Naomi Osaka beats Serena Williams in straight sets to reach final | 2021 Australian Open Highlights

Watch the highlights as Naomi Osaka beats Serena Williams 6-3, 6-4 to move into the 2021 Australian Open women's singles final.

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100+ comentarios:

J Park
J Park:
The passing of the torch is just an inevitable moment in sports. Congrats to Naomi!!!
David Watson
David Watson:
Naomi is like a combination of Serena's athleticism and Venus' character.
Trevor Handberry
Trevor Handberry:
The torch is being passed.
D M:
Osaka's only getting better and seems to have Serena's number.
Spliff Link
Spliff Link:
She ain't play no games with Serena at all
1:27 me when I’m getting whooped in 2k 😭
At least she lost to someone I like 😭
SerenadeKid SD
SerenadeKid SD:
They did Naomi wrong with the thumbnail😂
Vinley Oyaro
Vinley Oyaro:
Can’t take anything away from The GOAT . Naomi knows SERENA is not young and fast anymore and she exploited that. On the other hand Naomi is very humble even in her victory. The next Face Is here
J Pines
J Pines:
This is the ending and beginning of new era. I’m happy to witness. Much love to both. ✊🏾
On One
On One:
Mahomes was supposed to do this to Brady 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sulllivan Official
Sulllivan Official:
I’ve never watched tennis so my question is: is Serena just getting too old for this? I believe she had time to run and hit the ball, but looked like she just gave up....
Osaka's the future face of Women's tennis.
She dominated that match 🎾 👌
Uzziel Montelongo
Uzziel Montelongo:
"I'm sorry for winning" -Naomi
Marc Grant
Marc Grant:
This actually revealed a lot about Naomi’s game that Serena used to have to her game back in her prime when she was undefeated...Serena can win 24 she has to clean up the unforced errors and keep rally’s short and returns sharp. Her first service game was awful today her returns were played to Naomi’s strengths and power but mostly it’s her belief that her game can still win her 24 which I believe it absolutely can she has to perfect her strengths and minimize her weaknesses and play the right game with Naomi. Naomi was outstanding and present and clearly is on a career and legacy path at the moment her purpose is clear as day but two things can exist in one timeline and Serena has to understand that true reality if she is ever going to get that record!!!
Celo B
Celo B:
Naomi was smoking that serena pack
Big Jones
Big Jones:
Naomi is literally young Serena and it’s amazing. 💯💛
Nelson Wong
Nelson Wong:
A dominating performance, despite making 8 double faults and 3 double faults in one game to lose her serve! If her serve was more consistent, one would only imagine what kind of scores it would then be. Congratulation.
Nikao Glover
Nikao Glover:
Father time doesn't lose.
Serene after every hit: “ahhhhhhh”
Naomi: *faint* “Oma wa mou shindeiru”
geo paulet
geo paulet:
I remember watching Srena and her sisters play tennis in the 90s. They were so good then and still very good now
adam antium
adam antium:
Glad serena didn't pull one of her tantrums,CONGRATS OSAKA what an EPIC victory
Queen Fu Fu
Queen Fu Fu:
The Princess of Tennis wins again
Scott Steel
Scott Steel:
NBA Cheating Refs
NBA Cheating Refs:
1:27 When your favorite team keeps bricking 3s while being down by 20 points
annie wolf
annie wolf:
She schooled her.
Mark Burnham
Mark Burnham:
Hopefully at some point Ms. Evert will catch up to reality. She was absolutely giddy, and smug, when Serena scored the break in the second set. Then absolute silence as Serena failed to score another point in the match. I love Serena too, but her time has come and gone. To Ms. Evert: call the match that is happening, not the match you wish to see.
RosesRred 420
RosesRred 420:
The grunting would annoy me.
If you play as long as Serena has, it's only a matter of time someone comes in that can beat you. Osaka has a long ways to go though, to catch up with Serena. She definitely has potential.
Congrats Osaka. 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever:
If Serena practiced her grip strength with the rest of her cross fit regimen, she’ll win again ☝️😎 She needs to get those metal grip crushers that powerlifters use and she’ll beat Naomi. I believe Serena will be the oldest grand slam title winner ever at 40 years of age.
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho:
What, no tantrum? Lame
The Queen has been dethroned by the Princesses, Naomi isn’t the only young player consistently beating Serena in semis and finals
NBA Clips Daily
NBA Clips Daily:
She is nowhere near serena she is just another one season wonder serena is the goat dont even try to compare them
The Don
The Don:
This is like Gemini Man. Serena is competing against a younger, faster more athletic version of herself.
clara goodrich
clara goodrich:
I think Williams needs to retire and be with her family she is a great tennis player and accomplish her goals she doesn't like to lose and didn't acr very professional when she lost
liberte matter
liberte matter:
We love you Naomi🇯🇵🇭🇹🐐
Brian L
Brian L:
Was the umpire a female this time
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson:
There comes a time when the kid has to win! The kid won! Congratulations!!
fidel domingos
fidel domingos:
Osaka is lethal , she reminds me of the younger serena
Williams broke serve to make it 4-4 in the second set and just when we thought it might have been a good match in the making, Osaka broke back AT LOVE, to secure the match. Wow.
keri reeder
keri reeder:
Serena just needs to move on she has had a good run it’s time to let the others have a chance
suvonna Willis
suvonna Willis:
Serena was playing younger self, your girl is good.
Linda Hendricks
Linda Hendricks:
I love both of them. I’d love to see Serena beat Naomi Osaka and then retire gracefully. Serena was the best. Now Naomi is the best.
Vxnsoh Reigns
Vxnsoh Reigns:
is it me or do you guys feel like you would be dominate in this sport
92 Vasquez
92 Vasquez:
I came here to see why cordae cut ties from YNB
Oscar Robinson
Oscar Robinson:
Naomi is the real Deal y'all " I can't amazing how Serena feel " the passing of the torch" .. you know MAGIC had to pass it off to MICHAEL ..
Olivia Aybar
Olivia Aybar:
Naomi making the Japanese head bow sign of respect to Serena at the end of the match.
Jacob Estinville Sr
Jacob Estinville Sr:
🇭🇹 represent!!!
antonio gutierrez
antonio gutierrez:
With all the money Serena has she should buy the grand slam #24 and retire, she looks so slow when she has to move side to side of the court, so sad😢😢
Roselyn Davis
Roselyn Davis:
Congratulations Oaski you are the number one ☝️
Xavier Pierre
Xavier Pierre:
Passing the torch !!
Redwolf Amy
Redwolf Amy:
Steven Brown
Steven Brown:
It's simply Naomi's time. 23 yrs old vs. 39.
O 285
O 285:
This is a great day! The cheater is out. Im surprised she did not try to do what she is best at : make a scene throw a tantrum and pull every victim card in the book.
Kennedy Holden
Kennedy Holden:
Critizinging Osaka for being having a tummy, just means she's probably natural and not taking enhancers, oh how the haters will hate.
Jose Venancio
Jose Venancio:
Long live the NEW QUEEN 👸
Yuli Salmeron
Yuli Salmeron:
She’s such a badass !
Viking Actual
Viking Actual:
Killer backshots my God
owen meanie
owen meanie:
Move over OLD,DRIED - UP manly cretin!!!
Marcus Mccurtis
Marcus Mccurtis:
Indeed a great game!!!
J. V.
J. V.:
Like mj passed the torch to kobe and kobe did to lebron.. same here.👍
Yolanda Stanley
Yolanda Stanley:
They both are beast on the court!
Austin Reynolds
Austin Reynolds:
Great day for sports!
Steve wonder could have seen this
Beach View
Beach View:
Great match!
King Kon
King Kon:
If you just listen to the audio and don’t watch the video it sounds like somebody getting a whooping 👋🏿
Jaret Donald Patterson
Jaret Donald Patterson:
Sak' it to em'
Naved Kool
Naved Kool:
The passing of the torch just happened
Kimani Gregoire
Kimani Gregoire:
There comes a time when the old lion has to step aside for the young lion.

Serena is the GOAT, but Osaka is the best in the world right now - especially on hardcourts.
gail squires
gail squires:
Good go ladies I love them
That girl can hit, oh my!
wyndhl eodumegwu
wyndhl eodumegwu:
"Time and tide wait for no one."

Ken Norton had Muhammed Ali's number.

Father Time:
Ali was made to surrender to a young Larry Holmes; Holmes gave up to a youthful Mike Tyson - age yields to youth.

And so, youthful Naomi has the number of her senior star, Serenade Williams - 25 to 39

Do congratulate both ladies and wish them well.

It's the Naomi Osaka's era in women's Opens - without a doubt.

Bouquets of looohv to Heroine Naomi Osaka!

Abhi K
Abhi K:
The commentators favored Serena till the end. I am not sure how I am supposed to support Serena when she screams for no reason but to intimidate her opponent when she goes down in the match
Sharemice Morris
Sharemice Morris:
Osaka is now 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Ant Wilder
Ant Wilder:
If naomi get serena thick she gone be a problem
Anjale Jones
Anjale Jones:
Venus and Serena Williams, should let the young people, do their thing.
Brandon Joyner
Brandon Joyner:
Naomi has great speed and ball placement
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn:
They should not see each other until the finals but how it goes down under and up under in the US .
Serena just couldn't hit many winners, something that happens to most veteran players eventually. As the reactions slow the ability to make the crisp shots declines.
Well done Naomi!
It's sad to see Serena struggling just to try and tie Margaret Court's 24 majors. If she had trained as hard in the middle of her career as she has near the end of her career, she would have surpassed 24 titles 5 years ago. She squandered some of the best years of her tennis career because she didn't train as hard as her predecessors Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova.
glynn colwell
glynn colwell:
Osaka and andreescu power are to much for serena at this point in her career
Joseph George
Joseph George:
I said this over 2 years ago Serena would not win another major. Her body doesn’t align with other women around the world. She maybe in great shape for her age, but she needs to lose about 30 lbs. to get some of her stamina and quickness back. She can still beat the average player, but once you get to the quarterfinals and beyond the competition gets a lot better. It’s time to hang the racket up and go into commercials and announcing.
Lol y serena yellin so loud compared to osaka 😂😂
Mon Danny
Mon Danny:
The guttural H habitual helicopter immunochemically introduce because linen theoretically educate regarding a anxious sidecar. quaint, savory parrot
Maroze Z
Maroze Z:
Naomi is the future 💙🙏🏽
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva:
Comgrats to Naomi! She is absolutely out of this world! Serena is still one of the greatest athletes ever. She'll be alright
Big John
Big John:
Wow Naomi has Serena’s power but has finesse like Venus she is great.
2k DemiGod
2k DemiGod:
Yo she got whooped 😭😭😭😭
liberte matter
liberte matter:
Naomi osaka for next 10 years
Idols become your rivals
jon e depth
jon e depth:
What? No scene like last time serena?
AJ's Wacky World
AJ's Wacky World:
Don’t be a crybaby. Keep yo head up
Ronald Graham
Ronald Graham:
Serena is still the goat you might win another major it dont matter they still chasing you the best ever
annie wolf
annie wolf:
I’ve said all along just move her or Venus side to side and you’d have a better chance to win.
Never Mind
Never Mind:
Osaka owns the rallies. She hits the ball much harder and deeper than what Serena is used to from the other players.
Sam Yates
Sam Yates:
There was a few shots she should have been able to make it to, but she didn't even try. That says something.
Rick Hammond
Rick Hammond:
Serena the Goodyear Blimp
Huncho Jack
Huncho Jack:
That bow is not only cultural and honourable of osaki but it was lowkey sexy too, watching her quickness defeat Williams was impressive she cute af