my friend doesn't like Chris Evans, so I made this video to brainwash her

Hope you guys enjoy this video!

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100+ comentarios:

Claire K
Claire K:
Chris Evans is the type of person who claps and slaps his knees when he laughs.
“Why is the sky blue?”

“Orange would clash.”
“You’ll learn the consequences of the internet later”

Chris, we need to talk.
He didn’t even stutter when he named all of the seven dwarfs 💀
So what I was saying
So what I was saying:
If a Golden retriever turned into a human , we'd get Chris Evans
“Therapy is expensive, but Chris Evan’s laugh is free”.......

That will be my new motto from now on 😂
ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM
ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM:
10 minutes of chris evans being emotionally manipulated by a child. biggest dad energy.
Harvey Dela Cruz
Harvey Dela Cruz:
"Never seen a man who laugh a million times like chris evans"

If I had pecs like Chris Evans I would be grabbing them too
Chris: “You’ll learn about the consequences of the never ending life of the internet later.”

Me: “I bet Chris has learned about the consequences of the internet too.” Iykyk.
Nail Or Fail
Nail Or Fail:
He is a combination of a 5 year old, a dramatic teen, and a weird grandpa
The nonoffensive demon unicorn
The nonoffensive demon unicorn:
"Chris Evans is very huggable"

ofc he is, he's like a human golden retriever puppy.
john hoe
john hoe:
"Never seen a man who laugh a million times like chris evans"

“You’ll learn about the consequences of the never ending internet later.”
OMG this aged sooooo beautifully 😂😂😂
batool haider
batool haider:
The fact that the girl was more mature than Chris himself
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this was recommended to me today
bubble cake the bendy fangirl
bubble cake the bendy fangirl:
someone: no actor can act like an adorable child
Chris Evans: hold my juice
Aranea Hale
Aranea Hale:
I can not trust people who do not like Chris Evans.
Mystery LovesCompany
Mystery LovesCompany:
The fact that this man has anxiety, and social anxiety, just guts me. How can he not know how precious a bean he is?
aamanh ahmed
aamanh ahmed:
*anything happens*
Chris Evans: “I don’t like it”
200 subscribers without a video
200 subscribers without a video:
Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris-sy Teigen. Anyone wanna add? 😂
Peter Yip
Peter Yip:
I finally get why Chris hasn’t started a family yet, he IS the kid in the family and he doesn’t want to change that.
"You'll learn about the consequences and the never ending life of the internet later."
Yep, sure did 😂
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn:
Chris Evans is the type of guy who would clap when the plane lands.
Lonnie Wright
Lonnie Wright:
Y'know, you wouldn't believe that Chris Evans has a host of anxiety issues from how he presents himself. Then again, mental health and public display of satisfaction typically go hand in hand. I hope he can internalize that happiness he projects for his fans, for himself.
Roselyn Rodriguez
Roselyn Rodriguez:
I hate the fact that I, a 16 year old teenager, cries over him.
Ayania Hunter
Ayania Hunter:
I was crying at the Ellen scene and deceased after they said Chris doesn't have kids and Jeremy went "that he knows of"
Jennifer Hatala
Jennifer Hatala:
Chris Evans seems like the most genuine person in the world
Why did I think the title was “A literal five year doesn’t like Chris Evans” I mean I-
Shavyea Byrd
Shavyea Byrd:
The funniest part is when Chris is telling Mark that Hulk cant be on the list and Mark realizes he’s having one of his moments again.
Even after the accident , we still love him .
Chris Evans is the type of uncle we all wanted
anonymous alien 2.0
anonymous alien 2.0:
Chris evans: *laughs sooo hard everytime he has to put his hand on his chest to protect his heart and preventing it from falling out*
Chris Evans starts laughing next to Scarlet Johansson
Me: I know it's tempting buddy but don't do it...
Olivia Nemeth
Olivia Nemeth:
"Was it made out of the styrofoam? I don't know, that's nobody's business."
I died laughing
Natasha Coda
Natasha Coda:
How can you not love a grown, muscular man who knows all 7 dwarves!!!
Scott Morin
Scott Morin:
Chris Evans is the type of person who claps and slaps his knees when he laughs.
No one:
Chris Evans: *laughs like the adorable maniac he is*
Anyone who says they don't like Chris Evans secretly wants him. LMAO
Tooba Shaikh
Tooba Shaikh:
Alternate title: Chris Evans being a national treasure for 10 mins straight.
Tina Nikolic
Tina Nikolic:
i genuinely can't trust people who dislike chris evans.
Lily Raimey
Lily Raimey:
4:02 this aged poorly.
I’m shocked at how she doesn’t love Chris Evans. He’s literally our king
maria George
maria George:
So.... Is your friend Convinced?
If not, She is weirdo. STRAND HER ON AN ISLAND!!
It’s me Izel
It’s me Izel:
Chris: *picks gene*

Chris: *realizes*

Also chris: *oH hehHeEEhhe aM juSt DoIn iT foR mySeLf hEhehHeheh*
Matilda Connor
Matilda Connor:
"Why is the sky blue?"
"Because orange would clash"
Lukas Elbæk Juhl Jensen
Lukas Elbæk Juhl Jensen:
Chris Evans: schmaptin aschmerika
Me: Oh yeah i schmove that schmovie
helios •
helios •:
ok, but who’s your friend and what’s their address?
(i just wanna talk)
"does Chris evans actually sing"
-few seconds later-
*Shy boi*
Mia Jayne
Mia Jayne:
Girl: “They breathe in the carbon dioxide”
Scientists: *triggered*

(Breathe in oxygen then breathe out carbon dioxide, then plants take that carbon dioxide and make it into oxygen, repeat)
ah yes, the true names of the 7 dwarves: stinky, dj, finger, callous, moana, maui, and — of course — hairline.
Chris: "You'll learn about the consequences of the internet."

Marty: "Chris, I have to tell you about the future!"
Marie-Sophie Aubé
Marie-Sophie Aubé:
I really hope the nude leak isn't going to affect his professional and social life too much 😔
This man really goes all in with that laugh. He laughs with his WHOLE chest.
Miss Michellie
Miss Michellie:
I'm supposed to be sleeping. But got sucked into the amazing world of Chris Evans. I'm not even mad.
Claudine Aguja
Claudine Aguja:
“Therapy is expensive, but Chris Evan’s laugh is free”

Yes!!! 😍😬
Slim Sapphire
Slim Sapphire:
Why does Chris Evan’s laugh like a discount Dracula
Tamanna Panwar
Tamanna Panwar:
6:15 they are missing miss
*official chris evans laugh*😆😆😆😆😁😁😂😂
you will learn about the consequences of the never ending life of the internet.
Sarah Lily
Sarah Lily:
the unending life of the internet... little did he know
My ex dislikes Chris Evans. Should have been an immediate red flag
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant:
Who hates chris?

"Get me a shield"
Karla Gisela
Karla Gisela:
Well, I already like Chris Evans, but I’m here to like him even more, I’m all for it. Thank you!
Riky Yugasaki
Riky Yugasaki:
Chris Evans' sense of humor is as stupid as mine and I love it.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh:
"Everybody has kids"
"Except this guy" *points at himself*
"That he kNoWs oF"

Me: o_0
Ella Cousins
Ella Cousins:
Chris: Everyone has kids
Also Chris: Except this guy *points to self*
No one:
Literally no one
Jeremy: tHaT hE kNoWs oF 😂😂
lalalaland blue
lalalaland blue:
How can you not like him? Not even After seeing his package??? 👀 mmm
Z.Delfin Çuhadar
Z.Delfin Çuhadar:
who else came here after hearing that he accidentally leaked his nude? i know im not the onlyone.
Adam Rajkumar
Adam Rajkumar:
Anyone get this recommended after his camera roll incident 😂
Dean Huffman
Dean Huffman:
Chris Evans is the type of person who claps and slaps his knees when he laughs.
Breeanna C
Breeanna C:
Me laughing at “shmaptan ahmarica”: :D
Me two seconds later seeing ship art: :,D
jade’s mixtape
jade’s mixtape:
Let’s be honest, this isn’t your first time watching this
need gucci, thanks
need gucci, thanks:
his laugh is literally *w h e e z e* “hA Ha hA Ha hA Ha hA”
Chris evans is the only white guy I'm in love with
Doodle Dog Does
Doodle Dog Does:
Chris Evans laugh a story:
Fall back in chair
Grabs left boob
Leans forward
Chris Pratt at 1:16 "Did Chris Evans just send me a signal?!?"
shreks ballsack
shreks ballsack:
4:21 how can u not laugh at chris’s laugh like u aren’t living if u don’t laugh
Chris: Yeah I have no kids

"That he knows of"
I died 😭😭
Emperor Cheems
Emperor Cheems:
Now i know what Christ Evans likes, grabbing pex
Kobe Kanen
Kobe Kanen:
Tony stark: i don't trust a guy without a dark side
Cap: *recites the seven dwarves*
Nshad Iqbal
Nshad Iqbal:
My recommendations :-
Chris Evans being a 5 year old
Steve Rogers being a old man.
Florina Devereux
Florina Devereux:
If you dislike HIM, you’ve got some serious issues lmfao.
sneha Shivagunde
sneha Shivagunde:
i did like him but was not a fan....this video definitely changed my mind
Shwetha Sriram
Shwetha Sriram:
8:46 the thing he did with his feet was so adorable
f Forecast
f Forecast:
"That he knows off" my JAWS are ON the GROUND
Chill vibes
Chill vibes:
"everyone has kids"
"except this guy"

"that he knows of"

"My friend doesn't like Chris Evans, so I made this video to brainwash her"

Wait I can't believe this, do she really exist bro??
ezaan zayaan
ezaan zayaan:
"Whats the air made of?"
The Kid: Oxygen, C02
Me: noble gases, c02, 02, (N), Hydrogen..
αmrutєj .G
αmrutєj .G:
Chris Evans is literally UNO REVERSE card played on Steve Rogers
beet rice
beet rice:
Chris Evans: **laughs**

His chest area: all i see is darkness
Animatron Pictures
Animatron Pictures:
Dear Disney,
Since you'll no longer be needing Chris Evans, we'll gladly take him.
Sincerely, Warner Bros
witchy_mommy_ 113
witchy_mommy_ 113:
My husband and chris Evans are literally the same person 😂🙄
Ayla Ayla
Ayla Ayla:
Show her his leaked photos, bet she’s gonna like him then
Alba R.
Alba R.:
Your friend really has something wrong if she doesn’t like Chris Evans😌
sophia potgieter
sophia potgieter:
I strongly believe that anyone who doesn’t like Chris Evans CANNOT be trusted.
Zosanglur Joute
Zosanglur Joute:
I'm here after he leaked his own nudes 😉
Yasameen Alsaaed
Yasameen Alsaaed:
Chris Evan's Mom on the other side watching this video:

"Thats my boy!!"
Hector Ochoa
Hector Ochoa:
"you'll learn the consequences of the never ending life on the internet" 😂 from experience eh?
clara T.
clara T.:
It's literally impossible not to laugh, while watching Chris evans laughing
"You'll learn about the consequences of the never ending life of the internet later"

Love this guy so much.