Nacho Piatti: Goals, Skills, Assists

Best of Montreal Impact midfielder Ignacio Piatti

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20 comentarios:

Beast among men. These Argentines are monsters...
Gahlwyn Fjorn
Gahlwyn Fjorn:
I honestly view him as the classiest player in MLS. Everyone's all "Oooooh Pirlo! Beard! Wow! Class!" Not saying Pirlo isn't classy.... but this guys is just pure class. I love him.
Julian P
Julian P:
Wow only two games in and he is already off to a great start! Hopefully he can keep it up and supply Drogba all season long :)
Alec Bayeur
Alec Bayeur:
Le Magicien
cristian aguirre
cristian aguirre:
grande piatti me acuerdo cuando hacias los goles en huracan y se los gritabas a los de san lorenzo
US Soccer Soul
US Soccer Soul:
You guys are killing it with these best of videos!
This is exactly the style of player that the sounders need at the moment.
Jerome Lange
Jerome Lange:
Nacho Nacho Maaaaaan, I Want To Be A NACHO MAN !!!!!
name gamer
name gamer:
Un crack ignacio
Michael Alssid
Michael Alssid:
Do one of these for Diego Fagundez please
Gab G
Gab G:
Should've put his assist and goal vs Club America. The Alajuelense one was good too.
te quiero mucho nachito!!! vamos montreal
Matias Roble Burgos
Matias Roble Burgos:
volve a san lorenzo nacho!
Ms gerrr
Ms gerrr:
Este quieren para boca? hace goles al estilo pes y fifa esos equipo no tienen defensa. Cuando lo trajieron a carlitos venia de jugar la final de la champion no tiene comparacion esa liga.
Joel Sosa
Joel Sosa:
Ya deberían llamarlo a la selección
L G:
Vem pro SPFC
this shows the pathetic level of the MLS...a slightly above average player for argentinian standards becomes one of the absolute best in the league
Iago Soares
Iago Soares:
Great player. It is unfortunate that the MLS can not keep up the quality of Piatti . You could be playing in a great team in Brazil.
Fernando Altamirano
Fernando Altamirano:
piatti es un jugadorazo, gano la libertadores con san lorenzo y en independiente jugo un año y la descocio, ojala que bauza lo convoque a la seleccion porque se lo re merece