My Reaction to Elon Musk Becoming World’s #1 Richest Person (Ep. 228)

Today Elon Musk eclipsed Jeff Bezos in becoming the world richest person. In this video I share my reaction.

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Richard DeVenezia
Richard DeVenezia:
"What is money ?, It's just an entry in a database" - Elon Musk
kreator861 201
kreator861 201:
Congrats to all Tesla investors and to Elon!!!
Wayne Ogaki
Wayne Ogaki:
I love Elon's comment "Well, back to work …" We need a world where we can celebrate a person for unselfish goals for humanity....
Hans Holmstrøm
Hans Holmstrøm:
He’s worth every penny : he spends his life achieving important Goals for humanity/earth (and made me a teslanaire as Well😎😎)he is not merely peddling ecomerce, searchalgoritmes, os, or .... I love he passed Jeff WHO😊😊😊
danny abe
danny abe:
I've been a Tesla shareholder since IPO day 2010 and haven't sold a single share. I truly believe in Elon's mission.
Marco Kort
Marco Kort:
Interviewer: _"Elon, how much money do you have in you wallet?"_
Elon: _"Ehhm, 40 dollars?"_

❤️ Go Elon Go ❤️
Raphael Brandão
Raphael Brandão:
Looking at his vision, imagine how much Elon will still accomplish... he is the man of the century for sure.
Bianca Moore
Bianca Moore:
Great insight David! Glad to say I bought my first house from the investment I made on trade. Its 2021 and I know more is yet to come. This year is going to be better.
Tenzin Passang
Tenzin Passang:
Elon out here working sleepless night just so that I can make money in my sleep. So inspirational!
There's nothing stronger than an idea who's time has come. Is what i'm thinking.
Todd Shaw
Todd Shaw:
I work construction and I invested everything I could muster up 4 years ago. Now I have options but I won't cash out till 2030.
Bu Jin
Bu Jin:
Elon doesn't get half of the credit he deserves. ...and I mean simply as a human being. I appreciate you making this video Dave, I hope it finds a wide audience.
Philip De Ladurantaye
Philip De Ladurantaye:
Yeah! He deserved it a lot, he change the world for a much better one.
Julio Chao
Julio Chao:
Congrats to Elon and all early backers as well as humanity, as it will see what he eventually creates....
Outside the box
Outside the box:
I'm happy for him and me
Bruno Smith
Bruno Smith:
25 years ago, Musk was sleeping on the couch in his office, showering at YMCA, driving a car that literally fell apart and living off low-quality take-aways - and sharing the sole computer that proved to be his future, with his brother Kimbal.
The man is totally SELF-MADE, and has bet everything on what he believes in.
If you criticise him for his success (and the benefits human-king is reaping because of it) you are a cretinous buffoon.
Judy niehus-fox
Judy niehus-fox:
No 1. I don’t think he’s gonna share that a title with anyone ever again! 👏Elon 👏🥂
Grant Guy
Grant Guy:
He is not about money in this, let’s ignore his Forbes ranking. Let’s go.
John Chen
John Chen:
There should be a "love" button - this video is much better than a "like."
F Chau
F Chau:
Great insight. Thank you!

I wish people would stop focusing on Elon’s wealth. Or any rich person’s wealth. It must be unsettling for him to have people focus on his money. Focus on the good he is doing instead.
You've Made Worse Bets
You've Made Worse Bets:
I'm really new to this YouTube thing, just been at it a Month, but Your show is amazing. Your genuine and you've already made my own little fledgling show so much better. Thank you and Subbed and Liked!
The media's portrayal of these people who have paper money drive me nuts. They always make it sound like its cash in their bank account.
Huat Mang
Huat Mang:
He is different from other CEOs,he dares to take risk for his visions and passions which are inspirational for a better benefit for environment and humanity.
Great perspective Dave! I am one of those who have had their lives CHANGED by this genius we know as Elon Musk!
Peter Lou
Peter Lou:
He is the one that we are making money! I’m so happy for him. He might be the first trillionaire in the next 10 years. Cheers!
Larry Yoshinaga
Larry Yoshinaga:
Just sold my initial cost basis in TSLA, using house money now. Thanks Dave and Elon.
His wealth & value are far far beyond any monetary number you can attach to his work..

Changing the world goes way beyond any cash value ..🌍✨⚡️🚀🔋🧠🛰☀️🌎
Athlete Equanimity
Athlete Equanimity:
Someone build the man a statue already so he can appreciate it while he lives
roxter299 roxter
roxter299 roxter:
As he gets rich I get rich. I know that Elon doesn't really care about money. I think that is what makes him unique amongst his peers.
He is working for humanity not necessarily for himself.
Richard M
Richard M:
Putin - "Hold my beer..."
Love Elon. Poured all my savings into TSLA since I wanted to be a part of the mission. If u r reading this, please plant a tree. Environment should be #1 priority.
Mr2 Reviews
Mr2 Reviews:
"As a CEO, your money should be first in and last out." - Elon Musk.
Third Row Tesla Podcast – Episode 7 - Elon Musk's Story - Director's Cut (2/9/2020) (3:29:55 mark)
Sir Jamie Jamison
Sir Jamie Jamison:
Please do a vid analyzing the events on capital hill, and the relation to the market/TSLA. Including your thoughts on today’s rally. I really enjoy your angle of approach on investing.
Investing With Travis
Investing With Travis:
What if Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto?🤔🤯
Dean I
Dean I:
Insightful, inspirational, and thoughtful. Thank-you Dave.
Ferdinand Tomas
Ferdinand Tomas:
My reaction: Show me the money
John Chen
John Chen:
Hi Dave. Thank you for doing this deep dive to counter the superficial headline portrayed by main stream media.
Imagine being an employee that left last year and cashed in their shares... whoops.
Zilmiah Simpson
Zilmiah Simpson:
I'm so thrilled that you made this video, Dave. Much love 8)
julia chu
julia chu:
thank you for point this out - Elon is all in never cashed out anything!
Fanny Ramirez
Fanny Ramirez:
Great video Dave! Thank you so much for this channel! Question: is it too late to invest in Tesla and expect 5X?
Troy Tantamount
Troy Tantamount:
Thanks for having emphasized the important things again!
Zdeněk Válek
Zdeněk Válek:
World finally makes sense :-)
Looking forward for news that he flew to visit his mars colony.
I don't think Elon gives a damn about it. Also, this can change in a week or month if AMZN goes to 4000$ and Tesla retreats. In the long run however, I think Tesla will be valued much more than Amazon.
Charan Cherry
Charan Cherry:
Congrats to Elon, Its a proud moment and I totally agree with you Dave.
Dylan Garrison
Dylan Garrison:
So Joe Rogan moved to Spotify right as I was getting into investing and discovered your channel. I just realized that you’re my new Rogan! Love the long form interviews as well as these streams where you just share your ideas. Much thanks.
Rick Smith
Rick Smith:
Thanks Dave, my favourite Elon whisperer.
chad gray
chad gray:
I Love you Dave, Etc. Etc. I giggle every time you say it.
Byrne Degrandpre
Byrne Degrandpre:
Dave, such a beautiful statement today. Thanks so much. I hope Elon reads it. Byrne
Mr. Peter
Mr. Peter:
What a wonderful video. The best part about it is that you make your points in a way that can appeal to people that don't have the same point of view. This is what the world needs right now on so many levels! I'll definitely be sharing this one.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay:
Hey Dave, (as your fan) I just wanted to remind you when you were hessitant about choosing between Trump and Biden. What are your thoughts now?
Yat Lee
Yat Lee:
Dave, just want to congratulate you in advance of hitting 100K subs! I know you don't care much about it, but it's nice milestone!
Isabelle J. Richard
Isabelle J. Richard:
Dave, Thank you so much for your heart, your passion and clarity! I share in the big picture. Elon deserves every penny! And, yet he knows that there is not a price to be placed on saving humanity. He is doing it, regardless. It was never about the money! He is a human treasure and I pray he stays healthy, happy and safe.
Neura Pod - Neuralink
Neura Pod - Neuralink:
Congratulations to Elon and Te$la.
Matt Schwab
Matt Schwab:
You the man. Also thanks for the lemonade information it’s been paying off well for myself and others I suggested to buy as well.
Mack Xue
Mack Xue:
Great take Dave exactly my thoughts!
Jacob Levallius
Jacob Levallius:
Great thoughts! Great that you are so quick on these events. Great new studio!
Wayne Gonsalves
Wayne Gonsalves:
Impressive! mission first. I wish there was more Elon in the world the world would be a much better place
K M:
I really respect your perspective and wisdom. Great content. Your channel is highly underrated.
Still one of the most important YouTube channels out there. Always great content and very unpretentious.
John Mdk
John Mdk:
Just what I needed to hold on to my shares! 🙏
Dammit @davelee, I was thinking about selling some shares but you got me pumped. Not selling! Let's ride!
Brian Cole
Brian Cole:
Thanks for broaching this difficult topic Dave, it’s nice to see someone approaching it from a less doom and gloom angle.
Jeffrey Lakatos
Jeffrey Lakatos:
Dave, I would love to see a video with you and Chamath Palihapitiya!
Delta Tango
Delta Tango:
PLEASE do more about “rich” people and their money. I don’t think enough people understand the differences that exist between how they attain their wealth, how they use it, etc. among the wealthy.
Wes Graham
Wes Graham:
He earned it so glad to hear the news!
Let's hope Elon can keep that position lol
Keith Judd
Keith Judd:
Thanks so much Dave for your ongoing contributions to the TSLA community! You rock, man!
Jason Kim
Jason Kim:
귀한 영상에 감사드립니다! 한국에서도 늘 영상 챙겨보고 많이 배우고 있습니다. 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다 ^^
Jenna Parker
Jenna Parker:
Yes Dave. Well said. God bless Elon!! 💯
But please At Tesla’s speed.
But please At Tesla’s speed.:
Finally, our good guy win!!! Go Elon!!
David Chen
David Chen:
Well said Dave - great perspective!
Peter and Will Anderson
Peter and Will Anderson:
Spot on, my friend.
Kathleen Rasing
Kathleen Rasing:
Congrats to Elon and TeamTesla!! Congrats to all of us!! 😍 😍 😍 Here's to Tesla! ⚡⚡⚡
Judy Donigian
Judy Donigian:
Dave, you are such a good soul and very wise!!
SCP Database
SCP Database:
Lowkey as a young person, Tesla stock has done so much for me financially even though I barely had any to put in.

The cars were so compelling and the idea of battery packs for solar was PERFECT. That’s something I used to think about so much when thinking about doomsday scenarios haha
Jo Web
Jo Web:
Good one Dave! Some people were born to help the greatest good. The rest of us have to work at it.
Woohoo we made a person a billionaire! good job guys! Lets make each other at least millionaires before we dump the entire stock
Ana Arcaya
Ana Arcaya:
Great way to see and analyze the good news Dave!!!
Dr. Gerhard Rentsch
Dr. Gerhard Rentsch:
Thanks Dave, your best video so far. Greetings from Switzerland.
Account 1
Account 1:
In 2002, Amazon told investors that they might go bankrupt or see greatness
Jeff Bezos is now one of the richest people now
In 2017, Elon Musk was struggling and thinking of selling to Apple

Elon Musk is one of the richest people now

With great risk comes great rewards or great failure
_"I'm rich! I'm RICH! I'm indepently WEALTHY!!!"_ -- *Daffy Duck*
Walter Clark
Walter Clark:
Dave you rock!!! I enjoy your insight as always. Keep it up brother!
Nice one Dave. Would be really cool to hear a video on your view on the ethics of investing. Just curious
Phi Nguyen
Phi Nguyen:
Can't thank you enough for doing this. You are absolutely right, future generations will look back and see what Elon has done for humankind. It is a giant "small" step in the right direction.
John Callery
John Callery:
Thanks Dave. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Congrats to all NIO✨ investors and to Elon!!!
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson:
Totally agree, well said Dave!
Quest Air
Quest Air:
Awesome! He deserves the money he earned! And we should all be thankful that he’s willing to use that money to propel all of society into a better future. There is no limits to the good this person might bring forth in the future.
You mentioned it in the closing seconds... the movement.

You and Gali touched on it as well.

People aren’t talking about this enough. It’s real.
I’m looking forward to the HUGE crash later this year so I can buy in at a fair value price rather than this absolutely crazy price that people buy at
Irteza sheikh
Irteza sheikh:
Hey Dave, You seem to have great knowledge about Elon and Tsla in general so do some of the people that you interview. Would it be possible for you to do one of your shows with an interviewer who has knowledge about William Li and Nio? Not for making comparisons with TSLA but Nio seems to be one of those companies that seems to have huge growth plans for the future.
Darko Leskovšek
Darko Leskovšek:
yeah Elon Musk just has a bigger target on his back now
nevarosa arrentus
nevarosa arrentus:
일론형 진정한 지구수호자! 덕분에 난 돈 벌고... 은인이셈! :)
Jim Whitehead
Jim Whitehead:
Years ago in some interview I saw, Musk said he wanted to build up Tesla, to fund SpaceX and settle Mars. With luck in 5 years, another 10x gain could make him a Trillionaire. That should be enough to build a fun little resort on Mars. 🌴🏠🌴
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy:
Can you do research on the potential of this great buy ASTI (renewable energy). Has award-winning products.
Trevor Lancaster
Trevor Lancaster:
So well said! Love it 👌
Photographes Commercial
Photographes Commercial:
100 right I am one of the lucky one that made 4 million by investing 350k couple years ago, just for the mission I didn't ming I have loosing it all. He is the only model on this planet that I can look up to
Joe Tan
Joe Tan:
Very well said Dave. Elon is so extraordinary!