Nadia Podoroska vs. Irina-Camelia Begu | 2020 Linz First Round | WTA Highlights

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28 comentarios:

Tudor Dan
Tudor Dan:
Good match from Podoroska. Roland Garros definitely gave her a lot of confidence
Alex Cuellar
Alex Cuellar:
I like Nadia's game, hopefully she can continue this form next year as well.
Hector Zeballos
Hector Zeballos:
bien Podoroska
Ewald Probst
Ewald Probst:
Good match. Great highlight video.
Josh Gandy
Josh Gandy:
Yes! Finally we get highlights! My day got better :)
Lopez Miguel
Lopez Miguel:
Grande Nadia! Confirmando que estás para grandes cosas!
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos:
Podororzka has a beautiful and powerfull forehand, among the best in the circuit right now.. she is on her way to become a powerhose.
W E L:
Finally, a high 5 or skin to skin contact congratulations aside from tapping rackets in the women's tennis.
Dmytro Shevchenko
Dmytro Shevchenko:
Lucas Bertone
Lucas Bertone:
Vamos Nadia 💥
Carlos Guillem
Carlos Guillem:
And the mach aginst Giorgi where is????
Ninad Samant
Ninad Samant:
Wow Nadia. Amazing
Rosario Verano
Rosario Verano:
Very nice court colorus!
are fik
are fik:
very fast hard court,, it just it colour,,
Sallie Wagenblatt
Sallie Wagenblatt:
Looked like I was watching a match in black and white with that non colour court.
marcelo maddaloni
marcelo maddaloni:
brava Nadia!
Carlos Guillem
Carlos Guillem:
And the last mactc whith Camila Giorgi????
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Bravo Nadia!!👏👏👏👏
Carlos Soto
Carlos Soto:
Muy duro el partido, se conocen muy bien, juegan juntas dobles. Ojalá llegue al menos a semifinales y siga escalando, tiene mucho potencial. Nadia derecho al top 20
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода:
Щиро радий за Надійку, нашу аргентинську україночку.
Радий поверненню тенісу.
A slow motion recap of EVERY single point shown?????? I stopped watching after 2 minutes!!!!!
Darío Benedetto
Darío Benedetto:
Alguien sabe por que canal de TV pasan este torneo en Argentina?
Darren S
Darren S:
When I saw Podoroska at the French Open this year, I thought she was Begu... And now they've played a match against each other
Ferd Yoga
Ferd Yoga:
Bad taste of court color selection 😭
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
I prefer a colour court than the grey. Grey not easy on they eye and seems like more effort to track the ball.
Victor Dia
Victor Dia:
such a disappointment:( Begu has potential, but never materialized
Al D
Al D:
I really dislike these grey courts. Infact they are horrible. ATP/WTA = Stop It! Its not viewer friendly!
Enzo Müller
Enzo Müller:
This court is funny. It seems to me like a black and white movie, with only the people and the clothes having colour. Lol