Miniminter Reacts To Jake Paul "The most important day of my life" (Jake Paul vs Ben Askren)

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Conor Kinlough
Conor Kinlough:
Jake: as you know my bodyguard passed away

Robot: proceeds to dance
The robot dancing in the background while he talks about his dead security guard 💀
I feel like we're not the target audience for that video
M I S U A L P A:
Because he's scared and nervous. Can't unsee it.
the robot dancing while jake was talking about his bodygaurd
when you order real steel on wish
Bradley-paul Burrowes
Bradley-paul Burrowes:
Anyone else glad he posted this so we don’t have to give jake Paul a view
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Jake is being serious and talking about the death of his bodyguard meanwhile his Robot is showing off his dance skills in the background 🕺
Adam Goodwin
Adam Goodwin:
1:39 i love how jake is saying someone died and in the background a big robot starts dancing like ffs🤣
instinct 123
instinct 123:
He got this out fast
Aditya Potla
Aditya Potla:
"I'm not good at this" means he is not good at vlogging his that emotional experiences, etc... thats the most basic thing you could understand, no matter what age you are
Atosis GR
Atosis GR:
His mascot is himself!
-Miniminter 2021 😅
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews:
Jake:**talking about his dead security guard**

The robot in the background:🕺💃🕺💃
By ‘these videos’ he obviously meant emotional/serious videos
The bot dancing as he talking about his security guard death...
1:40 the way that robot started dancing, I can't 💀💀💀
Xavier Warner
Xavier Warner:
He won from TKO in 1 minute 59 seconds
Christine Dugmore
Christine Dugmore:
He’s not used to speaking direct from the heart
People keep saying Jake almost lost to Deji when Deji's team threw in the towel and he didnt win a single round and as if that means anything as well because that was his first fight 3 years ago and has improved significantly
Tyler The Tired
Tyler The Tired:
Jake might be trying to rally his troops in case he loses
Razor jaw86
Razor jaw86:
0:54 He means he’s not good at making honest videos where he speaks out of his heart on the spot
When he was saying he wasnt good at these type of videos he was talking about emotional ones
Scottish but American
Scottish but American:
Jake trying to be kind:
Simon: what is that?
"his mascot is himself" lmaooo🤣🤣🤣
sirius black7
sirius black7:
I'm no Jake pauler but he truly lives a crazy life. It's hard to imagine the type of life he has.
Chelsea Wardle
Chelsea Wardle:
We're not this target audience, I love you Simon
BoroHenry 2k9
BoroHenry 2k9:
Jake: my security guard was killed.
Robot: appropriate time to dance
Kush Sutaria
Kush Sutaria:
My man said “who isn’t normally a prick” that just made my day 😂😂.
Abhinav deep Bhutani
Abhinav deep Bhutani:
Hhahahha.. 😂😂.. He quickly changed the camera angle as soon he realised the robot behind him was dancing while he was talking about the deceased. RIP Shadow🙏
João Pereira
João Pereira:
''He almost lost to Deji'' lmaoo clearly clueless
In 8 hours
"The worst day of my life"

Edit:Guess i was wrong,GG Jake
Ray Synch
Ray Synch:
I think the robots needs a piss mans moving about constantly
Bruh wtf is up with the robot dancing while Jake is talking about his dead security guard lmao
Freddie Mercury ✔
Freddie Mercury ✔:
When he said he's not good at these videos he was talking about being emotional
You're cool and all but you picked this apart too much, I'm not a Jake Paul fan but it was just a simple video of him talking about his excitement for the fight and you critiqued everything
Fire Rap
Fire Rap:
People don’t get that Jake Paul is a character, watch his podcast with Logan and etc you can see himself.
“To think i was a landscaping kid 10 years ago” lmao dude was 14 why is he acting like that was his career that he managed to claw his way out of😂
DYL 3:
“If someone else did that who normally isn’t a prick you’d think that’s a nice video”
😂😂😂😂😂Simon please never change!!!
Devasish Behera
Devasish Behera:
"He almost lost to Deji" dude did this guy even watch that fight 😭😭👋
imsippintea inyohood
imsippintea inyohood:
I don't understand what Simon meant by that if Jake wins he will talk shit abt Ben, Jake gave everyone who he beat respect afterwards, Deji, Gibb and Nate, he never talked them down and showed a lot of respect
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast:
" 'The biggest moment of my life', when my dreams of being Conor Mcgregor in a Transformers fight scene come true!"
What is that btec Gundam in the background of his video? Looks like a Netflix adaptation
Akshatt Singh
Akshatt Singh:
Damn he just reacted to it on stream
Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove:
1:46 I can’t take this serious with the robot laughing in the background 😂
Pretty sure conor has shared sentimental message before a fight. Maybe hes actually being genuine
0:54 When Jake vlogged it was always like a show I think he saw them as episodes him and Logan are who they're because of how different their vlogging styles were to every other youtuber you could say the same about the reason JJ is big, big time just like Jake and Logan they're really different so as a result they're a lot more famous than most YouTubers or at least they've shown how different/creative/smart/funny they're I'm just thinking out loud rn
andres medina
andres medina:
Homie I’m a big fan of you but what Jake does it’s called a character he on purpose acts like a prick so he tricks you to hate him so you can tune in to watch the fight. So he can show all the “haters” what he is really about.
Kiran Bahra
Kiran Bahra:
Ngl I have to disagree with most of what u said, I think this was just a nice video for him to say thank you to all of his fans, nothing bad about that.
Brayden Gounden
Brayden Gounden:
Thom Kush
Thom Kush:
This shit wasn’t even a real “fair” fight xD
Zzt Fft
Zzt Fft:
I like how legit everybody talking about the robot in the backround, we get it
“he couldn’t knock out a baby” lmaoo
i can't wait to watch this for free on youtube 5 min after it airs
Ahmad Karam
Ahmad Karam:
Simon needs to react to that plugged in he got recommended 😂😂😅
Sir Theodore the Third
Sir Theodore the Third:
3:30 thats literally what jj does
I love how post fight I can see all of the people that despise Jake and him winning
Jake paul: breathes
Simon: "you can't just do that"
Alex Gonzales
Alex Gonzales:
But that is exactly what Conor did 😂when he fought against porier in his last fight
Nithish Kumar
Nithish Kumar:
Him being nice is like the final boss realizing his mistake in the middle of the final fight just to try and stab you. loool
Armaan Kikani
Armaan Kikani:
Trash talking is just to sell the fight...Jake knows that
Ramatu Ibrahim
Ramatu Ibrahim:
Simons YouTube home page is literally mine smh😂
J0hn Santana
J0hn Santana:
Well conor is the same way one day he's crazy and then another day he's all nice and everything 😂
Elliot Lewis
Elliot Lewis:
This is brilliant cuz I can hear what jake Paul wants to say without giving him any views 😂
As much as he’s a prick, he knows how to be a good businessmen. Knows how to sell his fights.
Adnan Tariqović
Adnan Tariqović:
Here after the fight ...
God damn he did get the knockout , and even though I don’t like him ... fair play
He did what he said he would do.
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
If Jake would have wanted a mascot, he should have used a clown version of himself because that's what he is.
I can't stand him and I really hope that Ben Askren will win the fight.
callum peers
callum peers:
i love how everyone says he's fighting a mma fighter.. ben is a retired ufc fighter who has had hip surgery and probably alot of beer since then
Random Arsenal Fan
Random Arsenal Fan:
I don't like Jake but I feel really bad for him since his Security Guard passed R.I.P🙏💔
malik jaber
malik jaber:
Can we talk about how sick this stadium is its like from the future
Caleb Stephan
Caleb Stephan:
He looked down because he was close with his bodyguard. Their are several clips on the internet of him crying and sobbing when asked about his bodyguard.
The best way to watch this video without giving Jake a view
Uk creators always hating that’s mad they can’t talk positive tbh
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Jake was tryna tell us bout his friend passing away then he saw the robot dancing and changed the camera angle lol
Jake: as you know, my security guard passed away 9 days ago
The robot: 1:37
U P:
He was sad in this because his bodyguard just passed away
Julian Hernandez
Julian Hernandez:
Abussos 01
Abussos 01:
I like simon but sometimes I feel like he doesnt have his own opinion, when tiktok vs youtube was announced he said in his podcast that he wasnt interested but as soon as JJ talked about it and said he was excited his whole opinion changed.
_stylish. b0y
_stylish. b0y:
Fun fact: McGregor has an older son known by the name Jake Paul
TheKing 23
TheKing 23:
conor literally did it after his ass got knocked out by dustin poirier, he switched up real quick
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson:
Did you watch the weigh in? He's literally the walmart version of Conor McGregor. Jake is going against an olympic wrestler. The level of mental toughness it takes to compete in the olympics is something Jake will never obtain. Jake gets tired swinging for the fences and Askren floors him in round 4-5.
4:12 He predicted it ! Also the not being able to do these kinds of videos was about the thank you type of videos;being emotional on camera. Ngl, the mascot is kind of cool imo.
Ethan Montsion
Ethan Montsion:
He’s saying these types of the video he’s making like being wholesome
Dear Simon ...

Sincerely The Internet
Ethan Boyd
Ethan Boyd:
if jake looses this fight, lets hope he does, he"ll just go back to his stupid daily vlogs that got him no where
Raccoonlivesmatter 15
Raccoonlivesmatter 15:
Has the fight happened yet? If so when and what time (est)
3:30 I don’t like Jake but how else do you expect him to sell the fight?
Noah Hilliar
Noah Hilliar:
“He passed away 9 days ago”
*robot jammin in the back*
Huli hulayy
Huli hulayy:
i disagree with that simon he has to call out names to get fights its the fight game it doesnt matter who you are you call out people to make fights him making that video is to thank his fans cause right now thats his biggest fight against an actual fighter so i understand why he put out the video
lola i
lola i:
The only time I’d watch a jake paul vid is through Simon or the sidemen for that matter.
Elliot ashby
Elliot ashby:
“6 years ago I was working at a landscaping company earning 10 dollars an hour...” I swear he was in a Disney channel program before YouTube?!
Andres Gallegos
Andres Gallegos:
Bro stop hating Simon jake was saying he appreciates the people that was with him this whole time. It's ok if jake calls out other people. Jake doesn't switch up he made that video to appreciate the people that support him.
Well he's not conor and as he said "gonna but on a show". Man's a character might not like it but he's making money
Sambradders 0605
Sambradders 0605:
Ben will win by tko in 4 th or 5 th round and it will look amazing
He got the W in the first round by TKO on Ben
Lebron RG
Lebron RG:
I don’t see the point in this video, all Jake was doing was taking a last minute to show appreciation for the fans who have stuck with him. Nothing wrong here.
Sir Theodore the Third
Sir Theodore the Third:
When he says hes not good at these videos he obviously means like the whole emotional speech to his fans like appreciation, motivation and all that cheesy shit.
And now it’s a first round KO lol
Kaung Kyaw
Kaung Kyaw:
woah you started sounding like flithy frank idk what even happened, haven't heard or seen your videos in ages.
jake paul is evolving man appreciate him
The Beatles Clips and Music
The Beatles Clips and Music:
If he wins this I will have mad respect for him