Millie Bobby Brown "As a girl & a young person its scary to express myself" | GLAMOUR X Pandora

The Stranger Things actress, and now face of Pandora's 'Me' Collection, joins Glamour Unfiltered hosted by @joshSmithHosts to discuss how the collection's own themes of self-identity and self-discovery have shaped her. From how she deals with negativity and trolling on social media, to making sure her voice is heard in an adult world (including on set as a first time producer on Enola Holmes).

The actor also emotionally opens up about how losing her friend to cancer affected her, making Millie grateful for "life itself." Elsewhere Millie discusses why climate change is the most pressing issue for Gen Z, how she is inspired by Greta Thunberg AND Lizzo.

Are you empowered by Millie's story? Let us know in the comments below…

Millie Bobby Brown is the face of the Pandora Me collection which is available now

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100+ comentarios:

Amy X
Amy X:
Her accent is turning more American
m .
m .:
She’s growing up to be such a smart and beautiful girl I’m so happy me and other young people have her as a role model ❤️
She is so well spoken and I can’t even speak correctly 😂😂
Mare Malvīne Īstenā
Mare Malvīne Īstenā:
She's like 15 but she talks and looks like 20! She is soo elegant, beautiful and inspiring! :)
Liana Marie ,
Liana Marie ,:
Eleven hair Stranger things
Season 1 stranger things: buzz cut
Season 2 stranger things: boy looking hair
Season 3 stranger things: bob
Season 4 stranger things: beautiful long hair
Tiana Castro
Tiana Castro:
She’s stunning and smart. The internet always rips her apart, poor girl. I hope she just keeps being herself
Deku Boom
Deku Boom:
Let's be honest we can never tell if she either 18 or 15 at this point
julianna santos
julianna santos:
She came from a family nearly bankrupt but changed everything once she got the role of Eleven. She's gotten hate over the years due to her normally acting like a child. And now, she's grown up to be a sophisticated, empowering teen beyond her years. As a fan since Season 1 of Stranger Things I'm so proud of how she's come and I can't wait for many more of her projects and contributions in the future <3
Franzii 25
Franzii 25:
I still don´t get why Millie gets so much hate like she´s one of the most incredible teenagers these days, she´s so inspiring and people should learn from her rather than hating her.
Ángela González Olmos
Ángela González Olmos:
Omg seriously? She's so mature, and so selfless and caring. There right there is the future, she is the future #millieforpresident
Meredith Grey
Meredith Grey:
She is just a queen. She will be the one you have in mind when someone says Hollywood. Mark my words
Chandler Minh
Chandler Minh:
She doesn't look teen anymore. Freaking gorgeous lady!
fanboy editor
fanboy editor:
Her accent is like Lauren cohans; half English half American
When I listen to her talk for awhile I start talking in a British accent. I don’t even mean to pronounce stuff in a british accent I just accidentally do it💀💀💀
Shwetha Prabhu
Shwetha Prabhu:
the way she says like really highlights the american in her accent....... she's cool though
its so beautifull to hear how powerfull she is, and what shes doing for the world and shes only 15?! im so proud of her ,we love you mills<3
Rushali Desai
Rushali Desai:
Is it just me or her accent is turning less and less British
Feathered Canine
Feathered Canine:
Aghh she's sooo pretty!! I hope this doesn't sound weird but she has the prettiest eyes and cutest nose ❤️ also I love her hair, it gives me Lana Del Ray vibes. Super nice interview, I could listen to her talk for hours, she is such an eloquent speaker.
Is it just me or is Millie becoming really serious about life? Like not like the 2018 Millie. But idm imma still love her
Pembrook Alcantara
Pembrook Alcantara:
she looks like the lovechild of young natalie portman and carrie fisher...
pintea alesia
pintea alesia:
The subtitles: Mini Bobbie Brown
Kaylee Jones
Kaylee Jones:
I miss her short hair in stranger things 2 😖 she suits short hair also long hair tho
My Everythinq
My Everythinq:
she literally looks like a young carrie fisher aww
"One of the best actresses I've seen in a long time, a "Natural" so to speak...
She will end as one of Hollywood's best, someday.
This girl is probably the most inspiring person for me, i love her
i love how real is this interview, he’s not asking anything light or whatever he’s just having a deep conversation with her without pushing anything.
Hope L
Hope L:
I like how mature she sounds and that she's speaking from her heart as a person which we don't see much of in actor's because they always want to bring politics and what they say and do and its very negative and bashing people who aren't actors.
ducky momo
ducky momo:
we need more role models like millie bobby brown
Blumen Seele
Blumen Seele:
she talks about Greta Thunberg and then about flying around the world, love that
Millie Bobby Brown is the most inspiring, gorgeous, beautiful, smart women i've ever seen! :)
kaylyn rayne
kaylyn rayne:
She's going to be and already is so beautiful inside and out. She's maturing so much and so smart at such a young age. Millie brown is truly amazing ♡
WE STAN MILLIE BOBBY BROWN!! She really is the queen of the teens thats for sure 💗💗💗
jasmine fleming
jasmine fleming:
she’s such a smart beautiful genuine young girl and she’s growing up and being so inspirational and she has helped me so much and i am forever grateful <3
The video should be called " how to fall in love in 5 minutes."<3
supreme mugwump14
supreme mugwump14:
I didnt think it was possible but everytime i watch an interview i love her even more! I cant deal with how much i love her. she is so incredible and inspiring. I hope i get to meet her one day.
i love josh, HE IS SO KIND.
Kanishka Verma
Kanishka Verma:
*She has the same vibes that we got from Emma Watson when she was a teen* .
Kam Movies
Kam Movies:
She’s the prettiest girl in the world her hair is like winter fire January embers
i love her so much i can’t even express how much i love her 💗🦋
trista t
trista t:
she’s so empowering! love her 💜
Demiah Perry
Demiah Perry:
This video is why I have a crush on MBB. I am 13. Not 60 or 40 year old man.
Sammie Kay
Sammie Kay:
she's so grown up ); <3
Taylor Forte
Taylor Forte:
This girl is probably the most inspiring person 🙌🏻❤️ everything that I said I agree and feel the same way about💜 love you mills:))
Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait
Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait:
Howwwwwww I’m the same age as her and I look like a sack of onions.
ghetto vids
ghetto vids:
Perfect teeth and everything. I can't relate
Adele Ange
Adele Ange:
Really good interview and a mature Millie 👏❤️
May Angel
May Angel:
She's so *angelic*
Bernie Madow
Bernie Madow:
Definitely an inspiring, strong, beautiful soul.....
mehdi gouba
mehdi gouba:
I love her so much I hope I will hug her even if I live in France 🥺🥺🖤
I'm French, and I do not understand everything she says but I love Millie! ❤️
Dhiren B
Dhiren B:
“It’s hard to look in the mirror and say your beautiful”

Have you seen your self your amazing ❤️❤️❤️
I love her ugh 🖤 I really like her positive vibes wich empowers me to keep going and be happy with myself! She's going to be an intelligent and beautiful woman. She's just stunning tho ❇ #selfcareisnotselfish 🧡🌘
Khadiva Lycheeka
Khadiva Lycheeka:
Iam really happy by the amount of people adoring her in this comment, i watched all the interviews and sometimes i found people who confidently throw a hate comment towards her, imagine standing on her shoes and read all those comments about the 12th-15th years old you, its so heartbreaking. Iam glad that many people give her the affection and love in this comment section. Iam an asian, indonesian, and my english is a mess. But i just want to show my appreciation for millie❤
bunny nayeonie
bunny nayeonie:
Idk but ugh I really love her so muuuch since stranger things s1 like I love her vibes. I love the way she talk, her voice, her eyes, her noise, her lips, her personality. At a young age, she became an inspiration. Helping every children and also the newest and young ambassador of UNICED idk I just love her.
supreme mugwump14
supreme mugwump14:
I cannot express how much i love and admire this human! #spreadthelove
reassuring to see she still has her british accent! but for how long? :)
that’s when i opened subtitles.😂
London Brea
London Brea:
i literally cried watching this we need more millie’s in this world🥺💗
Daniel Bennis
Daniel Bennis:
I feel like I would get along with Millie really well, but with eleven too even though they’re literally the opposite person
the who nerd Morris
the who nerd Morris:
just love this girl so much
The way she talks reminds me of Dakota Johnson.
she's so passionate, she's at 15 doing so much where I'm at 16 stuck in one loop.
Møøn Playz
Møøn Playz:
She is my fav from stranger things
Chencha Ramirez
Chencha Ramirez:
I don’t know but When I see Millie I feel strange because she doesent have her hair cut
Jades Vicente
Jades Vicente:
I've watched so many old videos of the stranger things cast ,I totally forgot the science of human growth
Cameron Owen
Cameron Owen:
How old is she?! She looks and acts like a grown woman!! She’s soooo pretty!!
Alex 123
Alex 123:
Definitely one of her best interviews. We need more interviewers like him
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty:
I feel like she's grown up so fast and. A lot of the things she was talking about sounded like a life path 9 it resembles about letting go. im a life path 5 personally (shy) one it stands for freedom. For me it's so important for everyone to have their voice heard because one person can make a huge difference believe in yourself stay true to yourself always :)🌍💙💚
stranger schnapp
stranger schnapp:
She’s so inspiring,Queen <3
She looks like a woman OMG 💗
Shanu Kumar
Shanu Kumar:
One like for Millie Bobby brown
Natalia C
Natalia C:
I wish I can be friends with her I was born 3 days before her its crazy! GO AQUARIUS!!
Marijeta Vitasovic
Marijeta Vitasovic:
Millie i love you to the moon and backkkk.You are my everithingg...Stranger things is the best series im the world💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕illlysmmmm❤❤❤❤❤❤🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Riccardo 11
Riccardo 11:
Hi Millie, I’m Italian but I love u seriously 🌷💎
sEokJiNgLeSss 696969
sEokJiNgLeSss 696969:
She looks really mature, at first I actually thought she was 18 yrs old, her style is really elegant and her style embraces her beauty a lot more.
Maddie Markee
Maddie Markee:
Omg like I’m speechless, I love this girl with my whole heart and soul, like are u hearing what is coming out of her mouth! Like holy omg! HOW COULD ANYONE HATE ON HER GIVE ONE GOOD REASON WHY ANYONE ON GODS GREEN EARTH SHOULD HATE ON THIS GIRL! Like seriously she has done NOTHING but try and spread love and positivity and she makes young girls like myself feel beautiful and be ok with who they are! She is SUCH a positive light in this world we need more people like her omg! I love Millie more than life itself I couldn’t ask for a better idol and someone to look up to then her like seriosuly!!! I will love her forever and ALWAYS! 💜💜💜💕
Edward Cohen
Edward Cohen:
Wow, she’s really hippy dippy
Eva Khukhashvili
Eva Khukhashvili:
mills, if you ever see this, just know that you are so so so inspiring & empowering and you're loved and respected !!!!!!!! we love you so much, #spreadthelove (:
Taylor Forte
Taylor Forte:
It’s literally like she took the words out of my mouth 🤣❤️
Football RedDevils
Football RedDevils:
Oh my Millie looks so grown up here
juzna tribina
juzna tribina:
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like young Natalie Portman?
Btw she is so sensitive and conscious and I'm so glad she is growing up in great person, not only great actrees!
Ernesto Segoviano
Ernesto Segoviano:
I think millie is so confident beautiful and she inspires me so much I can't think of anyone more inspiring the millie
Thank you millie
12:48 when she said social media her accent went real American
Antônio Rosario
Antônio Rosario:
The queen
Zaahir Desai
Zaahir Desai:
I almost cried about her remarkable speech. WE LOVE YOU MILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esme Ellis
Esme Ellis:
She is the queen of everyone
yağmur gürbüz
yağmur gürbüz:
Millie so sweet here omg
Lulu Lov
Lulu Lov:
I so love Milly Bobby brown is such a wonderful amazing person and love her accent she's adorable ❤️😍 God bless I'm such 💯 fan
i love her so much, such a queen😍
useless magic
useless magic:
woah i hardly recognised her in the thumbnail with the long hair, she looks gorgeous as always, of course
She is so wise and so expressive ! I love the way she talks, she seems so confident.
And I can't wait to watch Enola Holmes as they are my favorite books ! I'm glad she had an active role in the making 😄
0:07 - hair to the front
0:08 - hair behind
pranjay surya
pranjay surya:
I will also be afraid to express myself when I thought the earth is flat. 😂😂😂
Yassin Hussainzada
Yassin Hussainzada:
she's so beautifullll and mature looking lol love her
Nicole Cordero
Nicole Cordero:
i love her sm💜
izzy adelaide
izzy adelaide:
im scared of her loosing her american accent :(
Ale Gaming
Ale Gaming:
Christian Romero
Christian Romero:
I feel in love with her
Mae Pangilinan
Mae Pangilinan:
Selfcare..yes I need that. I need to chill. I need a day off. Thanks for reminding me, Millie 😄😘