Naomi Osaka Press Conference | 2021 US Open Round 3

Naomi Osaka's press conference following her Round 3 defeat the Leylah Fernandez in the 2021 US Open.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!


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Ronan Rogers
Ronan Rogers:
It’s tough at the top. It makes you realise how exceptional Serena, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic really are.
Good Bye
Good Bye:
“When I win, I don’t feel happy. I feel more like a relief.” Yeah that’s when you know it’s time to take a step back because there is no longer joy in it. Something is going on and I hope she is able to get through it. I’m a still fan.
Synthia E
Synthia E:
I just want to give Naomi a hug. Hearing her say that winning doesn't make her happy and that losing makes her sad was just heartbreaking. That made me tear up. As much as I love to watch her play, she needs to take care of herself first. If taking time off will help her mental state then I'm in full support and wish her nothing but the best.
joseph rocha
joseph rocha:
Shes overwhelmed. Something is definitely happening behind the scenes. Life can be extremely hard sometimes. She needs a strong support system around her now. Wish her well.
Charles Faure
Charles Faure:
She's not playing for herself. She's trying to be what others want her to be--or what she thinks they demand she be. She lives in fear of what others think of her. Hopefully the time will come when she realizes that no one else has the right to tell her who she has to be. She's more than paid back those who have helped her become successful.
Swarnadip Sinha
Swarnadip Sinha:
The whole interview she was trying to hold back tears. She's clearly in need of some counselling help. She's basing her life on winning matches. That's why when she wins, she's relieved (not happy), and when she loses, she's sad. But this should not be the case. She needs to entirely reset her mental approach to playing tennis. She should enjoy playing tennis. I am more than thankful that she decided to take time off.

P. S. : There is no shame in going to a psychologist, or counsellor. When I told my parents mid-pandemic that I was feeling claustrophobic, uncertain of future (as I had no job), having lost a close friend of my mine, and went to bed, not wanting to wake up the next day, initially they tried to brush it off. But then when things got worse, they took me to a professional who completely helped me regroup. I have immense respect for him. And I hope anybody who struggles mentally finds someone who they can talk with openly.
Caanan White
Caanan White:
Man. The best decision she made. I watched her netflix film. She seemed so unhappy and disconnected. As many have experienced the headspace she is in, it's like swimming in oil. And no matter what you do, it just sticks to you. She's just not happy. And trying to play through that, create fake positivity for appearance's sake, takes its toll. So proud of her for knowing it's time to step away for however long she needs it. Cause many don't deal with it until it's too late. And if she returns, awesome. And If not, that's ok too. Your life is yours Ms. Osaka. live.
King Zande
King Zande:
Sometimes taking a step back and reevaluating things, can actually help prolong your career. And having things outside of tennis also helps, that's one of the reasons why Serena managed to stay at the top in the 00s and 10s, especially when the injuries started piling up.
As a person who has been suffering from depression for many years, I can honestly say I felt her pain and struggle. Big hugs to Naomi. She needs a LONG break from tennis. ASAP.
40 Love
40 Love:
Though she looks unhappy and uprooted - I admire her honesty, vulnerability, and openness to share this with the World. You rarely see other top athletes bare their souls like her.
On The Trail
On The Trail:
This is painful to watch. I hope she finds peace and gets some joy back in her life.
Anthony Betters Sr.
Anthony Betters Sr.:
We've all been there in some point in life, but our tears (of anger, fights, throwing stuff) and emotions aren't seen before millions nationally. Pray for the sister as you would family or a friend you see in need. Don't hate!
A Singh
A Singh:
I feel very sad for her having to share all this publicly. I would hope the team around her could do more to protect her right now which is what she needs. A break is definitely the right decision and I am sure she will come back and be a force again if that's what she wants. Take your time Naomi, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you will be a much stronger person to face lifes challenges. Challenges don't go away we just become better at dealing with and eventually overcoming them.
Brianna Walker
Brianna Walker:
Aww Naomi, it’s okay! I still think she’s one of the best young talents out there! When you’ve been playing tennis most of your life, and now it’s your career, it’s hard to take some a step back. A mental break is perfectly fine, and it’s worth it for her to get to a better mindset. I have absolutely no doubt that Naomi will be that much better after she comes back from this break!
robert mcknight
robert mcknight:
This girl has won 4 grand slams in 4 consecutive years... most players would be very pleased with that cv, few are capable of emulating it. Something weird is going on with Naomi to make her this unhappy. She needs help and fast. She should be smiling not crying. Poor girl!
Annie L
Annie L:
Hope she can regroup, find her passion, and get a sports psychologist and be back for the AO in 2022 as the defending champion. We love her so much and support her always ❤️❤️❤️
AJ 左治
AJ 左治:
It’s okay to take a break whenever you feel like to. Stay strong and come back stronger 💪🏼🇯🇵
It’s tough to be in her spot. Hope she makes the right decision for her future. She has LOTS to offer the tennis world and the greater world as well. Wow, could she do great tennis work with kids in underserved communities through existing organizations or her own. Whether or not she continues to compete, best of luck to her.
Rich Elmer
Rich Elmer:
First, I want to congratulate Leylah Fernandez on a great match and well-deserved victory! I'm taking absolutely nothing away from her. I hope Leylah kills it in the next round(s) so that she can show what she's made of. :) 👌 Now, as it pertains to Naomi; I hope she's able to take this time to steady herself. And let the people close to her: take care of her because I'm concerned about her as a fan. Thus, I would recommend that Naomi hopefully takes as much time as she needs to refresh, learn, and strengthen as a human being because she is human. And remember this: you're still young yet. You don't need to conquer this mountain all in one night. You don't need to be some princess of the court for an audience. Nor do you ever need to do anything above yourself. Just be you! *Naomi Osaka* :) <3 everything else will work itself out; I'm sure of it. Play *your* brand of tennis and remind people of who *you* are. :) Most importantly, never give up on something that matters most to you; or what you love! ;) Create your legacy. And always remember to value yourself; keeping that head and chin of yours up at all times. :) <3 <3 You've got this Naomi!
Naomi is really on the edge. Her parents and team shouldn't have pushed/ allowed such an introveted soul to take up so many endorsements and sign off for so many talk show appearances, magazine covers etc. Naomi really needs a break, not just from tennis but from spotlight. She is just 23, can take a break for a year or two and still come back strong. Serena , Clijsters, Navratilova have played well into mid 30s.
Javier Barrena
Javier Barrena:
People who loves what they do overcome the struggles because they love it. I hope that this is not the case for her and her anxiety is getting built up
Definitely take a break Osaka you don’t have to prove anything to anyone your records speak for themself and many will try to win one Grand Slam and you have won 4, keep your chin up and do whatever you need to make you feel better and do what brings you joy 🙏💚
Heavy is the head that wears the 👑! Take care of your mental health sweetheart... everything else is secondary!🙏🏽
Ryan B
Ryan B:
Osaka, your fans are always here to support you -- on and off the court. We all face difficulties in our lives and sometimes we need to just take a moment to step away, breathe for a bit, then return. You're an amazing tennis player. I hope you know how much you mean to a lot of us. We'll be here when you return. Stay strong girl!
Jessica Ayo
Jessica Ayo:
No shame in taking a break. Barty did the same and she’s killing it now
Matt Huber
Matt Huber:
Take care of yourself, Osaka. Come back when you’re ready. Much love.
She’s a sweet girl with great talent! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the killer instinct to be dominant! I wish her well!
rj ytt
rj ytt:
It's okay Naomi! You are an inspiration to many of us. It takes strength to even admit that there is a problem. I pray you find peace. Take your time and regroup. You will be back stronger than ever!
Gracie Lamphee
Gracie Lamphee:
I dont think there is a straightforward comparison between Naomi and Ash, Ash made some smart choices whilst still relatively young, she left the pro tour before she ended up in the state Naomi is and she's stayed outside of mega sponsorship deals (aside from smaller Australian based ones), plus she generally keeps her private life private.
chriselda mosibudi makhubela
chriselda mosibudi makhubela:
She loves Tennis so much! It's been her whole life. When she talks about taking a break, she literally broke down. 💔 I pray she gets better and comes back refreshed. She has achieved so much at a young age and it is too much at times. 🥰🥰❤❤We love Naomi Osaka. I miss her already
Grace Gallery
Grace Gallery:
This is tragic - she is lost right now. I agree with Robert that she needs help and fast! This is not just depression for her, but depression for all her fans too. We feel it as much as her and all her pain. It truly broke my heart to see her shed tears and confess that she does not know when she'll play her next tennis match. Naomi Osaka, pull yourself together girl, get it together and come back stronger than ever! That's about the best encouragement I can give you right now!
It's so heartwarming, to read the comments, that are so supportive, of this talented, young lady!💯💕
Quinn Knox
Quinn Knox:
The kind of pressure and attention Naomi has is unlike any other player on tour (men or women). Maybe only Serena, The Big Three can relate. Her meteoric rise to stardom was very quick. I don’t blame her for feeling overwhelmed. A combination of that mixed with her sensitive personality = her current state of affairs. Some might see her as a crybaby, but I just see her as being human. There’s no doubt she needs to develop thicker skin if she wants to remain at the top of the game, but we don’t kick our wounded. Lots of love Naomi ❤️❤️❤️
boy asia
boy asia:
Life is like a wheel. sometimes on top , sometimes at the bottom. In sports, show biz, modeling industry, the reality is there is always someone who is better.
Take the rest of the year off, refresh, recharge, find a new perspective and defend the AO title💪 it's all in the mind
Nate Ansel T.
Nate Ansel T.:
I still love and support Naomi. Watching her is almost like watching any other human being growing up phisically and emotionally.
Zeke Hu
Zeke Hu:
She definitely needs a little break, she needs to do all the simple down to earth stuff that girls her age do. But we do hope to see playing again. You are a great player 👍
Naomi, I still feel that you are great and an amazing tennis player. I felt bad when you said that when you win you don’t feel happy , you feel relief! Do what’s best for you. I love you and please go within to rediscover your true happiness.💜
Steven Apar
Steven Apar:
Having your brain chemistry off and anxiety/depression is a bad place to be. She is clearly in a rough place right. Hope she can recover soon.
Jan S formerly jbskr
Jan S formerly jbskr:
Heart breaking to see Naomi try to explain her position. I wish her all the best. I hope she takes as much time as she needs. The life of a top tennis player is not for everyone. The things that sound great to many, sound terrible to others. She'll be missed and hopefully, at some point, she'll feel like coming back.
La Tun
La Tun:
As someone who suffered depression, this hit me right in the feels. It's like nothing brings you joy. I hope the break she will take will help her. Can't wait to see you back on court!
Daniella Simuene
Daniella Simuene:
It’s really sad to see ppl hating on her and calling things like “a softie” or “crybaby”. It’s like they expect her to hide everything. This is an ongoing problem with social media. Ppl will bash someone and when the worst happens they regret it and start to feel sorry for them. Ppl are honestly so ignorant. Telling her to “toughen up” like bro- u try being that high up in the rankings and trying to maintain it. Like the hate is honestly ridiculous
ladym -
ladym -:
It’s a lot at such a young age. I just want to give her a cuddle. Take a break, do college or something creative or philanthropy and just be happy and at peace ❤️
Sachiko S
Sachiko S:
She needs time to sort things out. It is totally fine. We need to take a break sometimes. Naomi, we love you regardless.
Dominique Moore
Dominique Moore:
Osaka needs to leave the sport for a min like she's not in the right head space...
You tried hard! You can be proud of yourself🥰No shame in taking a break. The moon peeped through the breaks in the clouds. The Moonlight is calm, you will smile and the sun will shine again. It may be cold but There is always light behind the clouds. Don't push yourself too hard. NAOMI💖I'm a fan of Naomi Osaka💖
Axol Gaming
Axol Gaming:
Sister, don't give up.
I've been your fan since 2017, there was a time when you were at the top of the wta rankings, every time I played I never took my eyes off the TV screen because you played so well. Fighting sister, you and your fans all over the world will always be with you when you retire.

From England with love.
Ermine Mills
Ermine Mills:
Wow that interview shows that
She has something bothering her
I feel for this young lady
Do what make you feel better
I love watching you play
Take care of yourself
she sangkate
she sangkate:
Take a break Naomi and be back stronger. Amazing person still. Godspeed😍
Richard Chari
Richard Chari:
This when we need to appreciate what Serena has done, its not easy staying at the top and l feel for Naomi she needs to be mentally turf otherwise she will like a has being. Of all the WTA tennis players in the last 20 years its only Serena who has gone pass 7 slams the rest the get on top then vanish like vapour. I do appreciate what Serena the GOAT has accomplished it was not easy l see.
Give credit where it's due. Leylah was composed + owned the court + played Osaka like a fiddle. Naomi forehand slipped n Fernandez kept attacking like a shark smelling blood + in the process broke Osaka mentally.
Naomi just take a break, look into meditation, find joys in the simplest things in life
Not everything is about winning matches, find joy in just hitting the ball again.
I believe you will be back
It’s tough to be in the spotlight while you’re sorting out your sense of being while so young. Taking more time off to work on her head space as well as her tennis skills. Perhaps Some older tennis players could host a peer support group as the pressures after the almost 2 years of pandemic and being at the top is a lot of pressure.
Lara Lyndy
Lara Lyndy:
So many of the comments are so deep and heartfelt. It’s nice to read them, I wish I could acknowledge them all.
s s
s s:
Well definitely hard time for her now, there must be some feelings or thoughts that she's only experiencing after winning 4 slams at such a young age. Very understandable that she has said things today after losing in that way but this will be eased and she'll feel better in time. She will definitely come back as being more stronger. She is just on the way. Things will get better and better. Go Naomi!
John Toshiro Rainford
John Toshiro Rainford:
This is so sad. I don't mind if she never plays another match just as long as she is ok!!!
B T:
Osaka is taking a break from tennis and tennis is taking a break from Osaka , the best move for everyone for sure
It is ok to lose . It is just the process for the future to win more titles .. you are one of the best talents out there , losing today make no different , you have been one the greatest women tennis players . Take a break , and come back and just enjoy the game .
Yeah, she needs to step away for a while. It breaks your heart to see her like this in interviews. I'm sure she's not the first player to feel this way, it's tough at the top.
Lilly Mcintosh
Lilly Mcintosh:
The day that Serena ,Venus ,Roger and Nadal leave this sport its gonna be so sad. I honestly think that they need to have talks with the younger players in the field. We really have to appreciate what thry have done for this sport and how theyhave always pushed through especially mentally because early Osaka cannot do it. We talk those players for granted so much
sango paul
sango paul:
My dear Naomi, take it as a learning experience. You have already achieved much at your age.
Be calm and reset, many opportunities will present themselves in the future.
Cheer up and keep going, don't give a thought about all what the media will write and what they will say.
You are a strong person and a winner. I personally believe alot in your abilities.
Happyinhi 7
Happyinhi 7:
Sorry for all of the pressure youʻve been experiencing, Naomi, and I hope during your break you can find joy with family and friends and doing simple things you love. I hope you can find joy in quiet and beautiful moments. I hope you can rest, recreate, replenish, and find healing. And I truly hope you will be able to return to tennis when youʻre ready and play because you love it without a care of the results. Take Care!
BP Dynasty
BP Dynasty:
Sighs…I hope Naomi is able to find the joy in tennis again. We see the professional commitments she has (e.g. the endorsements and tennis) but we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes too. It’s clear the joy she gets from competing is not there right now, she’s going through a lot behind the scenes…really hope she’s able to find it again and she’s able to get the professional help needed to work through what she’s going through on and off the court 🙏🏾
Robert Wong
Robert Wong:
Naomi needs to take a break or play some smaller tournaments so that she can start enjoying playing tennis again without the glare of the spotlight.
mahmoud mousavi
mahmoud mousavi:
I think she feels pressure now….she achieved so much and now it feels like a job to her instead of fun. The psychology of sport is tough, especially at the top. After beating Serena at the US Open, you could start to see it - she didn’t enjoy it like you’d think she would have. That’s why she says “relief” when she wins and sad when she loses….because winning doesn’t even make her happy - it’s literally just expected of her (and that puts a lot of pressure on you). It’s almost like she can’t win even if she wins….because it’s just expected, but losing is a shock.

She has issues in her life she needs to address. If I were her, I’d only come back if it makes me happy - if I enjoy it. If she doesn’t enjoy it, she has a whole life ahead of her where she can do whatever makes her happy. I feel bad for her, she’s a sweet girl. Get well!!!!!

This really does show you how hard it is to achieve greatness like Rafa, Roger, Novak, Serena….it’s not just your talent, your mind is even more important.
Bernard Barroga
Bernard Barroga:
She really needs to take a looong brake from tennis. She needs to “reset” and know what her priorities are. I wished her the best in whatever decision she’ll make in the future.🤞🏼
The difference in the match was that Leylah Fernandez was mentally stronger and had a positive attitude as opposed to Naomi Osaka. There's definitely something wrong mentally with Osaka at the moment and, as she stated, needs to take time off to work things out. The most important thing for success in any sport and in life is belief in oneself.
Let’s put it simply for her: if you need a break take your money and run! If it causes you this much distress why are you continuing? Go follow another passion and be grateful you are able to do so.
Danny Lin
Danny Lin:
Everyone goes through that anxious phase. We all have that, it seems like its just a phase. May last a few months or years? Its part of life. She is no different then anyone else. She is just anothter human being who is very successful at tennis and at her career. Deep down inside, she is just another human being.
Wishing her the best and hoping Naomi finds her luck. Hope this gets her smile back
Tarik Walker
Tarik Walker:
As annoyed as I am with the mental health scapegoating we see alot in the West, I truly empathize with her and hope that she is able to find the help she needs. Lot of pressure she's under I'd imagine.
Angie S
Angie S:
I want to see Raducanu beating this drama queen so bad!
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
Osaka not happy! She should just step back, forget about tennis and move on! Osaka is worth $80 million U.S. She never have to worry about money again as along she spends a million a year or less that is.
Albert Alejandro
Albert Alejandro:
I admire you cause you are a fighter! Always remember that true champions never quit. Take a rest and learn to follow what your heart trully desires. The most difficult challenge is when battling against yourself like you were not able to compose and pacify yourself but always believe in yourself, do more extra hardwork and be patient. Success will always come to those true champions.
We wish you just be happy and when you feel playing tennis is giving you positive energy and when you are willing to take challenge, you will be more than welcome and we will be there as always. 🍀
She needs a break and the right support ...She is always in tears and needs a more stronger team
Petrol Fuzz
Petrol Fuzz:
I really wish we could’ve gotten Naomi at her peak today. It would’ve been over in 2 sets. Was heart breaking to see her struggle this way. The people talking down on her mental health advocacy are the same people that call in sick to work for the same reasons that she decides not to speak to the media.
C R:
“usually you’re so composed.” Lol, tell me you don’t watch many Osaka matches without telling me you don’t watch many Osaka matches
Helena Oliveira
Helena Oliveira:
Naomi Osaka The Best! Te amo! Força menina!💯💞
Anthony Stubbs
Anthony Stubbs:
Take the time to get away from everything for a moment Naomi. A conductive (space) atmosphere which give you time and space to self- reflect retrospect. Focus on living out your own personal expectations and not that of others, and in doing so this alleviates from the consuming pressures of life and these worldly demands. The LOVE you have for what you do well has to be rekindle. Often sometimes absence makes the HEART grow FONDER when there's space in between what we miss or once enjoyed. Be Bless Naomi....Don't worry....the enjoyment of what seems lost will be recovered. ⛲
Allison Regis
Allison Regis:
My heart goes out to her the pressure that comes with being on top doing what others expects of you and not doing what you want is a struggle with in itself take the break Naomi and figure what you want to do what makes you happy what puts a smile within your heart when you awake each day and in what direction you want to go DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU sending loads of support to you from the sunny island of Trinidad and Tobago
<3 she is very strong and I know everything will work out no matter what because she is a strong and smart young woman and she can handle anything life throws at her with time and growth
Gideon Ram
Gideon Ram:
Wow what an emotional interview. The battling is getting to Naomi. She’s searching for the spiritual value in playing tennis and she’s coming up short finding it. That’s because there isn’t any in the way tennis is served up to the world.
Arie Surya
Arie Surya:
You did great Naomi. Take your time, regroup, refocus and refresh!! Come back stronger Champ 💪🏽🙂👊🏽
E S:
We want you in the game, Naomi. You are an incredible talent. Take whatever time you need, though. Life is more than tennis. You deserve to be happy.
Jactome de Tarabilla
Jactome de Tarabilla:
Oh man, just keep going, dont care so much, dont think so much, youre talented so take advantage of it, be happy for playing and having that gift , have fun and keep going 💪💪💪
R S:
On this year's AO, serena left the press conf teared up after tough loss against naomi, and now on the last GS of the year, it's her...I guess that's the cycle of life...
Carmen Onea
Carmen Onea:
keep playing only if it makes you happy!! be free of expectations, yours and others!!
Take all the time you need! Life is too short and our careers are not our identities! Live your life, youre so young! Have fun, experiment new things ❤️❤️❤️
Big Rami
Big Rami:
Hahaha this makes me smile. Thanks for the content 😀
Debadatta Das
Debadatta Das:
such a lovely person. she could be an all time legend winning so many slams, if she didnt have the emotional/mental issues to go through. I really wish she doesnt take break again.
It's crazy to see how tough tennis is both on and off the court. You just only have yourself therefore you can only blame yourself for the most part if you lose. It takes so much to become a professional tennis athlete I admire these people so much.
It’s a the pressure I understand and we love you for being you . I know you feeling the pressure . You represent us the right , you so valuable in our community, we will always support you and embrace you rather you wanna continue to play or take a break . We love you young goat 🐐 🙏🏿
Tadiwa N
Tadiwa N:
Poor thing :( so sorry you feel this way Naomi. Take as much time as you need.
R R:
you’re doing so well Naomi!!
Andrew Weekes
Andrew Weekes:
That took guts and heart to publically speak while torn up inside. With those qualities on display I have no doubt Naomi will be back and stronger because she came through. Its a step forward even when it doesn't feel like it. One day at a time, speaking from experience as many have and continue to do so.
Dominic Dominic
Dominic Dominic:
I really feel 😪 for this young lady. She is passing through a lot. Naomi always closed at matches with ease. She did it against Pliskova at Australia 2019 and recently Serena at Australia 2021. I really hope she overcomes whatever issue she is going through 😢
Get back stronger, Champ!
Chet Morrison
Chet Morrison:
Aw man, I sure hope she has some very supportive and affirming people around her; I am kinda worried about the conflict that she no doubt feels; part of her wants to chuck this, part of her thinks she will be letting everyone down if she does. That is a conflict that can sometimes lead to rash actions. And it may not be resolved by merely taking a break
Maria Rubio
Maria Rubio:
Feel better heal yourself and come back stronger 💪🏽