Naomi Osaka advances to final after win vs. Jennifer Brady | 2020 US Open Highlights

Naomi Osaka wins in three sets 7-6, 3-6, 6-3 to defeat Jennifer Brady in Arthur Ashe Stadium and advance to the 2020 US Open final.

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64 comentarios:

Armand R
Armand R:
Love Naomi and her game, she’s the real deal 🔥
😍 Naomi is growing on me might support her
??? Mann
??? Mann:
Naomi looks n carry herself like royalty. We dont deserve her.
Bima Suharta
Bima Suharta:
Cordae got a keeper👌👌
Mason Tronsor
Mason Tronsor:
Cordae better not break that beautiful woman’s heart!!! He’s a lucky dude for sure
Jennifer Brady movement is poor that was the difference. Naomi moves so much better than Jennifer.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
Big advance to Brady’s Career.
Life with POPOY
Life with POPOY:
What a beautiful match, congratulations miss osaka
Gilda Baham
Gilda Baham:
Osaka is so good and deserving of this win.! Hey, hey What ya say...let's go all the way!
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁:
Naomi the young GOAT!!! 🐐💪🏾💯
Roberto Silva
Roberto Silva:
Great shape Osaka! She's very strong player nowdays...
lova casseus
lova casseus:
Lets go Naomi Good Game..
TheMan Right Chea
TheMan Right Chea:
Danm, I really wanted to see a rematch vs Serena Williams. The world tennis world I'm sure wanted to see that rematch but Serena Williams lost her match today
Naomi is so beautiful. I hope Cordae recognize wifey material and tie that down quick.
raised rungs agility ladder.
raised rungs agility ladder.:
Thierry Harera
Thierry Harera:
Congratulations Oska👍👍
The MASTER'S class is in session
Jeff K
Jeff K:
Awesome Osaka🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nickoy Games
Nickoy Games:
yup she bomb
Jessica Zane
Jessica Zane:
Awesome, half Japanese Pride.
Caron Update Channel Abuya
Caron Update Channel Abuya:
Osaka is so beautiful
Those caucasian commentators get REAL SILENT when Osaka got to that match point baby!! WAY TO GO OSAKA!!! MAKE 'EM MAD!! MAKE 'EM SEETHE!!
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman:
When matters most U can banking on Naomi will serve to the middle line of the court in the most of the time if not virtually always. USA
Raph Sherman
Raph Sherman:
❤️ Osaka! ❤️ Your support for BLM victims! You got this 💪👍❤️
Mirza Hankic
Mirza Hankic:
Naomi OSAKA BEST beautiful tennis girl on ATP.
Beth Bosheers
Beth Bosheers:
Great great rally!
Kai Takagi
Kai Takagi:
saquads barkley
saquads barkley:
She's finna be the next goat
Aspere Prophil
Aspere Prophil:
Hello Naomi Osaka: I love you same way I love my Daughter she name Naomi to.
i want to say you thank you to be Haitian i go prayer for you to winner to morrow i hope God bless you to winner to make all your family Haitians happy
may God bless you
javier du
javier du:
12th comment
Cmon espn yall could have chosen a better thumbnail 🤦🏾‍♀️
John Brandolino
John Brandolino:
One shoog in the final
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam:
Good luck Osaka . You can win US open playing great girl
BAE 😍😍
Stewart M
Stewart M:
Naomi is great but Brady is officially my new favourite player. Great serve FH BH defense - the whole package along with aggressive mindset and mental toughness
Kittle 49
Kittle 49:
I'm anticipating for Serena-Naomi Finals, a repeat of 2018 that serena stole naomis moments
Blessings 2020
Blessings 2020:
You are so Amazing if you want to ever mentor young girls my grandchildren she is 14 Blessings to you
Design Studio
Design Studio:
Brady needs to learn to make the opponent move.
Roldan Rodolfo
Roldan Rodolfo:
these highlights have the ugliest shots of the players GAHAHAH
Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010:
Naomi is bae
Brady was in way over her skis..but Congratulations to her...Cream rises
b banzolito
b banzolito:
Let’s gooo 🇭🇹
Naomi is such a young beautiful woman
Earthly Civilian
Earthly Civilian:
Getting rid of grumpy Sasha was the best thing for Osaka......Yastremska follows suit.
Yup - you only remember the winner... not who made it to the semi-finals LOL
i hate how the female commentator is always putting Naomi's like she doesn't even acknowledge Naomi as the better player!!! Jeez lady, get off the television!!
Go Naomi Go. The best tennis player in the world.
That was an awful and disgraceful one-sided commentary by Everett & McEnroe. You both are annoying.
I want Naomi Osaka to win
Jeff Moenich
Jeff Moenich:
Watch for Jennifer Brady. She will be a contender
Eshaan Govil
Eshaan Govil:
Another Serena Osaka us open finals?? 👀👀
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals:
ESPN plays these highlights more than the WNBA.
Larry Branch II
Larry Branch II:
They were really rooting for that white girl, im glad she lost. The female commentator always spoke negative about osaka in every way.. sugar coated most of it.. smfh
They said thier 3 years apart? Brady looks like she can be her mother
In case you were wondering. "Across culture darker people suffer most. why? "
Osaka is a true world champion. All Japan is proud
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
Ōsaka won? Could never tell by the commentary. That was awful one sided commentary by Everett & McEnroe.
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman:
Asian makes US OPEN Finals
Me: WHAT? An athletic Asian!?
Shes half black
Me: well that explains it
nahuel berdiñas
nahuel berdiñas:
Que mierda el tenis
Brady was so nervous. Yet she was up right there. She will beat Osaka.
Comments talking about Cordae...
I'm like who's this muppet dating Osaka? 🤷
Always date a girl named Naomi , because backwards her name is I moan hahahahhaha
I've been rooting for Naomi from the beginning of her pro career when she had only one sponsor. Now, go get the championship. Do it for all the poor, downtrodden workers, minorities, those who crave for equal rights and justice. Black Lives Matter! ガンバってくださいね。LovingDay supporter.
Alex Ordóñez
Alex Ordóñez:
This Cordae girl ?
Ruben Macias
Ruben Macias:
All the refills are out. Naomi' is young..upcoming. Can count with five fingers - the top ten- can't degrade the us open with old ladies...retired mothers ..bully obnoxious Serena...Naomi too strong and Wit.. Naomi shouldn't get involved with the civilian unrest ...she supports something she was humiliated and terrorised by Serena...
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman:
Copy cat Federer's serve twisting body when hitting her, Naomi, serve. MUST have analyzed, studied, and emulated HOW Federer using his twisting body to generate his, Federer's serving power N Naomi is doing exactly that and of course angle shot most of the time and twisting ball for hard to return and counter twisting and some cases vicious chopping can "naturalize" Naomi's forehand in particular and serving direction. USA