Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado | Official Trailer | Netflix

Every day for decades, Walter Mercado — the iconic, gender non-conforming astrologer — mesmerized 120 million Latino viewers with his extravagance and positivity. Then he vanished from the public eye. Award-winning documentarians Cristina Costantini (Science Fair) and Kareem Tabsch (The Last Resort) direct MUCHO MUCHO AMOR, produced by Alex Fumero.


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Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado | Official Trailer | Netflix

A peacock in a macho culture, legendary astrologer Walter Mercado vanished at the peak of his fame. This documentary poignantly explains what happened.

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Tom His3
Tom His3:
All Stars 5 filmed a year ago, so this timing is incredible - I guess Alexis Mateo really... saw that coming.
C Andres
C Andres:
My grandma would threaten me with the chancleta if I spoke one word when this dude was on tv 😂
Spiral Breeze
Spiral Breeze:
I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, but let me tell you, when this man came on at the laundromat you best believe I was listening for the word Aquario.
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez:
It was Don Francisco....Chespirito and Walter Mercado that were the kings Of television when I was growing up
Ju pi
Ju pi:
The people that disliked this were the ones who got the chancla when they wouldn't shut up after they mom told them to while he was on
Megan E
Megan E:
To anyone currently watching Drag Race, Alexis Mateo is doing Walter for Snatch Game.
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
Latinos- “I wanna see like a Spanish doc or something” Netflix’s- “Aqui Tienes familia 😎”
PK Collins
PK Collins:
Shame on you Bill Bakkula! There will be a special place in hell for you. That contract was deplorable, deceitful, and disgusting.
I am Nobody
I am Nobody:
Netflix is really coming through for Latinos! This is the kind of thing we need right now. I showed this trailer to my 80 year old mother, and at first she didn't quite understand, but she lit up.... I then explained that this was a documentary about his life, and that it's coming to Netflix. Once she understood, she literally cried. This is how much Walter meant to her, to the Latin community. And it's not the astrology thing either, it goes so much deeper than that! Walter Mercado IS the Latin community!
Marissa Giannotta
Marissa Giannotta:
He was literally the first homosexual /gender fluid latino on major tv and he was LOVED by an audience who literally still to this day is largely slightly homophobic. THATS HOW MUCH OF A CULTURAL ICON WALTER MERCADO IS.
History LVr
History LVr:
Soo basically he was The Latin Liberace of Astrology!
anon user
anon user:
The reason why this guy got so famous is that he has a soothing voice and will always encourage people and send them positive messages like peace and love. That’s why everybody loves him.
ELTON JOHN : *I’m the flashiest star on the planet nay IN ALL ENTERTAINMENT HISTORY*

I had no idea who this was until Alexis Mateo did him on Snatch Game. She got him really bang on
I’m not Latino but if you lived in New York you knew who Walter Mercado was, I grew up seeing him on television. I will be watching this documentary 💚🌺🤙🏾
SKY Crapper
SKY Crapper:
Imagine lockdown without netflix
HistoryMiami Museum
HistoryMiami Museum:
We're so excited to have our museum featured in this trailer!
Nina Phare
Nina Phare:
You could've lose your life if you dared to talked when Walter was talking on the tv!!! 😂😂
W Lo
W Lo:
A todos los que están leyendo los comentarios les deseo mucha paz pero sobre todo mucho mucho mucho....AMOR
Joanna Jimenez
Joanna Jimenez:
My mom would give the look of 💀 and tell whomever to STFU when he would come on😒🤷🏽‍♀️🤣
Who came where because of Alexis Mateo?
Alpaca Sombrero
Alpaca Sombrero:
My mom would always scream at me to shut up during his showing, honestly I only watched too see my horoscope. This guy was amazing
Luis Quintana
Luis Quintana:
Holy [email protected], this stream is going to break the Internet. Look out Tiger King.
R C:
I clicked this so fast and stopped what I was doing just to watch this trailer. Can't wait till it comes out now
Viviane Azevedo
Viviane Azevedo:
He wasnt big only on Spanish speaking countries but also in Brazil. He was constant on TV, watching this makes me feel very nostalgic about my childhood.
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz:
Didn’t matter what Latino you were! This man was a staple in your house ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Chris Slayer
Chris Slayer:
I have a confession to make. I used to think he was my grandma. My mother would shut everyone up when he would come on. I realized he wasn’t my grandma when I turned 8 and I found out he was actually a dude when I was 18. FFS his name is WALTER and I’m over here thinking he is a elegant woman 😂
Just came to see who he was after watching Drag Race all stars.
He died the day before my grandmother’s death in the same exact hospital Auxilio Mutuo and same exact floor , seeing this gave me the chills.
Alice Mestria
Alice Mestria:
I had no idea who he was, just finished watching de documentary and I’m so emotional... I had no idea he passed only 3 months after the exhibition, it felt like he needed to be surrounded by the love of his fans one last time. As you watch it you get attached to his loving personality... I smiled and cried. I adore him now and I don’t believe in God and I don’t believe in astrology but I felt “mucho mucho amor” and that’s the whole point... may his message resonate on everyone, it would be a better world in a second.
I remember as a child how everyone would stop what they were doing to watch him on TV. Even men working on their cars stopped and rushed inside to watch. Walter Mercado was the greatest!
Who else is here because of Alexis Mateo?
This dude was so next level.. Total rock star life.....
Who's here after watching Alexis Mateo as Walter during Snatch Game on Drag Race!
P D:
he wasnt just famous among hispanics. i remember him from my childhood in brazil. he used to speak portuguese with a strong hispanic accent and had this catch phrase, "ligue já" that every brazilian knew. now i dont think the new generations know him here, but he was sooo famous.
Here in Germany we never knew about him. I discovered some memes over the years and always thought "what an interesting person that is", but never bothered. Now I watched the film and by the end, I was in tears. Such a personality, so much kindness, and a message that will never ever grow old. A true legend, in many ways.
Monique Felan
Monique Felan:
The memories of be quiet and “subale “ has resurfaced ... Documentary was beautiful and Extravagant just like him 💛🥺
andreina Wilson
andreina Wilson:
For reals I always wondered if he was a woman or man lol but he was very into fashion
David Elías
David Elías:
This trailer make me a little emotional because we grew up with Walter Mercado, we learned so much from him and we didn't even know it. He was an ICON, he was exactly what he wanted to be and he didn't apologize for it. Y lo más importante de todo, siempre nos deseó paz, mucha paz pero sobretodo mucho, mucho amor.
youdontknow myname
youdontknow myname:
This movie had me laughing, crying, shaking my head, and singing. Very great documentary. Love you Walter, rest peacefully, con mucho, much amor 💗
Mr Idk Ortiz
Mr Idk Ortiz:
Just got done watching this. I don't usually get touched emotionally in movies but this one really got to me.
Just like any Hispanic child growing up with a mother and brothers of 4 I remember my mother being obsessed watching his shows and I grew up watching it with her.
Didn't know how much he went through to get where he was until they tried to destroy him. He lived a good life and he loved what he did for us the people.
Rest In Peace Walter Mercado you will be missed!
Carlin Concepción
Carlin Concepción:
La bruja que habita en mí está muy feliz!!! 🧙🏻‍♀️♐
Kelvin Pagán
Kelvin Pagán:
¡Se ve excelente! Walter fue y será una leyenda. Puerto Rico in the house. 🇵🇷
Cindy Juliette
Cindy Juliette:
I grew up watching him. All my Latino friends did and no one dared speak while he read their parents horoscope or else. It was as if he had all the answers to our future.
Gaib Joe
Gaib Joe:
Joey Diaz brought me here
Juan Ferreira
Juan Ferreira:
Mercado by the end must of had the largest Collection of capes ever!
Growing up I would always watch Walter whenever I was at my neighbors house. And as someone who does not speak Spanish I was always fascinated by him. Can not wait to watch this!
Tiffany Fudala
Tiffany Fudala:
All I have to say is...
Alexis Mateo 💋💅👠💄
Brad T
Brad T:
Alexis Mateo brought me here!
My grandmother would run when ever this man was on tv she never missed it.
Im so pumped!! Other docs we deserve: Don Francisco, Christina Saralegi, Chespirito, Celia Cruz, Derbez, etc
Marty McFly
Marty McFly:
Every time he came on tv my mom would tell my dad “cambiale a ese diablo”🤣
Bobby Bubby
Bobby Bubby:
Alexis Mateo brought me here
Summer C
Summer C:
Omgosh I just learned about him on Drag Race!!
My mom had Walter Mercado read her future before he was super famous and he said she'd married a divorced man and have two daughters. It was all accurate, people.
Carlos Bright
Carlos Bright:
I use to see Walter Mercado on Univision television and on television during my visits to Puerto Rico. As a person of Puerto Rican ancestry born in New York City and living in Washington, D.C., seeing Walter Mercado on television was both fascinating and funny. I enjoyed watching the documentary of his life on Netflix because I learn things that I never knew about Walter Mercado. Even today when I am joking with my Puerto Rican, Afro Cuban, and Dominican friends, I always say Mucho Mucho Amor and we all breakout with laughter. This was Walter's trademark saying on Spanish television. RIP, Walter; Dios te bendiga.
Carlos Bright
Carlos Bright:
Solía ​​ver a Walter Mercado en la televisión de Univisión y en la televisión durante mis visitas a Puerto Rico. Como una persona de ascendencia puertorriqueña nacida en la ciudad de Nueva York y viviendo en Washington, D.C., ver a Walter Mercado en televisión fue fascinante y divertido. Disfruté viendo el documental de su vida en Netflix porque aprendo cosas que nunca supe de Walter Mercado. Incluso hoy, cuando bromeo con mis amigos puertorriqueños, afrocubanos y dominicanos, siempre digo Mucho Mucho Amor y todos nos echamos a reír. Este era el dicho característico de Walter en la televisión española. RIP, Walter; Dios te bendiga.
My mom would watch this man religiously when I was younger. Now I’m almost 30 and still have no idea about him and am excited Netflix is doing a little documentary about him to learn about him! Thank you!
Juju B
Juju B:
Oh so now all of a sudden this pops up on my front page after watching Alexis Mateo do Walter on All Stars 5??? 😒
Sonia M. E. H.
Sonia M. E. H.:
the legend of walter mercado en netflix
Alexis Mateo predicted this!! Whats even MORE interesting is that he died at a hospital named “Auxilio Mutuo” very similar to Alexis Mateo 😳 ... What in the Drag Moon and Stars is going on here!
I’m in my thirties now and I remember every time Walter would come on the screen, it’s like he gravitated energy and attention from everybody in the room. Granted, I didn’t understand horoscopes as a kid but I very well knew there was something special about him. He for sure had a gift. Te extrañamos señor Walter.
diamond princeza
diamond princeza:
I remember him since I was 5 years old I used to always watch him And I Used think he was a god or something 😂💁🏻‍♀️
Tito Herrera
Tito Herrera:
Netflix, someone needs to be working on something like this for Chespirito (I hope). Latin TV ICONS! Our heritage, our history needs this kind of documentaries. Whether you like Walter or not, no one can't denied his Latino Pop Culture status and his gigantic influence in our TV culture. Same with Roberto Gomez Bolaños aka Chespirito. This are our icons, our pioneers, our creative TV innovators and wall breakers. We need this as well for our music Icon. I was never a Walter fan, never once watch his show, but I knew who he was, his influence in our media landscape and culture and so I know We need this! ... we need more of this for all our icons or latin TV. Let's start telling our own stories, we have enough subjects and stories of our own. PLEASE!
Vad Zaborowsky
Vad Zaborowsky:
Oddly enough he totally reminds me of a Latin Liberace! Can't wait to see this movie, it looks fantastic.
have never heard of him before, watched it on netflix. utterly fell in love with him. what a lovely man to walk this earth. rest easy.
richy r
richy r:
If you spoke while he’s show was on that’s a 💯 guaranteed ass whipping.
Christian Dorr
Christian Dorr:
Starring Alexis Mateo
jay san
jay san:
Dam, I never even heard of the news when he passed away, smh. Truly a legend, until next time rip. Mucho mucho mucho amor. 🇲🇽🇵🇷
Jason King 1381From BKNY
Jason King 1381From BKNY:
Wow man i grew up with my Grandmother watching this man all the time! This is a must see for me ❤👍
Marvelous Joe
Marvelous Joe:
Alexis Mateo's timing couldn't be more perfect! I guess he "knew" this one is coming???
Gotta Cache ‘em All!
Gotta Cache ‘em All!:
And when the world needed him most, he vanished! Only Walter Mercado matter of all horoscopes can save us!
Ryan Carona
Ryan Carona:
I remember seeing Walter mercado at my tia’s hot ass Apartment while she was cooking sopa de frijoles during the summer.. crazy lady wouldn’t turn on the air condition too expensive.
Honestly without Alexis Mateo I wouldn’t even know who this person was..
Pete Pan
Pete Pan:
He used to come on right after the telenovelas....If i recall was "Walter Mercado"....then "5 minutos con Mirta de Perales"
Franchesca Speaks
Franchesca Speaks:
I always asked my parents was he a man or woman? 😄 he is mysterious but he’s a Latino icon
Neziah KenDoll
Neziah KenDoll:
His style reminds me of liberace when he was younger
Mr Bananahamock
Mr Bananahamock:
I was a child but I loved watching his segment on Primer Impacto, everyone in the house stayed quiet listening to him read the signs lol 😂 family time
I remember seeing him on the tv as a child and not having one clue what he was talking about. I thought he was a psychic or a sorcerer of sorts. It kind of scared me not gonna lie. It wasn’t until til I got older that I came to realize what was going on with his segments. It takes me back to the days as a child in my great grandmas hot and stuffy small apartment that always reeked of stale perfume. His memory forever lives on in my mind. RIP Walter Mercado
jo suburbia
jo suburbia:
Drag Super Star Alexis Mateo bring this to the mainstream
I'm Here
I'm Here:
Don't lie. You're here because of Alexis Mateo.
Myrrah Grey
Myrrah Grey:
I wish walter mercado could have told us all about how 2020 was gonna be like... 😣
Shiftless Lazycrat
Shiftless Lazycrat:
I'm watching this documentary now, I laughed out loud when he told Sinbad he would be the most important comedian of the millennium. I'm not a psychic but even I wouldn't have whiffed that one LOL
Gary Key holder
Gary Key holder:
I'd never heard of him unti I watched this Documentary what a beautiful man and those capes are stunning, this Documentary really moved me, what a great and positive message he has ❤💜
When this dude was on TV you were no allowed to say a word.
'Quiet people I'm trying to watch Walter on Netflix' :D
Denisse Aguirre
Denisse Aguirre:
This made me cry.
We all need from each other so much peace. And so much love.
Walter is a legend, icon, STAR!
Olivia Rodrigues
Olivia Rodrigues:
I had no idea Walter Mercado passed away - may God rest his soul.
Shakyel Arnold
Shakyel Arnold:
Alexis Mateo brought me here 😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Shary B
Shary B:
I cried watching this documentary.. specially at the end .. i got so emotional i felt his energy.. now I understand why the world went dar 🙏🏼💔rip
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun:
Puertorican Dr. Strange.
chivi AMP
chivi AMP:
I'm here because of Drag Race
Jetzel Marr
Jetzel Marr:
Lo amo! Yo sabia que no lo iban a dejar ir asi como lo dejaron ir. Le dieron 5 mins recordandolo en la tele Cuando murio. Pero Netflix nos va a dar 2 horas!
Angel Espinosa
Angel Espinosa:
Alexis Mateo is so on point!!!
He aways came on during the Evening news and my mother just watches him, Haven't heard from him in awhile.
God help you if you uttered a single word when Señor Mercado was on TV. I made that mistake once and my tía slapped the shit out of me with a wooden spoon cos she couldn't hear her reading.
Jen Montgomery
Jen Montgomery:
My mom used SHUSHHH me everytime he came on. She’d wait for her daily Gemini ♊️ reading
Sandra Aviles-Wilkes
Sandra Aviles-Wilkes:
When I was younger I thought he was a woman dressed as a man and I asked my grandmother if he was a woman or a man. She didn’t know and didn’t care.
tim redfern
tim redfern:
I watched this and thought it was really interesting. He was a very kind man who was taken for a fool by his close (friend) RIP sir 🇬🇧