Murray Battles Daniel Again; Querrey, Paul, Paire all in Action | Indian Wells 2022 Day 2 Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Joe Duffy
Joe Duffy:
Nobody is more consistently inconsistent than our boy Paire
I swear everytime Paire is about to win its like he just decides not to
Irvin Nicollier
Irvin Nicollier:
I really love the strong mentality of Benoit Paire, such an amazing player
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
It’s always like watching two different Paires playing in the same match! Always.
Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson:
That paire match is amazing. Dude is literally one serve game away, then immediately drops his level to unknown lows.
Tennis Experience
Tennis Experience:
Paire losing is becoming a habit, it's like Nadal winning on clay
A tournament wouldn't be a tournament without Paire choking in the first round 😂
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
How many times are Murray and Daniel gonna meet!
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
Now that Murray has won the first round, he can exit peacefully from the tournament
Simon Yeung
Simon Yeung:
Congrats 700wins to Murray. Nice to see him keep coming back
good to see Querrey winning some matches.
Good match from Andy, especially after losing the first set 1-6, then falling a break behind in the third - positive attitude on court helped pull him though. Having Lendl back on his team must be a great boost to his morale.
Paire just completely collapsed after a great first set, and a good start to the second set. I don't know what's wrong with him.
Jake Huang
Jake Huang:
Murray started playing more aggressive in the 2nd & 3rd set. Love it.
Shadow Agent
Shadow Agent:
No way,Benny Paire lost his match?!,whaaaaaaaat I can't believe something so rare like this could've happen,I shocked! unbelievable!,yacht party all the time kind of unbelievable,goddamn dog 😂
Jonas E
Jonas E:
Wow i thought paire was playing very well and stop watching after the first set. HOW did he choked this match away?!😂
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández:
I am SOOO happy for Big Sam. Such a nice bloke.
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Congrats to Querrey. So happy for him.
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Paire almost broke his “consistency”...😂😂🙏🏻
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Always a good day, when a Paul wins a match!
when you see a collapse like Paire, 4 match points, 10 double faults in the 2nd set alone, yep.
Great to see Andy still slugging it out. He may be well past his best, yet he can still compete at a high level now and then.
Congrats to Murray for his 700th win! And good to see Querry winning! Kudos to all the winners.
Murray changed his forehand style. he gives it a lot more side spin now and it looks like in table tennis. Funnily i did the same the last weeks when i could not really move well :(
sunny days
sunny days:
So glad Murray is getting back stronger. I hope he wins this trophy.
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
Koepfer, with that one look as they switched sides in the second after the lazy double fault, knew Paire had mentally imploded. He was waiting for it and he got it. Nice.
Rob Shack
Rob Shack:
Sam Querrey has the game! Hope this boosts his confidence!
forget Fedal, it’s all about Muraniel now!
Ian Smirna
Ian Smirna:
Benoit « choke » Paire strikes again! Thanks for the laugh!! I start to see some consistency in the choke.
Thanks God, Tommy Paul got new outfit, i started to feel bad for him.
isn't that three tournaments in a row for andy in which he's played taro
Toan V
Toan V:
It's 2022, didn't think its still possible to lose to Querrey,
Imperial X
Imperial X:
Con lo bueno que es Benoit Paire,su perdición es su propia cabeza.
Trung Hieu Doan
Trung Hieu Doan:
3:34. That's gonna be a set of healthy twins
Parth Shah
Parth Shah:
Only paire could have lost from this situation
Gracie C.
Gracie C.:
A very poor game from Griekspoor. Losing to Querrey will kinda hurt your ego after that challenger win streak LOL
Nathan Jen
Nathan Jen:
What is up with Kukushkin's backhand lol. I can't figure out that motion for the life of me
Paire is transforming into Kygrios. the last thing we need is 2 Kygrioses among the current generation players. they are already the weakest generation of players of all time as it is. 2 Kygrioses will make the current generation players as a whole look even more like the jokers that they already are
Leclercq Thibaut
Leclercq Thibaut:
How many matches will Murray and Daniel play against each other this year ? Already 3 in 3 months.
Luca Martin
Luca Martin:
Paire is a genius. Don't blame him!
Federico Town
Federico Town:
Paire should of won that match he wasted his chance here that's unfortunate
Happy for the 2 vets wins!!!!
Charles Han
Charles Han:
Paire gotta be the king of blowing huge leads
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Let's go murray ! And win . !!!!!!!
B Fahey
B Fahey:
Paire prioritising working on his tan than making it through to the next per usual.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
this is like a clay court, just slower smh
It really looked like Murray was channeling Nadal with this shot 0:41 (grunt and all)
El Andaluz Laurent
El Andaluz Laurent:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉Le quidam Paire. 1 set 0, 5-3 dans le deuxième. Il s en bat les couilles . Il balance le match 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Un génie incompris 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Val Pringault
Val Pringault:
Le coup droit droit à Benoît Paire est pathologique hélas 🧐
Nikica Roksandic
Nikica Roksandic:
Yeah idk about Paire but some 1 should look into that. Guy clearly stopped playing at the end of 2nd.
Is like paire, kyrgios and kokkinakis play the tour just for the party's
0:28 Okay, if professionals do it too, I don't feel as stupid about myself when this happens to me now. lmao
I think Paire is fixing matches. Anyone else feel the same?
s account
s account:
Murray wildcard again😂
Insane Panda
Insane Panda:
Paire has the mental strength of a dried up leaf
Kanishk Agarwal
Kanishk Agarwal:
paire here we go again to lose another match ( from serving for the match )
Derrick Crump
Derrick Crump:
Should have bet money against Paire, just for the culture.
Leon Krige
Leon Krige:
Tennis quality is at an all time high, but some of the outfits are mind-boggling - like a cross between pyjamas & beachwear..
Louie Cruz
Louie Cruz:
Kukishkin, a new player? Oh.
Paire is so weird. Like how can u give it away like that
Dan Juhl
Dan Juhl:
Indian Wells this year has the most understaffed and laziest ballboys/-girls I have ever seen. At Rune-Humbert there was often just 3 of them on the court and the pretty much walked instead of ran. I guess the tournament director needs to step up or face the sack. This is a joke.
Querrey forget to put on his cap in 1st set
Vino Mamba
Vino Mamba:
Murray does his self no favors when he has long matches with Bums. By the time he gets to the next round, he has nothing left in the tank, and usually gets blown off the Court.
Shreevaas Iyer
Shreevaas Iyer:
Are Paire's matches fixed??
Pessi vs Penaldo
Pessi vs Penaldo:
Paire choked like usual
Marc Lyons
Marc Lyons:
Nice to see the Americans getting behind there countryman
Wan Zachary Wan Isa
Wan Zachary Wan Isa:
PT57A2 working well for Andy
Marco DL
Marco DL:
I love how we become rich with Benoit Fixed Paire🤑
Elliot Rose
Elliot Rose:
Taro Daniel whiffed an overhead lol ouch
Akaash De Silva
Akaash De Silva:
Murray vs Daniel is the new rublev v fucsovic
Tri Ratna Lestari
Tri Ratna Lestari:
Congrats Andy Murray that' s 700 hundred winner ATP
Paire once again afraid to win
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
🙏🏻 some good tennis here.
3.57 at that moment Benny (and all that know him) knew that he fucked up. And lost another match.
charles lucas
charles lucas:
"Vintage Murray" ça ne veut rien dire. Il ne joue pas comme un jeune. Il a une tactique exceptionnelle mais c'est une tactique de vieux.
Paire back at it smh
Subhojit Pradhan
Subhojit Pradhan:
Typical paire performance...losing from a winning position.
Rune vs Humbert why not in this hightlights more interesting
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang:
Did Murray change his racket back to the old one? That’s interesting.
Ariel Tintar
Ariel Tintar:
700 match wins ? wtf !
Cam S
Cam S:
look, i know he won. but murray does not deserve a wc into every single tournament. this is getting ridiculous.
just watch 3:03
Chukwuma Eke
Chukwuma Eke:
Paire! For goodness sake! Discipline yourself!!!!
Sol Baatyr
Sol Baatyr:
Shaved Murray looks GOOD and FRESH!
Nakashima and Mannarino didn’t even make the highlight reel- possibly because of the weird stuff at the end
Everytime Paire is on Tennis TV he wins a set and lose the game.
Rin O7
Rin O7:
Paire should retire tbh…. There’s like 1 exciting play every tournament
William Manning
William Manning:
Atta boy Tommy!!
sam quarrey,my gosh!??
Loren Mallari
Loren Mallari:
Did Murray go back to his old racket?
Arnaud Muck
Arnaud Muck:
Paire plus qu'il ne gagne
Камоооооон Энди!
András Ágoston
András Ágoston:
Murray vs Daniel is the new Fucsovics Rublev
Julio Grijalva
Julio Grijalva:
What happen with Paire
Benoit nooooo
Agent Smith Querrey
Gleb Pidlužnij
Gleb Pidlužnij:
lol kukishkin🤣
M Bilal
M Bilal:
thanks God, Tommy Paul also possesses shirts othet than Pink colored
Daniel Salmerón Lucas
Daniel Salmerón Lucas:
5:00 "Kukishkin". Who's that?
JS Cab
JS Cab:
Sam Querrey= Agente Smith xd
@tennistv the name is Kukushkin and not Kukishkin. Please pay attention to the name