Naomi Osaka vs. Astra Sharma | 2022 Miami Round 1 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Naomi Osaka vs. Astra Sharma at the 2022 Miami Open.

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100+ comentarios:

Dyanarra Ballesteros
Dyanarra Ballesteros:
Killer forehand from Osaka! Really well played by Astra as well. The athleticism of her getting those balls that Osaka didn’t think she would get.
Marcus Reins
Marcus Reins:
I hope Osaka keeps this level of tennis up. This was such a solid performance!
Karl Atkinson
Karl Atkinson:
When she's good she's a wonder to behold. A great match from Osaka.
Wishing Osaka a fruitful and healthy career. As Barty explained, there are many factors to your health and happiness outside of tennis/sports. Power to them both. 💖
Gerhard Botha
Gerhard Botha:
I hope naomi keeps playing like this or better. She owes herself that
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
Outstanding gameplay from Naomi, she played quite confidently and aggresively, specially with her forehand which is savage. Astra also played really well, specially when she stretched in many points which surprised to Osaka.
Jan Kowal
Jan Kowal:
Bravo Naomi! You did it again! Go go go Naomi!
Veni Konar
Veni Konar:
Well done to both players for a great match.Osaka you go girl and keep the momentum going❤️
Eric Marie Barthes
Eric Marie Barthes:
Ah! It's good to see Osaka in great shape! Let's hope that the message got across to all its detractors.
Build on this Naomi rooting for You!!! 💯💫
Ejikeme Frank
Ejikeme Frank:
Sharp speed🚀, super strength. Game Osaka!🎾🎾
Osaka is so beautiful to watch when she's on top of her game. I hope she keeps this level of tennis throughout the event.
Great seeing Sharma developing her game, better still to see Naomi Osaka looking so strong.

If Osaka could get some media training to deal with those cruel parasites, then she would be happier, and No 1 again.
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa:
Amazing job Osaka sending love and blessings from 🇨🇦🙌🏾😅 go get it!
Naomi is back. I thought she'd gone as a player but just when I ended up seeing the exit door for her, she showed that she sorted herself out quite remarkably well in a short space of time. She has some power in her now. Speed was also there. I still think she have to defend more patiently when she needs to. I hope she wins some matches on clay this year. Ash is not going to be there but there are plenty of girls who can play chess with Naomi on clay. Naomi just needs to watch how Nadal turns defense into offense smoothly. I must say her forehand is fantastic for women's tennis.
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph:
Great job naomi, be patient, go for your shot in the perfect time. Play the court not the opponent. Pinpoint your shots and placement in your serve.
Lwin Aye
Lwin Aye:
Good job 👍, Naomi. Keep up the good work and stay focused on tennis 🎾
Remy Baptiste
Remy Baptiste:
Vamos Osaka!
Ceferino Jr. Abata
Ceferino Jr. Abata:
Love seeing Naomi winning, and I am looking forward for Naomi raising another championship trophy. Keep pushing and playing perfect tennis. #tennisfan
00:04Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
sentadillas son unos HoTsTean.Cam muchas y un buen ejercicio.
5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍

Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.
a great undisputed start 💪 if she can get through kerber, this could be a great start for her
David Viner
David Viner:
Osaka is currently at number 77. If she can deal with the pressure, we'll see her steaming up the rankings this year. A couple of slams would be useful. She reminds me of Venus Williams at that age.
King Bible lessons
King Bible lessons:
Sharma remind me so much of martic its crazy! Amazing play by Naomi
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good battle. Good to see Naomi focused and ready to go deep in the tournament.
oasaka mvoes the ball anywhere she wants with pace at will amazing
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
Yo veo en Osaka un juego inestable, falto de solidez. Creo que las emociones estan influyendo en su juego.
Solid play from Naomi. I would have wished Astra could have had a few more weapons, and / or tried different tactics (didn't see much ion the way of drop shots or server volley for example).
Elio Nardi
Elio Nardi:
She can win 29 slam if play like this amazing love her
James B
James B:
I miss the old venue, just had a better atmosphere I think
Good Match.. and Osaka didn't even cry about anything!!
Saif Sattani
Saif Sattani:
On to Kerber…two former number 1’s battle it out
Regina Ferri
Regina Ferri:
Tennis Channel has shown this game a thousand times in my area.
vijay Hyderabadi
vijay Hyderabadi:
I bet she will not be able to cross 3rd round in any tournament and it’s been like that since past year.
Or maybe my expectations are very high..🤔
No matter what people say naomi, you’re still awesome! i really hope you are surrounded by good adults that will tell you how it is. No fear. At the end of the day you are still Naomi osaka! And that’s sort of a big deal! Stay healthy!
Astra Sharma's left hand is pulling her side and down when serving, causing her to tilt sideways rather than moving weight forward.
Declen Ray
Declen Ray:
I Think Her mental is STRONGER than before. a good playing from naomi. 💪
SAM Davis
SAM Davis:
Ah, everything's okay...when she wins.
Rick Beacham
Rick Beacham:
Anticipating Naomi's comeback!
Please upload these highlights in 1080p.
Rafal R
Rafal R:
And she is back. Good for the tennis.
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia:
Well if you keep hitting at her, how can you win!
Max Shine
Max Shine:
Obviously she can still play... great athleticism also
Andrea Horan
Andrea Horan:
Great to see Naomi back in business. What a woman
Haryo Koconegoro
Haryo Koconegoro:
Astra Sharma has probably the leanest body in women's tennis. I wonder what her diet and or fitness regime is
Aritra Panda
Aritra Panda:
These comment sections are pathetic. Do you guys even understand tennis? Do you even khow how & where to appreciate tennis? I guess, you don't. Had you been a tennis fan, you wouldn't have been curious about whether Naomi cried after match or not, who's dating who, whose grunting is the worst & stuff. Get a life. Take a break. Learn how to appreciate this beautiful sport.
Naomi wins a match. You go like "Yass, Queen. You go girl. Conquer'em all." She loses the next match & you say all sorts of rubbish about her. You should know that a player can play her best & still lose a match. We should only be talking about how she played; not who won & lost if we really love this sport.
Very clean and professional game .
Daria K
Daria K:
I don't understand why Sharma kept engaging in those baseline power rallies against someone like Osaka. You cannot win like that.
beloved child#Godislove
beloved child#Godislove:
THIS is the naomi i love!!
azib javed
azib javed:
osaka 💙💙⚡⚡🇮🇳🇮🇳
Gifted Zombie
Gifted Zombie:
Who the heck is Sharma? Is it a random draw or hand picked opponent? I have no idea.
Ja Meson
Ja Meson:
No Osaka heckler in this match?
TIG RECORDS Home Studio:
Naomi the best!🇯🇵🇭🇹
νικος γιώργος
νικος γιώργος:
3:57 she walks in squares like Nadal
John Dia
John Dia:
I saw her play. I am great fan of her, but this is not the dominating NO. She needs to play more games. Two rounds max. Hope to see her grow again.
Trung Tu Mai
Trung Tu Mai:
Great composure by Osaka
Those killer returns... Whoa...
And Astra, how did she pull that off?!
kika mik
kika mik:
Osaka is the one! She is the one.
John Pearson
John Pearson:
You gotta get Tough Haitian Queen!!!⚫🇲🇼🇭🇹😠👊🏿
Jose Cataylo Jr
Jose Cataylo Jr:
I always sympathizes naomi, i do not know why she is so disliked by many, just hang on naomi, hoping that you will do great in miami..
Timothy White
Timothy White:
Good! It looks like Osaka is having fun again!
i like osakas signature hair...
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
Careful no one say anything mean to her!!!!!
Hever Morales
Hever Morales:
V.V Vlogs
V.V Vlogs:
The opposite player not taking the ball early. Very slow player
Gooooo Osaka...!!!
chang michael
chang michael:
Osaka is back
Lucia Sefciuc
Lucia Sefciuc:
Felicitări Osaka!
An Tran
An Tran:
id like to see more points that sharma won, u only showed 4 points where sharma won
Jenkins S Thomson
Jenkins S Thomson:
u can win without grunting
⚽ 🎾⚽
The world is marvellous
it’s yours

Make your dream a reality
Life is a gift
a garden to plant dreams

It’s so pretty but no body knows of it

Only you…⚽ 🎾⚽

Believe In Yourself 🥇💡🥇 You Are Gold

✨The sky's 🏎 the limit✨

🦋Bravo 🦋
Naomi Osaka 🇯🇵 大坂 なおみ

💖 La 🥰 Principessa 💖

🙏 Stay Safe 😷 Stay Healthy🙏

Aronne…✍ 🏎 🚲📚
Jeff Sedam
Jeff Sedam:
Osaka is not long for the sport as she is soft.
OMG, Naomi has some of the ugliest outfits I've ever seen.

But she's amazing, so, I guess it's a wash.
Osaka was literally bullying Sharma on her second serves xD
cmon naomi.. be no 1 after barty retired, you can do it !!
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
Sharma has a very beautiful body.
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Hope Naomi will be able to get back on top.
Grant Ngatai
Grant Ngatai:
Osaka was strong on both sides and played a real strategic match however Astra is a complete player and I look forward to seeing her more on the ATP circuit
Lamarre Erickson
Lamarre Erickson:
Naomi is in better shape than ever. She’s being more aggressive than usually. Sharma got so much potential and stamina, her determination to go after every ball no matter how challenging it is is proof that she’s got a good career ahead of her. Good game from both player!!!
we will see next she play Kerber and goodbye princes
Surprise Taylor
Surprise Taylor:
Sooo good!!!🔥
T Tran
T Tran:
Osaka fan here but worried for her. The entire highlights didn’t show Sharma hit any winners until near the end she won a few rallies. One must wonder how Sharma won 7 games and kept it this close. The answer, I guess, is Osaka made errors that gave Sharma points. Highlights usually don’t show errors. Osaka has power in her shots, no doubt about it, but she needs to reduce unforced errors.
Hears someone shout then cries.
Osaka is indulged with rappers
lets go Naomi!
ok,i respect you and your work,but what abut barty?i didn't know,i still cannot believe it
Jero Piran
Jero Piran:
Naomi ❤❤
Jenkins S Thomson
Jenkins S Thomson:
Sharma need a better coach; her technique is inefficient.
cali scribe
cali scribe:
Ever since Osaka caused the Cincinnati tennis tournament (in New York) to be delayed because of her support of BLM, I have refused to root for her. Now, for some reason, her lack of mental toughness is a cause of celebration. I remember when overcoming difficulties were accomplished by competing. For example, Martina Navratilova leaving her home country and coming out as gay. And now, labeling the Indian Wells tournament as racist because one guy heckled her.
Alfredo Bonfim
Alfredo Bonfim:
Bom dia minha amiga senhorita Osaka espero que hoje você mensa o seu jogo é sica enfrente até a final todos os dias fassa a oração do Pai nosso.Que o senhor Jesus Cristo lhe abençoe sempre Fica com Deus
She’s looking good!
Lars Lundkvist
Lars Lundkvist:
Solid game from Osaka
Six Degrees of Gaming
Six Degrees of Gaming:
Way to go Naomi. Too much power in those arms. She has gained a bit of weight and it enabled her to hit harder than ever before. Always a joy to watch her blast one crosscourt winner after another past her opponents. She missed a lot of breakpoint opportunities in this match. She would have to improve in that aspect as any good player would make her pay for it.
Alejandro Hemard
Alejandro Hemard:
"I won"..😪AAaaahh!!!
Kan Boonmee
Kan Boonmee:
No surprise, Osaka alway good not over round 3?
beloved child#Godislove
beloved child#Godislove:
Thats how u gotta do it naomi!let that racquet and ball speak!!!!!awesome!!!!
Gribbs love
Gribbs love:
Ernesto Huller
Ernesto Huller:
Sharma is very athletic but with very poor tennis abilities...too bad.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good to see Sharma.
An Tran
An Tran:
very nice and solid hitting from osaka today