Naomi Osaka: "Apparently my dad went on a bike ride immediately after I won!" | US Open 2020

Naomi Osaka’s press conference following her championship victory over Victoria Azarenka at the US Open 2020.

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“I wasn’t thinking about winning just about competing and somehow ended up with the trophy” 🤣 I love this woman.
Jeffrey Lara
Jeffrey Lara:
This win shows that her first two grand slams were not a fluke, and were not due to her former coach.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Naomi is getting better and better, maturing and growing.
M Pol
M Pol:
She’s the most unbothered person. It’s wonderful
Mike Louis
Mike Louis:
Congrats Naomi!!! All Haitians are proud of you
Addi Teacha
Addi Teacha:
She is so smart, they keep trying to bait her to bring up Serena and she just swat the hating idiots like the flies they are
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Badass tennis player and a cool person. I hope she wins 20 more of these. maybe 21.
kavyanjali yadav
kavyanjali yadav:
So honest ! She is really humble.
nicholas schroeder
nicholas schroeder:
You know, she's a normal young woman with manners and a heart. So refreshing.
Love the Japanese interviewer asked and noticed she was wearing Kobe's jersey
Cecelia Nelson
Cecelia Nelson:
I had chills when she explained her mother's sacrifice.
Jerome Jacobs
Jerome Jacobs:
She's maturing well and holding her head up high. Glad she spoke so well of Kobe.
Joseph Adeleke
Joseph Adeleke:
Wow!!!! She said she hopes she makes are mom proud... Every mom will be proud to have a daughter like Naomi
Kip Wonder
Kip Wonder:
This lil girl dope AF♥️. "Let's go, Champ!!" (Shannon Briggs voice)
Gael Garcia Bernal
Gael Garcia Bernal:
Poised and serene off the court. Devastatingly fierce on the court. Bravo Naomi!
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Not expecting other players to protest for racial equality, but for her to do it bc she wanted to, she has earned my respect even more than before.
Lost and Looking
Lost and Looking:
This Man's voice makes me want to keep clearing my throat...
She did to Vika what Vika did to Serena... that score line had me doing a double take.
Naomi is such a sweetheart, so happy for her. Keep rocking the tennis world Naomi.
JR Joseph
JR Joseph:
Thank you Naomi, make them know more about Haitian History
I didn't notice that Naomi was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. If could see this he would be so proud. May he rest in peace.
Bro Twan
Bro Twan:
it seems that the Japanese reporters asked the more impressive questions from her responses. smh.
Atlbpowork Same
Atlbpowork Same:
You’re already great baby girl!! Her parents did an amazing job 💫
Base on the answers from Japanese reporters, it seem like they posted better questions related to Naomi and the matches.
🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 Congrats Naomie. Haiti is proud of you. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿.
Sly Harris
Sly Harris:
Man, I love her attitude!
Supriti Maiti
Supriti Maiti:
A great ambassador of sports. Calm, composed, sensitive with exceptional individual skill. Every sphere of our social life needs such personalities especially the leaders around the globe.
Naomi Osaka is a beautiful person! What a great addition to multi-Majors in tennis.
Human role model. Precious.
I love hearing the Japanese part of the interview. Maybe its just me.
1K subs, egg challenge with future videos.
1K subs, egg challenge with future videos.:
she's so humble and hard working, she deserved it
sojiro B
sojiro B:
I love this young woman, her interviews are so real! Shes adorable, i try to show her to my daughters as often as possible
JR Joseph
JR Joseph:
Congratulation Naomi!!! Haitians and Japaneses are proud of you.
On the other hand Wanting justice nowadays means you are an activist...
Some reporters are Pathetic.
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
Congratulations to a beautiful
woman and Athlete . .

to OSAKA two time US champion 🏆💯

Luv from Haiti
diane Finn
diane Finn:
Well done congratulations Princess Naomi confidence is certainly rising in the interviews
Green Orchid
Green Orchid:
These reporters have no fresh thinking after all these tennis coverage???SMDH 2020
True T
True T:
Our new Muhammad Ali: A reporter ask Naomi this question what message she was trying to send by wearing those masks and her response was direct and powerful.
“Well, what was the message that you got?” Osaka replied. “I feel like the point is to make people start talking.”
Dr. Deborah Tillman
Dr. Deborah Tillman:
The sacrifices parents make really do pay off. Naomi, you are already paying your mother back by doing your BEST! Keep Shining
Jeliza Rose
Jeliza Rose:
She proved everyone wrong who gave credit to her coach for her first Open win. I'm so glad she didn't go the Hello Kitty path on publicly expressed opinions. I love grown up Naomi. So thoughtful and smart.
Ricardo Chahine
Ricardo Chahine:
A wise Osaka once said: Ummmmm
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Such a great US Open for Naomi!!! What a super champion. So talented and a great personality for the sport!!! Congrats Naomi Osaka!!! Hope many more trophies come your way!!! 👍🔥👏
She's so beautiful I'm jealous. Love her name too. She reminds me of me personality wise. Shy quiet soft spoken introvert

Wait I forgot she not shy no more
Abraham Jackson
Abraham Jackson:
Haitian / Japanese samurai fighting spirit...
Gloria Nnamani
Gloria Nnamani:
Naomi your parents brilliant too DADDY & Mom
Let the music begin👍🏽
Mimi M
Mimi M:
As a bilingual speaker of English and Japanese, I agree with the other people commenting that the Japanese reporters are asking more thoughtful questions/ones related to her actual tennis playing and techniques as an athlete. The ones from the English-speaking reporters however (w/ a few exceptions), often seem like they just want a controversial comment or for her to break out of her usual level-headed self. It’s a shame that they have to keep referring back to her 2018 match when Naomi herself prefers to look forward.
Agatha K
Agatha K:
I love how respectful and kind she is to the Japanese reporters
tre artis
tre artis:
Naomi has solidified herself a future Hall of Famer. She now has as many grand slams as the likes of Davenport, Capriati, and Kerber, and more than so many other legends just 2.
She's got pulchritude, poise, prowess, power, and is probably polylingual! Champion! Keep up the great work Naomi Osaka!
Green Orchid
Green Orchid:
Congratulations Naomi❤🎈🎾🎈🎾👍2020 winning🎈⏰👊😷
Lorna Georges
Lorna Georges:
i love her ❤️🇭🇹
Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills
Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills:
Rest at the end, not in the middle.
- Kobe’s HS English teacher
tuneaddicted Colorado
tuneaddicted Colorado:
Her awesome response to the question she was asked about what message her mask wearing was trying to convey.. she said what did it mean to you? ALL CLASS!
Dude, that is cool how she was able to field questions from English to Japanese.
“Hopefully I will be great in the future...”
The humility on this talented young woman is just brilliant to watch. Truly hope she hits the heights she’s aiming for.
Henry Tun
Henry Tun:
Naomi, we have to collect 22 more in few years, okay? You proof that you can do that.. Lots of love from Vancouver, Canada.
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
"I know you've been asked this a lot, but I'm going to ask it again"
- Tennis Journalists...
Carmen Zablan
Carmen Zablan:
Naomi interviews well, speaks just enough words to answer the questions.
Kittle 49
Kittle 49:
Her game improve at lot and her interview also improve a lot..maturing so gracefully
Clayton P
Clayton P:
Beautiful legend 😍
Hillary Bey
Hillary Bey:
shes very authentic.
H. Peters
H. Peters:
I was definitely hoping for a rematch between her and Serena because I knew that would have been epic. However, right now I'm so very happy for her. Congrats chica.
She has a very settle and clam quality that is so rare to see from a young lady
M. Coleman
M. Coleman:
Way to go, Naomi! So proud of you! Love watching you grow and become more comfortable in your own skin! ✊🏾
Jordan Rusike
Jordan Rusike:
Well done Naomi..Congratulation beautiful young Lady
おめでとう! Congratulations Naomi Your a becoming a star both on and off the court, lots of love and joy from Japan.
Namuyimbwa Florence
Namuyimbwa Florence:
Am waiting for this young lady to take even the French open, congulation baby Naomi. I also salute to Victoria because is one of the calm lady in this tennis game thx vika too.
Trigg Wolf
Trigg Wolf:
GO GIRL!!!!!!!!
Ame Eag
Ame Eag:
I like how she speaks now, more mature, more confident!!
To me, because she looks calm and cool most of time, it's OK to show little frustration like hitting racket to ground during first set. It shows she's human.
Great come back. Congrats!!!
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
Amazing Naomi!
American media seems so "gotcha" oriented, she even looked uncomfortable answering many of the questions during the first half.
Rebeca Cyrineu
Rebeca Cyrineu:
i love that she starts all the answers with "yeah I mean for me ... "
N T:
Congrats! Naomi!日本語の質問の方が質が良かった気がします。そして、なおみちゃんの笑顔も多かった。素晴らしい逆転!本当におめでとう!
Bea Pelaez
Bea Pelaez:
Congrats Naomi, great performance, you simply the best. Stay humble😊
Amazing talent, humble, and beautiful young lady. Well done Naomi !
dianne hawkins
dianne hawkins:
Great job, Naomi. Congratulations.
Eternaïls M
Eternaïls M:
so I'm the only one thinking the announcer sounds like a sored throat robot?
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
Congrats and loving you and all your family effort !!! Amazing tennis! Alohas from Maui, Hawaii!
Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone:

🎾 Tennis 🎾 is an interesting game.

Congratulations 🎉 to Naomi Osaka and Victoria Azarenka.❤️
i really liked how when it got the Japanese portion of the interview Naomi felt and looked more relaxed and at ease.
Jennifer Valentine-Miller
Jennifer Valentine-Miller:
An amazing victory, yes it shows the first win was not a fluke. How apt, a BLM activist should win the US Open.
John McGaheran
John McGaheran:
"I try not to get most of my information from the news. I try to formulate my own opinion." Luv it! Wish it were the norm. Best of luck in the future.
Ched Beckford
Ched Beckford:
Naomi just wanna go home lol
Papo Papo
Papo Papo:
We love you beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇭🇹
David Jones
David Jones:
Congratulations Naomi! Don’t ever change. You rock!
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
See you in Australian Open 2021 Naomi! (Don't worry too much about RG, we know it's not your favorite surface)
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones:
Congratulation Naomi you was so amazing out there on that court. You Rock❤️
She’s a cool and confident champion...
"...give her a slight run for her money..." Bless you dear heart.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews:
lol i love her humble personality , her heart of a champion one of my favorite tennis players, young generation of champions
Ralph Thompson
Ralph Thompson:
They really would like her to say something negative against Serena. Lol
Maryanne Van Rooi
Maryanne Van Rooi:
Go girl!!!
Lonnie Blackmon
Lonnie Blackmon:
This young woman is incredible, pure and a real super star player! Love her!!
Sepherina Allard
Sepherina Allard:
iam rips
iam rips:
Down a set and 2-0 most would have crumbled under pressure. But she is a champion material
Socrato Teos
Socrato Teos:
I have always loved her. I have now a great respect for her.
Jonah Lotstein
Jonah Lotstein:
she's so unproblematic. i love it
MPoe MP:
She's Soo precious I'm crying
James Sohn
James Sohn:
Her fitness and movement were amazing. No one comes close
Kate Rogers
Kate Rogers:
Love your game today! Congratulations!