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Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani is an Iranian male paralympic sitting volleyball player, playing as an outside hitter. He is the tallest man in Iran, the tallest paralympian in history and presently the joint second tallest man in the world.
He is part of the Iran men's national sitting volleyball team. He has acromegaly, and competed at the 2016 Summer Paralympics. At club level he played for Samen Al Hojjaj Sabzevar in 2015.

In the 2016 Summer Paralympics sitting volleyball final, he was the match top scorer with 28 points for Iran
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100+ comentarios:

Imagine if he had a fully functioning body for him to compete in the competitive volleyball. Not the sit volley. Imagine his blocks. Dayum.
Amir Ardat
Amir Ardat:
Who else only just realised sit volley was a thing ✋🏼
I was ready to see him do a spike or something but suddenly they all sat down...
Mykhailo Bieliaiev
Mykhailo Bieliaiev:
I wonder who are those 3.8k users who clicked on dislike button?
Slap in their faces.
All the paralympians around the globe are just amazing.
No excuse.
Much love to people who overcome their limitations and weaknesses no matter what.
Tanner Rienbolt
Tanner Rienbolt:
Good to see that Zaza Pachulia is staying busy in the off season
Miro Pribanić
Miro Pribanić:
for all the pain he suffered he can say...."I am an Olympic Gold Medalist"....most ppl can only dream of that...that is why he is a hero
Júlia Blasques
Júlia Blasques:
"imagine if he could compete in normal volleyball" he is still an incredible athlete regardless of how he plays sports. that's volleyball too!
His smile... I'm so happy for him when he wins a point.... Love you Morteza Mehrzad
Imagine if he's able to play normally..... He would absolutely dominate volleyball
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar:
Really good to see that. Amazing player. God bless him to be stronger in his life 😍
San Feldman
San Feldman:
an iranian legend
respect from afghanistan
Despite being really great at his chosen sport, I still think the best thing here is the sheer joy he plays with.
Cooper Dorsch
Cooper Dorsch:
This guy is just showing what he loves best

Honestly he is really inspiring
Shirley De Avila
Shirley De Avila:
Alegría y orgullo siento al ver que el deporte es para todos ,defendamos ese derecho humano , si se puede 👏💕💕💕
Lack Ace
Lack Ace:
Bless His Soul. His a phenomenal player
Respect for this kind of sports 🙏💪
It's always good to see people with passion in their eyes!
All the respect to all people with disability who succeed against all odds. You are an inspiration to all of us.Thank you!
Great match, both are won our soul. Great inspiration.
Adam Prokulewicz
Adam Prokulewicz:
Wow, i think it's practically impossible to get through his block ✌✌ respect for him.
Tom Barton
Tom Barton:
imagine him being able to play while staying
6.9k likes. Well that escalated quickly.
Ginpak Ginpak
Ginpak Ginpak:
0:14 the way he walks.... Poor guy
Respect for this guy
Juan Fernando Paredes Hernández
Juan Fernando Paredes Hernández:
Grande mi hermano, un gran apoyo :)
you gotta be scared of this dude everytime!💎💫
Armie Kashi
Armie Kashi:
Fun Fact : i looked it up and mehrzad became famous in iran way before he became a volleyball player . it was because of his height and how he was bullied in school and was made fun of . in that interview he said : " i ' ll look up sit volley and try to pursue it ... " . well , the olympic gold medal says the rest .
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Unbelievable. Amazing talent.
ginormo really making the other disadvantaged players feel disadvantaged
Khải Nguyễn
Khải Nguyễn:
Nhìn các bạn thi đấu tôi quá cảm động 💪💪💪❤️
Peace Always
Peace Always:
Most of the time/ sometimes I love this world that there are opportunities for such kind of people.
Un ejemplo de vida mi carnalote !
Harry Jackson
Harry Jackson:
What a great human being!
Every person is special...♥️♥️
Delio R.
Delio R.:
Respect for all these wonderful players and athletes. They're all giants.
Yesid Raúl Beltrán Pérez
Yesid Raúl Beltrán Pérez:
Hizo valer su estatura el segundo hombre más alto del mundo...
Agnese Salsa
Agnese Salsa:
All this is amazing!
Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes:
Respect on this guy ❤️
Ali Arani
Ali Arani:
He feels what i feel at playing with 10 years old childs!
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh:
Thank you for this inspiring and outrange video
He was made for this sport! kudos to him
Gokhan Guneysu
Gokhan Guneysu:
Respect to all players there!
Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru:
Wowwww ive never seen a volleyball player its so tall its awesome!😀😊
J B:
Todos son admirables
Pavlin Dimitrov
Pavlin Dimitrov:
Respect to all these guys!
Orynbek Koshekbayev
Orynbek Koshekbayev:
A really strong person, supported by almighty Allah!
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser:
2:23 the look on the bald Brazilian player when he looks at Morteza!
He's like, guys we don't have a chance against this giant!
BRUH He just hits it over them! Actually insane. How do compete against that?
Monkey. D Yianni
Monkey. D Yianni:
I’m 15 now but I remember back in 2012 in London I watched the Paralympic Finals and saw him play. He was a beast
Nemanja Jovanović
Nemanja Jovanović:
Big Respect!
litoxcas Retro Gaming, Programming and Technology
litoxcas Retro Gaming, Programming and Technology:
This would be a great bridge from video game volleyball to real volleyball.
Nathan Bouma
Nathan Bouma:
I feel bad for him. You can see at the begining that his legs from foot to knee is the same as the other guys, but the rest of his body is streched out. 🥺🙏
good to see tim duncan play volleyball now
Huh, for a second I thought he had to sit cause he was so tall but no
Trabalhei na olimpíada 2016 e vi ele jogar!!!
Nicole Cassey
Nicole Cassey:
If he only has a well-conditioned body, he can be the boy version of Zhu Ting in Men's Volley (not sitting). With their high, powerful arm swings are not a problem, include the monster blocks
Thor _xo
Thor _xo:
He definitely got that height advantage. Good to see that man being celebrated
David Carter
David Carter:
I'd like him to try beat Sargent Hightower at volleyball....
Mohamed Hellal
Mohamed Hellal:
Imagine if he was at his full strength and power and playing with the national team of IRAN.
This will be Epic
Tobias Starlink
Tobias Starlink:
Devo falar que amei ver o Brasil perder essa partida... Olha o sorriso do cara a cada ponto :'3
Ранко Милановић Република Српска
Ранко Милановић Република Српска:
respect from Serb...God bless you!
fiq riq
fiq riq:
Imagine if he spike full swing with super jump. Opposite team need 6 liberos on the court.
I proud of him .perfect
Glorious Sound TV
Glorious Sound TV:
Great player!

I didn’t know there is a sitting volleyball
Pablo Santos
Pablo Santos:
The crazy thing is that even tho they are all sitting these are incredible athletes who are some of the best at their sport
Did i forgot to mention they all deserve respect!
Ray Willy
Ray Willy:
Hyakuzawa: "You dare oppose me mortal"
Batang Pasay
Batang Pasay:
That was so inspiring...
Волейбол от первого лица
Волейбол от первого лица:
Вот как выглядят читы в жизни 🤭
Never knew such kind of game existed. The world is so good. Everyone including differently abled people needs a fair chance. Good work humanity
Mayuresh Kathepuri
Mayuresh Kathepuri:
Respect Brother!! 🙂
Rodd H
Rodd H:
0:45 “that was a *huge* block”
I see what the commentator did there
Kahtan Elsouki
Kahtan Elsouki:
Great job Morteza,his team mates help him only in celebrating.
Kasyap Ashttaman
Kasyap Ashttaman:
Here I can see the real spirit of volleyball...
Cool that he found a sport but it kind of defeats the whole system of this specific sport sadly
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani:
Sean j
Sean j:
The man is AWESOME !!!
nimesh nimesh
nimesh nimesh:
Big salute to all players
They are awesome guys:) i love them
Kev lenzn69
Kev lenzn69:
i can you can
i can you can:
Did you know that before becoming a member of the national team, Morteza Mehrzad was depressed at home because of his tall stature, broken pelvis, and being almost 15 cm short of one foot at the other?
After Morteza Mehrzad participated in an Iranian TV program, he was able to join the national team.
Shiva Kumaaran
Shiva Kumaaran:
For the first ever am seeing this kind of sports. Good effort 🤗
Esos brazos le dan una gran ventaja sobre el resto de jugadores, tener brazos largos es como saltar mucho imagino.
Sports King
Sports King:
If he has a fully functional body, he can cover half the front court man!
SomeGuy WithGlasses
SomeGuy WithGlasses:
This is me smurfing in every games that i play.
Literal que grande es este tío :v
Nwolf LL
Nwolf LL:
This is sick!
Misha González
Misha González:
Espero que viva muchos años y que pueda seguir jugando por qué su altura trae consecuencias a lo largo de los años .
md anep
md anep:
He got my Respect
Ayman Khali
Ayman Khali:
He is nearly half a foot taller than the tallest basketball player to have ever lived. Shame we didnt get to see this man dunking on everybody in the nba
Clash FlasherYT
Clash FlasherYT:
God gives every one an advantage and an disadvantage in their live
Bring Me the Monkeys
Bring Me the Monkeys:
this made me smile 😊
Omid Navy
Omid Navy:
He was homesick for 7 years just because of bullies and harassment received by other people.
look at him now 🤍 so much proud in his eyes 🤍 I wish you the best 🙏
Monu Sudhar
Monu Sudhar:
Respect ❤️
S Gurjar
S Gurjar:
My praises to him
Michele Sciacca
Michele Sciacca:
Such a muscular pair of shoulders!
Deb Nayek
Deb Nayek:
Lovely ♥️♥️
Almost unfair hahaha love it
User 637
User 637:
This kind of sports give the handicapped a reason to Live 😄
Молодец умничка , поздравляю !