Motorola Razr foldable phone: What's in the box

The Motorola Razr is one of the most exciting phones to be announced this year. It packs a hefty dose of nostalgia, the latest advances in foldable display technology and a smartly thought out design. Motorola also created one of the most unique boxes for a phone we've ever seen.

Motorola Razr first look:

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100+ comentarios:

Jessanie's Adventures
Jessanie's Adventures:
Let’s be honest, the main reason we want this phone is to be able to Hang up on people by slapping it together.
john doe
john doe:
My wallet makes the same folding sound when I heard the price
Luis Castellon
Luis Castellon:
Remember when you used to hang up at someone pissed off and you'd slam the phone shut? We can do that again! 🤣🤣
I'll buy when they *Fold* the price in Half.
"Listen to this phone closing sound"

- Proceeds to blast annoying music in the background.....

"Did you hear that?"
Trini Chinese
Trini Chinese:
The box should have been a charging dock / a bluetooth and dock speaker system how cool that would have been.
Mayank Sati
Mayank Sati:
I think he was good actually showed everything properly. All angles all sides.
Sammy Phillps
Sammy Phillps:
Yo... this is one of most beautiful phones I’ve seen in a good while. Kudos to Motorola for not simply copying what Samsung or Apple is doing. I’m definitely interested in getting this phone. It adds something new, something old, & something amazing in an overall package... Motorola has a winner with this one!!!
Galaxy Fold: Unfold for bigger screen
Motorola: Fold for smaller size
Almost God
Almost God:
I’ll buy this when it comes to 300$
Aliasgar Surti
Aliasgar Surti:
I folded my wallet when I saw the price.
Jake Frantz
Jake Frantz:
"How satisfying is that sound?"
*background synth bass intensifies*
The phone and packaging takes me back to early 2000's. Love it.
Gucci Mayo
Gucci Mayo:
"Composite mateireal"
....It's plastic.
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman:
Who knew the razor would be back. I still have my orginal razor. My favorite phone of all...
Haroldo Duarte
Haroldo Duarte:
$300 specs
- it folds -
$1500 magic
Fehad Bilgrami
Fehad Bilgrami:
First version of anything isn’t the best. I’ll wait out to see after a few months how it goes.
Mr. Acrobia
Mr. Acrobia:
3:56 - *Do you guys hear that?*

Oh you mean the music, indeed I do
jake nermal
jake nermal:
Motorola: hello moto... Im back....
Cktime ThirtyTwo
Cktime ThirtyTwo:
Let’s be honest, this was more of a box review than a phone review.
iPhone 11 : comes with triple camera system and I am the iPhone.

Moto Razr: I will destroy you iPhone. Ha ha ha ha
Ricki’s Place
Ricki’s Place:
Samsung Galaxy Fold: we are the future of Smart Phone‘s for only $2000

Motorola Razr: Hold my beer🍺
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez:
shut up and take my mon....

looks at price

never mind.
Work Dir
Work Dir:
At last something new, and it not damned bricks...
Marcel Audubon
Marcel Audubon:
Why didn't you say "Hello, Moto!"??? so, so unsatisfying
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman:
I can't part with my Note 9 because of work. I need a second phone. Bravo Motorola 👏👊😊
Steve Nevil
Steve Nevil:
I saw it, and crapped my pants because it's so beautiful.
I then looked at the MSRP, and crapped my pants again.
Drewski 23
Drewski 23:
This is really the phone of the future. I have the original and it looks so different
Abdulah S. AlAsiri
Abdulah S. AlAsiri:
It's just so elegant and perfect!! I love the design!
I only disliked for the danced moves.
smh victim
smh victim:
See this whole video made me mad , we want specs , ram info , Camera QUALITY SPECS ,
kumar Ankit
kumar Ankit:
They review tech and they don't know it's a braided cable
David B
David B:
Stunning phone will fit nicely in my skinny Jean's pockets
2:32 Cloth wrapper???


*Head explodes*
the new phone looks amazing.
"Composite material"

It's called molded plastic, possibly polycarbonate.
Ajinkya Naik Gaonkar
Ajinkya Naik Gaonkar:
I folded my intentions when he said the price.
Manish Singh
Manish Singh:
Yay!! It's finally here. I have been waiting for this phone for a decade.
Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles:
One reason why I get that phone is so I can slam it shut when someone gets me mad over the phone one thang I miss about flip phones 😂
Tech Of Days
Tech Of Days:
It's like ASMR video when he said "can you hear that" 🥰🥰🥰
Gonzalo Melendez
Gonzalo Melendez:
Finally no more screen protector yeah!!
The Grumpy Englishman
The Grumpy Englishman:
If it was half the price it would sell amazingly well... A grand and a half for a mid-range specced phone will put off most people
Grether Vazquez
Grether Vazquez:
Literally my favorite phone of all time .! I had the original razr in high school and literally this would be the only phone that would make me even think about giving up my IPhone 🤦🏼‍♀️ such a hard choice but the razr hold such a precious space in the heart.! Ugghhhh I love the razr.! 😩😩😩😩
Lisa Saddler
Lisa Saddler:
I had just said that I wanted my old school flip phone. And here it is! 🤩
Jay Russell
Jay Russell:
No headphone jack is inexcusable... I'm literally charging my phone and using headphones while watching this video.
Motorola back in the game for a new area !
Akbar Akbari
Akbar Akbari:
The price is way toooo high
Alize Zohadi
Alize Zohadi:
love that folding sound, really missed it!
looks much more consumer friendly than the galaxy fold
George Sote
George Sote:
To much blathering. Get to the point man
I think the real question is how did they get the screen to bend?! My mind is shook 🤯
Ankit Jaiswal
Ankit Jaiswal:
The box itself looks cooler than the phone.
Newtt Isaac
Newtt Isaac:
Clearly Motorola wants to sell the patent of their mechanical henge to other manufacturer that is why specs are not impressive.
This guy is babying the phone u got to really shut the flip part like the other YouTubers. Wait this channel has all ready done a video on this phone y r there two videos on this, the other one is with the lady what's wrong with CNET y they need two videos.
The Razr was my favorite phone, I had 3 and loved every single one of them (one was the K, already by Sony). I only wish this cost 500/700 bucks. I'd be putting a preorder.
Outstanding package design. Very creative, functional design.
Bobby Paredes
Bobby Paredes:
*Well phone is nice but way over price. Is just a new interpretation of flip phone nothing else, no new technology or extra accessory to justify the price. If Motorola don't reduce the price will be a big fail for them*
Jeradiah Williams
Jeradiah Williams:
👀👀👀 I like what I saw from the new Razr. Id have to see it in person
Syed Hasan Abbas
Syed Hasan Abbas:
I was expecting wireless headphones :(
Akash K
Akash K:
Big guy with small phone reminds me of my close friend 😁😊😂
Mailk naseri
Mailk naseri:
My favorite phone 📱 but I will buy it when it's come to 250 €
ar majde
ar majde:
The first razr that I had previously fell into the toilet 😭... I would love to hv this but I am pretty sure the price tag here in Malaysia is going to be expensive.
Annoymous 1
Annoymous 1:
4:02 ASMR
Jolliee Guy
Jolliee Guy:
I wish my pockets were bigger,

Cuz I was flipped out by the price.
no u
no u:
“If you are into belly buttons then this is the phone for you” LOL
Logan Costantine
Logan Costantine:
"Cloth wrapped" 😂😣 nah dog that ain't it
karanraj maharajwala
karanraj maharajwala:
Soo irritating background music. 🤢🤮
Mark Hahn
Mark Hahn:
I'm going to save my $$ for the Microsoft Neo 👍 I LOVED the razor. Had a couple of them actually. After seeing the foldable screen demos it has never turned out well. I think we are still out a few years before we perfect the foldable tech.
Boba Cota
Boba Cota:
Take my money, I want to relive the nostalgia of hanging up on someone with this.
Anthony Intelisano
Anthony Intelisano:
Now I know how my cat feels when I get a amazon package and he plays with the box.. Im more interested in that badass box than the phone
Great phone review, best I’ve ever seen on YouTube actually great job
"a relationship"

Another new low for humankind.
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar:
I love the flip phone !!
Saïd Saïd
Saïd Saïd:
I love it 🔥 but it's damn expensive for the low specs .. I'll stick with Poco lol
Cerra Dorband
Cerra Dorband:
when is it officially going to hit the shelves cause I've been waiting for this phone for a long time
Pretty cool! I would of love to see them make it look like the old razr with the buttons on the screen!!
Ian R.
Ian R.:
Im actually really sad..Its $1500 and its locked to Verizon with E-sim. I want this phone but I despise phones that are locked to one carrier
Malkiat Singh
Malkiat Singh:
Amazing but price is very expensive
Armin Sanjana
Armin Sanjana:
wow I liked the video , loved the phone what a gorgeous looking device 💕 I wonder who these people are to actually dislike this video
Joevelle John Hallara
Joevelle John Hallara:
"I unbox dozens and dozens of phones every year"

Me: i hope all people
I’m hyped for this phone. Might switch from my iPhone 8 Plus to this!
Shows us how it sounds when closing ,not stops the background music 💢
Malik Uzair
Malik Uzair:
"cloth-wrapped" cable! 😂
Alex BW
Alex BW:
Great Evolution of the Razr, showcased by a gorgeous person 😍🌹
Cool...I had a razor back in the day, nice to see the design make its return!
Wow looks nice Hello Moto.
kanhiya vaya
kanhiya vaya:
5:01 belly button
amil shaikh 786
amil shaikh 786:
Game changer phone 🥴
Ashiqul Hassan
Ashiqul Hassan:
Me : Don’t wanna spend 1500$ caz I don’t need a new phone
Me again: it’s a cool phone let’s buy it
Bertrand S.
Bertrand S.:
Great review 👍
Watching this review was entertaining, fun, and cool.
Yamada Kun
Yamada Kun:
I folded my wallet when I see the price
2:32 the noise cancelling earphone is made by Denon! That is quite interesting... seems to worth more than throwaway earphone usually included in the box.
Thought the case would double up as a wireless charger...
Some good quality asmr here👌🏼👏🏼
Nguyen Minh Duc
Nguyen Minh Duc:
OH MY GOD! It's breath-taking from even the box. …
Elinelson Garcia
Elinelson Garcia:
I got the galaxy fold and I love it, it is so fast the screen is so nice and I don't care about the price, and I'm your fan I love your videos.
Lol 😆
He's so cute and funny!
Great job 👍
Megan Sumner
Megan Sumner:
Reminds me of the LG lotus. I had a silver Razr and then the limited edition purple lotus. Good old days, man.
Mr Egusi
Mr Egusi:
This reminds me of QVC shopping channel.
Than Channel normally sends me to sleep... Real Quick.
ben wa
ben wa:
Should come one in red