MyHeritage DNA Test Review - Is It Worth It?

**Nov. 2020** Hey guys! I made this video over 3 years ago and it was honestly just for fun (can't believe it's racked up over 200K views!). Thanks for watching & commenting, but also, read my pinned comment for responses to some of the most common comments I get (as I don't reply to comments on this video anymore). Cheers!

Is it worth it? It's a question I ask myself a lot (aside from "Do I need it?") before buying something.

For years, I would struggle with the idea that spending in general was bad, and you should do everything in your power to save and invest your money. Those were the smart things to do after all, right?

Well yes, saving and investing are great things to do with your money, but you shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed for spending your hard earned money too!

But, it's all about practicing value-based spending that's the key. And what I mean by that is being more mindful of your spending, so you're spending money on things that align with your values, bring you joy and fulfill you. Also, making sure that you're not overspending, spending beyond your means and getting into debt, or spending your money on stuff because you want to look like you're on trend or one of the cool kids so to speak.

Spending, just like other parts of personal finance is personal. And it's important to remember that.

So, what does value-based spending look like? Well, that's why I started this new series called "Is It Worth It?" I want to show you some of the things I buy that align with my values. Or, things that I think will align with my values, but end up being a total waste of money (so take it from me, don't buy them too!).

For my first video in the series, I share my experience trying out a MyHeritage DNA Test. I've always been very interested in learning more about my background, so I decided to spend about $160 to see what results I got back.

In the end, was it worth it? I had to say yes, but not because getting the results changed my life. In the end, it was just a bit of fun for me and my family. It brought me joy. And although it was almost $200, to me it was worth the money (and I could afford it, that's why I budget!).

Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried a heritage DNA test before and what you thought of it. Was it worth it for you?

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hussain q8
hussain q8:
Your body language doesn't say "worth it" 🤣🤣
Hafsa Sermoun
Hafsa Sermoun:
I did mine and I was extremely shocked with the results. My whole life I though I was french and algerian. It turned out that my results where 55% iberian and 30% north African with a bit of Italian, irish, middle eastern and nigerian.
My family has been in the Caribbean since 1681, British sailors. I thought my results would be a bit mixed after my family spending so long in the Caribbean... Nope... 91% British, 8% polish and 1% Serbian. The serbian was the only shock since my mums grandma was adopted, we're guessing her family was from there.
Kong Harald
Kong Harald:
I did the MyHeritage and it was spot on in where in Norway I was from. It turned out 89% Scandinavian, 9,9% Irish, Scottish, Welsh and 1,1% Alaskan
I did AncestryDNA and mine was spot on. It tells that everyone of your siblings will come up with different percentages and may pull different dna revealing more ancestry. It just means that there wasn’t enough of that DNA in your strand to point out. Iberian includes Spain and Portugal. On these ancestry sights they tell you how your ancestors migrated. That might explain the Nigerian part of your DNA. The Ivory Coast of Africa is where the slave trade was started by the English. North Africa includes, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia and the Western Sahara. I’m guessing it is far back in your ancestry and is related to your Iberian ancestry. Trade flowed from their to North African countries.
No food or drink at least 30 mins before taking samples is important.
You made hard work of snapping off the swab Jessica!
Siblings results would likely be somewhat different. Siblings get different combinations of DNA.
Papa Bear
Papa Bear:
Now you need to start building your genealogy family trees. That way you will learn a lot more about your family histories and what specific countries, cities, and towns they came from, and who they married to ultimately produce you.
Yeah, my guess was Scottish, but I couldn't see the French, so I supposed you have way more Scottish (ik that's not exactly how it works)
After seeing the results, makes sense
I think it is worth the money, cause the results are....what you paid for! You're litterally getting what you wanted😂😌
The kit is on sale right now (at least in Europe) It's 49€ :)
Denise Parrell
Denise Parrell:
Siblings do NOT inherit the same DNA!!
Rae Im
Rae Im:
Iberians are generally referred to Spanish and Portuguese, I guess your French ancester might have came from Basque region of France, the area adjacent to Spain.
Raymond Petit
Raymond Petit:
I'm always surprised people don't know that Iberia basically means Spain, Portugal and the Basque countries. The old Roman Latin suffix (ia) for country, Britannia , Italia, Dacia, Germania, Mauritania, Tunisia and so on.
Jop Westra
Jop Westra:
Great video jessica! Nice results 😁 i posted a video about my results for if you want to check that out 😂 i thought i was 100% north western european. I wasnt 😂
Robert Roxborough
Robert Roxborough:
The Iberian DNA could be the French you were expecting, French and Spanish people might have similar DNA, especially on the boarder where they interbreed.
My order just came . I am from Turkey and a lot of people say people in modern Turkey, they have maximum 18% turkish blood in them. my mother side blond blue eyes . dad has hazel eyes olive skin , I have brown eyes and olive skin as well. I will update .
I have already seen many percentages of Iberico in the world😊
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson:
Actually if your siblings do the test they will have slightly different results because each child inherits different DNA from their parents. Plus DNA testing is more about genealogy research with the matches then it is with ethnicity estimates. That’s just a fun aspect to lure people in to take a test and then share their results so you can learn who your 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins are.
saime YILDIZ
saime YILDIZ:
How long does it take approximately to get the results ? Obviously NOT 3 WEEKS !!!
Bre hill
Bre hill:
I got 1.3% Nigerian too! 1.1 West Africa! I did both my kids and neither got African but we still matched similar people with same results and had 50% same so I trust it! lol I just say thats were I get my curves :-P
Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings
Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings:
Yes you see who is using your id too! Amazing!
DC Yates
DC Yates:
Iberian is either Spain or Portugal. That shows up in a lot of people who don’t expect it. I have it, but I expected it.
B J:
My Beloved sister and I are full siblings and we have different DNA results from each other. We did DNA test with ancestry and Family Tree DNA.
Theresa Colosimo
Theresa Colosimo:
That is one of the best tests
Dominique Speaks
Dominique Speaks:
Just ordered mine 💃🏾
Soul Healer Therapist
Soul Healer Therapist:
Your funny..the way you packed your sample..super funny
Thank you for sharing!!!
Im buying the Kit for my Dad as he never knew his Dad, born after the War and my Grandma took all her secrets with her too the afterlife. So this is the best chance for getting an idea of my Fathers heritage and his side of my family tree.
Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace:
Great video. Your awesome!
Evgeny Fishgalov
Evgeny Fishgalov:
4:25 you don't have to order another kit. You may just upload your exported raw data to another site which is using a different reference database.
A S:
I am Syrian with 47% West Asian, 25% Greek/South Italian & 2.2% Nigerian :)
Hi Jessica, yes I also had that 1.3 % Nigerian but my North African was 4.9 % but I'm mostly Eastern and western European 36.7% all around the Iron Curtain and the U K 32.1 and a smear of 25% Ashkenazi Jew .. I'll let you know if you come up on my results ;) ..
Traveling Dude
Traveling Dude:
That is interesting. She’s mostly white but part black and she never knew it. I just bought and got MyHeritage kit in the mail. I look forward to mailing it in and getting my heritage results in a few weeks. Modern day technology is amazing. 😃👌🏻👍🏻
Marius marius
Marius marius:
So I guess that to many people got that "I'm a Nigerian Prince" email....maybe to many people went through with that scam and now......almost everyone has some % of Nigeria. That Nigerian's sorcery is strong 🥺
I did MyHeritage DNA along with my mother, brother, and sister. We all varied. I shared slightly more DNA with my mother than my siblings did. However, my mother was 53% Scandinavian, my sister 36%, my brother 17%, and I was 0%, yes Zero. So much for learning your ethnic background! My mother's parents immigrated here from Germany.
Gabriel Hanssens
Gabriel Hanssens:
The genetic makeup is not the same between siblings, if they were to do the test their results would be ever so slightly different
I'm waiting for my results and I'm Middle Eastern, but really really really hoping for some North African despite not knowing anyone in my family from this descent. It's just the emotional connection I have with this land. I was glad to see despite how white and European you are that you had some traces, so my probabilities could be higher lol. Thanks for sharing.
Amigo Algerino
Amigo Algerino:
You can get an account and get in touch with people who match with you?
I tried the my heritage DNA, in hopes of learning things about my mothers people. I paid to learn things I already knew ABOUT MY FATHER'S PEOPLE!?. Not my Moms!. Money thrown down the drain!
I done both tests from both sites and came back with different results. Money making racket.
At $160 you didn't get a cheaper kit! AncestryDNA is only about $99 in the States. I came up 55% British (more British than my Mum!), 7% African, Iberian 7% , Asian 11% etc. My dad's family are from all over! I have made contact with a few distance relatives and am trying to find out how some of them are related to me which is fun.
Dominique Skye
Dominique Skye:
Does this show any names of family members? Does it show anything about your family tree? I am trying to find where my grandfather was born for residency purposes..would this be of any help? Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone! Happy New Year!! Good luck, good health and happiness 🥳
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin:
I am a racial mix what I find funny is people who are so sure of what they are finding out OMG I am X(Pick what you want).Don't worry my blonde haired daughter is also part Nigerian as I am . I found out via another DNA test the black side of me is Nigerian and East African Maasi it will be interesting to see what this DNA test say. So as another man of racial mix sang "One Love"
Jo Abboud
Jo Abboud:
People from Quebec who mailed back their kits, did you have to add a stamp or pay any fees?
please enter a name
please enter a name:
My dad is a white american and my mother a russian. I am really really excited about my results
Ali Erdenay
Ali Erdenay:
Hi Jessica! Very cool results! I’ve recently done the test (it’s on my channel if you want to check out) I am 54.4% Greek, 16.8% West Asian, 12.8% Mizrahi Jewish which I had no idea. And I am 1.2% Nigerian too!😂
Cool Wpix
Cool Wpix:
Omg that slideshow is so cool 23&me just shows the results.
Tracy Lynn
Tracy Lynn:
My husband and I bought a dna kit from My Heritage and are waiting for the results. They were on sale for $49. I can't wait! I believe I will have a great deal of Scottish in my because my maiden name originates from Scotland. :)
Lili Valerie
Lili Valerie:
Mine came back I’m 87% Irish and Scottish and Welsh (I’m from a big Scottish and Irish family) but I was shocked to find I’m only 2% English as ive been born and raised here yet I’m 8% Baltic and 2% italian which I also knew about as my mums grand parent was italian but I was so shocked with the baltic DNA estimate as I never knew and would never of guessed I’m more Eastern European than English. Crazy.
jfc 23andme is like $129 CAD WITHOUT any sale, and AncestryDNA is like $99 CAD BEFORE any sales.... $168?!?!? That's the most expensive one I've seen.
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams:
Welcome to the Welsh family 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 just ordered my kit. Cant wait to find out where I come from.
Ura Twat
Ura Twat:
I guess I'll do it... I found it for $39.
Rafa pepe
Rafa pepe:
Nigeria so nice, lovely results, is probably liked to Iberian dna 🧬
Shelly Seward
Shelly Seward:
So interesting!! I really want to get mine tested. My Aunt had hers tested through Ancestry DNA last year and even though both sides of her family came from England, English was her lowest percentage. Scandinavian was her highest. Also, I read somewhere that siblings don’t always have the same results. You might get more of your DNA from one side of the family and your sibling the other side🤔.
Jessica Moorhouse
Jessica Moorhouse:
Wow, I can't believe this video is still going after more than 2 years. Thanks! First off, because I think my comments are buried now...I know sisters don't share 100% DNA. Didn't know at the time, I do now. They share 50%. Also, I get it. My face/expression is pretty surprised by the African heritage. It's called being surprised guys. I'm totally cool having that as part of my heritage. Actually, I'm thrilled! I love it! Also in case it's not abundantly clear, I'm anti-racist. I believe Black Lives Matter and am a big supporter. I'm an ally. Enough of the snarky comments. It's gotten way past old. Lastly, I made another video reviewing 23andMe and compare it to this. Check it out!
Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews:
What you have to understand is that the Irish/Scots/Welsh percentage is Celtic which will include parts of France where there were also Celtic settlements,I done the same test with my heritage and mine came back 97% Irish/Scots/Welsh with some English (the shame).If you have a good grasp on your family like I did the results should be no surprise except for those tiny 1-2% that tend to throw u,I got 1% Meso american/Andean which I have no idea where that came from.
Carlos Gaztelu Cabral
Carlos Gaztelu Cabral:
welcome to the small Nigerian club. I am also apparently 1.4% Nigerian. I'm as white looking as you also, dad from Northern Portugal, and mom a white Cuban of Spanish decent. Lol
got me interested !
Eamon Duggan
Eamon Duggan:
I got my results and I’m 98.8% Irish, Scottish and Welsh but I’m curious to know, is this because I told them where my mother and father and grandparents are from? I mean, is it really reliable?
Hi, I have two sisters and have noticed people say sisters results aren't always the same. However my sisters are twins so does that mean they would get same results? I also apparently have two long lost brothers and I'm hoping this test could possibly pick that up.
Maribel Cervantes
Maribel Cervantes:
I ordered 2 kits. One for me and one for my brother. How will I get results to my email ? Since I got 2 kits for 2 different people will my brothers results be sent to my email as well ? Just confused ... someone who knows let me know . Thanks.
Trads Salesone
Trads Salesone:
Nice video. Mine was similar to yours. I thought I was at least 15 % french but nothing showed up. At 66% Irish, scottish, etc, Mine was close to yours, and wasnt a suprise. And 20% scandinavian was a suprise to some degree . I think its probably from vikings that invaded the british Isles. I also had almost 7% west asian, and 5.6 greek, niether makes any sense to me. No history or background of that in my family at all. Oh, and 1.5 finnish.
Do you know where England fits in ? I have Scottish, English , and ( less ) Irish supposed history in my family. ( and I thought ) French.
J P:
You pay to send the test back to be processed, it is not free. So add an additional $10 on the total price.
Denise Greene
Denise Greene:
Siblings can have different DNA. it's why siblings dont look exactly alike. Why one sibling can have an inherited disease while others do not.
First of all, you are so beautiful.
Second. Can you get detailed information on each category? I just did ancestry DNA and it really breaks down into details.
Anbar Yusra
Anbar Yusra:
How did you send back your kit?
This test package isn't cheaper than any other same product. For a lower price you just get your ancestry. Health risk analysis is another €60.
I had with Ancestry DNA 52% England 48% Ireland that it wow I'm basically Southern England but why mum have small part of Norway and Germany but I don't have it. Im pure white England lol. I born in Australia 5-6 generation. So I need try other differently DNA test...if same match...
Diego Simon
Diego Simon:
Did the results provide information on who your parents are?
James Williams
James Williams:
I just did one and I got the Iberian thing as well. That through me off but everything else I can see.
Joel C.
Joel C.:
If ill do a dna test I think itll be more worth it just paying the $200USD on 23andMe because the results are way more detailed ancestry, compared to MyHeritage, and even health.
Saqline Mostak
Saqline Mostak:
Love this Video!

I was researching DNA test kits and I found this really helpful. I went with Gini Health at the end of the day. Have a friend using thier app.

Gini provides me with actionable health and nutrition reports based on your DNA. The app looks genetic health risks and helps you focus on ideal nutrition. It helps me customize my diet and helps manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and more. Also I get to order customized supplements. Something to consider if you are keen on health and not on Ancestry. That said they also allow you to upload DNA data from 23andMe and Ancestry DNA. I value my privacy - they encyrypt and deidentify all data and don't share it with third parties. Check them out:

Or just visit

Hello Jessica, I am 5/8ths French Canadian and have no French Ancestry in my DNA. First, French Canadians are Normans. We lived in France, speak French but are not French. W e have been in the thick of everything in history. If you study Norman history, your heritage will fall into place.
John Demetriou
John Demetriou:
Can I get the data analysis and upload it to other sites?
Kaministquia Mahackamack
Kaministquia Mahackamack:
$170, you coulda got iy for a fraction of that, just wait til a sales event happens.
Just so you know, you and your siblings could actually have different results.

I watched a video recently where a woman got a 100 percent Indian result, but she had relatives with blond hair/blue eyes and staff at 23and me suggested her mom take the test as well... The mom had 11 percent Irish/Scottish/Welsh. Basically, the mother had these genes but they were not passed down to the daughter, but could have been passed to any siblings the daughter had. I am actually making my mom do the test now to see if she has anything that wasn't passed to me, because you do not receive all of your mom's DNA.
Liz Rolinson
Liz Rolinson:
I just did the my heritage dna test and I have to say, I think it was a rip off for me as it just came back that I was european and I wondered about it as my grandfather was from spain on my dads side, on my mums side, my grandparents were from Ireland and Scotland and yet, it didnt show that at all on my dna test. I wondered if they had lost my dna kit as I kept getting emails saying it was delayed.....wasnt worth it for me?!!! It showed my heritage as european from england and germany etc....
Jenetta Hall
Jenetta Hall:
Hi Jessica, do this test help you find family members? I'm looking for my Father, so will it help me find him?
Diana Rosalind Land
Diana Rosalind Land:
Right now it's on sale for $79 - I just ordered from My Heritage!
I know that the Celtic people of the British isles are heavy on R1b but I don't know why MyHeritage lumps the Scots, Irish and Welsh into 1 Category? They are slightly different. The Welsh are closely related to the people of Brittany France.
K C:
Great video and I'm currently waiting for my results back! I hopefully I'm 100% english after tracing back my family on both sides to 1700ad but you never know and thats the fun of it.
Hi. Where did you buy this?
I think MyHeritage was pretty good. the only weird thing that suprised me was my DNA who said I was 50 % finnish. It is only my grandmother who is finnish so I kinda wonder why it didn't say 25 %. I guess the finnish genes are strong in me lol
I did it. But I didn't get the haplogroup. Where I can do this test?
Hi Jessica, firstly thanks for the video.
I did the test and I got 60,1% Iberian , 32,6% North Western European and 7,3% Irish, Scottish and Welsh.
I'm French with all my known ancestors French. I assume that part of the Iberian percentage is actually Southern French.
When I transfered my data to DNA.Land and Gencove, my highest percentage was South-Western Europe, lumping together Spain, Portugal and the South of France.

So perhaps part of your Iberian percentage is French. I do not know about the last name of your French Canadian family but maybe it's a name common in the South of France and Occitany (a historical region englobing parts of France, Spain and Italy). You can check where this French sounding name is the most common thanks to this website (just type the name in Saississez un nom and you get a map with the occurency):

MyHeritage DNA will update their estimacy in the upcoming months so it will be interesting to see our improved results with perhaps new ethnicities.

Enjoy your day !
Mother Mary
Mother Mary:
I just received the kit. I only paid 50 euros on [email protected]
Melanie Mills
Melanie Mills:
I did the CRI Genetics DNA test and found out that I'm 3% African-Caribbean. Was told all my life I had American Indian blood...did not show up. 🤔
Cass K
Cass K:
Its on sale for 49.99 right now
Claudia Auditore da Firenze
Claudia Auditore da Firenze:
Totally worth it. At least for me. Just got results and I was like wow wtf lol
yeguada salinas medina
yeguada salinas medina:
And again, Iberian origin (mainly from the north of Spain) from Irish people is revealed
Greek Orthodox Vlogger
Greek Orthodox Vlogger:
Very cool my friend, i think i wiil try it too.
Mandy Eva Linkert
Mandy Eva Linkert:
Unless you have different father lol like me and my sisters lol
Olga Mesh
Olga Mesh:
335 million years ago all continents were united, maybe that is how you have all this DNA from countries you never heard of. I just received my heritage kit, wanted to know what to do before I open it. Thanks! You look 100% Scottish and fellow Canadian to me.
Rai Vazquez
Rai Vazquez:
Can someone please answer me asap? Do I write my address on the envelope to send it back???
Giorgi Dzamashvili
Giorgi Dzamashvili:
Can you download DNA data after processing?
Robert B.
Robert B.:
I am very pleased with my results from MyHeritage: My grandparents on both sides came over from Europe in the 19th century. My fathers grandparents came from one city: Hirschberg im Riesengebirge Schlesien. My mothers parents both came from Trapani Sicily. I was hoping for some exotic roots, but was sorely disappointed! My genetic breakdown confirm exactly what our family records show: I am 51% South Italian, (which includes 1% Turkish), and from my fathers side, I am 49% West European, (which include Germany-France-Scandinavia-Iberia). I can safely assume that I am 50/50 North-South European. Nothing shocking at all.
Oscar Lagerwall
Oscar Lagerwall:
thanks for this video, I sent in my test this Wednesday and as an adopted these are exiting
KeepingitKlassy 44
KeepingitKlassy 44:
Jessica Moore do they test maternal and paternal?
Margret Sims
Margret Sims:
I just ordered mine today; we shall see the results......born in England.
Jerry Hall
Jerry Hall:
Haven't received my result yet. Something tells me my idea of 100% Scandinavian is not quite true.