Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Movie Behind the Scenes Clip

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the Mortal Kombat movie as director Simon McQuoid shows how some of the iconic characters and battles from the game translate to the screen.

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

Mortal Kombat is out on HBO Max April 23 2021.

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Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki are the stars for sure
Nayeeb G
Nayeeb G:
Watching Subzero and Scorpion will NEVER get old. 💖💯
Joe is so fast. They made joe wears 30 lb costume for making him slow down for the camera.
Malcham Matthews
Malcham Matthews:
Villain of the year. Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero.
Casting Martial Arts champions for Mortal Kombat characters. This is gonna be authentic!
2:13 Joe is so fast. They had to ask him to slow it down for the camera.
Yoo Hoo
Yoo Hoo:
Joe Taslim should be the lead in every movie he’s in.
Joe taslim and hiroyuki is the actor who saved this movie
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96:
HBO Max knows how to make money. Godzilla and now Mortal Kombat 🔥
Joe Taslim...hope his agent and team continue to find progressively bigger roles. Potential to be a powerhouse action star.
The Black Kakashi
The Black Kakashi:
Kabal looks so damn clean, my GOODNESS
Joe Taslim just looks so sick as Sub-Zero
Toa Olisi
Toa Olisi:
Kung Lao and Kabal look like they're straight out of the videogame.
It's incredible how Joe Taslim's name grow so fast in action film industry
It's like The Raid just made a few years ago and here he is now
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming:
After watching the movie feels like the Main Villain isn’t Shan Tsung it was Sub Zero. Gotta handed to Joe Taslim he’s really badass, threatning, and intimidating at the same time like the whole characters afraid of him
Саркис Вазоян
Саркис Вазоян:
Russia says hello, the film is excellent. Sub-zero and Kung lao the best.
Paradise Prince
Paradise Prince:
Man Kabal looks absolutely perfect in this movie!!
Joe Taslim is a great actor even if he is wearing a mask you could totally feel the emotions.
This movie wasn't even the tournament yet... We'll definitely get a sequel... Hopefully
DJ Twister
DJ Twister:
Can’t wait to watch this on HBO Max, who needs the movies.
B Chakrabarty
B Chakrabarty:
Waiting for this movie probably since my birth... And now finally the time has come !!!!
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez:
the subzero and scorpion casting issss Perfect
6 ppls really delivered well in this movie : joe, hiroyuki, chin han, max, josh, and mechad. I've watched the movie last night. Joe is on another lvl of subzero ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
Hugo Padilla
Hugo Padilla:
Joe Taslim has another badass role in a show called Warrior on HBO max.
Nobody can play the character of Subzero better than Joe Tasleem in every up coming mortal kombat movie, it's like he was born to be the subzero
chubcha tagilidakin
chubcha tagilidakin:
Sub-Zero vs Scorpion is like exactly representation of fighting between Samurai and Ninja
Angga Primahessa
Angga Primahessa:
Watching this while waiting to enter the cinema in 40 minutes to watch this movie...
Peaceful Panda
Peaceful Panda:
the subzero and scorpion storyline itself is spin-off worthy
Auliani Restia
Auliani Restia:
Joe Taslim, the Raid man let's go
After the movie, love Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki.
Will Coons
Will Coons:
We finally get to see Kabal. They really haven’t let us see him for more than a blink in previous trailers and commercials
Alex b
Alex b:
3:16 holyshit.. that was awesome
germz sperm
germz sperm:
Joe is very badass even though he is in here in Indonesia he often becomes a commercial star with a comedy theme and he is funny guy too
Shiro Indo
Shiro Indo:
I'm not even surprised if Joe Taslim's gonna be casted in more martial arts movie since he is basically the new face of martial arts in modern days
Fadli Bahrian
Fadli Bahrian:
"joe taslim and bruce lee"
ahh, vitaCharm....
PyeM 23
PyeM 23:
Can't wait Han-bi becomes Noob Saibot for the next franchise, if
Heyjulz Don’tmakeitbad
Heyjulz Don’tmakeitbad:
Damn that Kabal looks sick 🔥
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd:
This movie is going to be so epic. Finally an MK movie with production value and decent looking story
[MR] Team: Pubg Mobile
[MR] Team: Pubg Mobile:
2:38 Cole vs Sub-zero my favorite Sub-zero
Crew: Joe, slow down.... you too fast...
Joe : Pffttt.... you guys just too slow for my act
First Name
First Name:
No wonder joe being sub zero, he used to be in fridge for long time as VITACHARM.
Cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot WAIT FOR THIS MOOOOVIIEEEEE
Raoul Fa'ique
Raoul Fa'ique:
Gosh hearing hiroyuki speaking eng really sooth my feelings
Wolf_ InSouL
Wolf_ InSouL:
Hiroyuki Sanada is killing every role ❤️🔥
Saw it last week in the cinema, You won't be disappointed. Holy Fatalities.
Paulo J.
Paulo J.:
Taslim and Senada .. in one scene playing best characters
Paul Makhlouf
Paul Makhlouf:
Greatest movie this year
jp3 m
jp3 m:
hiroyuki and taslim OMG! they're incredible
Bright Grantson
Bright Grantson:
There was one thing missing. The Iconic shout of "MORTAL KOMBAT!"
Dan Noo
Dan Noo:
when Joe is too fast, we know he gonna be dead in this series....and reborn as NOOB SAIBOT!
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Can’t wait for this movie, can’t wait for Sub-Zero
The Partisan13
The Partisan13:
2:17 It's like he hasn't heard of Iko Uwais
Had to slow down for the cameras??...this bout to Go OFF!!🔥
nugraha puteraniasa
nugraha puteraniasa:
You all guys should see how comedic Joe Taslim at Head & Shoulders commercial break 😂😂
Atcha Nie
Atcha Nie:
You want someone who can fight as fast as Joe? Pick Iko uwais.. They both can get crazy on screen...
Nedwin L.H.
Nedwin L.H.:
Joe vs Hiroyuki is too perfect to be true. Thanks to the director and the movie team to make it come true. 🙏
0:23 "8-bit fighting game" the director has no clue what hes talking about.
Internet Webs
Internet Webs:
"8 Bit fighting game" they have already lost credibility with me. This guy don't know nothing
Behind the scene trailer of his year's upcoming blockbuster movie.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman:
Joe does seem like he fights fast as hell even in the raid he was super fast lol.
Jayvee Aleson
Jayvee Aleson:
Man, Kung Lao throwing his hat is so sick!
When the behind the scenes footage colour grading is better than the movie's
Asong Dogie
Asong Dogie:
"Get Over Here". Never gets old 🔥😲
Monkey D. Tristan
Monkey D. Tristan:
Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada = EPIC
Syaikhul Azhar
Syaikhul Azhar:
After staring fast furious, now it's time for mortal kombat. Proud to be Indonesian. Owh yeaaahh
Saw the movie just recently, it was great!Hope there’ll be a sequel!
Hosea Nori
Hosea Nori:
Please for the production's house, give them more budget for the sequel..
Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez:
Scorpion and Sub Zero are gonna set a gold standard for martial arts movies in the years to come
Qi Lin
Qi Lin:
Really like the sub zero hero they make in this movie. JOE DID SO WELL
Dead Aces
Dead Aces:
please be a trilogy, please be a trilogy! :)
The best version of liu kang was in MK11, hands down.
Joe Taslim is the successor of Jackie Chan. Mark my words.
Adonis D. Prince
Adonis D. Prince:
"Mortal Kombat started as this very simple 8-bit fighting game"
8-bit? Dude, are you absolutely high? What are you even on about? 😂
HOLY HELL KABAL LOOKS PERFECT. Actually, everything looks perfect in this movie so far.
Finally ! games are getting the respect they deserve from the movie industry.
N P:
Hiroyuki is a legend and he's so damn hot too omg
One more freaking week until Mooooortaaaal Koooombaaaaaaat!!!
This movie is already worth it for all the Sub-Zero and Scorpion moments.
Stop teasing me and let me watch the movie already, please <3
Retro DoodManX
Retro DoodManX:
"Mortal kombat started this as a very simple 8bit fighting game" yeah he doesn't know games at all. So my expectation on this show is going to be low. Unless......
NooB Smoke
NooB Smoke:
Something tells me new character is Tavan from MK ARMAGEDDON
El Cangri
El Cangri:
So excited finally a dream come true to see a modern MK with fatalities
Everyone was litterly amazing- like- wow- Why'd they have to end at a clif hanger though >:(
Roger Truong
Roger Truong:
Take a shot for each time someone does a back flip like from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation film.
Mukul Rathore
Mukul Rathore:
they dont need to say anything audience feel it
Ruu Marvellio Tarigan
Ruu Marvellio Tarigan:
Those eyes of sub zero feel so cold. Idk why but his eyes are so dark and cold.
X'Orαიge River
X'Orαიge River:
Real fighter doesn't care how camera works, and I'm glad MK has it.
romi hidayat
romi hidayat:
The overall story was Hollywood typical. Great at beginning, weak at the end. But the fighting scene really enjoyable, as well as the character
7 out of 10 👍🏾
SQUAD gamerz
SQUAD gamerz:
Don't care for a epic story just make the fight scenes epic👌
Jaylyn Sacrez
Jaylyn Sacrez:
The rivalry between sub zero and scorption is one of the best.
my husband made me watch this movie with him last weekend. Joe Taslim was amazing in it.👍.Hiroyuki-san as well. And the one playing Raiden left a deep impression too.
Yofie Setiawan
Yofie Setiawan:
Joe Taslim!!!! He got the Sub Zero so right and intimidating...
Adhiwira Siung
Adhiwira Siung:
Already watched it. Im sure there will be a sequel.super cool sub zero and scorpion
Just VHS
Just VHS:
Let’s be honest, the casting couldn’t have been any better
Mario Dennis
Mario Dennis:
While the special effects are amazing, I'm a bit concerned about the acting.
Jun Santana
Jun Santana:
I've been waiting for this since the 90's
Naufal Khairullah
Naufal Khairullah:
joe really is in the different level
8 bit? Already in his first sentence the director is wrong.

Despite that I'm incredibly excited for this movie lol.
Sothia Chhoeum
Sothia Chhoeum:
My favorite fighter is Kung Lao- Max Huang! For The Shaolin ❤️🎩🔥🐉👊🏻👏