Murray, Alcaraz, Sinner, Tsitsipas, Monfils & More Court-Level Practice | Montreal 2022

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0:00 Andy Murray vs Karen Khachanov
1:02 Karen Khachanov vs Diego Schwartzman
1:21 Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Gael monfils
2:03 Carlos Alcaraz vs Jannik Sinner

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67 comentarios:

When you watch the game at the court level the speed seems to be unbelievable, especially Sinner vs Alcaraz. Many thanks for the vid.
Saber Diamond
Saber Diamond:
One stands above the rest. Sinner and Alcaraz just too good!!
Isabela Masotti
Isabela Masotti:
I would not complain if Sinner and Alcaraz played doubles together just for fun
José Luis Hinostroza
José Luis Hinostroza:
Sinner vs Alcaraz matches will be the reason to continue watching tennis after Big 3.
The last rally between Jannik and Carlos is just insane! Obv Jannik got the upper hand 🦊
Blown away by Sinner and Alcaraz, and they're just practicing! 🤯
Zweig Ackroyd
Zweig Ackroyd:
Love this video - much more immediate than most match videos, and gives a great feel for the points.
Theo Duthoit
Theo Duthoit:
Glad to see Gael back !
J. J. Thompson
J. J. Thompson:
More court level practice please!! 😁👍🏽
Cash Mcdade
Cash Mcdade:
alcaraz court sense is really improving. having taht mucxh speed and skill being 19 is insane
This angle really shows how fast they all are!
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Jeez I wanna see Sinner win this tournament so bad
Nice Guys Racing
Nice Guys Racing:
1:19 Блиииин 😅 Sinner and Alcaraz are almost too competitive, considering it was a practice
TennisTV out here putting in that over time to provide us with this fire content. Love to see it
Mattias Hartmann Tennis Coaching
Mattias Hartmann Tennis Coaching:
Ahhh yes the back court angles are superb views 😊😊😊😌
Sinner and Alacraz.... insane
Sean Eckhart
Sean Eckhart:
Sinner Alcaraz match clearly highest level and they are the youngest
Mónica Uribe
Mónica Uribe:
Why so much bad vibes against Carlos? I admit it, Jannik is my favorite, since the first time I saw him play. I'm not in a hurry with the top one thing. I like to see how his tennis evolves jannik is the opposite of carlos, his personalities are very different. They are young, it shows that there is good chemistry between the two, both seem very honest to me
Andreea Sufana
Andreea Sufana:
Sinner and Alcaraz will make history.
Jann and Carlos can they're gonna beat each other before the tournament starts 🔥
Abrar Qadir
Abrar Qadir:
when watchign on tv, a lot of tiems ive wondered that ti doesnt seem like players really get low when they hit, but from this view you see how they actually are staying low through the points, its interesting difference between this view and notmal tv view
Enrico Bardini
Enrico Bardini:
The last point from 4:10 it's ridiculous...
concetta dalimonte
concetta dalimonte:
J'espère que yannick ! Yra loing gogo !!! Foza yannick nous sommes avec toi !!!! Quel joueur !!! Rien qu'à le voir jouer est un plaisir !!!🙏🙏🙏👍👋👋👋😆😆😀
no difference between training match and real match between sinner and alcaraz
Jeroen Vermunt
Jeroen Vermunt:
3:08 Getting so low playing that backhand.
Love it 😍
Abrar Qadir
Abrar Qadir:
Jannik got down on that backhand like a wta player @ 2:38
Thanks for ur amazing content
Babatunde Kalejaiye
Babatunde Kalejaiye:
Sinner is looking solid and ready.
Dusan Steiner
Dusan Steiner:
Hope Alcaraz wins this one! VAMOS,
Frank G.
Frank G.:
That last point..
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Thanks but make more longer highlights
Karma Cleansing As It Is
Karma Cleansing As It Is:
The court level camera angle is the best. More please.
powerful shots
Mir Muzahiduzzaman
Mir Muzahiduzzaman:
Etin Giwa-Osagie
Etin Giwa-Osagie:
Sinner has the mental advantage over Alcaraz. Think he knows how to beat him and I think he has done it twice in a row now
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good sessions.
Stefan Mos
Stefan Mos:
Congrats on the 1 Mil subs!
Federico Lanas
Federico Lanas:
How can I assist these practices (I live in close by)? Anybody?
C'mon Andy Round 2, if you can rmbr that number!
Didn’t know the entertainer was back !
Alcaraz is loud.
Karel Kunz
Karel Kunz:
What about bringing GoPro during matches? It would be even cooler to go with Livestream.
Tsitsipas привет из Таджикистана
Vahan Boyajyan
Vahan Boyajyan:
Daniil Medvedev the best
Asyraf Nukman
Asyraf Nukman:
Dinut Alex
Dinut Alex:
4:10 Thank me later
Trần Đức TV
Trần Đức TV:
Where Raonic? Long time no see
Joost van den Berg
Joost van den Berg:
Wait for the end ;)
2:30, what a beauty
Beta Pons
Beta Pons:
Tens ke traure mes al mig el kedes molt descolocat cuant traus,el resten molt fasil
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
Karen out here just Ben Johnsing shit...
Adam Cang
Adam Cang:
2:52 was it in?
Andy Li
Andy Li:
Alcaraz and Tsitsipas are so brash
Who did they not mention? Kachenov?
Abe Guy
Abe Guy:
i think Nadal won't playat uso so either sinner theim or Medvedev might win coz jojer is out.....
Karol Lenart
Karol Lenart:
Sinner looks strong. Even better than Alcaraz.
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine anderes Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Khánh Nguyễn
Khánh Nguyễn:
Why would that kid gotta try as if he was on a real match. This is training session only, to get to hitting feeling and tactical practice, not the right time to spend all his stamina and prob. get unwanted injuries. This is somehow a lil' bit silly. Just take a look at some big names when they practice.
And wtf, he celebrates even on training?!
Hannah Horng
Hannah Horng:
glad Nadal not playing, don't want to see him
que basura de video
Mac N' Geese YT
Mac N' Geese YT:
Terrible quality…..Tennis Tv you really posted this??
ryan williams
ryan williams:
Sinner owns Alcaraz. The single reason why he would not replace Rafa as the next "Spaniard Phenom". Sorry folks.
I mean there is no need to play this tourn. Medvedev will claim it anyway
Ben Boonlek
Ben Boonlek:
Hope Alcaraz loses 1st round