Milo Gibson opens up about working with his dad, Mel Gibson

The son of the famous Hollywood director also discusses his starring role in the new film "Breaking and Exiting."

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Here Now
Here Now:
I hate that they can’t give this guy an interview without mentioning his dad.
I love Mel Gibson, but let this guy be his own person and stop comparing them both.
OK ,I'll say it,
Randy Clark
Randy Clark:
The new James Howlett “Wolverine”!
Rachel Schwebach
Rachel Schwebach:
He looks like Mel. He has those beautiful blue eyes. Very handsome guy.
Ryan Lennox
Ryan Lennox:
so why is tom hardy still mad max?
Lebwon Goku
Lebwon Goku:
Freakin Wolverine!
Henry Weeden
Henry Weeden:
Yeah this is Wolverine
Aleksa Mrkela
Aleksa Mrkela:
Definitely has traces of his dad's voice.
Mr Z
Mr Z:
Gosh, he and his dad are so darn good looking!
Venustiano Zaragoza
Venustiano Zaragoza:
The new Wolverine?
Donna Schmidt
Donna Schmidt:
Hunk like Dad!
John Matrix
John Matrix:
He looks about 40
Tricky to live in the shadow of his legendary old man.
Rasha Ali
Rasha Ali:
Omg his father😍
Andrea Malone
Andrea Malone:
He’s gorgeous. He’s, of course, like his Dad. But, he’s very much his own type of gorgeous! I hope we see more of him! You can see his Mother, whose beautiful herself. Some children of gorgeous parents aren’t so lucky to get a double whammy. 😄
flak magnet
flak magnet:
This interviewer needs to cut back on the speed..
Szilágyi Péter
Szilágyi Péter:
I really like him, I just miss the accent :)) I hope to see him in more great movies
Zul O Curran
Zul O Curran:
He look exactly like his dad.
Tia Procelius
Tia Procelius:
Amazing voice he has
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja:
What the hell is going on?
handsome like his dad
All the Devils men was a helluva movie. .I liked it
Marlvin Mifsud
Marlvin Mifsud:
Lethal weapon staring milo gibson and will smith it will be a box office
fefe Queen
fefe Queen:
He fine like is daddy
CAt From Outer Space
CAt From Outer Space:
oK -am Just Goin to Come RiGHt Out and
Be the Very First -and Only One to say this
SeeinG as Nobody Pointed this Out -at/all . .

-He looks Kinda Sort`a like His pOppa MEL
Apple Seed
Apple Seed:
Get ready milo, you will always be in your dads shadow, but you gibsons have a knack for trail blazing. ♥️
Not a Loser
Not a Loser:
Whats up gibson fans
Marcelo Gordinho Haras
Marcelo Gordinho Haras:
Do Artichaut
Do Artichaut:
Don’t watch GMA and I just now stumbled on this.

Gawd, this interviewer has no soul..
So phony and empty.
Joseph Chatfield
Joseph Chatfield:
You can hear a pinch of his dad in his voice.
Diana De Jesus
Diana De Jesus:
He looks just like him!!!!
Only here to see if he has an Aussie accent considering he was born in Australia, but disappointed that he doesn’t 🥺
Desirée Rodríguez
Desirée Rodríguez:
well... he is hotter than his dad!
Talal Human
Talal Human:
# Milo I have a secret # the Antichrist is here ha ha
Tammy C
Tammy C:
Like father, like son!
Emira Doyle
Emira Doyle:
Not handsome , can't acting 👎 Milo Nothing, far away from him dad face 🤣
Estee Hanvey
Estee Hanvey:
Hemsworth WHO???
Jimmy B
Jimmy B:
He ain’t got the juice like young Mel. Nice looking kid. But his dad was making us all jealous
His dad looked better at the same age.
John Robinson
John Robinson:
I think it really boils down to categories. Meaning what is fair game to scrutinize. Mel is fine, and others like him. No offense but let’s just clear the elephant in the room. Would you scrutinize a sub Sahara African in the same way? No, because who would expect anything from them. That’s just honesty. There are no expectations and anyone would just say, “ well that’s Africa, “ or “ that’s Burma” even. Lolz. You really think the fighting in Vietnam bogged down the US army in the 1960’s. They had to rely on the Russians to supply them with weapons. It’s fucking apples and oranges Mel. You claim to be an Aussie and with your body of work it would seem that you are British exile. Lol. Really consider it all.
Ronald Hill
Ronald Hill:
Wha,what,are you talking to me?!.Are you sure that you don`t want to talk about my father some more,for another 3 minutes,or more,instead of about me?!.Hey,I`ve got all night!.I don`t mean to be blunt,or rude,but I thought we were here to talk about me!.I know that I look like `em,but I`m not !.So let`s finally talk about me,and my success,and all of (my) films,plus the recent one,or I fly!.I could be out ,right now,romancing some sweet sugary candy lass about NOW!!!!!!!Wow,I thought,and was most certain,that Dad was in the room with us!.Push on,shall we?!.
Claudia Wand
Claudia Wand:
Nothing like Mel, sorry!
Knight Firerose
Knight Firerose:
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