Naomi Osaka: "I'm playing with a different purpose" press conference (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Naomi Osaka's press conference following her semifinal win over Serena Williams at the Australian Open 2021.

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Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson:
Naomi once said, as a child, she would dream of playing Serena in finals, and when asked, who won? Naomi smiled, I don't lose in my dreams. If you can see it, you can be it. Dream On, Naomi Osaka, Dream On! No one remembers the runner up, they remember the Winners. The mentality of a Champion. 🏆 🏆 🏆. Being the Best, She can Be.
I think Osaka probably gives the most interesting post match press conferences of any elite tennis player today male or female.
Bwembya Mwamba
Bwembya Mwamba:
"Winner's name is engraved in the finals". Champions mentality.
Madeline Anderson
Madeline Anderson:
she is so down to earth, graceful, and well-spoken. a truly amazing ambassador for the sport of tennis, and someone who realizes she can use her visibility to speak out for racial and gender equality. I adore her, and can't wait to see her career continue to grow <3
"People don't remember the runners-up"
Tough and she is absolutely correct.
Naomi's wisdom is very admirable. Hoping she gets the win in the final.
Sal and My Two Cents
Sal and My Two Cents:
I like her bc she is not cocky or overly self centered - I hope she keeps that mental strength & wins many many more GS's. She will become the GOAT if she does
Saad Khan
Saad Khan:
She can become the poster girl for Tennis on the women's side. She has great attitude, great results and a cool look and vibe. She's got it all.
The M.U.D.
The M.U.D.:
That laugh @1:00 Naomi's mind: Is that a serious question?? She's Serena Williams!
A Superstar is born , no one can stop her now. She has nerves of steel . Naomi you were my number 2 after Serena now i have found a new home coz the queen will not be around for much longer .Hopefully you will up your game on the other 2 surfaces and be a mega grand slam winner, you can do it. GO NAOMI.
Warboy 007
Warboy 007:
The beauty, humility, composure, calmness, intelligence, cuteness, execution, ruthlessness, committment, dedication, speed, power, intensity, focus, representation, determination, activism..... everything in one gorgeous package. The future of tennis, not women's tennis, but TENNIS..... is in good hands!!!
Khalid Abed
Khalid Abed:
I love the way of being of this girl! She is from another planet. I grow up watching: Wimbledon, Roland, UP, AO...and I heard a lot of interviews from : Sampers, Agassi, Roger, Nadal, Djokovic...I have never seen a player like her. A case to study in tennis game in all level. Especially in mental level. She said that during the game she argue with herself about how to overcome the way of playing of Serina but fast fast, she come back to the real challenge she have: how to execute her plan. Love you Naomie, keep going. Another big star in univer of tennis game.
Divine Justice
Divine Justice:
I like that Naomi is such a humble winner. She seems like a very relatable, down-to-earth young woman who displays such humility, poise, and respect for the game of women’s tennis. She definitely has a promising career ahead of her!
Jay Jugg
Jay Jugg:
🇯🇵✊🏾 we proud of you.
I Gede Darmawan
I Gede Darmawan:
she has a real japanese mentality and eastern attitude
EZ Money
EZ Money:
Such a sweetheart and Great player. Her parents did a GREAT job..
Caroline Gardner
Caroline Gardner:
Greatest interview she’s ever given, grudgingly the questions were pretty good too.
People keep in mine that serena has a proven history "longivity" many years of success. Naomi is great but
sit back and wait for her years of proof. We shouldn't compare because it's not over until its over.
Umm Honestly, You are Amazing Naomi!
He Who Greets With Fire
He Who Greets With Fire:
Naomi of Serena: "I want her to play forever; that's the little kid in me."
me of Naomi: because the full essence of the whole (the divine) is in every particle, so then, you are boundless.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Journalist: "Why was it intimidating to see [Serena] on the other side of the net?"
Naomi (in her head): "Because it's freakin' Serena you dumbass." But of course she is far too nice to say that lol
Daniel Nicolas
Daniel Nicolas:
13:15 On why she’s wearing the Lakers jacket. ‘I felt like I needed that extra strength.’ #MambaMentality
The Silent Samurai. The AO 2021 winner. Wish you win all the GS this year.
Bry M
Bry M:
She has such a gorgeous personality. She's definitely one of my fave sportspeople ever!
She's a walking billboard$$$$
Case K
Case K:
I'm loving this girl because she always stays humble and tries to do the right things using her fame and the platform of tennis. A very inspirational human being.
Faith Monique
Faith Monique:
"I want to be a vessel of my team's hard work"
This girl is golden🙌🏾💯💕
Okto Lalian
Okto Lalian:
She is amazing player with nice attitude on the court
Solomone Pule
Solomone Pule:
"I'm not gonna expose myself" shows her witty
Notice how she smartly keeps her main sponsor patches uncovered by the Lakers jacket...
Jazzy Jones
Jazzy Jones:
Love what she said about growing the sport with a new comer in the finals. She is a very smart player, she reminds me of Arthur Ashe with her intelligence and her like ability..
Veli Em
Veli Em:
"To be a vessel for everybody's hardwork" now that's a team player 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Tarrif Ashton Ali
Tarrif Ashton Ali:
i like this lady ,she's seems humble which is great. Wow.
Number 1 comment. Been waiting for this press conference. Go Naomi!
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
She's got that killer mentality that you need to have to be the best.
i never got tired of her interviews
Naomi is the most complete sport professional. Embodiment of every good thing you want to see and hear from a wonderful grounded human being.
Bev B
Bev B:
Keep going more game to go🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Love this maturity, I hope you can stay composed during Saturday's finals and not feel the pressure like at the US Open first set against Vika or like your match against Muguruza. Trust the process that your team has laid out for you!
Naomi is very strategic and her serve is strong. It was hard watching both of my favorites play.
Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang:
Repping that purple and gold! Love her even more now!
"When I was younger, like 2 years ago...." Funny girl
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins:
Naomi is legit! She has power, speed, and unbelievable skill.
Magister Tremere
Magister Tremere:
*"I want to do well, as a vessel for everyone's hard work"*
This is why she will always inspire loyalty.
Alan Coligado
Alan Coligado:
I love that she always seems to give thoughtful and truthful answers. Her soft-spoken demeanour belies her newfound self-confidence.
One of the best tennis players in our generation. Good on her for doing over 23 minutes in her press conference.
widiani lilik
widiani lilik:
she has "class" thats what make her extraordinary!
Emoji Mr
Emoji Mr:
For all the people wondering why she's wearing the Laker jersey because Kobe and her used to talk a lot about how to win he used to mentor her ...
Peter Mumo
Peter Mumo:
I can't wait to watch all of @Naomis interviews with my daughter in afew years. Her humility, thoughtfulness, intelligence, competitiveness, is super inspiring.
Jalaja Rao
Jalaja Rao:
I love that Laker’s Jersey she is wearing remembering Kobe Bryant. That’s very sentimental & I am impressed. Wishing you all the best in the Finals & I will be watching. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So proud of you Naomi you are an absolute treasure of Japan. ありがとう。
Probably the most down to earth champion in Women's tennis for a long time.
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats Naomi, class act.
Im a diehard fan of Serena.
How do some of these “reporters” who come up with such dumb questions have a job?
Rupesh Choudhary
Rupesh Choudhary:
Best post match interview . Hats off to journalists asking such good quality questions and the the way Naomi answering them so much composure and champion mentality. Honest and down to earth.
Ganesh Phulari
Ganesh Phulari:
Osaka answered non english questions in English, I appreciate it, lots of love to osaka.
I love how she gives every question genuine thought, even those questions that might really annoy another player.

Go Naomi!!
Ileana Santamaria
Ileana Santamaria:
Her parents did a brilliant job instilling in her bedrock values, humility, humaneness and perspective. Such a genuinely thoughtful human being, apart from having a gorgeous baseline game and incredible movement. "I want to do really well as a vessel for everyone's hard work". I love this girl!!! Well done, Mom and Dad!
Ileana Santamaria
Ileana Santamaria:
"Knowing that the people I love will still love me if I lose a tennis match". So much wisdom. For people who equate their worth with what they do (replace "lose a tennis match" with whatever they do), this is a vital sentiment, and it takes great effort to arrive at it.
Gia Samuel
Gia Samuel:
Go Osaka!! 🏆
Ina Fab
Ina Fab:
"For me I want her to play forever. Well, that's just the little kid in me". Naomi. Ohemgee u r so amazing! I'm sure if Serena were to pass on the 👑 it would be to you. Coco fans please don't @ me. ✌️
She's just a different kind of athlete. So, likable.. and thoughtful. Seems very grounded despite all the deserved accolades.
Paul Agboola
Paul Agboola:
Me expecting Naomi to speak Japanese after the Japanese question 😂😂
Called it, it’s hers for the taking.
Jakari Bikaro
Jakari Bikaro:
so pure of heart and speech. rare. i love her.
Mohammed Samseer t
Mohammed Samseer t:
But .....Serena s the greatest tennis player ever seen
Fikri Ali
Fikri Ali:
"i am not gonna exposed myself"😂😂😂
Ileana Santamaria
Ileana Santamaria:
And let's hear it for new coach Wim: "my life won't change if I lose; it can only get better by winning." 😍😍😍
Carmen Onea
Carmen Onea:
class, poise and respect...go Naomi a breath of fresh air!!
mobisman mobis
mobisman mobis:
Go naomi!!
Anne-Marie Ashdown Brändström
Anne-Marie Ashdown Brändström:
Haha... why was it so intimidating to see her on the other side of the net? Haha
I love Naomi, love her love her. So candid, humble, honest, kind , intelligent and strong
She has such a sweet spirit. I hope that she continues to be more and more blessed with her gift.
Coach Daisha
Coach Daisha:
Naomi is free, real and powerful! Amazing being...
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson:
Passing of the torch.
Now THAT is a champion.. both on and off the court. Well done Naomi. You are so grounded and an amazing athlete with a fantastic game.
Erico Mens
Erico Mens:
Congrats Naomi on your victory against the best female tennis player in the history.
Its so crazy I love how Japan's top atheletes right now, Osaka, Hachimura.. mixed race Japanese just like me :) I never thought I would see mixed raced public figures anywhere, the kid in me is really happy. Osaka what a class act and what a competitor.
Roo Gee
Roo Gee:
Such a cool and humble person GOD BLESS YOU
Ro MaYo Jr
Ro MaYo Jr:
reporter: "why was it intimidating to see her on the other side of the net?"
naomi: "laughs hysterically"
Ileana Santamaria
Ileana Santamaria:
"I used to weigh my entire existence on whether I won or lost a tennis match, and that's just not how I feel anymore". While calling a match at the US Open, where Naomi continued her courageous stand for Black lives, wearing a mask bearing the name of one of seven people murdered by police, Chris Evert said at a point where Naomi's opponent had the edge, "she needs to set aside her activism and focus on her tennis". That may have been Chris' experience, but Naomi proved to be bigger than that, a more complete and evolved human being, and paradoxically, it turns out that NOT having your whole self-worth riding on a tennis match makes you a fearless, and therefore a more dangerous opponent. Since taking her stand, her activism has hardly interfered, Ms. Evert. She HASN'T LOST A MATCH SINCE. Activism, far from interfering, has made her greater as a tennis player and, more important, as a human being.
Vinley Oyaro
Vinley Oyaro:
Her calmness ladies and gentlemen her calmness . She is was born humble and great. Go go Naomi and win ANOTHER ONE in my dj Khalid voice
Desi Day
Desi Day:
Love her, great player great attitude.
God's faithful
God's faithful:
The best naomi osaka God bless you 🙏🙏
Suzanne Johnson
Suzanne Johnson:
Congratulations Noami! It's your time!
Roo Gee
Roo Gee:
Keep up this humbleness and continue working hard.U'll definitely be one of the greatest.Would really love to see u one day be doubles partners.And if u go on to win trophies together with your idol I think it will also add to your already memories. GOD BLESS YOU
reporter: "why was it intimidating to see her on the other side of the net?"

erm because she is Serena Williams !
Yasmin Deedat
Yasmin Deedat:
I watched her when she was unknown. I liked her already. Knew she will be around the top players one day. Well she never failed to deliver. What an absolute pleasure to watch playing and conducting and interview. Simply educational. I admire her for what she has become. All praise to humble parents 🙏
D Ferg
D Ferg:
I will be cheering for you girl. Congratulations you played excellent
Lucretia Bolin
Lucretia Bolin:
Humility an often overlooked quality
Mariner Selah
Mariner Selah:
Doing a fabulous job. Wow. You’re a super player. I like tennis 🎾 and I love ❤️ all the great players. Welcome to the great players club!!! 🌈🌈🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️💕🦋🦋💥💥🐞🐞🦄🦄👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤗😊
Colin Harewood
Colin Harewood:
You have mature so much on and off the court and when I listen to you that have help your game in more ways than one you are heading for greatness and for you to beat the goat of tennis so many times to reach a finals defines your progress over the pass 3 years congratulations Naomi
Evan Howard
Evan Howard:
Naomi is going to dominate for the next decade , at LEAST, i can’t wait for her calendar grand slam in the next 5 years, or THIS year. i definitely can’t wait for her to win all the grand slams or most of them and then take the Olympic Gold once or twice 🏆✨
What a wonderful answer. I want to be a vessel of everyone work... she truly is nice human being.
a basher
a basher:
She has that sense of intelligence, humor, honesty, spontaneity , candid and humility combined in one. I always want to listen to her press conference.
Kempton Lam
Kempton Lam:
1:34 Question re Mori's resignation and his Tokyo Olympics job being replaced by a woman.
The one thing she has done in Tennis history is to stop Williams each time she has faced her in a Grand Slam Tourney. I've always awed in Serena, however with today's access to the best coaches, food, trainings, knowledge, Naomi has taken me by storm. As the Open Era has the MOST toughest competitors. Serena will always be a GOAT, however Naomi for me is remarkable during this era.
Just Sayin
Just Sayin:
Shy, but so smart!! Go get'em my girl!!