Nadal Fights Back To Defeat Medvedev; Tsitsipas Into Last Four | Nitto ATP Finals Day 4 Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Anyone who can come from 1-5 30-40 down in a deciding set to win the match is nothing short of legendary! Vamos Rafa!
190f e523
190f e523:
This is Nadal's never give up spirit. I should learn his spirit.
Nawfal Keven
Nawfal Keven:
Nadal is the greatest fighter of all time
Johnny Simon
Johnny Simon:
How did Nadal win this!! OMG, what a legend!!!
I swear with Rafa facing match point at 1-5 in the third set, i was ready to turn off the tv. But Rafa kept fighting and I'm glad I stayed on to watch a great comeback.
Daniela M.
Daniela M.:
Medvedev choked badly, Nadal proved he’s the best fighter ever and Tsitsipas gave to Zverev a tennis lesson!
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious:
Nadal is really fighting for the year end No 1
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
Medvedev goes from reaching 6 consecutive finals to now losing 3 matches in a row and having one of the biggest chokes in the history of tennis
Dude straight walked out of the court at 5:1 in the third 😂😂
Medvedev: *"so you are the boss around here"*
Nadal: *"NO......not just around here"*
Drew Dillon
Drew Dillon:
Who would’ve predicted Thiem and Tsitsipas as the first two into the semis. Hell of a surprising tournament so far with Roger, Novak, and Rafa all at 1-1, Thiem and Tsitsipas at 2-0, and Medvedev at 0-2
walid azaro
walid azaro:
1) Nadal did what legends do
2) Tsitsipas is on fire
Tsitsipas is my favourite next-gen player. He’s got such a strong all round game. Really exciting tennis but he needs to keep his head in the right place. His match against Nadal will be very interesting.
Tsitsipas returning a 144 MPH serve, damn.
Kool Pikle
Kool Pikle:
medvedev basically choked the match away, such a shame
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
I have unbelievable new found respect for Nadal. I was streaming the match till Nadal was down 4-0 in the final set, it was too painful to watch. I thought the match was over.

Opens YouTube this morning, Nadal wins!

Surprised pikachu face indeed!
Efra Herrera
Efra Herrera:
Nadal for real pulled out the Uno Reverse Card. What a plot twist 😂🤯
5-1 40-30 leads Medvedev. Guess who won.
Nadal shows his classic "Never say die" mentality
Shirley Bryant
Shirley Bryant:
Never count out Nadal even when he and the brink of defeat.
This is Rafael Nadal Come on!!!!
I remember how he fought Pella from 1-4 down to 6-4. And now he did it again WTF

Legend Never Surrender
Bhisham Tiwari
Bhisham Tiwari:
Nadal is a fighter.. mentally very strong.
Bode Etemadi
Bode Etemadi:
the heart of nadal!
This is probably the strongest ATP finals we've had in a long time. Everyone is a great contender! Yes, even Berrettini.
Ok so what just happened there in the 3rd set -
Medvedev had 2 break points at 0-4, wasted;
Medvedev had 1 match point at 1-5, gone;
Medvedev 5-2, cudnt serve out;
Another opportunity at 5-4, lost;
And obviously then, Nadal had all the momentum in the tie breaker, there was no escape for Medvedev.
Nadal, Federer, Djokovic - these guys are considered GOATs for a reason, for that X factor they have got.
Dont think we will see a pack like this ever again, not in my lifetime for sure!
Abstar Galaxy
Abstar Galaxy:
Medvedev: smell ya later Rafa
Rafa: Uno reverse
Cool Youtuber
Cool Youtuber:
Who are all got confused with Tsisipas and Zverev bcoz of similarly looking dress.
Gerardo Gómez
Gerardo Gómez:
Until the last point....Vamos Rafa!!!!
Jason Cade
Jason Cade:
A bit annoying that tsitsipas and zverev always dress identically this year, even the orange headband.
Freddie Comer
Freddie Comer:
I’dove to see Tsitsipas vs thiem, power and power vs spin and intricacy
Michael Juritsch
Michael Juritsch:
One of the greatest comebacks ever
Nadal, what a GIANT! His fight is an example for athletes everywhere.
So Pa
So Pa:
Thiem and Tsitsipas played the most solid games in the ATP finals, *so far* .
Ann Farag
Ann Farag:
I am a Djokovic fan but I have to take my hat off to Nadal and his amazing ability to turn this match around.
Medvedev: Only one more point and I've beaten Rafa!
Rafa: Hold my racquet
Tsisipas vs thiem final?? Battle of single handed backhands.
Mew Emacs
Mew Emacs:
Medvedev held Nadal’s beer
Gounda Mani
Gounda Mani:
"Can you lose a match when you are up 5-1, 40-30 in deciding set?"
Medvedev: "I just did!"
Yassine M
Yassine M:
Nadal is such a fighter 👊👏👏👏
Always happy watching Zverev get destroyed by Stefanos.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Nadal is the definition of never give up. I love Nadal just for that. you can extrapolate that to your own life and struggle. Never give up. Came on !!!
Moto Life
Moto Life:
Wow.. did he just come back from a 5-1. Guy never knows when to quit ♥️✊
Zverev the type to beat a great player whether it’s Nole, Federer or Nadal and then goes on to lose the next match or the one after 100% 😂
Tsitsipas murdered zverev..OHmyyyyy what was that ?? and their head2head score right now is 4-1 for tsitsi .There is no doubt he is just a better player.At this form im positive he can beat or give a challenge to rafa even if its going to be a do or die match for him. Congrats to thiem and tsitsipas for reaching last four ,they are amazing
Dhiraj k
Dhiraj k:
1:10 to 1:15 When you are heading to create history, but Nadal decides to change the route.
I Know the Nadal power every time he is proving
Derna De Silva
Derna De Silva:
Wonderful win Rafa. You are a legend and prooved beyond doubt that you are a great player of the game and even after being at 5-1 down you did not lose your cool and played with respect for your opponent to the last point. What great demeanor is that which I have not seen ever. Good luck for your next match which I will watch from SRL.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🏆
Nadal Nadal
Nadal Nadal:
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Nadal is unbelievable I don't know who mentally strongest big3 they all done this
Rusdayati Idrus
Rusdayati Idrus:
1.15 is the best of Nadal's shot angles. It twists Damed's feet in his trying to catch it.
Søren Peregrine
Søren Peregrine:
Can never tell who is who with these Nike & Adidas outfits these days.
Chimchar Chris
Chimchar Chris:
Medvedev felt deja vu from US Open
Vivero Bosque de Alimentos
Vivero Bosque de Alimentos:
1:11 "Still fighting" hahaha
Andrew Edwin
Andrew Edwin:
Proud to be ur fan❤Rafa.. Love started for u.. Tat will never gonna END.big fan from India💘💘❤❤
Edwin Vasquez
Edwin Vasquez:
I must say this years finals are strongly the best of the best!
Freddie Comer
Freddie Comer:
Wow Tsitsipas was incredible should hopefully stretch Nadal to 3 sets on Friday🤛
Gehad Mohamed
Gehad Mohamed:
Nadal is a great fighter!! Legendary
Boong Boong
Boong Boong:
superhuman nadal 1-5to 7-6
amiladd a
amiladd a:
Look at match point save. Insane 1:05
Aria Cane
Aria Cane:
Great volleying skills by Stefanos!
Racing Red
Racing Red:
RAFAAA!!! What a battle and what a comeback! Simply amazing.
Incognito 1995
Incognito 1995:
So many cute tennis guys, Rafa, Stefano, Alexander <3 .
Thanks ATP for ruining the point of watching a short 2.5 minute match highlight by putting the result in the title :-/
omfg!!! Nadal is a god o_O gold mental!
Cole Weston
Cole Weston:
Great win Rafa you legend 🤘🤘🤘👏👏👏
The matching outfits that Zverev and Tsitsipas wore were vaguely funny. Do you think they measured peepee size in the showers afterwards as well? 🤣🤣
Agustino Hadiyanto
Agustino Hadiyanto:
Amazing fight back from nadal and big frustations for Medvedev. great match..
Greatest comeback of all time!
2019 is the year of choking
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura:
Nadal came back from the ashes like a phoenix and Medvedev broke himself inside his head with all those negative gestures to his box almost the whole match on key moments,so the lesson to be learn is,if you have the guns to take down the beast,do it,if you turn your back or run away,it's game over 😂
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Amazing comeback from Nadal. Tsi is playing great.
two matches... 5 sets in total... 5 mins... makes sense. Thanks Tennis TV
144mph serve. Doesn't seem that massive but Stefanos blocked it easily
nathalie de busschere
nathalie de busschere:
Tsitsi has improved so much... how impressive was that..even the bh looks flawless...
Maria Nefeli Theodoropoulou
Maria Nefeli Theodoropoulou:
Yến Nhy
Yến Nhy:
1:12 that turn around point is epic
Juan Dois
Juan Dois:
All i want to know is, who is that attractive woman kissing Tsitsipas's dad at 5:40? not his Mom for sure.
What was medvedev mad about giving that sarcastic thumbs up?
2:01 that gives me us open throwback lol
Cristhine J
Cristhine J:
Now that has to be one of the biggest chokes of the year, what is happening to Medvedev? If Nadal could come back from 1-5 in the third, maybe it's meant to be. I really hope Nadal wins this tournament, at least once, he deserves it.
Aathavan Daksha
Aathavan Daksha:
Come on Rafa 🔥
Actually the best comeback I’ve seen this year from the beast Nadal ‼️
Bobby A
Bobby A:
What a bad Rafa fan Im, I went to sleep when he was losing, and after 1 day only Im looking at the result and saw that he won. Jesus, I really love Rafa. Fans like me should be banned seeing tennis lol!
Omg Nadal that was amazing.
Judy Seager
Judy Seager:
Come on rafa that was a great comeback you can do this. 🙈🎈👼💛💙👍👻💞
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor:
Never been my favourite tennis player but Nadal is definitely the best competitor, possibly in any sport all time. 🐐
Eldred Anthony
Eldred Anthony:
Unimaginable resolve from RAFA!! greatest players always overcome greatest Tests.
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
Tsitsipas and Thiem are playing the best hard court tennis I've ever seen from them. Would not be surprised if one of them wins on Sunday.
Lukas Lemke
Lukas Lemke:
Medvedev aka the joker (look at his sarcastic laughing)
pierre LONGUET
pierre LONGUET:
Honestly both Zverev and Medvedev's net games are a disgrace, regarding all aspects : bad decision : they never come in at the right time, bad hands... Anyway I guess this is what the postmodern era of tennis looks like. Tsitsipas might not be Mcenroe but at least he's smart about it.
Djokovic has very very little chance for that end of year no1 spot now!
Still can't believe Nadal won it. Stopped watching the match after it was 0-4 in the Third.
Please upload the highlights for the doubles matches as well!! 😔
Jonas Vinck
Jonas Vinck:
3:39 Bruh what was Zverev thinking? Serve and volley?
copy that
copy that:
Personality wise Medvedev = Lendl #2
01:24 and 02:00 what was that?! He did so often under the match... so antipathetic
Nirab Dhungana
Nirab Dhungana:
Such a shame for Medvedev, losing with two breaks of serve already, i think it's the losers mentality of him against Nadal
Cobrett Marion
Cobrett Marion:
Sei il MEGLIO !! come TE nessuno MAI!! VAMOSSSS Rafaaaaa!!💪💪💪💘🎾🇪🇦💪💪🧠👏👏👑👑💣💣💣🗯🗯🗯💥💥💥
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
something snapped in Tsitsi's head
Ronskie try
Ronskie try:
Iyahhhhh blok! Iyaaahhh blok! Iyaaahhh! That is nadal 😍
Sports Channel
Sports Channel:
Rafa just steal this tournament hands down the biggest story of this tournament and an incredible comeback he plays like again but from ball 1 he will steam roll tsitsipas! Vamos rafa let's go!👊👍💪