Naomi Osaka vs Shelby Rogers | US Open 2020 Quarterfinal

Naomi Osaka takes on Shelby Rogers in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020.

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Minh Huynh
Minh Huynh:
Naomi 'attitude is perfect as a sport player , always polite at the match end even win or loose
Ihuoma Basil
Ihuoma Basil:
Naomi Osaka is on Fire!!! Mentally focus from start to finish... 100% rooting for her
Darryl Foster
Darryl Foster:
I’m telling you the game face never changes. That’s when you know she came to play. Love watching her.
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant:
Osaka is so freaking quick!!!!
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
I picked Osaka as my winner before the tournament started - it's definitely looking like it will be her year. Although Vika and Serena will have something to say about that.
daniel t. lalboi
daniel t. lalboi:
I think Osaka will lift the Title she is so strong and focused as the match goes deeper
Go for it, Naomi! That was a clean performance.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Naomi got that fire in her eyes.
Quốc Khánh YT
Quốc Khánh YT:
She played fantastic on this match! Hopefully she do the same against Jennifer Brady! GG, Naomi Osaka!
Emilio González Hernández
Emilio González Hernández:
Great tournament by world #94 Rogers
Would’ve been better if Kvitova played instead of Rogers but Petra choked so bad last round 😩
The US Open channel is getting so many bot comments lol. Do they even check?
himanshu goyal
himanshu goyal:
Serena Vs Naomi for the final 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Osaka be the one to beat..
Yassssss Naomi. She's finally beaten her. I love tennis but never actually played it. Naomi teach me how to play
Bros vs Pixels
Bros vs Pixels:
aye im second
Margo Lord
Margo Lord:
Naomi 's game has improved by leaps and bounds! She is playing with tremendous confidence. Shelby played a fantastic game though.
Yeesssss Osaka!! Keep it up!!
Anyanele Md
Anyanele Md:
This is the Osaka I fell in love with. Keep it up!
loving this forehand from Osaka.
N X:
Naomi's shots became more powerful
Andile Gumede
Andile Gumede:
I couldn't watch this match coz it aired at 1 am in my country and I had work in the morning.
Ever since that Serena incident with Naomi she's been my favorite player on the women's side.
I hope she wins this year's US Open and lifts more Grand Slams in the future
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
When she is getting points like at 2:37 u know u r done for lol
Andrews Silva
Andrews Silva:
0:53 Osaka forgot about the line judges 🤣
Ines Nieves
Ines Nieves:
Wow that was rude Shelby
Wow, great shotmaking from both players.
Justin Chan
Justin Chan:
Man, I mean when I see Osaka play like this I will just forfeit.
Rob Griffiths
Rob Griffiths:
Great focus from osaka , but credit due to shelby on her comeback after knee surgery. She did well to get to quarters will only improve and gain confidence
J. J. Thompson
J. J. Thompson:
Super impressed with Rogers!
Come on Naomi!!
umm uhh
umm uhh:
where is the best part of Naomi Osaka (the interviews) 😂😂
2:33 yo just like De Minaur achieved against Thiem! Just as the commentators said
Naomi entering the zone. Hopefully she fully enters during the finals and takes the trophy home.
mitch dupre
mitch dupre:
Where've all the 🔥 🔥 wta players gone?? :( although , Aza-rankless looks better than she use to.
Ahmed van damme
Ahmed van damme:
0:16 did not know Dybala enjoyed watching tennis
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar:
I hope she wins the title.
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
naomi so brilliant advancing to sf
diane Finn
diane Finn:
Congratulations girl semifinal can't wait for that match smiles
max mad
max mad:
Albert Kosasih
Albert Kosasih:
0:11 did she just say the F word?
Robert Burns
Robert Burns:
Very short highlights!:(:(:(
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Wonderful tennis!!congrats Osaka 👏👏
Superior athlete with superior weapons.
Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth:
Williams better not face this Naomi in the finals or 2018 will very probably repeat itself.
1:30 what the heck
Victor Daniel Lupas
Victor Daniel Lupas:
that was masterclass from Osaka
naomi for the win.
Michael Ladd
Michael Ladd:
Naomi Osaka is on Fire!!! Mentally focus from start to finish... 100% rooting for her
Henry Faber
Henry Faber:
Osaka slides better on hardcourt than on clay. Unreal
Leisure grace Rallos
Leisure grace Rallos:
Congrats Naomi ❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👍🏻
We just seeing great history now.
Zanele Tyakiwe
Zanele Tyakiwe:
I am proud of you Naomi from SA 💪
WorldPeace Famie
WorldPeace Famie:
Silent killer that Naomi!!!! black girl magic😀💖👍🏾
Rogers was clueless. Looks like she was only there to collect a paycheque. Naomi will win this again. Serena an Aza aren't as young, fast and fit as Naomi. Osaka in the bag.
kian clarke
kian clarke:
Oh I'm early
The Sarcastic Oxomiya
The Sarcastic Oxomiya:
Paulo Dybala doppelganger on 0:15😂
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
It's a pleasure to watch Osaka play.
Shane S.
Shane S.:
Naomi looking dangerous
Paulo Dybala 0:16?
Michael Politakis
Michael Politakis:
It looks like Naomi is hitting form again yass
Lincoln Baldonado
Lincoln Baldonado:
Osaka and Brady will be a great match
Shelby feel free to try and hit the ball a little harder!!!
chance man
chance man:
the serve at 1:38 was out
Jétthias 972
Jétthias 972:
,Osaka ressemble à ma fille, voilà PrQ elle gagneras Flushing medow ✨🇯🇵✌️👍🇨🇵
John Le
John Le:
We coming for you Serena. Taking that 🏆 without drama this time please.
Barth Will
Barth Will:
Naomi Osaka the incredible ...
80" Reach:
Gaming With SANaM
Gaming With SANaM:
osaka u r the best:)
Hendra Hermawan
Hendra Hermawan:
Yes..u will be cham naomi...move fast n hit fast...
If Naomi continues to play like this, Serena/Vika has no chance.
8 UE in such powerful match of 2 power hitters...
Imperious form from naomi. I won't be surprise of she wins the title again this yr. I hope it would be her and vika in the finals
Socrato Teos
Socrato Teos:
Karl Gumia
Karl Gumia:
irdk but i get annoyed watching shelby rogers play haha maybe its her nuances thats strange
Mala Garava
Mala Garava:
Serena Naomi final US Open...
Sarah Tullamore
Sarah Tullamore:
Great tennis by Osaka and Shelby played some great shots too
felicity caesar
felicity caesar:
Serena all the way
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
Me over here still wishing this was KVITOVA vs Osaka :(
Oliver Munevar-Pelton
Oliver Munevar-Pelton:
aye I’m first
jhon ford
jhon ford:
I dont owe anybody anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
suraj amom
suraj amom:
lol after she won the US Open in 2018 everyone was jeering "it's luck" and that she's not actually a great tennis player, and that she would have a maximum fall after her maximum rise. I JUST LAUGHED AT THEM ALL.

Naomi Osaka is the future of women's tennis.
I LOVE YOU NAOMI ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Johanna Katerine Ocampo
Johanna Katerine Ocampo:
Veo a Naomi y me parece estar viendo a Rafa corre por toda la cancha a rescatar puntos 😨🧐
Thomas MN
Thomas MN:
Awesome performance from Naomi. She is on fire. Very few errors. Some venomous serves and forehands in this match from her, just overpowered Rogers, who actually did not play badly. If Naomi can play her groundstrokes like this and can actually increase her first serve percentage in her next matches, the US Open title is hers. She is just too powerful for anybody now
Patricia Bazzi
Patricia Bazzi:
the espn commentary to this match with evert was actually quite funny lol
Somboon Trang
Somboon Trang:
Osaka is very determined to win the US open, she will be extremely hard to beat!
Sunny Siddela
Sunny Siddela:
Her groundstrokes and forehand shots 👀🔥
She better win the tournament or else all of her words and deeds for BLM and social justice will have been for nothing.
Ian Grey
Ian Grey:
Nice seeing women under 250 in USA
It's On. O saka N aomi that is. Congrats
There is nothing wrong with her leg lol
Nam Ji Yoo
Nam Ji Yoo:
I think this time serena will prevail if they meet.
Who thinks naomi will beat brady
Ali Babar
Ali Babar:
NO was not as impressive as Serena beating everyone at 38 years old and having given birth to a child.
Dino L
Dino L:
Hahaha no more luck for Rogers who denied us a great match btw Osaka n Kvitova
Maritza & the VanCuties
Maritza & the VanCuties:
Yasss Naomi!! She is in the zone! 🔥
Strong play from Rogers but Osaka is just so dialed in, i love it!!!