Most "BIZARRE" Match in Rafael Nadal's Career | Playing with UNBEARABLE Pain! (Tennis "WTF" Upsets)

After the knee injury that nearly ended his career in 2012, Rafael Nadal was once again struggling very much with his left knee. In one of the strangest upsets in Tennis history, a few weeks after his victory in Roland Garros defeating Djokovic and Ferrer consecutively, Rafa loses in the first round of Wimbledon to world number 153! It was his first ever loss in a first round in a grand slam.

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The best thing about Rafa, even if you include other sports, he never says that the reason he lost was because he was injured. He always say that his opponent played better tennis that day. People are always looking at stats to determine the GOAT of a certain sport, but for me people should also look at the attitude the player has, how he earned the respect of the people around him and how he made an impact to that said sport. That's why Nadal would always be my GOAT.
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
Rafa’s ability to play through pain is truly other worldly
Sayan Singha
Sayan Singha:
Maybe you can make a mini series of all his injury comebacks? For me as a new Rafa fan and for the tennis audience in general, people need to know how much this guy has conquered.
Rafan90 Rima
Rafan90 Rima:
How can a person who loves tennis not love and respect him..a warrior and inspiration may he lose but he'll never give up
Shoma Bhattacharya
Shoma Bhattacharya:
Watching him win is always a pleasure. Watching him play despite the pains is nothing short of a privilege. He can walk out citing that as a reason, but he goes all the way out to finish his matches no matter hard it may be for him. That's the privilege. I know that the trade pundits have ruled him out for winning at SW19 this year, but i pray that the AO 22 good luck continues to be by his side and blesses him with more 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Nadal’s Wimbledon struggles have largely been injury-related, and as a result he’s extremely underrated on grass. 2012-2014, 2009 and 2016 were all either losses or withdrawals that were all injury related. 2015 was just a bad season and 2017 was an upset, which happens. Otherwise, in his fully healthy years, he’s been awesome at Wimbledon.
Fred Li
Fred Li:
Compare with his final at AO, this one is nothing. It is so painful to watch the AO final when he played against Mr. Wawrinka. First his palm, then his back. He barely could swing the racket.
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
It's tough to see Nadal play like this. He stuck with it. He played through it. This is Nadal.
Alexx Kacev
Alexx Kacev:
I truly thought after 2009 he was burnt out due to injury. This man is my role model.
M L:
Rafa is a genuine athlete playing injured , players take advantage but it can't just win easily ...
Aleksa Milosevic
Aleksa Milosevic:
2012-2015 wimbledon were dark times.
2012-skipped 7 months on tour after wimbledon
2013-had a miracle this issue wasnt too big
2014-his back was already shit by the time clay season was around let alone grass.
Parag Jain
Parag Jain:
I've seen a lot of players cry after losing important matches. Not Rafa.
Rafa cries only after winning it all. Maybe I can't explain right now but this means something special ❤
cesar fernandez lopez
cesar fernandez lopez:
He can conquer all because he can conquer himself!!! VAMOOOOOOS RAAAAAAAFA 💪🏼🇪🇸🎾❤️
While his foot injury is chronic I am furious that Toni's excessive training destroyed his knees and his biography was difficult to read for this reason
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Imagine if Roger and Novak had all Rafa's injuries instead of Rafa. They'd probably be sitting at 30 GS for Rafa, and 10-15 for Novak and Roger.
2 weeks gap between RG & Wimbledon is a joke.
nicolas rodriguez
nicolas rodriguez:
Vamos Rafa!👍🇪🇦💪
Fran David Cazorla
Fran David Cazorla:
21:40 Did he really say "Two Championship Points"??
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Boris Becker got a little excited at 21:43: "Two championship points for Steve Darcis ..."
Alfonso fernandez
Alfonso fernandez:
He was literally lame. Not a mention or reproach, congratulate the opponent and continue working.
Miles Black
Miles Black:
Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed when it shows a great rally by the player (Darcis) but then the score line jumps ahead and it turns out they lost that game anyway lol
Bilel Fetouri
Bilel Fetouri:
Nole is the only player who can win through injury u know what i mean
Jesus Somolinos
Jesus Somolinos:
Hasta los 40 y más allá
Sorry to correct your grammar but AM is totally incorrect. Should be I’m (I am) in pain.
Rafa is the best!
Edison Subandi
Edison Subandi:
He lost still can smile , cry and congratulations the opponents. What a big heart he has. Vamos.
Footsal short
Footsal short:
Which year is this?
Enrique Enrich
Enrique Enrich:
Christopher Payne (Gemetics)
Christopher Payne (Gemetics):
If Pfizer takes out all the tennis champions do they win the grand slam ?
Guru K
Guru K:
Bad news guys !!!
After jeremy chardy, gael monfils most likely another top 100 atp player who is having adverse reaction to vaccine. 😳

Hope he recovers soon and gets back to the court to entice us again 🙏🙏🙏