Nadal wins historic 11th Barcelona title | Barcelona 2018 Final Highlights

Rafael Nadal has once again shown why he's the King of Clay with a dominant performance in the Barcelona Open final. Watch official ATP tennis streams here:

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Top Tennis Training - Pro Tennis Lessons
Top Tennis Training - Pro Tennis Lessons:
Rafa tearing shit up on the clay yet again. Incredible to see how motivated he still is to win, looks like he has never won these titles before. What a legend
resonio antines
resonio antines:
After every Rafa injury I tell myself: this time he'll not be back at the top. But the guy keeps bouncing back time after time. The biggest competitor I've ever seen, and the best mindset in sports history.
2028 END
2028 END:
Grounded Dude
Grounded Dude:
Clay court season= Who earns the right to lose to Nadal in the finals
Milton Huynh
Milton Huynh:
Tsitsipas beat all of his opponents (1R, 2R, 3R, QF, SF) in straight sets and here Nadal just humiliates him
Ajae Samuels
Ajae Samuels:
Give him the French open already
Vincent Weckström
Vincent Weckström:
Stefanos Tsitsipas has a great career infront of him!
betting addict
betting addict:
Even if tsitsipas served in every game of the match nadal would still win
michaela mitulet
michaela mitulet:
Unbelievable. ..RAFA is really born To WIN....
sajal soni
sajal soni:
The problem playing against Rafa is that you need that intensity throughout the match, if you break him by mistake, he will double his intensity, what would you do then?
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh:
Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing rafa win .
I can't get over how good that orange looks on him
oj oj
oj oj:
Real GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ravi Reddy
Ravi Reddy:
11th monte carlo,Barcelona titles and now the journey for nadal quest for 6th madrid,8th rome and 11th Roland garros.RAFAEL NADAL REALLY "KING OF CLAY",SUPER.
Nikhil Tanwar
Nikhil Tanwar:
Nobody noticed Nadal become the player with most ATP 500 titles tieing him with federer. They have 20 titles each
Anggiat Simanjuntak
Anggiat Simanjuntak:
That's insane....Nadal just to good
Lubomir Radev
Lubomir Radev:
was rooting for the kid , but Rafas clay game ... unbeatable
Mert Ali Karadağ
Mert Ali Karadağ:
He is the master on clay..
Rafa is too strong 😹😹
tacchinardi zibidi
tacchinardi zibidi:
right now RAFA is the g.o.a.t. hopes he continues being healthy. You will never find a more consistent dominance by
a sportsman like him on his top-form
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
I never watch tennis during clay season for the champion (cos we all know who it is). I always watch for the runner up
Kampu Put
Kampu Put:
he is the GOT and GOAT
Joey Rivera
Joey Rivera:
Just simply amazing. Congratulations Rafa!
Damn! Tsitsipas so awesome with 1 handed backhand! a REAL STYLE in Tennis! ... anyway congrat Nadal
nadeem baig biggest fan
nadeem baig biggest fan:
Tsitipas was brilliant throughout the tournament but was unlucky to face king rafa in his first final nadal looks unbeatable until the fo final
Well-done Tsitsipas. Congrats King Rafa
The difference between Rafa now and Rafa 2 years ago is his big BH, Rafa is playing way better his BACKHAND than before, just like RF improved his BH last couple yrs too, So both of them much more confident on BH side.
Congratulations to Spain 🇪🇸 matador win the champions the king of clay awesome 🍾🥂🏆
sajal soni
sajal soni:
RG-2018 is already in the pocket, Rafa should go for Wimbledon, and he knows he can beat anyone on this planet atm.
Lee Chad
Lee Chad:
Rafael Nadal's physique, technique and athleticism allows him to be the Goat of Clay forever... Vamos Rafa
Arif Afifuddin
Arif Afifuddin:
I hope nadal can take home Madrid and Rome crown this year, rest, and take Th French open. To do all this injury free can be daunting but in Rafa we trust!
Edu Gonzalez
Edu Gonzalez:
Inconmensurable 11 veces Rey en Barcelona!!!!
Eden Johnson
Eden Johnson:
Tsitsipas used all his adrenaline as he beat the previous top ten players, specially Carreno Busta. He probably was not able to sleep. By the time he went on court against Rafa, he was mellow yellow. He should not have said that he could hang with anybody. That just fueled Rafa more. Besides he not just any body. But boy, did I sweat over this last night.
Marok Magdalena Magdalena
Marok Magdalena Magdalena:
Congrats Rafa
There's not much in the way of competition for Rafa at the moment. He is going to steamroll everyone at Roland Garros. Given that, he is playing really well! The only thing that could stop his clay dominance would be retirement.
Hot Takes
Hot Takes:
LOL at those who thought this match would be competitive
Iván Barbeitos
Iván Barbeitos:
2:38 and 2:45 Forehand and backhand. Nadal sends the ball to the EXACT same spot in the corner. The guy is a clearly a machine...
Rafa is God 😹
mu fc
mu fc:
When Rafa Played Well...🏆
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Nadal eats one handed backhands on clay for lunch lol
I dont see anyone taking a set against him in French open
Kenguri Kosarkasi
Kenguri Kosarkasi:
I frome Serbia and my two favorite players are RAFA and NOLE
number one
number one:
legend he is
Zainab jafa
Zainab jafa:
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
Nadal hoovering up the clay court titles has become an annual ritual. RG looks a formality again.
Looks like a 1st round match!
Watie Kids
Watie Kids:
Get a good rest n rome trophys are waiting for you...never had a single doubt on my king
John Smith
John Smith:
My question is how much longer can he be this dominant on clay? Also, can he repeat another French open and US Open title this year like in 2017? If so, he will be catching up with the FED.
Cosmina Chiulangiuaica
Cosmina Chiulangiuaica:
No one can stop him,La Undecima
Снеппи _
Снеппи _:
Sheeza Mann
Sheeza Mann:
I HOPE law of averages don't catch up to nadal at the french open
Edu Gonzalez
Edu Gonzalez:
Seguro que obtendra 11 Roland Garros :)
nobuo takase
nobuo takase:
Rafa is too good in clay. And too bad for tsi.
Vicky M
Vicky M:
Did Nadal just attacked the backhand of teenager as he attacked Federer's?
Cliffe FC
Cliffe FC:
Nadal and Federer are easily the number 1 and 2 of all time, they are both past their prime and hitting retirement age yet both still kick arse like they haven't aged a day, these two superhumans are gonna continue winning shit for the next half decade I reckon
Akul Dev Saha
Akul Dev Saha:
Although I haven't seen Juan Martin play on clay this year, it looks like he is the only one who can challenge Rafael this clay season.
Him and roger are the must humble athletes in the sport of tennis , always show great sportsmanship whether he wins or loses and when he loses he praises the other player aswell
Bro “22bird” Twan
Bro “22bird” Twan:
Do you guys guys he will take Rome and Madrid as well?
Hailie h
Hailie h:
He's not king.He's God of clay.
Roland Piccato
Roland Piccato:
Not much to say ! The kid(good) was certainly happy to take a 2 set tennis lesson. Nice match.
Antonio Grieci
Antonio Grieci:
Rafa sos un femenomeno. Impresionante.
Ramon Galvez
Ramon Galvez:
Federer, Djokovic, what can you say about NADAL'S winning streak, Since first round till the final, Nadal's opponent bite the dust. VAMOZ RAFA.
Federciuc Andrei
Federciuc Andrei:
I do think that Nadal on clay is the best tennis player on all surfaces...of all times! Better than Djokovic on hard, Federer on grass!
Hugo Taboada
Hugo Taboada:
Congratulations Rafa, but please skip Roma, your fans, we need you healthy for Roland Garros, the only tournaments important for us, are grand slams...
sajal soni
sajal soni:
If Roger is looking these matches, he knows what is coming on his way in Wimbledon. Period.
ريم الملكية
ريم الملكية:
فامووووس رافا
Jose Ramon Heifer
Jose Ramon Heifer:
Veo a un nadal mas agresivo, apenas puede se va acercando mas a la linea de fondo.
Hamilton Laguerre
Hamilton Laguerre:
Good job Rafa.......
Biba Maram
Biba Maram:
The King of the tennis vamooooooooos Rafa vamooooooooos Tata 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏
Who is here after his win in 2021?
How is standing 20 ft behind the baseline and aggressively moon balling fun to watch? Sorry but this is a gimmick of how much spin and lift can you put on the ball.
Сакен Шагиров
Сакен Шагиров:
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire:
Might as well end the clay court season now and give Nadal the trophies for Madrid, Rome and French Open. No one else stands a chance, he has been incredible this year on clay.
Im a huge Fed fan and think he is the GOAT but I have nothing but admiration and amazement at how consistent Nadal is on clay. Even if hes at 60% he can beat 90% of the field quite easily.
Federer is the God of grass and could win his 9th Wimby this year which would be amazing and draw him level with Natratilova. But Nadal is 5 years younger than Federer and he will win his 11th French Open this year! Absolutely incredible. He could easily win 15 before he retires. Gonna miss this sensational era of players when age finally catches up with them. Long may it continue though!
ace spades
ace spades:
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton:
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
tsitsipas very much talented, but too young to be in the final? he he
Loubna Beghdadi
Loubna Beghdadi:
Félicitations rafaaaaa
Kedar Kulkarni
Kedar Kulkarni:
Since the only player who can beat him on clay - Djokovic - is in a slump, this is a merciless slaughter. Full credit to Rafa for his relentless desire for victory
Reins 789
Reins 789:
So even federer style like Tsitipas cant do anything against Nadal. wow. One handed backhand no problem at all.
Pavle Vasiljevic
Pavle Vasiljevic:
Omg he wonnn?? Noo wayyy?¿
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia:
Suma y sigue. Ya no quedan calificativos. Los destruye.
Are shapo and kyrgios the only young players to have beaten rafa?
i dont know about rafa but that tsitispas look like an amateur player.
Vittapu Sravan
Vittapu Sravan:
Rafa the king of clay
Alvaro Garrido
Alvaro Garrido:
que barbaro lo de nadal que pueda ganar tan facil.
Mucho merito para tsitsipas llegar a la final pero que muerta la generacion actual y la next gen, no hay uno que le pueda jugar un partido decente a nadal.
Merito de nadal obvio gran luchador pero que nivel mas bajo de los otros.
someone should of told that other guy you won't win points standing 15ft behind the baseline. People who have beaten nadal on clay have always attacked, short points, hard and flat. Not many of those types around these days to challenge nadal. Its going to be a boring FO if we don't get to see some exciting close battles on court. What real tennis fan wants to see easy one sided victories over and over again.
4.17  beware, don`t step on the line, ha ha
Thalia Cinta yng hilang
Thalia Cinta yng hilang:
Rafa King in Rolland garros
Борислав Димитров
Борислав Димитров:
Not only the king of clay but the king of tennis!
Damien Bell
Damien Bell:
With no real competition and pumped full of drugs like always
Leslie Rosado
Leslie Rosado:
Federer is hiding
When people are salty saying nadal is only winning because djokovic and murray are out 💀yet djokovic is seriously struggling and murray wont be the same after his injury and here you have the 2 goats of tennis roger and rafa at #1 and #2 just how it was back in 2009 and 10 :) crazy how much they honed their skills and in this match just shows what experience can do as rafa is no longer in his peak physical form as he was when he was 19-25
Axon Arte
Axon Arte:
No le gana a nadie, le gana a jugadores que rinden mas en rapidas.
Una etapa muy mala para el tenis, de escasa competitividad.
John S
John S:
The greek was much better
R veamatahau
R veamatahau:
Clay court boring
optus optus
optus optus:
Wtf only 11 titles! And ppl say that he can be GOAT. Federer has 97 titles compared to nadals pathetic 11 titles.