🎥 MIRALEM PJANIĆ'S first training session as a BARÇA PLAYER! 💙❤️

On Saturday morning Miralem Pjanic and Jean-Clair Todibo resumed training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. See how the Bosnian's first ever session in Barcelona went down!


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
🚨 MATCH DAY! You can watch tonigh'ts friendly LIVE on Barça TV+ 👉 http://barca.link/fpYK30r8AZu
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Even though I don’t agree with this transfer, but Pjanic is now a Barcelona player. We should show full support to Pjanic rather than hate him. Hope that Pjanic can have a successful career at Barcelona.
1K subscribers without video Neymar Jr
1K subscribers without video Neymar Jr:
This is the number of kicks only for Bartomeu by Barca fans😂
Hamza Abdirahman
Hamza Abdirahman:
Forget the age, this man is definitely better then arthur he can assist in most difficult situations his passes and ball control is always accurate not to mention his tactics he is wonderful player Barcelona fans will be amazed.
Mohamad H
Mohamad H:
Nice to see Todibo again he should get the chance to play and he just an amazing player.
Todibo and lenglet are the future of defence in Barcelona.
Angelito HF
Angelito HF:
Equipo: Español
Comentarios: Ingleses
Presidente: Retrasado
Hotel: Trivago
Ernest Ernesta
Ernest Ernesta:
Forgetting the age factor, whenever I see him I always know he will be better than Arthur
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
Him and De jong will hold the midfield not busquets anymore, his legs are finished, still huge question mark over defense which is a disaster
shridharan suresh
shridharan suresh:
Wow! Todibo is back as well..Please keep him for this season..he's so good
ABC culé
ABC culé:
WELCOME BACK Jean-Clair Todibo😍😍😍😍
Daniel Lau
Daniel Lau:
I'm not going to get too excited, just hope for the best.
David Wan
David Wan:
Hopefully we keep Todibo and give him game time this season. He has the potential to be one of the best.
Akhil Chauhan
Akhil Chauhan:
Now since he's here, we all are going to completely support him...
Visca el Barca
Pjanic is going to be very key for us , his partnership with frenkie and ability for his role will be something special to watch.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen:
He seems to be a technical player, Barcelona style.
Bartomeu OUT,He said If Messi stays he will Resign.....
DJ Noise
DJ Noise:
I’m just passing by to say

Sujan Katwal
Sujan Katwal:
All the barca fan who want Todibo to get a chance to prove himself please like this: 👇🏿
Adrián Guzmán
Adrián Guzmán:
La mayoría: Oh, Pjanic.
Yo: Genial, Koeman viendo entrenar a Todibest. Ojalá se lo quede y le de muchos minutos.
Wisdom Adzei
Wisdom Adzei:
Give tobido a chance. He has potential
جود الخفاجي
جود الخفاجي:
*Imagine Araujo and Todibo leading the back line to Barca instead of elderly pique and lenglet I know they will gain experience over time and they growing well*
Ganesh Pareek
Ganesh Pareek:
Pjanic Is A Really Lucky Guy That At This Age He Has Got To Join Barcelona. Not Too Excited But Still Hope For The Best For Pjanic!
Fun fact: Watch the video without sound u will get bored and disappointed
Nimit Agarwal
Nimit Agarwal:
Pjanic, De Jong, Coutinho
Orgasmic trio 🔥
Davis Sebastian
Davis Sebastian:
This is the number of assist He is gonna produce
Joshua Singareddy
Joshua Singareddy:
“Bartemeu’s last minutes on earth” just waiting for it
Can i get 1 sub before 2021
Can i get 1 sub before 2021:
To the 1% who's reading this Stay safe,god bless you and have a wonderful day!💙⏪
Mina Hajra
Mina Hajra:
Glad to see tobido ,hope he can improve 🔥
Elton Babayev
Elton Babayev:
Pjanic Welcome to Barcelona, hope you will have great days in this club.
Aboody 10
Aboody 10:
As long as Bartomeo is the president of FC Barcelona we will have a lot of crises
Welcome Pjanic
Amin TJK
Amin TJK:
Bartomeu : I'm no action, all talk.
hamro Nepali
hamro Nepali:
Dear pjanic bro,If u are watching this then ,let's go for the ucl this season, give it a like if u were here...
David Ahiable
David Ahiable:
Im tired of all these..... humiliations still coming.....these means nothing if we dont strengthen our defence
Nachiket Sachdev
Nachiket Sachdev:
Whenever I saw him playing in Juve, I always wanted him to come at Barcelona. His playing style and vision is just perfect for us. But at the cost of Auther? No No!
Mohiadin Sheekh Hassan
Mohiadin Sheekh Hassan:
Musique Chretienne - MC
Musique Chretienne - MC:
Where are Arthur many 25 year?
Pianic 30+ years.
Bartemeu out
King Demas
King Demas:
The playlist is fire🔥🔥
Pjanic's beard is literally beard goals for every man😍
Halvorsen ML
Halvorsen ML:
Welcome back Todibo 🔥
Oeks Lohk
Oeks Lohk:
Dembele, griezmann, messi,
Coutinho,de jong, pjanic...that should be the starting line up
Cristian Gualán Dávila
Cristian Gualán Dávila:
*Arthur Melo es más joven que ese man, no merecía el cambio si no más oportunidades*
como individual? si sé les ve trabajando juntos JAJAJA
aftab ahmed
aftab ahmed:
Nothing to debate now . He is a Barca player now so plzzz give full support to him , will be good for Barca as well as for Pjanic
Nabil Sajjad
Nabil Sajjad:
Whomever is reading this have a great life, 😁
Asanele Phenduka
Asanele Phenduka:
My heart is still aching over the departure of Arthur😭😭
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra:
His career will be wasted as starter cdm will be de jong according to Koeman
Now barca has 3 cdm 😩😩
Ghali Lyoubi Idrissi
Ghali Lyoubi Idrissi:
I love todibo he must be the first right back center and emerson the secong right back
Pedri & Trincao Fati vs Odegaard & Rodrygo Vinicius
Pedri & Trincao Fati vs Odegaard & Rodrygo Vinicius:
I already imagine his long face on the PES 2021 cover 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bang Bang
Bang Bang:
10millions people agreed me
Bartomeu out !!!
Miralem is a very solid player. Don't judge the book by the cover, let's give him a chance first before we judge..
Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain:
He looks so calm & composed. Hope he has a great career ahead at Barca. <3
king gomex
king gomex:
They could of had waited to use that money they wasted on him to buy Thiago and Memphis Depay
D.N.A Studios
D.N.A Studios:
Pjanic player will keep that deep area's of Barça defend still strong just like Busquets did, but he is more ideal with Box-to-Box skill, a little desapointed because he is 30'
Chirag Kanvinde
Chirag Kanvinde:
you know...
I will fell a LOT LOT LOT BETTER..
if Bartomeu resigns...
Rahul Gaming
Rahul Gaming:
Todibo is back🔥🔥🔥
Anirudh Dhadwal
Anirudh Dhadwal:
Pjanić let's see what you got ...
Hope you play a vital role in this barca squad !
Mohd Nazif
Mohd Nazif:
Welcome Pjanic!
Good luck! We expect great things from you.
And of course
Bartomeo out!
tricky techy
tricky techy:
iam too excited to watch messi magic
rishikesh patil
rishikesh patil:
I'm more happy to see Todibo back 🔥❤🔵🔴
MR7 Planet
MR7 Planet:
He is so slow and lazy in the training session 😭
Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav:
He's good player ..give him chance ❤️
Mahmoud DB
Mahmoud DB:
I expect he will have a wonderful future in Barcelona
Juandiego Escobar
Juandiego Escobar:
Seems pretty solid, we’ll just have to see
Arjun Nair
Arjun Nair:
Pjanic gone from Juventus 🤗
Hanish Kaprani
Hanish Kaprani:
Fran Gonzalez
Fran Gonzalez:
Falta intensidad ahí. B. D.
Azin Ap
Azin Ap:
Welcome pjanic
Hope we conquer titles with you
Lorraine Busuttil
Lorraine Busuttil:
Good Luck Miralem !!
The Muslim Avenger
The Muslim Avenger:
Plzz save Barca from bartomeu 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
New skin new start and good luck Miralem and Todibo👏🏼👏🏼🔥💙❤
Grn_ Trs
Grn_ Trs:
Welcome back TODIBO!! 🔥🔥
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray:
Sheela Joshi
Sheela Joshi:
Hold on a minute. I'm trying to find a reason to be excited.
Young Savage TCY
Young Savage TCY:
Bro I am so happy that philippe coutinho is back thank you coutinho for coming back and messi please don't leave Barcelona I love you so much bro👍🤙✌️💯
Jamalie Munyarugendo
Jamalie Munyarugendo:
I can’t wait to watching him how is going to playing at our club
Adam Borowicz
Adam Borowicz:
OK Its fine but BARTOMEU OUT!!!!!!!!!!
El Mago sin magia
El Mago sin magia:
Welcome tyrion lannister
كوكب ذكريات Memories
كوكب ذكريات Memories:
Welcome old man
I am waiting for this time...I am to excited....on of my fav midfielder ☺️.
Jhann Paul Villafuerte
Jhann Paul Villafuerte:
I’m waiting for the first training session after Bartomeu sacking
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz:
Bartomeu- **Buys an ageing player**

Perez- **Buys young talent**
Shronit sunil
Shronit sunil:
Guys keep spamming BARTOMEU OUTTTTT
Sabin Messi
Sabin Messi:
Bartomount bussiness
Buy young player in low price and sell to other club in large amount.
Keep old player and feed them with lots of salary.
Banele Mabutho
Banele Mabutho:
Love the track 🔥🙌
Lewandowski's Memes
Lewandowski's Memes:
Even though he's pretty old and not good for the age I hope he performs he Is a world class player. We have to blame Barto not him.
Niko Bitan
Niko Bitan:
Bosnian king <3
Bikila Payne
Bikila Payne:
He's too slow, plus WE NEED DEFENDERS ❗❗❗
welcome to the fam💙❤️

bartomeu out
Dino Star
Dino Star:
Idemoo Pjankee,
Vamos Barca, 💙❤
B R Y A N T S I H O M B I N X:
Next Transfer : Bartomeu out <--> Phil Jones In
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez:
Nice 🔥I can’t wait for Barca to come back and have a great season
ya boy Moe
ya boy Moe:
If we get too excited we'll jinx our season smh 🤦‍♂️
Jawhar Alavi
Jawhar Alavi:
Every video will have BARTOMEU OUT comments till next club presidential election 😂
Rico Bricardo
Rico Bricardo:
109k views and this was uploaded 45 min ago 👏 👏
Omar Lucero
Omar Lucero:
Va a debutar en el partido que toca?
Todibo is future 🔥
Emi Pop
Emi Pop:
Just one idiot can make a swap deal betweem a 23 years old player and a 30 years old player.BARTOMEU OUT!