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100+ comentarios:

Toddy 300
Toddy 300:
If Man U finish in top 2 I will personally pay everyone who likes this ten quid😂
AshH 96
AshH 96:
Spence: “this is a comeback year for me”

Also Spence: predicts us to finish second over Liverpool 😂
andy 0128
andy 0128:
I’m a Man Utd fan, it would literally be a miracle if we finish 2nd.
"I need to do better predictions this year"

>places Man Utd ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham ahead of Arsenal
Adam Cooper
Adam Cooper:
“Not convinced in him as a manager”
Predicts them over Liverpool
What is wrong with this guy
Seb On Golf
Seb On Golf:
Where is Seb?
J H:
"Ive gotta have a good year this year"
*puts united above liverpool
Dan Carr
Dan Carr:
Absolutely clueless. United 2nd and Liverpool 3rd 😂😂😂😂 what a shambles
Love how when I watched this in September I thought Spencer was insane for putting Man Utd so high up, yet here we are seeing them currently top of the Prem after Christmas. A masterclass from Spen right here
Skull Thuggery
Skull Thuggery:
Utd 2nd is easily the biggest shocker of a prediction I’ve seen for this round. Ole still unproven, over-reliant on Bruno, inconsistent as anything and a squad not even in the same conversation as Liverpool and City. Stinker.
Shav Perera
Shav Perera:
Spen’s new camera angle always makes me believe it’s going to switch to Seb😂
J4M3S B 7103
J4M3S B 7103:
Spencer: *checks watch*
We've got a couple days before the season
Patrick Fox
Patrick Fox:
After Tottenham’s performance today I would put them like 8th and push Everton up into the top 6 lovely football from the toffees
Daniel Dsilva
Daniel Dsilva:
Man Utd in second place with that fridge at the back?😂
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui:
"Ive gotta have a good year this year" *puts united above liverpool
notrevaL niF
notrevaL niF:
If man united finish second I will get a Manchester United tattoo on my back
The reason he won't predict Arsenal to win it (rightly so!) is because they don't have Jeremy Lynch, their best ever player on the ball.
Paul El Frankensheep
Paul El Frankensheep:
“Maguire could lead them to something special” absolutely deluded 😂😂😂
AndyBT FC:
Would love to hear Sebby boy's predictions too. I have a feeling theyd be different.
Nasif Francis
Nasif Francis:
Who’s here after united’s 1-3 loss against crystal palace? xd
Oliver Hulme
Oliver Hulme:
I’m a united fan but is he mad 😂
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen:
United in 2nd? You’re mad Spen!

Still love you though 🤣
How does he question Liverpool’s mental levels after bouncing back from - champions league win and narrow second place league finish, to then winning the league in the style we did? Surely this shows the mental strength of the group??
Steve Mount
Steve Mount:
„For the season twenty twenty twenty tweny one“ 😂
Conor O Brien
Conor O Brien:
Spencer’s a United fan in disguise
Christopher Flynn
Christopher Flynn:
Spen "i had a shocker last year" proceeds to put Man united 2nd. that's gonna help
Evan Konigsberg
Evan Konigsberg:
90% of the comments are about man utd top 2. Here we are, halfway through the season and they are second with a game in hand over many of the teams they lead
Honestly I’m a man united fan I don’t wanna say this but if we are gonna finish second I’m sorry spencer but Liverpool should be winning the league but good to see a change
Jack Harkin
Jack Harkin:
Been watching Spence for 5 years but I instantly closed the video once he said Man Utd over Liverpool 😂
You can tell he’s trying to rub people up a certain way. Unsubbed sorry Spencer.
I love the way Spencer’s channel has had a second wind , his content is some of the best football based in the UK
Keri_A V
Keri_A V:
Straight dislike. Liverpool third?!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
serene 00
serene 00:
I like how everyone always guess Leicester wrong 😌
Gary Mrozinski Jr.
Gary Mrozinski Jr.:
Spen your 30 things to do before your 30 video with Alex came up in my recommended and I thought you should do a follow up video talking about what stuff you guys got done. Just an idea
Jack Morton
Jack Morton:
Shocker having Liverpool in third here Spen, you wanted to be cautious this year with year and then you put united over Liverpool?😳😂
Luca Qumsia
Luca Qumsia:
Liverpool r mentality monsters Spen’s gonna eat his words by the end of the season when we make it 20 times
Jacob Fimognari
Jacob Fimognari:
Enjoying the video:

Insults me club*:

Oh i'm okay i'm fine no i'm good don't worry about it
Gautham NS
Gautham NS:
Not gonna lie, you've had a mare by putting Utd in second🤣🤣
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj:
Everyone is predicting us to be 3rd ffs hope you’re ready to rinsed at the end of May
In a hole
In a hole:
Man United over Liverpool Spencer you’ve had a shocker
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon:
14:22 well
Villa GAMER 1982
Villa GAMER 1982:
This aged so well
William Bagnall
William Bagnall:
Imagine saying West Ham won’t get relegated 😂
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones:
Love how you always give us a good prediction (everton) could be right this year tho tbf
Ok Then
Ok Then:
If Spencer gets every single prediction correct i will buy a west ham shirt
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker:
I'm a united fan but we aren't getting 2nd 4th I recon 😂
I wanted to play it safe, puts united above Liverpool in 2nd. Says Liverpool don't have the mentality after getting 97 plus points in two straight seasons and winning the premier League and champions League in that period. Where is the thought process.....🤣.
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming:
Who is watching when Southampton are 1st 👍
Zenion XD
Zenion XD:
Southampton last Leicester 2nd Everton 1st

Flight Crew
Flight Crew:
I will shave all my hair off of Man U are second and Liverpool are third
Aidan Bochey
Aidan Bochey:
This was actually a very impressive predictions video
Arki Zakkas
Arki Zakkas:
I'm a United fan, but I have to say I don't think we'll finish 2nd. I personally think we'll finish 4th and we could possibly push for 3rd. I'm also worried that we could drop out of the top 4 all together.
Richard Tikman
Richard Tikman:
Utd in 2nd? Pass me what you’re smoking there
Spencer’s logic: “I wanted to play it safe after last year”
Also Spencer: “I wanted to mix it up this year” and put united 2nd Smfh
17:31 Who’s Shabellos 😂😂😂
Noah Westlake
Noah Westlake:
as a saints fan, i can promise i have nothing against you spen ❤️
Emile Busby
Emile Busby:
I reckon you should make these into short podcast episodes, would love to be able to listen whilst driving 👍
Beetroot Personalities
Beetroot Personalities:
Been a fan for a while but I absolutely hope that since the video on the f2, spen’s views go up. Totally deserves it
Jack Dooley
Jack Dooley:
"I rate the South Coast. It's a good coast"😂😂😂
United 2nd 😂😂😂😂😂 Respect lost there Spencer, you've had a right mare!
Charlie Garmston
Charlie Garmston:
we made very similar predictions!
Tom Houghton
Tom Houghton:
Would love for you to do a January re-visit, and predict again. A second chance!
If United keep of their form, Spencer would come up with a prediction masterclass
Bailee H7
Bailee H7:
Drop United down to 4th move the other 2 up and you've got it spot on I reckon
Nathan S C
Nathan S C:
As a Wolves fan I don’t think Doherty added much defensively, that’s his weakness. He’s good attacking wise but would be good to get a proper RWB to replace him, for us to progress it needs to be higher than 7th
dale wardill
dale wardill:
Watched ur PL predictions 6 years in a row
I would love to see spencer name at least 2 West Brom players😂
If Liverpool actually drop out of the top 2 i'll buy a Man Utd shirt
Parker MC7
Parker MC7:
Wow, did my predictions a few days ago and my predictions are very similar to Spencer’s
Najib Nrmd
Najib Nrmd:
Spen always overestimate Man Utd and underestimate Liverpool 😂
Gaming&Football Clips 2020
Gaming&Football Clips 2020:
I mean united above Liverpool is just outrageous 😂😂
Devanshu Sinha
Devanshu Sinha:
As a man utd fan, bro we aren't going to finish above Liverpool lmao
Nitti Cahani
Nitti Cahani:
The one time spencer puts west ham near the relegation zone is when they’re gonna get into the top half 😂😂😂
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
Absolute scenes when West Brom finish in the top 10
Ben James
Ben James:
Always underestimates Liverpool 😂
I’m Finna KMS
I’m Finna KMS:
I like the shout for United top 2 you know. That was legendary
Kasey Escape
Kasey Escape:
Bless you Spen. You grew up during the Golden Years at Man United, so you’re always very kind with your prediction of them. I’ve got them in 4th and no higher.
Jack Barber
Jack Barber:
You on a mad one Spen, United over Liverpool?😂
Ben Robins
Ben Robins:
When saying 2020-2021 you say ‘twenty’ 4 times
Aerial_Beam 147
Aerial_Beam 147:
Been waiting so long for this
Sam Wood
Sam Wood:
Imagine putting united above liverpool 😂😂😂😂
Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson:
There’s his stinker, took till the end of the video to find it. Man United second place aye sound 👍
Swap Liverpool and City round, and swap Chelsea and United round. That's my top 4
My guy really put United in the top 2 😭 and mentioned Brandon Williams as a positive
My man actually thinks United will finish higher than Liverpool, madness lmao
Please, I beg you, find a synonym for kick on 😂
Mark White
Mark White:
chelsea fan but city an liverpool top 2 again but how did he put utd second 😂😂
He’s absolutes botched these predictions 😂😂😂
👏👏👏 think Liverpool will have a hangover from last year. Think he’s bang on
Hugo Carrington
Hugo Carrington:
Love you spencer please contiue to pump out the content like you have!
United 2nd ?!?!

Laugh out loud emoji !!!!!
Harvey Simmons
Harvey Simmons:
“Sheh-bal-os” 🥴😂
Carefree Casual
Carefree Casual:
Think you have had an absolute stinker tbh 😂
Think you’ve done well this year spencer
The ultimate Tom gaming
The ultimate Tom gaming:
I thought Spencer actually knew about football
Caspian Man Predator
Caspian Man Predator:
This dude just really despises Liverpool lmao
samairey 2003
samairey 2003:
I’m surprised you had United at 2nd. Even as a United fan I don’t think we will finish that high. If we can get Sancho in I will be very happy. I still think we desperately need a CB to partner Maguire. I also think we need some squad depth and a lot of the deadwood clearing out. Jones, Rojo, Mata, Lingard, Pereira all have to go for me and if next year we can have a good transfer window and bring in some squad depth then I think we could potential challenge for the title
its so insane how wrong you are hahahha
torai manchester
torai manchester:
You’re telling me that you think that Manchester United is going to finish above Liverpool ??