My girlfriend watches Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the FIRST time

Jen and I watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

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Luna is the only one with the emotional intelligence to understand Harry.
Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura:
Jen: "Is Snape a villain or NOT???"
Holden: "Let's ask Dumbledore. Oh wait, we can't"
That got me killed LMAO
Connor DoubleYou
Connor DoubleYou:
It should be pointed out that Snape revealing himself to be the Half-Blood Prince is much bigger bombshell in the book. Harry spends the entire year learning from the Prince, defending him from Hermione and even feeling a bit of a kinship to him.

Ironically, Harry probably learns more about potions in his 1 year learning from the Prince than he does in 5 full years with Snape 😂
rosy :D
rosy :D:
book harry ginny kiss: “we won!!” yelled ron, bounding into sight and brandishing the silver cup at harry. “we won! four hundred and fifty to a hundred and fourty! we won!”
harry looked around; there was ginny running towards him; she had a hard blazing look on her face as she threw her arms around him. and without thinking, without planning, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, harry kissed her.
after several long moments — or it might have been half an hour — or possibly several sunlit days — they broke apart. the room had gone very quiet. then several people wolf whistled and there was an outbreak of nervous giggling. harry looked over the top of ginnys head to see dean thomas holding a shattered glass in his hand and romilda vane looking as though she might throw something. hermione was beaming, but harrys eyes sought ron. at last he found him, still clutching the cup and wearing an expression appropriate to having been clubbed over the head. for a fraction of a second they looked at each other, then ron gave a tiny jerk of the head that harry understood to mean, ‘well — if you must.’
Invicta Films
Invicta Films:
Slughorn: HARYYYY!
Harry: SIRRRR!!
That always gets me

Also I really cannot wait for the reaction for the next 2. Gotta wait 2 weeks 😭
Wez Thompson
Wez Thompson:
Jen Prisoner of Azkaban: “I hope they don’t get together”
3 movies later
Jen and everybody else: “I’m here for it”
Charles Markovetz
Charles Markovetz:
“The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” Sirius Black
rosy :D
rosy :D:
movie ginny: *ties harrys shoes*
book ginny: *ties harrys shoelaces together and then walks away laughing while he falls down the stairs*
Vic’s Vlogs
Vic’s Vlogs:
Jen: “Is he gonna doink here?”
Holden: *pikachu face*
Literally 3 seconds later
Holden: “Yea he’s gonna plow a Weasley”
Jen : *pikachu face*
Naaz Gill
Naaz Gill:
ginny and harry's relationship was 100% better in the books, the movies was just so awkward
"Is Snape a villain or not?!"
"I don't know, let's ask Dumbledore. Oh wait, we can't."

The laughter exploded out
Malfoy the whole movie: "Don't be suspicious. Don't Be Suspicious. DONT BE SUSPICOUS! DONT BE SUSPICIOUS!!"
"Where are the Dementors?"
Book 6 pretty much reveals that once Voldemort was revealed to be alive he no longer did things in the shadows and gathered all his allies and dark creatures to his side including the Dementors who abandoned Azkaban Prison.
ALSO PRINCE is the name of Snape's Mother's Family name. So technically his nickname is named after his Mother who was a witch. His Dad was a Muggle thus Half-Blood.
Riley K.
Riley K.:
In the books, that train scene where Luna finds Harry was actually supposed to be Tonks, her role was so much bigger but it made sense to change things for the movies
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan:

HOLDEN: well lets ask dumbledore

*shows a scene of dumbledore dead*

HOLDEN: oh wait we can't...

🤣🤣🤣🤣 idk why, but that part was funny af
Jimmy 22
Jimmy 22:
Jen: “I hope they don’t kill anyone else off, Dumbledore was a sweet old man.”

Everyone: You should see whose next.
At first, this wasn't really my favorite at all, but when it dropped on HBO in late 2009, It played non-stop on every HBO and Cinemax channel... and I ended up watching it every time, so now I've seen it the most out of every movie. Initially, I thought it was too slow for me, and visually dark (especially if you watch it during the day, with a lot of light) but now, I love what it does here, and the look of it (It really shows how hazy and foggy the UK area can be lol)
Unfortunately, the movies cut a bit, and especially these later ones hurt the most from it, like minor story lines that become important for context, and minor character beats that were removed, by are treated as actually happening. Even if I didn't know this beforehand, I can feel things skipped over.
To this day, I can't believe this movie cut out all the scenes explaining what "Half Blood Prince" actually means. A truly baffling decision.
Red_ Win
Red_ Win:
Holden’s quick face change when Jen looked at him while he was looking at the camera had me rolling. 😂 5:57
J Homan
J Homan:
“Some people were saying Harry lent them the money.” He gives them the money in the book at the end of the goblet of fire, as long as they buy Ron new dress robes and Mrs Weasley doesn’t find out.
Patrick Esdam
Patrick Esdam:
Holden's reactions kinda ruins it a bit when Jen starts to figure out stuff because of it.
Pedro Freitas
Pedro Freitas:
Imagine how Harry’s feeling right now. He absolutely disliked Snape since he entered Hogwarts, but when he asked about his loyalty, Dumbledore always said that Snape was on their side, so he couldn’t create theories that he was loyal to Voldemort and could only dislike him because of the way he treated him. And then this happens, Snape betrays the man Harry admired the most and kills him off, proving to be a bad guy. The “HE TRUSTED YOU!” represents it so perfectly because now Harry doesn’t dislike Snape, he HATES Snape, because he’s proven being not a man who mistreats a student, but a despicable human being.
The scene where Dumbledore breaks down in the cave from drinking the potion is actually a lot darker and way more sad in the books. It is truly heart breaking.
Holden's "that would really such if they killed off anyone else" got me weak. Seeing Jen lose her mind while Holden is toying with her is hilarious.
Est 19XX1620
Est 19XX1620:
Daniel has admitted he was drinking during a lot of these scenes that’s why he seems funny in the background
Trav J
Trav J:
Jen: "Is Snape a villain or not?"

Me to nobody in the room: I'm 90% sure I saw that on a poster at Borders Bookstore before Book 7 came out.
Frank Thaves-Warnsdorf
Frank Thaves-Warnsdorf:
I would really recommend, if not reading the books, then listen to them as audiobooks with a good narrator maybe as you are travel for some of those cool projects you make
Jeffrey Moore
Jeffrey Moore:
Harry gave his winnings from the tournament to the twins. He didn’t want the money because of Cedrics death. He tried to give the money to Cedrics parents but they didn’t want the money either
I don't know how it is across the board, but among people I know I've noticed a trend where Half Blood Prince is often in the top two favourite movies of people who haven't read the books, but one of the least favourites among people who have on account of how much they cut.

All the movies drop things from the books due to time constraints, such as Hermione's campaign for Elf rights in book 4-5, Dobby joining the Hogwarts staff in book 4 or minor teachers, such as the centaur teacher, Firenze in book 5 - but the Half Blood Prince movie feels at times like its adapting the Wiki summary page of the book rather than the book itself given how much they cut. The book explored the story of Voldemort's origin and rise to power ahead of the first war and Snape's background, which feel rather important to the overarching story of the series - but barring the scene at the orphanage and the flashback of Snape being bullied by James, they cut out so much to make way for teenage romantic hijinks, including the awkward, made for movie only scene, about shoelace tying. When I saw this in the cinema back in the day, I had to explain to my friends in the lobby afterwards why Snape was the Half-Blood Prince, which, given the movie is named after him, seems a big failing on the movie's part.

That said, I do find Ron and Lavander's interactions pretty funny, but I just wish if they were going to focus on the romance at the expense of Voldemort's origin, they'd have put more effort into it than having Ginny tie Harry's shoelaces.
Kendall Scrimshaw
Kendall Scrimshaw:
Jen: "Is Snape evil?"
Holden: "Who's to say?" 😏
When Harry screams at Snape, "HE TRUSTED YOU!" One of my favorite scenes in the entire franchise. (And yes, before the book readers chime in, I'm aware that scene is even better in the books. I've read it lol. The movie scene still gives me chills though)

Also, just wanted to say I agree with a lot of the other comments. Holden is reacting and saying way too much when it comes to Snape. Whereas with the MCU reactions he just completely shut himself down to not spoil anything. I feel like he's make face gestures and saying certain things during the movie and in the post-convo whenever Jen asks about Snape, that I wish he kinda closed up the vault a little bit.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson:
Try getting the audiobooks of Harry Potter by Jim Dale. He’s a former actor in old classics like Hot Lead and Cold Feet. You’ll get loads more details and enjoy it along the way. I will add that he is (or was) a fantastic actor.
Jen: "They don't breathe fire"
Holden: "That one does"
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown:
I love how intelligent and aware / intuitive Jen is. She's the perfect new pair of eyes to view these movies through.
“Looks like it’s gonna be a white Christmas Genny”😂😂
"But I feel like there's some development coming for him [Snape]"

Oh.....oh, my sweet summer child
From the moment Dumbledore dies we see Jen just slowly LOSE HER MIND and go through TWENTY MILLION emotions at once. Haha.
Luna is such a fun character, I love her as well.
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Trebor:
"Looks like it's gonna be a *white* Christmas this year Ginny" I love how as the series has gotten darker so has their humor😂😂
Thomas H25
Thomas H25:
That was a great reaction, especially how Holden tries to stay neutral on certain questions he already knows the answer to.
About the Book vs Movie Comparison, there are two major points in my eyes that the movie did not deliver on.

One is Voldemorts backstory, we get A LOT more in the book, to the point that they had to drastically change how certain plot points work in Deathly Hallows, because there was so much story-relevant info left out about how and why Voldemort became the monster he is now.

My second complaint is how much the Half-Blood Prince was downplayed in the movie, I mean it is literally part of the title! The book shows how much Harry learns and depends on said book. He grows into seeing that mysterious Prince as a great wizard and mentor, and it is this complete trust that Harry has in the Prince which leads to him blindly using "Sectumsempra" on Malfoy without knowing what the spell will actually do. Because if the Prince thinks it is a good spell against enemies, then what can go wrong?
It is a massive twist in the book that shakes Harry to the core when he learns that this 'brillant mentor' he was looking up to most of the school year is none other that Snape, the teacher he despises the most and who just killed his real in-person mentor Dumbledore.
In the movies the reveal is just so disappointing to me, in a "Oh yeah, that was part of the plot at some point, I almost forgot about it halfway through the whole horcrux hunt..." kind of way.

Despite all that I really think the movies are good, especially Deathly Hallows. It is just that if you know the books, the movies can never live up to their greatness. Which is why I recommend to watch the movies first and read the books after that.
Her frustration with Snape is hilarious to me. I legit remember screaming at the books a couple times because of Snape 'Ffs man pick a side already'. Lol
Briana Lambert
Briana Lambert:
Harry and Ginny's relationship is one of the things that most people agree was done a disservice from the books. Book Ginny is feisty, a spit fire, doesn't take shit from anyone. She had character beyond a few lines spoken to Harry.

One particular moment that is the best example I can think of is in the Half Blood Prince after Harry and Ginny become an item.

Ginny sitting in the common room with Harry, Ron, and Hermione reading a book "All these attacks by Death Eaters and all (insert girl's name here) is interested in is whether Harry has a tattoo of a Hippogriff on his chest."
Harry: "What did you tell her?"
"I told her it was a Hungarian Horntail. More manly."
Ron irritated says something about how he doesn't want to hear about this.
Ginny: "Don't worry Ron, I told her you had one of a Pygmy Puff, but I didn't tell her where."
Opening discussion:
Jen: I Think something is coming with Snape.
Everyone: *Holden Side-eye look
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers:
“Hope you’re not attached to Ron”

Brought to you by, Savage! For when being just plain old mean isn’t enough.
3D stuff6
3D stuff6:
"looks like it's gonna be a white Christmas Ginny" had me dying 😂😂
“Let’s ask Dumbledore oh wait we can’t” That one was a violation 😭
Drayson Keo
Drayson Keo:
Jenns reaction to Dumbledore dying is the greatest amount of shock I’ve seen in the My Gf reacts videos and I’m LIVING for it😅💅🏽☀️💛
"people were saying harry was the one that loaned them the money" Its a fact from the books, and is mentioned that he gave them his tri-wizard winnings.
Syd Hamelin
Syd Hamelin:
I 100% endorse Luna being with Harry, and was under the exact same impression, since they both had a special bond. I really, really feel like JK Rowling probably put a lot of herself in Luna, and created a window to show how creativity was sometimes stigmatized (like calling her Looney).
Sheldon Chambers
Sheldon Chambers:
Its kinda important to remember with the whole Harry / Ginny thing that not only is Harry kind of a celebrity, but Harry also literally battled a giant snake controlled by wizard hitler to save her life in front of her. I feel like some sort of infatuation from her end was always inevitable
La Me
La Me:
Holden your face when Jen is shocked and you’re trying to play it cool KILLS me
Jen's reaction is testament to Alan Rickman's acting.
Justice Gayle
Justice Gayle:
"Looks like its gonna be a white Christmas Ginny" 😂😂
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer:
I wish holden didnt have any reaction to snape I remember watching his story unfold and was one of the best parts of the final movies
my absolute fave Harry scene is "Felix Felicis'ed up" Harry with Slughorn and Hagrid, especially the finger fangs bit.
Holden: "You couldn't have used magic to put the fire out?"
Dr. Strange: "That's not how the spell works"
Johnson Huynh
Johnson Huynh:
I'm actually a little salty/upset at you Holden for not letting Jen think that Harry and Luna were going to get together because in the past you do such a good just keeping her in the dark to avoid spoilers
zauza marisa
zauza marisa:
This is my favourite book, so I was massively disappointed with the movie. First of all because it focused on the kids relationships and missed Voldemort's story, which i find it was the most important thing of the whole book and it glues the whole series together. Also the fact that the school was attacked by a large group of Dead Eaters and Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville fight them along with some Order members , Harry and Ginny's relationship developing and being so very strong, It may seam insignificant, but it was very important. I disliked the stuff they introduced in the movie that made no sense to the story ( the attack at the Weasley's home for example) and because of that they left out stuff that was so very important and that definitely should have been there, so although i do like the movie as a movie ,I don't like it as part of the series. The movie managed to show us how Draco is getting more and more depressed and exasperated, the trust between Harry and Dumbledore, Hermione and Harry's friendship being rock solid. That was all very good, alas the rest failed.
Mr. Shane Smooth
Mr. Shane Smooth:
The biggest change from book to movie is in the book, they explore a lot more of Tom Riddle's back story. For example, they already know in Half Blood Prince the the cup of Hufflepuff was also turned into a horcrux, but have no idea where it was hidden. Looking at memories related to younger Tom Riddle, they are able to deduce the following horcruxes: Diary (Destroyed in Chamber of Secrets), The Gaunt family ring (Discovered and destroyed by Dumbledore immediately before beginning of book 6), The locket of Slytherin (Originally hidden in the cave, current whereabouts unknown), the cup of Hufflepuff (location unkown), and two others with a strong likelihood of one of them having a connection to Ravenclaw. Voldemort had also been trying to recover the sword of Gryffindor to turn into one, but had been unable to retrieve it. That is the most important thing from book 6 that did not make it into the movie.
Ya boi
Ya boi:
They don’t explain in the movie. But in the books, Snape calls himself the Half-blood prince because his father is a muggle named Tobias Snape, and his mother was a witch named Eileen Prince. So in his nickname he uses his witch mothers surname.
Darth Nikram
Darth Nikram:
From what I remember and what I've heard (I've read the books only once), Ginny is a lot more apparent in the books, showing her ferocity and her spirit. In the movies she is in the background for the most part.
Holden's teasers and faces are so great man, that stare...
I have such a visceral memory about how I felt the first time I read the passage where Snape kills Dumbledore. I had to put the book down for a bit from the shock and then re-read it a few times to be sure I understood what I had read. I will say though, that I much preferred the movie's decision to have the students and teachers raise their wands in a show of mourning to how it was handled in the book. It still brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.
Honestly this whole movie series did not do justice to Ginny's character. She is soo badass in the books, funny and strong. Her and Harry's relationship is awesome. It's just so sad she got so little screen time during the movies.
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck:
This has always been one of my favorite books and movies. While it is one of the adaptations that left the most book material on the cutting room floor, I’ve always thought that this one captured the essence of the book it is based on the best out of any of the Potter films. I cannot wait to see a Jen react to Deathly Hallows.
Dani Cherry
Dani Cherry:
In the book, Harry gave the winnings from the Goblet of Fire to the Weasly twins, also how they started making a lot of magical candies in the previous film.
White Wolf
White Wolf:
I used to like Holden’s smirks at the camera but not anymore. He might as well be telling her the truth at this point 🤦🏻‍♂️
Holden is kinda killing everything with his spoiler reactions. I had already seen all the films when I introduced this to my wife. My wife is very similar with asking questions and looking at me for reactions but I stayed shut. The pay off of her reaction to all the twists was satisfying to see since I didn't lead her on to the plot or make her question things. All love though. Will continue watching but it won't hold the same satisfaction when she watches the final 2.
Matt S
Matt S:
Remember when the Burrow (Weasleys' house) got burned down? Yeah, neither do the rest of the movies. Everybody points out how terribly the movies handle Ginny, but there's another thing that bothers me about this particular movie: *in the books* Dumbledore teaches Harry a lot more about Voldemort, to pity him for his inability to love as well as his value for prestige, which plays into what Voldemort uses as Horcruxes. This helps Harry figure things out (but slowly) in book 7.
Ruhail Khan
Ruhail Khan:
All I can say is that after watching the last two movies and then seeing this one again I see it from a completely different perspective. The one word from Dumbledore "Please" is so crucial. This one is also one of my favorites.
Owen Bradley
Owen Bradley:
I'll never get tired of seeing people fall in love with this franchise and their reactions to all the twists and turns. Great reactions guys
Ore Plays
Ore Plays:
And yes, just finished re-reading the 5th book and Harry gave all his tri-wizard tournament prize money to the Wesly Twins to open their shop!
When Jen starting talking about suspecting something about Snape before the movie started, I was very impressed.
melinda kraft
melinda kraft:
I love watching y'alls reactions to HP. I am looking forward to the final two. Stay strong with the not telling plot points, Holden!
Michael Boruta
Michael Boruta:
I made the mistake of re-reading this book before going to the opening night midnight screening of the movie.

This was initially my least favorite film... in the book the last chapter (or one of the last) is dedicated to Dumbledore's funeral. You had the Merfolk paying respect, the Centaurs, among countless others. Culminating with Faux the Phoenix bursting into flames. I 100% went to see the movie to see this funeral, I wanted to see all of that brought to life and was left extremely disappointed.

Now that my anger has worn off over the years the movie has grown on me but is still bottom tier because I want to see that funeral.

I highly recommend just reading that last chapter about his funeral. His death shocked me but that last chapter opened my eyes to the fact that he was far more than Harry's Teacher
Alex M
Alex M:
"Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas Jenny!"
Sam Martin
Sam Martin:
Holden, your comment about Deathly Hallows really echoes one of my feelings about the series (books and movies). Having read all 7 books multiple times growing up, I felt let down by Deathly Hallows, part 2 (particularly the ending). However, knowing that you aren’t as familiar with the books, I understand why Deathly Hallows, part 2 rates so highly for you. If the franchise was only movies, I think Deathly Hallows, part 2 is a great ending, but it fails as an adaptation of the source material for me because there are certain big themes in the books that resonated very strongly for me, but those themes aren’t woven as strongly into the movies, Deathly Hallows, part 2 in particular. Without those themes, I feel the movie finale lacks the same emotional impact that other finales like Return of the King or Endgame have for me. It’s one of those times where having intimate knowledge of the source material is almost a detriment to my enjoyment of the story being presented to me. The movies were well made, but Harry’s lines to Voldemort after the fight in the Ministry during the Order of the Phoenix movie came closest to articulating the themes that resonated with me. It’s just a shame I didn’t feel the same way 3 movies later.
Jen’s reaction to when you said Ron was dead was amazing. Thought you were about to get in trouble lol.
Jimmie Rudolfsson
Jimmie Rudolfsson:
This is actually my favorite of the books and was so excited to see the movie but they totally blew the twist i.m.o. The movie overall wasn't nearly as emotional as the novel unfortunately. :/
Wish they'd done a two parter for Half Blood Prince as well.
George Knowles
George Knowles:
Jen referring to Dumbledore in the flashback with Tom Riddle: "it kinda looks like the guy with hair".
Everyone: "Yes Jen, that narrows it down"
Avery Lopez
Avery Lopez:
I look forward to this every week. I can’t wait for her to see the last two!
i look forward to these every week! appreciate all the effort that goes into editing these
I used to like this movie a lot, but having read the books a few more times I've realized this is easily one of the least adherent to the books of all the movies, it's a good movie, but they remove so many important plotlines, draw out the teen love drama parts of the story further than they should have been, added cringe scenes to it, etc. For example we only got one memory of Tom Riddle's past while there's several of them in the book that are very important to understanding the rest of the story. The book had a much larger focus on the question of who the half blood prince was so that the reveal at the end was far more impactful than in the movie where it really felt of little consequence. The Half-Blood Prince is my second favorite book in the series besides the final, and this movie is down near the bottom of my list with Goblet of Fire. It's a good movie, it's just not a good adaptation.
Prime Nexus
Prime Nexus:
Fun Fact: Helen McCrory who plays Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mom, was casted as Bellatrix for Order of the Phoenix but had to drop out after she got pregnant. They recasted her later after she gave birth. Sadly she passed away this year in April due to cancer.
Bryce Cross
Bryce Cross:
Despite all that they cut out from the book's story, this is my favorite movie after the 3rd one. It nails a PERFECT balance of goofy, lighthearted humor and dire, dark circumstances the characters are forced into. It's nice to see the kids having fun at school, potentially for the last time.
Friend Request Reviews
Friend Request Reviews:
Me and my co host are deciding if we should start Harry Potter aswell. Love Jens reactions and holden you inspire me to start my channel. Thanks for being great ❤🙏
Cassie O
Cassie O:
I really would like to advocate for reading books 1-6 before watching the seventh and eighth films.

No, it’s not necessary to read them.

But why don’t you just want to? They are the biggest page turner books in children’s literature, for good reason.

Do you want to know why the Maurader’s Map exists? Do you have questions about what horcruxes are, and what lengths Voldemort went to making them? (We know about four of the horcruxes by the end of the sixth book, but only two (book and ring) by the end of the sixth film.)

Why Dumbledore’s hand was destroyed? Where are the Dursley’s? How is Hogwarts kept clean, how is food served at such an amazingly magical school? Where did Dobby go? Who is Charlie Weasley? What happened to Grimmauld Place after Sirius died?

So many other questions are also answered in the books. The story is enriched so much by the details.

I just think you would really enjoy the story if you did read the books. You state all the time that you haven’t read some of them, etc… why are you holding out on such a wonderful blessing to our literary world?
Lexo Cee
Lexo Cee:
About Butterbeer: It's introduced in the Prisoner of Azkaban book when the kids first go to Hogsmeade. It's supposed to instantly warm up the drinker after they come in from the snow. And in the Goblet of Fire, Barty Crouch sr. has a house elf that he fires, and she goes to work at Hogwarts in the kitchens with the other house elves and she becomes an alcoholic that drinks too many butterbeers. Someone says that since house elves are so much smaller than humans the effects after several butterbeers are like being drunk for an elf.
I love seeing the constant internal struggle of Malfoy. He is truly the product of the conditions he grew up in.
Anthony Cano
Anthony Cano:
holden: "hope you weren't too attached to Ron"
Jen: 😧😰
holden: "nah jk lol"
fucken savage. 😅
The only thing better than Holden making faces at the camera is Jen sussing the faces out!! 🤣🤣
Just so y'all know, J.K. Rowling's last name is pronounced "rolling" like The Rolling Stones. I just hope some mean "Harry Potter nazi" jerks haven't raked y'all over their hot coals yet. Also, it's a little cumbersome to say "J. K. Rowling" every time, so I personally refer to her as "Miss Jo" because her first name is Joanne. I'm glad y'all are enjoying the series so far. Welcome to the Potterhead community. :D
I absolutely love how Jen just feels and understands how Harry and Luna would be great together, apart of their great chemistry of course (no wonder Daniel himself said in few interviews how he, while reading the books/waiting end of series, really expected to Harry and Luna end up together, that he felt she fitted Harry the best)

If Jen can feel that with movie, imagine with books. Their connection is even more special. Movies cut a heck lot of their scenes/development
The spell Harry was asking about from the book was made by Snape. So they wouldn’t have known what it was anyway. And it’s also why Snap (edit: Snape) knew how to undo the spell
Rudolf M
Rudolf M:
I love that after she comes up with a hypothesis, she looks at you and your facial expressions for confirmation. You try so hard not to give it away😂
Darson Park
Darson Park:
The farewell to Dumbledore always gives me chills, it is such a beautiful moment between the score and everyone crying and raising their wands to light up the sky and destroy the mark, and I recall in some theaters people were using their phones and lights, it was so amazing seeing that.
So you said you wanted to try Butterbeer. I make an “adult” version I found online that’s super yummy.
1 Bottle Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
1 Bottle Butterscotch Schnapps
1-2 2liters (Depends on how much you want to dilute it.) A&W Vanilla Cream Soda

Mix it all in a big pot or bowl and drink cold or over ice. Colder the better imo. Just be careful on consumption. Don’t really taste the alcohol and you keep drinking and like magic you can’t walk. 😂. But otherwise super good.
John Fertig
John Fertig:
Love how Jen's demeanor changed when she saw something she saw as cute came up. Not a side we get to see often.
This is such a good movie and book, so dark, so emotional... yet I kept laughing the whole way through because of Holden's reactions 😂😂
I can't wait to see Jen's reaction to the last movie. It might just bring her to tears for once.
Searing Star
Searing Star:
"Was Hagrid in there?"

Who's to say? What I will say is, since it isn't mentioned in the movies, Hagrid's dog was in the house at the time.