Motorola Razr foldable phone: What's in the box

The Motorola Razr is one of the most exciting phones to be announced this year. It packs a hefty dose of nostalgia, the latest advances in foldable display technology and a smartly thought out design. Motorola also created one of the most unique boxes for a phone we've ever seen.

Motorola Razr first look:

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100+ comentarios:

Jessanie's Adventures
Jessanie's Adventures:
Let’s be honest, the main reason we want this phone is to be able to Hang up on people by slapping it together.
john doe
john doe:
My wallet makes the same folding sound when I heard the price
Luis Castellon
Luis Castellon:
Remember when you used to hang up at someone pissed off and you'd slam the phone shut? We can do that again! 🤣🤣
I'll buy when they *Fold* the price in Half.
Trini Chinese
Trini Chinese:
The box should have been a charging dock / a bluetooth and dock speaker system how cool that would have been.
Mayank Sati
Mayank Sati:
I think he was good actually showed everything properly. All angles all sides.
"Listen to this phone closing sound"

- Proceeds to blast annoying music in the background.....

"Did you hear that?"
Almost God
Almost God:
I’ll buy this when it comes to 300$
Jake Frantz
Jake Frantz:
"How satisfying is that sound?"
*background synth bass intensifies*
The phone and packaging takes me back to early 2000's. Love it.
Galaxy Fold: Unfold for bigger screen
Motorola: Fold for smaller size
Aliasgar Surti
Aliasgar Surti:
I folded my wallet when I saw the price.
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman:
Who knew the razor would be back. I still have my orginal razor. My favorite phone of all...
Fehad Bilgrami
Fehad Bilgrami:
First version of anything isn’t the best. I’ll wait out to see after a few months how it goes.
Haroldo Duarte
Haroldo Duarte:
$300 specs
- it folds -
$1500 magic
Cktime ThirtyTwo
Cktime ThirtyTwo:
Let’s be honest, this was more of a box review than a phone review.
Steve Nevil
Steve Nevil:
I saw it, and crapped my pants because it's so beautiful.
I then looked at the MSRP, and crapped my pants again.
the new phone looks amazing.
David B
David B:
Stunning phone will fit nicely in my skinny Jean's pockets
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman:
I can't part with my Note 9 because of work. I need a second phone. Bravo Motorola 👏👊😊
I never really understood the attraction of watching someone "unbox" a device. It seems silly for a "grown" man to gush over the shape, color, and angles of the box. Don't we all usually take the phone OUT of the box and keep it out, seldom even seeing the box again? We don't go around with the phone in the box. At least I'VE never seen anything like that.
Abdulah S. AlAsiri
Abdulah S. AlAsiri:
It's just so elegant and perfect!! I love the design!
Manish Singh
Manish Singh:
Yay!! It's finally here. I have been waiting for this phone for a decade.
Tech Of Days
Tech Of Days:
It's like ASMR video when he said "can you hear that" 🥰🥰🥰
I think the real question is how did they get the screen to bend?! My mind is shook 🤯
Gee 🚀
Gee 🚀:
"Composite material"

It's called molded plastic, possibly polycarbonate.
Alize Zohadi
Alize Zohadi:
love that folding sound, really missed it!
Lisa Saddler
Lisa Saddler:
I had just said that I wanted my old school flip phone. And here it is! 🤩
Ajinkya Naik Gaonkar
Ajinkya Naik Gaonkar:
I folded my intentions when he said the price.
Outstanding package design. Very creative, functional design.
Akash K
Akash K:
Big guy with small phone reminds me of my close friend 😁😊😂
Thought the case would double up as a wireless charger...
Jeradiah Williams
Jeradiah Williams:
👀👀👀 I like what I saw from the new Razr. Id have to see it in person
Boba Cota
Boba Cota:
Take my money, I want to relive the nostalgia of hanging up on someone with this.
Great phone review, best I’ve ever seen on YouTube actually great job
Wow looks nice Hello Moto.
Cerra Dorband
Cerra Dorband:
when is it officially going to hit the shelves cause I've been waiting for this phone for a long time
The box itself looks cooler than the phone.
Anh Nguyễn
Anh Nguyễn:
Its not just technology, its so emotional
LMFAO he called a braided cable "cloth"
Nguyen Minh Duc
Nguyen Minh Duc:
OH MY GOD! It's breath-taking from even the box. …
Love those hinges
Grether Vazquez
Grether Vazquez:
Literally my favorite phone of all time .! I had the original razr in high school and literally this would be the only phone that would make me even think about giving up my IPhone 🤦🏼‍♀️ such a hard choice but the razr hold such a precious space in the heart.! Ugghhhh I love the razr.! 😩😩😩😩
Cool...I had a razor back in the day, nice to see the design make its return!
Hany Farouk
Hany Farouk:
I think I can pay for that .. awesome features .. ( i mean the box only ) 😂
I. Moon9
I. Moon9:
So CNET folding robot 🤖 gonna do that satisfying sound all night 😁
I folded my wallet when I see the price
I’m hyped for this phone. Might switch from my iPhone 8 Plus to this!
Saïd Saïd
Saïd Saïd:
I love it 🔥 but it's damn expensive for the low specs .. I'll stick with Poco lol
Pretty cool! I would of love to see them make it look like the old razr with the buttons on the screen!!
That's a cool looking box.
Alex BW
Alex BW:
Great Evolution of the Razr, showcased by a gorgeous person 😍🌹
I’d buy it for the presentation alone!
Respond Code3
Respond Code3:
Now I know how my cat feels when I get a amazon package and he plays with the box.. Im more interested in that badass box than the phone
Bertrand S.
Bertrand S.:
Great review 👍
Watching this review was entertaining, fun, and cool.
Razvan Mihaeanu
Razvan Mihaeanu:
Based on the unboxing...the phone should cost only half-ish 1500$
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed:
If it’s packaged like this, I’m definitely buying it!
Ibn Al-Hakim
Ibn Al-Hakim:
I like this guy. Good reviewer. Also, that phone is fire !
naman dixit
naman dixit:
The perfect foldable concept
Robert Krump
Robert Krump:
It'll take up way less room in my shirt pocket that's awesome.
Andreas Wells
Andreas Wells:
I love the sound of closing the phone
The first razr that I had previously fell into the toilet 😭... I would love to hv this but I am pretty sure the price tag here in Malaysia is going to be expensive.
Moto has the right interpretation of the foldable phone
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott:
So excited to pre order it! Can't wait! Reliving my motorola razor days 2005. ❤
This goes in my "Videos that butter my croissant" list
Some good quality asmr here👌🏼👏🏼
Karl Friedrich
Karl Friedrich:
the box made the price go 500 bucks up :D
Cnet, please do a bend test on this one like the Fold. I want to see the durability.
ChoppaCoppa ChocoTaco
ChoppaCoppa ChocoTaco:
Was gonna buy it until I found out there's no way to expand storage.
Lol 😆
He's so cute and funny!
Great job 👍
I need this!
Dom sugar
Dom sugar:
Yes the sound of clossing it💓😍
YILMAZ Bahceci
YILMAZ Bahceci:
Amazing, bravo motorola 😍
Elizabeth Short
Elizabeth Short:
I'm so excited they brought this phone back. Thanks Motorola
How does the phone 'fit' in that case?
no u
no u:
“If you are into belly buttons then this is the phone for you” LOL
Great video I might have to go old school n buy a new RAZR
Moises Sequera
Moises Sequera:
Can’t believe I’m willing to switch my iPhone 11 Pro for this at least for like a month. Wow but the price tag tho.
Matthew Teter
Matthew Teter:
Pretty phone, nice packaging, noticeable lithp.
Troll Face
Troll Face:
Later on the 3rd version of razr is you can use it for shaving beard😂🤣🤣
Mr Egusi
Mr Egusi:
This reminds me of QVC shopping channel.
Than Channel normally sends me to sleep... Real Quick.
Picca Cho
Picca Cho:
I guess I cant afford that razor phone...just loving Motorola!
Adalberto Lopez Aponte
Adalberto Lopez Aponte:
😅 "if you're into belly buttons" ahahaha great video
Motorola back in the game for a new area !
The Basketball Historian
The Basketball Historian:
Cool box & phone!

Not $1,500 worth every penny cool but cool nonetheless, lol.
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah:
Although you made so funny review but I still did't convinced it is good phone!
Wallace santos simoes sa
Wallace santos simoes sa:
todo alegre igual uma crianças recebe o melhor presente kkkkk
That’s insaaaaane
Adam T
Adam T:
I now want to know how the phone fits in the case?
Mikael Murstam
Mikael Murstam:
I can see many women using the selfie mode for makeup since you have access to the flashlight.
Jessica Luna
Jessica Luna:
With that price,it needs to come with at least some accessories. I would definitely buy it though. I always loved the razor. I had one many years ago n loved it! 😍
2:32 the noise cancelling earphone is made by Denon! That is quite interesting... seems to worth more than throwaway earphone usually included in the box.
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez:
Yeah someone showing what's un the box!
Mohammed Aljasmi
Mohammed Aljasmi:
Was waiting for him to eat it
What was the spec? Ram rom memory?
Franciscolio Arellano
Franciscolio Arellano:
I hope they keep developing this product and make it more affordable.
Ruth Noemi
Ruth Noemi:
The packaging is dope
Bhanu Bhakta Pokharel
Bhanu Bhakta Pokharel:
How to apply temper glass over it?
King Java
King Java:
Thanks to Lenovo for bringing back the Motorola Razer.
The Razr was my favorite phone, I had 3 and loved every single one of them (one was the K, already by Sony). I only wish this cost 500/700 bucks. I'd be putting a preorder.