Müller's Own Goal Tied the Game | FC Bayern München - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1-1 | All Goals | MD 25

#FCBB04 | Short Highlights from Matchday 25!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and Bayer 04 Leverkusen from Matchday 25 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Niklas Süle (18'), 1-1 Thomas Müller (OG) (36')

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Cristian López
Cristian López:
Now it's official, Müller has scored against every team in the Bundesliga
Really a great show of football! Unfortunate that lack of communication between Muller and Ulreich that originated the goal!.. 🔥
Edi Chirca
Edi Chirca:
It really hurts to see bayern play like this when you think that less than a season ago you would be really surprised to see them out of CL by the likes of PSG or City, nowdays the way they play I wouldn’t be surprised to see them knocked out by Salzburg. The only goal today came from a dizzy ball that the leverkusen players should have dealt with it. Under Hansi this team would have between 10-20 clear chances on a slow day.
Ganendra Zhalifunnas
Ganendra Zhalifunnas:
Own goal from a striker, and defender scoring a goal😂
Les Rouge-et-Bleu
Les Rouge-et-Bleu:
What a Goal by Thomas Müller
Lmaooo I was laughing when Muller scored own goal !!
He is such a comedian xD
I am really sad to see bayern like this. At this rate, I seriously fear salzburg, and even if they do get past them city will obliterate bayern. I hope they do something immediately or else the club is in big trouble
Eston Kalutwa
Eston Kalutwa:
Flick you are greatly missed 😭😭
Shine Flame
Shine Flame:
That own goal has to be one of the funniest ones
Santiago Ch
Santiago Ch:
Goodness, Bayern can't manage to keep a 6+ point lead for more than a week
Best Boy
Best Boy:
After a long time.. Listening Peter dury's commenthary❤️❤️ what a legend❤️❤️❤️
Pj Sunesis
Pj Sunesis:
Is Nagelsman on a mission to weaken Bayern Munich?🤔😠
NXD Productions
NXD Productions:
Man... We Bayern fans are not used to seeing our club struggle like this....
What on earth is that Upamecano doing... He is neither defending well but is also making blind passes to our opponents....
Shambolic.... We cannot survive in UCL even if we manage to beat Salzburg with this performance....
M M:
Muller is world class, but that was undoubtedly his fault. Happens to the best of us.
1:27 how did he miss it? 😭😭
I mean its okay atleast we didnt lose
David Beckham
David Beckham:
Own goal went in so nicely.
unachukwu odera
unachukwu odera:
Muller had a stylish way of scoring even if it's his own post.
Live Football Journey (LFJ) Simulation Video Games
Live Football Journey (LFJ) Simulation Video Games:
that OG is like a 'gift' to the opponent from the mighty bayern
Юра Берменко
Юра Берменко:
Мюлер,,, спасибо за поддержку тебе лично и Клубу Бавария!!!💪💪💪👏👏👏🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Professional Sh*t
Professional Sh*t:
3 key players missing. Really hard match.
A B:
Respect Bundesliga, they are taking the solidarity for Ukraine to another level
P K:
Great match 👏
Jon Fee
Jon Fee:
Best 1-1 match ever
D Alex
D Alex:
Lewy not scoring hurts my guts
Jody Alvian
Jody Alvian:
This feels like niko kovac era all over again
User Unknown
User Unknown:
What a finish by Muller😂
Adrian Rowe
Adrian Rowe:
What a goal Muller
sanket khatiwada
sanket khatiwada:
Nagelsman runs out of his mind....
Bayern are struggling so much in field
Santiago Patiño Muñoz
Santiago Patiño Muñoz:
Who's one is missing Hansi Flick ? 🖐🏻
Pj Sunesis
Pj Sunesis:
Nagelsman must be sacked as soon as possible, he is clueless. Hansi Flick was superb. A whole Bayern Munich have been struggling since Nagelsman took over. No game plan, players are not organized, they're all over the place, no beautiful passing football etc. Management must act as quick as possible to get us a better coach like H. Flick.
video starts at 0:58
M P:
Finally people understanding problem of Nagelsman. Hope now the borad in Bayern will see the same. Under brazo we spend 65m on coach and defender and got wwaaay weak ss in offense as in defense as in tactics (for the board if they don't see and for Honess es well).
If you are doing this on purpose to ruin my nerve system then ok go on.
Badr El-Marchoum
Badr El-Marchoum:
The Great Thomas Müller
If Bayern play like this for the rest of the season I think it would be a good time to evaluate whether keeping nagelsmann is worth it.
Musfiqur Rahman
Musfiqur Rahman:
What a goal
Obinna Obiekwe
Obinna Obiekwe:
All I see here are reasons Bayern are going to crash out from the ucl.
It's not the fact that players were rested, it's the fact that there's a dip in form.
1:01 video starts from here.
Coman had to run when sabitzer was on the ball. it would be 100 % goal
At least he was a good sport about it
sino pianist
sino pianist:
Bayern Munich has dropped its level in a short period
Supri Yanto
Supri Yanto:
OMG... Own goal💔🤦‍♂😪
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael:
Fun opinion : Bayern Munich is weak this season and the new coach is not convincing
Rodarvark Mat
Rodarvark Mat:
Muller what a goal !!! HeHe
Wheres is the 4 - 1 from frankfurt? Was one of the best games from the round
Maria Isabel Lira
Maria Isabel Lira:
Strange game : Sule made a goal and Muller against oh
Debasmita Chakraborty
Debasmita Chakraborty:
Next time bayern will come back stronger ❤
Indra Fadillah
Indra Fadillah:
Bayern goes down to the earth
Ayasmita Chakraborty
Ayasmita Chakraborty:
I really think Bayern can win😥
สบาย สบาย
สบาย สบาย:
We stand with UKRAINE 🇺🇦 too 🙏🙂
Love how in a 2 min video almost 50% of the video went in solidarity with Ukraine 🇺🇦....not disrespecting the innocent Ukrainian people who are suffering but surely u can't take 50% of a football highlights that too a bit size one in solidarity
buntut KBS
buntut KBS:
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ palestina
Ernest Mhlanga
Ernest Mhlanga:
welcome to pique' world of own classic goals
Nic Balint
Nic Balint:
Solidaritäts-Eigentor von Müller.



Daniel Baetens
Daniel Baetens:
Adil should of scored a hat trick
Mr Anti
Mr Anti:
We literally understand why the Germans stand out for ukrain😀
Rodrigo Rodrigues
Rodrigo Rodrigues:
Our defense is sooooo bad man, they could score like 3 goals in the first half, luckly they aint good, but is scary to think if this happens in champions league.

We need Neuer, Davies and Goretzka to come back.
Piero incapié 💪🇪🇨🇪🇨
Devenn Kshetri
Devenn Kshetri:
Thank you muller🤣🤣🤣
I really like how bundesliga made their youtube logo a mixture of blue and yellow for Ukraine. Respect!!!
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Time for dortmund to throw away his chance to get closer
Alien Lean G
Alien Lean G:
Danke sule fur dir zeite in Munich😢😢
kaptan lapaduula
kaptan lapaduula:
European countries they know how to live without peace only 10 days
In my country 30 years we r living under war
What Gaza , Afghanistan Iraq Syria
Alesha Batang
Alesha Batang:
salute and respect to the bundesliga for wearing the ukraine flag. GF indonesia
Anybody know why Dortmund didn't play this weekend?
Victor Raúl
Victor Raúl:
Mr ImPerfect
Mr ImPerfect:
Ahora sí Müller le ha metido gol a todos los equipos de la bundesliga
Why Süle was playing in first squad?
Palah The Keng
Palah The Keng:
i miss hansi flick😪
Dark Blue
Dark Blue:
Thank you for support Ukraine 🙏♥️
Edmund. R
Edmund. R:
I miss Neuer
Hans Dahler
Hans Dahler:
Nagelsmann ended up with the winning team that was Bayern...
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong:
I don't know what's happened to Bayern. They will leave in the summer... (you know who i'm talking about) this is not bayern...it's not only abt nagelsmann, it's players fault too
Mullet’s such a comedian
deo costa
deo costa:
What's wrong with Munich these days it's off form
Twisted Turtle99
Twisted Turtle99:
best coaches for bayern munich:
jupp, pep and hansi

the bad ones:
carlo, niko and slowly nagelsmann
ivan boskovic
ivan boskovic:
1:54 Who's that? Not for Bayern
Idham 31
Idham 31:
stand with #palestine 🇵🇸
Pranav Chheda
Pranav Chheda:
Nagelsmann needs to go. Team looks sloppy he looks clueless under hansi bayern were a beast beating elite teams and now we are struggling against weaker teams . Wouldn't be surprising if bayern gets knocked out of the champions league
no name
no name:
Bayern's purple patch is over boys.
After watching the past few games of Bayern Munich, I'm not surprised that there are a lot of rumours that Lewy wants to leave bayern. Disappointing to see such a weak performance game after game. I could watch this game for only 10 minutes
This new Bayern coach have destroyed Bayern Munich
Muhammad R
Muhammad R:
gerad tomic
gerad tomic:
"Goals" video duration is now the same as highlights'? Now we're talking!
Bayern need pulisic
Tri Le Phuc
Tri Le Phuc:
Upamecano was thrash again and nearly cost us a lost
Why is stop war taking 1 mins of the highlight 😑
Your old Obese home boy
Your old Obese home boy:
Musiala phenomenal player
Olavo Hulk da Silva
Olavo Hulk da Silva:
Very good Bayern munchen. 🇩🇪🇩🇪⚽👍🏼👍🏼
1 Hansi Flick is worth more than 8 million Nagelsmann. N's like immature semi-Pep
This is the perfect opportunity for a collab with 442oons. Please make this happen.
Victor Raúl
Victor Raúl:
I seriously wonder what Adminho and #442oons would have to say about the Muller howler.
I'd love to Borussia Dortmund win title, but they have min chances
Đới Như Anh
Đới Như Anh:
Bayern should practice and stronger! 🥰🇩🇪, and I also pray for peace for Ukraine! 🙏🇸🇪
Bali Fisherman Squad 🕉️
Bali Fisherman Squad 🕉️:
Don't bring the politic to Sport 😭
Md Hussain
Md Hussain:
Happy to see Germany help Ukraine 👍👍🇩🇪🇺🇦
Musfiqur Rahman
Musfiqur Rahman:
We love ukraine