evans consistently disarm the most media trained individuals with his classic "tell us what's going on in your life." It's like a magic trick 😉 so good!!😊👍.
i love how she was like “ILL HELP. get him on the show” she’s so great and real and her and ashtons relationship is so adorable
Victoria Bell
Victoria Bell:
i love how mila looks like a normal 38 year old woman. she is letting herself age normally without tons of filler or botox and thats so refreshing to see.
Ioanna de Arc
Ioanna de Arc:
I love Mila Kunis, she has great personality: she is intense but extremely funny and smart.
She has always been herself and no pretentiousness, which shows how much emotional intelligence she has.
Sean, your ability to bring the questions and the pain to celebrity interviews is second to none. I may have watched all of the Hot Ones, but the off camera Ashton and poor Mila's genuine commitment to finish the gauntlet was absolutely golden. Keep up the good work - I wanna see Conan sweat!
Amber Leitao
Amber Leitao:
She handled herself like a champ I’m so impressed. And she’s literally the cutest woman alive. Just seems like someone i would want to know ♥️♥️♥️
Jennifer Quiroz
Jennifer Quiroz:
This is probably one of my favorite interviews! Mila is so down to earth! Love her energy.
Bro, Ashton Kutcher won at life on so many levels FOR SURE.
F F:
She had me smiling the whole interview ☺️!

Mila is such a sweetheart, I love her energy!
Aww she's awesome. Such a down to earth personality.

Was hoping for more family guy stuff though lol.
I love Sean cause I think he's lying as well. He does such a good job with every person he interviews, he wants to humble himself on their level cause he's been there before. He's felt the heat first at one time (even if now he's done it dozens of times) and makes sure his guests know he's felt that before
Big fan of Mila as an actress. Would like to see her in more movies.
Jake Phipps
Jake Phipps:
Mila: these wings are hot!

Ashton: well damn Jackie! I can't control the sauce!

RJ John
RJ John:
This interview just reinforces that It's really hard not to like Mila Kunis.
Nicole Adamson
Nicole Adamson:
I found myself smiling through this entire episode <3
Mila has one of the best conan needs a friend podcast episodes, she's always good in conversations, I love her, didn't think I could like her more but somehow this video added to it she kills it
Pang Lam
Pang Lam:
her yelling at Ashton and him yelling back off camera is HILARIOUS
Michael Allen
Michael Allen:
She's perfect lol. Her cereal choices and obsession with star trek make her a keeper.
This was one of my favourite episodes...she is a sport...Thanks for making me smile 😃 😊
Officer Dad Life
Officer Dad Life:
A good episode. So straightforward and genuine. Love it.... Sean is the Best Celebrity interviewer EVER!!!!
Morgan Phoebe
Morgan Phoebe:
I love Mila Kunis! She’s really her own thing! There will never be another Mila!
Worst Hooks NA
Worst Hooks NA:
I like how she refers to ashton kutcher as "her husband", rather than directly giving his name like so many other celebrities do. It just brings a more realistic and wholesome feel to everything
brown guy
brown guy:
People don't talk enough about the music that is so perfectly cut with the interview to make a legitimate symphony. Every episode.
Mr Popo
Mr Popo:
I swear celebs should start doing podcasts during the time they ain’t working on any movies, tv series etc . Mila would kill it with her own podcast
Derek Ellis
Derek Ellis:
Such an amazing woman, when you think she can't get anymore amazing she does.
HEATER41 _00
HEATER41 _00:
I would've never watched an episode if this show but...I love Mila so much! Ashton, you already know she's a keeper! I'm happy for you both! I had a great time watching.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Mila Kunis seems so down to earth as a person. Great segment and great questions from Sean as always.
Dominic Richardson
Dominic Richardson:
Mila Kunis is a badass lol. Imagine tanking a shot of ranch with milk chaser.
I love Mila Kunis she's amazing :D her personality and everything about her, Ashton is one lucky guy
Graham Dunbar
Graham Dunbar:
She just seems very grounded and is genuine and funny as hell
Bob Mohr
Bob Mohr:
Mila is so real, love watching and listening to her.
Chad Kletting
Chad Kletting:
My boy Sean always brings the heat. Not only with questions and wings but great guests. Awesome show. Love this interview. You can't miss. Great job to Sean his crew and Mila.
The best part is when she's looking off at Ashton calling him out. Fricken hilarious
Dushynat Patel
Dushynat Patel:
I'm impressed that how well Sean research his guests every time.
Loved this episode! Mila had fun with it, and i love to see A-list celebs like her turn into a real human being on screen! Purrrrfection! Love ya sean and crew! Thanks for another great epmisode!!
Can some animator please remake this with Meg
L K.C.Lifer
L K.C.Lifer:
Mila keeps it 💯. Loved her from the 70's Show and have followed all her movies. It's refreshing to hear her talk so canned. I could see myself being friends with someone like her. Mila your personality is fabulous 👌
Eric Henry
Eric Henry:
I always liked Mila. Saw Forgetting sarah, really liked her, now after watching this and her greatest clips from the Craig Fergusson show, I love her to death. She is so damn cute and so down to earth. She really does need a show. Extra prayers for the Ukraine for her.
She is literally like the most playful chick lol She gets so excited over everything! Kills me
Christine 2
Christine 2:
I love her hahaha she’s hilarious
Dude. Complex better be paying Sean an insane amount of cash. He is THE best celebrity interviewer right now. Period. They completely let their guard down. This chick is normal on the big talk shows on cable. But I’m this she became your neighbor. Everyone knows this kind of girl. Talks like a sailor and down for any conversation. Good shit Sean. Really impressive
Tyler Hebel
Tyler Hebel:
I love that she did a lot of back and fourth with him. asking questions and being so engaging. I love Mila
Talyn Rahl
Talyn Rahl:
Great episode, love Mila. She's too freakin adorable. that WoW part, about her Agent had me cracking up.

Didn't know those early Family Guy were hand drawn by Seth, though. That was an interesting and impressive note.
Robert Ch
Robert Ch:
This one was the most wholesome one so far. Good interview Sean!
Za Z
Za Z:
Mila Kunis is always great to watch in movies or interviews! Her Howard Stern interview was also really good!
There's no way this woman can get any better.
Cristin Farley
Cristin Farley:
She’s genuinely lovely and her and Sean had a great interview.
Carrie O
Carrie O:
Can we take a moment to embrace the normalcy of Mila freely admitting to having cereal, albeit stashed up high, in their kitchen? That was effing cool to me to hear. Every kid should have a childhood memory of eating fun cereal like Cocoa Puffs. What a down-to-earth natural person Mila is. I love her. The interaction between her and Sean was excellent to watch. Hearing Ashton in the background was a bonus.
T Saul
T Saul:
I really enjoyed this episode. Mila is such a delight!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson:
One of the reasons this show is sooo great is because you are a Great host. Such a great host, so glad I found this show :)
Hans Liebe
Hans Liebe:
Mila seems like such a sweet person who actually communicates in a normal manner. Not interrupting the host, engaging, funny, etc. Awesome job getting her on the show!
War Child
War Child:
Mila & Ashton seem perfectly matched, like their personalities seems to gel
Avinandan Kundal
Avinandan Kundal:
Sean is a great interviewer.
Infinity Bless
Infinity Bless:
She did a great job 👏 I give her credit for sticking it out till the end knowing she can’t handle spicy 🌶 🥵 foods for the most part 😂
Mila has always been my fav I even named my pup after her 😂.
Omar Elkoton
Omar Elkoton:
Mila Kunis is so underrated. She has such a cool personality.
How can you lot love Mila. Such a trooper. You could tell she was getting lit up early on, but she kept going like a champ and went all the way through. Nice to see Ashton there is support as well. They seem like such a good couple.
really love her energy. I had no idea
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry:
I love how raw she is, she’s honestly awesome.
This was super entertaining, one of my favourite so far👍🤣
Aiden Fink
Aiden Fink:
I like how she was talking to her husband even though she wasn’t supposed to 😂
Tim Wright
Tim Wright:
Mila brought the real heat. Damn. Amazingly beautiful eyes. Also, Sean is always on-point with his interview technique. Massive respect to Sean for his exceptional work.
lewis thomas
lewis thomas:
Love this 😭
Mila is awesome and Ashton always thought he was an awesome guy would love to just chill with them
Agni Gadiyaram
Agni Gadiyaram:
Mila has such big sister energy!! Gotta love it!
Charlie Klahn
Charlie Klahn:
I genuinely like the questions he asks. Thank you for keeping it interesting!!!
Desire Trahan
Desire Trahan:
She’s just a geek that’s blessed with great looks and an even greater personality
Ernesto Sanchez
Ernesto Sanchez:
She’s so genuine, I love her 😍
John Hodges
John Hodges:
The best guest to date. Mila is amazing on every level, Ashton is a lucky man. I'm so pleased she hasn't fallen into the Hollyweird BS and left her face alone. What a great example she is and must be an amazing mom. #NFT #Theta
Manés Suárez Serantes
Manés Suárez Serantes:
God this is one of the best ones i just love her so much just for this she seems like a really great and funny person
Geraldo Perdigão
Geraldo Perdigão:
Eating hot wings or not, Mila Kunis is always an awesome person.
Childofthe Sun
Childofthe Sun:
She's the best, so much fun to watch and crazy down to earth
Mila seems very down to earth! We need Conan on the show please
Great interview. Loved from the start to the end.
I love her as an actress, loved her on this video, great personality, ashton is a lucky guy!
Karen Robles
Karen Robles:
Mila confronting Ashton who sounds like he’s waaaaay back in the room is the funniest thing. They’re both such amazing people. Loved the episode
Håkon Lindekleiv
Håkon Lindekleiv:
I think it's really sweet that they were there together! Mila doing the interview ans Ashton behind the camera
One of my favorite episodes! Mila is awesome
This is what good questions do in an interview. It makes the interviewee immensely engaged, so much so that they give the best responses you could expect from them.
jake marlow
jake marlow:
This guy is the best interviewer ever. And Mila was totally awesome.
Jhefferson Barros
Jhefferson Barros:
This felt just like friends hanging out eating wings and talking. Mila is just awesome.
Isak s
Isak s:
you have the best celebrity interviews ever to be done. they are super interesting and the hot wings adds a very fun twizt to it. it brings all celebrities down to being themselves in an absolutely amazing way and it shows their human side.

and thank you Mila Kunis for being here. =)