Naomi Osaka | US Open 2020 Winner's Speech

Naomi Osaka’s winner’s speech following her championship victory over Victoria Azarenka at the US Open 2020.

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Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
She deserves that. What an amazing person.
Andrei Scholz
Andrei Scholz:
The question is " what does it make you think about those seven masks and names" emphatically asked backed to the commentator. Osaka is a mental gymnastic performer.
Love this girl, so sweet, so humble, not acting like a diva, and what a terrific tennis, what a champion (3 victories in 3 GS finals, tells a lot on her mental strength.)
Mpendulo Mahlangu
Mpendulo Mahlangu:
Naomi is so cute when she is talking
Lex _27
Lex _27:
Love her response “Well what was the message you got?”🙌🏾✊🏾
As someone who has been called awkward, quirky, quiet and even painfully shy, it's refreshing to see someone you can relate to shine on the world stage.
soid drone slayer
soid drone slayer:
This girl is the future of 🎾
Marcus Duarte
Marcus Duarte:
She seems so naturally humble and honest. I love that.
Sadeeq Omar
Sadeeq Omar:
She' s so sweet & humble. Congrats Naomi 👏 More to come, surely.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
I love her personality! She is so relatable😁😁
Grand unified celery
Grand unified celery:
She wore masks with the names of Breonna Taylor, Elijiah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Philando Castile and Tamir Rice.
Herbert Drandert
Herbert Drandert:
Naomi is a hero. BLM and thank you for being a great human. So impressed.
Been a fan since she first came on tour. I knew she was unique and destined for great things. So nice to see potential realized
Roger Lolamou
Roger Lolamou:
Ethan Yoo
Ethan Yoo:
I’ve started playing tennis since Naomi’s first winning at US Open.
So beautiful so humble acute and sensible. I love her charm and character! Congrats babygirl keep shining!❤️
Heine Kem
Heine Kem:
Congrats Naomi. From Haiti❤️👍
malhotra roger
malhotra roger:
Incredible person . Incredible tennis player . Very , very rare and wonderful to witness . Keep it up 👍,please .
Hernan Cano
Hernan Cano:
When you know before the match started, that at the end of the day you will be very happy and very sad! Both are graet champions, hope Vika can get more slams. Osaka is a class act!
Yah Best
Yah Best:
indian reaction adarsh
indian reaction adarsh:
naomi should win 20 slams
Grace Turner
Grace Turner:
I just love this Black Queen. The way she brought awareness to BLM with such class and then to Win it all. Congratulations Naomi Osaka!!!!!!
kevin goodman
kevin goodman:
its impossible not to like Osaka
CHUNGUS Is poop:
She is so honest.
Alycia Cooper
Alycia Cooper:
This beautiful young lady is so classy and measured. The future looks bright.
Naomi-chan! おめでとう!! So happy to see you winning this tournament. Lots of love and support from Japan.
Roderick Billings
Roderick Billings:
Congratulations on the US Open Championship Naomi ! Your tennis was awesome and your charm, humility, and social activism was even better.
Sheyla Gomes Castillo
Sheyla Gomes Castillo:
Well deserved! Congratulations Naomi.
Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson:
You wore 7 different masks with 7 different names on them, what message were you trying to convey? What message did you get? Priceless!
Barth Will
Barth Will:
The activism in her is something natural that can't be shadowed.
Ask any Zoe about it.
The politeness is the Japanese side.
The boyfriend Mr Cordea is her being authentic and real.
To me she's a revelation.
Love and respect always miss Naomi Osaka. 🙏🌠🎾👑
Vivian Opah
Vivian Opah:
A class act,love you Naomi!
Ro Ro
Ro Ro:
So humble. We love you Naomi!! Congratulations!
Mirdha Sultan
Mirdha Sultan:
At least the crowd did not boo her this time. She delivered her speech in peace :)
Kris M
Kris M:
She sounds really sweet. I like herrrrrrrrr
Congratulations! from Japan.
Eduardo Carino
Eduardo Carino:
Naomi is so humble!! and very pretty!! omedetto gozaimasu!!congratulations!!👏👏👏
Walter Hayley
Walter Hayley:
Naomi Osaka, omedetou gozaimasu! From a U.S. brother living in Japan...
Lisa Keys
Lisa Keys:
She's so humble
why is the women trophy smaller than the men's? that's so lame
Teri Rosa
Teri Rosa:
Strong player with an amazing future ahead of her. She better get used to being in the spotlight. 😊
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T:
Her replies are as crisp as her rallies. Just a few words that's all
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
Congratulations to a very beautiful
and talented athlete. OSAKA 🏆💯
DinoAldo Syah
DinoAldo Syah:
Amazingly wonderful person with great personality Naomi Osaka.
She's like the nicest player in WTA that I've seen. I guess.
Ali sa
Ali sa:
Congratulations Naomi well done 👏 great come back.
She’s so genuine. Love her
Bengguan Sim
Bengguan Sim:
Prediction: Naomi​ will​ take​ more​ Slams​ as​ she​ matures as​ a​ person​ and​ a​ tennis​ player.​ She​ deserves​ it.​ Stay​ sweet​ and​ humble.
H. Uemura
H. Uemura:
Naomi, you are a true champion in many ways! Beautiful! Thank you! From Japan.
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Much love to her❤️
Jessica H
Jessica H:
What a great speech !!! What a role model !! I hope she continues to be strong ! Mentally, physically, and in the court 🎾💕
Francis Wong
Francis Wong:
Surprisingly almost all comments came from non Japanese..Anyway, congrats from one of your Asia's fan.👏👏👏
So proud of her , and her using her platform to deliver the message.
Wavyleaf Thistle
Wavyleaf Thistle:
Congratulations to Naomi. It is amazing to see such an incredibly talented player.
Angela Colon
Angela Colon:
Amazing!! Give her the credit she deserves
The Dream
The Dream:
Naomi #$%^&*ing rocks!

*"What was the message you got?"*
Jeff Anthony
Jeff Anthony:
Yeayyyyy.. I wanted her to win.. And she did..
Nafraz Mohammed
Nafraz Mohammed:
I love her - SHE'S AWESOME!!! 👏👏👏
abiy shewasged
abiy shewasged:
What a perfect human being well done you deserved it 👊🏽
Ihuoma Basil
Ihuoma Basil:
Smart and very intelligent Naomi
Romy Li
Romy Li:
literally my QUEEN.
Bruce MacDonald
Bruce MacDonald:
If this is her happy I'd hate to see her when she's sad lol. Congrats though, amazing player, great role model ❤️
Silvia Marti
Silvia Marti:
Congratulations Naomi Osaka you are an Amazing soul, Lots of Love , Blessings and a big hugg 😀😗💖🏆👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kab Lauj
Kab Lauj:
Awe! She’s so sweet! I love her humbleness and personality. ♥️
Sagar Koduri
Sagar Koduri:
Wow that guy completely dodged the question on what names and number 7 meant to him. Shocking.
Noah B.
Noah B.:
So bizarre without a crowd, makes it have the atmosphere of a no-name-juniors... All the magic is gone...
But congrats to osaka anyway!
Natalia Duran
Natalia Duran:
She is so humble! Congrats girl! Thanks for your activism
Jimmitry Niquez
Jimmitry Niquez:
Osaka so natural 😍❤
Mann Goodroad
Mann Goodroad:
I love her and her attitude...
Olajide Abijo
Olajide Abijo:
Congrats 🎊 Naomi! From Tokyo
You are a Super Woman having definite voice and skill!!! Omedetoooo!!
Lisa Keys
Lisa Keys:
killalchang ppi
killalchang ppi:
CONGRATULATIONS! Naomi! You Are A Beautiful Young Lady! Keep On Winning!
marilyn anaba-ab
marilyn anaba-ab:
Congratulations naomi 👏 you rock 💪🏆🏆🏆😍
marie polinice
marie polinice:
brown buter
brown buter:
Rowe Naval
Rowe Naval:
Love her then, love her more❤️
Zairee HanDan
Zairee HanDan:
the speach so humble
Sota Umezaki
Sota Umezaki:
I didn't expect I can see Japanese flag in this video.
Congratulations, Naomi!🏆
Folasade Theresa Ojo
Folasade Theresa Ojo:
I just rewatched 2018 us open final presentation and i am so happy Naomi is happy rn! No controversy this year..... no crowd to boo her for winning. ... none of that bitterness this year
You go girl !
Tirthadip Ghosh
Tirthadip Ghosh:
i see characteristics of a great champion.although in this match i would say Azarenka lost it rather than osaka winning Azarenka dictated play and made the shots and the just hung on.
Colin Oniel
Colin Oniel:
If not Serena, I am happy that it was Naomi. Congrats 👏 Champion, you have shown the world your light, your conviction, and your humanity. And by the way, you were great on court as well.
Adnan Salah
Adnan Salah:
Congratulations ♥️
alessandra rompies
alessandra rompies:
I play a lot of l tennis everyday since I was five and now I am ten. I love watching all of these players but mostly Naomi Osaka because audited is amazing she is humble and mellow this is what real tennis is.
Ellen Hajie
Ellen Hajie:
Congratulations Naomi 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Sean Patrick Perfecto
Sean Patrick Perfecto:
Great answer to the question about the seven masks!
angelo pandan
angelo pandan:
She's too japanese for being Adorable. You deserves that G.O.A.T Naomi Osaka!
B Lee
B Lee:
Congrats Naomi!
Angelique Cantrell
Angelique Cantrell:
Congratulations young lady
PaaTRiiCiiA T
PaaTRiiCiiA T:
Well done Naomi...I love your inner fierce, that fire....don’t let them rearrange you. 🥳 🥳🥳
Madius Madius
Madius Madius:
She deserves that.what an amazing person
No entiendo alguien que me diga que le dijo a Azarenka son mis más grandes idolas ambas pero sabía que ganaba nahomy pero le amo a ambas quería saber que le dijo.
Zina Stanescu
Zina Stanescu:
Both grateful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love you Vika❤️❤️❤️❤️
Welshy King
Welshy King:
Wonderful fightback and change of attitude during the match Naomi 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾. Excellent!🙌🏾
Great to see Vika back playing great tennis 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
frankDIZON films
frankDIZON films:
congratulations to Naomi! of the tennis stars I watched and rooted for, after I rooted for Martina Hingis
laurent chadebec
laurent chadebec:
Yeah, with that girlish voice. She's unique, shy and cute. Awkward? Yes, it kind of works for her popularity. Almost as though someone shoved her onto the world stage unwillingly and she has to bare it. Humorous, but I love it!! Congratulations Naomi.
S N:
This is for "Tamir Rice" and his family
Jon Pops
Jon Pops:
Interviewer : Congratulations. Naooooomi Osaka, the 2020 US Open Winner! Naomi, please lift up your trophy!!!!

Naomi : Just holding the trophy 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣