Naomi Osaka vs Victoria Azarenka | US Open 2020 Final

Naomi Osaka takes on Victoria Azarenka in the final of the US Open 2020.

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US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships:
We'll bring you extended highlights as soon as our broadcast restrictions expire!
Enemune Mainganye
Enemune Mainganye:
naomi: quiet
other player: *hits ball* woooooo
a real champion is not because winning easily, a real champion is to fight back when you are losing, and still win.
- Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending
- Always has been
K K:
Given a choice, I will always always root for the player who doesn't scream her fking head off every shot. Way to go Naomi, show'em how it's done.
Cedric Tang
Cedric Tang:
Sascha Bajin fans: Naomi won’t win another grand slam without him

Naomi Osaka: Hold my racket
maria marie
maria marie:
I'm glad she won this without that coach she had. People forget she is the talent not him
Niwde Onirep
Niwde Onirep:
I knew Naomi would win. But, Azarenka had made herself closest to the claiming the title until Naomi found her momentum.
Annoying noise when this girl swings sounds like Mario kart
Naomi was pushed. HARD. And she showed why she was a champ. Vika came out to win, but Osaka dug in, found her range and gutted out the final. Really one of the best matches in recent memory. Many congratulations
Prashanna Shrestha
Prashanna Shrestha:
Great comeback by Osaka.....She's got great mentality and I hope she's gonna win 10+slams in the future.
Not Joe
Not Joe:
The grunting has to stop. Naomi is quiet as a mouse and all I hear is Azarenka constantly..
Osaka deserves it! Though she had trouble on the first set, she slayed the next 2 sets YAYY!!
Osaka's last 2 US Open wins have been a little odd/unfortunate:

2018 - rowdy & dramatic
2020 - COVIDy & quiet

The wins are still amazing, but one day she'll get a well-deserved US Open ceremony celebration.
Azarenka played well, but Osaka played at an unbelievable level in second and third set. I'm gonna say what I've said two years ago: The scary thing is that she is still getting better. She's tall, she's fast, she's athletic, her shots are brilliant and she has the mindset of a true champion.
Juganwa Comedy [PKS]
Juganwa Comedy [PKS]:
I try and I try, but I cannot stand listening to hoots and Woooos every time someone hits a ball in tennis. Makes me cringe! If only they were all like Osaka
Jayrant DT
Jayrant DT:
One of the most pathetic commentary for a women's finals i ever heard, real bias for Vika and i love Vika but come on they got to do better give Osaka her credit.
I couldn't be happier seeing Naomi getting another GS title. The critics are going to have to re-evaluate their assessment XD
And congrats to Azarenka on making the final.
James Jeon
James Jeon:
Osaka fans during the match:
First set: f*** this sh**
Second set: oh sh**
Third set: holy sh**
Leninist Maoist
Leninist Maoist:
She beat serena petra and azarenka in her slam finals. It doesnt get better than that!
Pat McCann
Pat McCann:
VERY happy for Osaka. Also can't stank that shrieking from Azarenka. It's obnoxious.
Camille Laudé
Camille Laudé:
R. E. Irianto
R. E. Irianto:
Typical Osaka game, slow starter, like diesel engine, needs time to heat up, and when she's heated enough, nobody can catch her up.... congratulations
What a brilliant comeback from Naomi to win her third Slam! First set was messy & she went down a break to start the next but then she simply stepped it up like a champ and found that next level to win.

We're witnessing the steady rise of a future GOAT.
ADOS born in 1962
ADOS born in 1962:
Congratulations little sister. I’m am an ADOS living in Japan for almost 36 years.
I am proud as a black man seeing someone like you raise your voice in Japan and else where over black lives,
I have a biracial son whose mother is also Japanese like yours and like your dad I have invested all that I have to make sure that he comes out at the top in academics and sports. One day you may also see him carrying the BLM flag in Japan and in the USA. Stay strong little sister and true to your people!
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
When Naomi looses and she is close to loose the game, something unblocks in her mind and its as if she is like totally relaxed, doesnt care anymore in a Way and Goes, ok if I am going to loose it I might as well have fun till the end and play my Best, I dont care about this stress anymore and about this trophy and then she Always wins. I would think that Vika choked, but it was kind of Naomis great come back. This invicibility and genius play when she is under the Wall. BRAVO. 3rd GS Title. Master of hard courts. Wimbledon nów?
Remember when the entitled brats Serena took all the glory away from her? That made me like her so much, Osaka I mean.
gee massam Art
gee massam Art:
Well done, Osaka, a worthy champion! I've never understood why Azarenka needs to make so much noise when she's hitting the ball?! It's a shame because she seems such a nice person in interviews but that noise is so irritating!
Rouskey Carpel
Rouskey Carpel:
Comeback queen💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
Osaka you beauty! The first person to come back from a first set loss, to win the women's finals, in 25 years.

A great tennis match is like a great movie: Keeps you emotionally invested, with a see-sawing of your emotions. This finals had all those ingredients...a fitting end to the ladies finals. Osaka is here to stay and Vika is back.
J Christopher
J Christopher:
This is what Champions do. Win. Congrats Naomi!!!!
Je Kl
Je Kl:
Just like a manga character, losing losing and then something kicks and activates the winning spirit mode😁
Trae Dale81
Trae Dale81:
I am in LOVE with THIS young lady SPORTSMANSHIP ! she ALWAYS accept a win like a defeat. So HUMBLE
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Well deserved. Osaka is a great player, and seems like a genuinely nice person off court too.
Prasanna s
Prasanna s:
So happy for Osaka. I wanted her to win.
And the fact that Azarenka screams like a cat during labour makes makes me all the more happy. I can understand a sound of effort or a grunt when you hit a powerful shot, but screaming at 100 plus decibels for a drop shot is plain unsporting and distracting for the opponent.
Sandeep Bjm
Sandeep Bjm:
After all this time, I still can’t forget what serene did to Osaka.
Malindi Rugby Football Club
Malindi Rugby Football Club:
What a champion. I am a fan, but wasn’t before this tournament. So humble, so strong. I hope she wins many more.
Claudio Gutierrez Cortes
Claudio Gutierrez Cortes:
what a match!!... and what a great come back from Naomi Osaka. She was losing 1-6 0-2 30-40 but Naomi is a great fighter. I'm very proud of naomi. I will never forget this final. Congratulations. ❤️🎾🏆
John John
John John:
I had to watch the game without sound, that scarecrows grunting and screeching was horrendous.
lost the same way she beat serena, theres something poetic in there
No name
No name:
A Grand Slam final and you only post 3 minutes highlights? What a shame.
Chile.. anyways, congrats Naomi 💙
Anyanele Md
Anyanele Md:
Naomi, how did you do it? At 6-1against, I stopped watching the live commentaries. I was sad; only to come back, hours later, to watch the high lights and behold, Naomi was the Victor! Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!
Tomoyo BlueTree
Tomoyo BlueTree:
Hi from Japan!! that's great victory .I'm so happy for her. She got over difficult situations. Congrats!!! and thank you.
Game Set Match
Game Set Match:
The way she composed herself and stayed calm was incredible.
So happy for her! Great win. As for Azarenka, very well played and nothing to be ashamed of, she is at her best again and simply lost to a better player tonight. Huge respect to them both for a great match. And Osaka has helped push the black lives matter movement even more too, massive respect to her. What a tournament.
Paddy Lewis
Paddy Lewis:
Once Osaka found her game Vika couldn’t handle that power, not many can when she’s in the zone
Olajide jaiye-williams
Olajide jaiye-williams:
I just love Osaka, she never gave up 👌👍🏾👏
gasim Elkhaleel
gasim Elkhaleel:
Champion do not give up and you are a real champion.
Love to naomi osaka from sudan. You deserve the winning. Congrats.
Shuib Taib
Shuib Taib:
I'm just so happy that Naomi won! She deserves it!!!
Matt N8
Matt N8:
Naomi will win more than 10 Grand Slam no doubt. She is so strong mentally and can win against the best players even when she is not playing her best tennis like in this match
When Serena loses, I cheer for Osaka so I'm happy with this result
She really knows how to hold her emotions, great attribute in life. Cheers to more that 22 more grand slam titles in the future Naomi Osaka 🏆🏆🎾.
She looked so beaten I thought there was no chance of coming back. She was so static and flat footed at one point it looked game over
Sir Blue
Sir Blue:
High class final well deserved finalists .
Glen Du Four
Glen Du Four:
What a start from Azarenka. I tought she would finally win in New York, but the comeback from Osaka was inspirering. She's a real fighter. It was a great woman final. And they brought the best in eachother.
Jason Gamer
Jason Gamer:
Looks like Osaka took the break to work on her mental game, or maybe plays better without fans? Nice comeback takes a lot of mental strength!
Katie Y
Katie Y:
Do not need to hear Azarenka’s annoying owl noises.
Ali H
Ali H:
Wow talk about never give-up. How Osaka came back in the game is incredible. Huge respect. Awesome game. She has a lot more coming to her in her career. Stay strong.
100% deserved — nothing else needs to be said
Diksa Perdana
Diksa Perdana:
I love Osaka's powerful-silent play... Congrats
My Darling won it again, after all the struggles she went through last year. Introverts Rock!
Hale Vural
Hale Vural:
I ended to watch because of her screams what noises she made like elephant
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle:
Osaka is a confirmed savage after this match.
Azarenka and Serena(in her prime) are like pitbulls: once they're ahead, they don't let go.
I was pretty certain Azarenka was going to win in straight sets, just after the start of the 2nd set. But incredible comeback from Osaka.

She's very similar to Djokovic...both have mastered the baseline game, have nerves of steel and truly have a champions mindset.
Vika was on fire in that first set. So proud of Naomi for turning the match around.
Already a tennis legend at 22 and still so much more to come.
Congratulations Naomi! I'm proud of you!!
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
Pleased Osaka won she’s so adorable.
Azarenka should try kung-fu next time, her voice is made for that.
So irritating and stressful to have to listen to this ”Bah-puuuhh!”
Anyone would get psyched by that
ceteris paribus
ceteris paribus:
wow! n. osaka .....has a really really strong tennis. I can see her at least winning more grand slams. Some of the victoria azarenka forehands would usually be winners against most other players in the world. Vikka played very well , so this shows how strong n osaka is... kudos to her and congrats.
K mhisa
K mhisa:
Hide C
Hide C:
What an amazing grind that was! So proud of her! ✨🙏🏾✨🎾 There's something very special about Naomi!
Kirt Williams Williams
Kirt Williams Williams:
she is my favorite sport female personality...all natural
Ellim Garak
Ellim Garak:
Osaka is class act! 👍👍
Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson:
You wore 7 different masks with 7 different names on them, what message were you trying to convey? What message did you get? Priceless!
Bro the power on their swings is so insane
commentators unashamedly support azarenka, the weren't happy when Osaka won
comrade RSA Incorruptible
comrade RSA Incorruptible:
Vica is a fighter, great comeback. Congrats to Osaka.
Osaka is 3-0 in major finals!!!
She's actually UNDEFEATED in major quarters, semis, & finals!

Well earned win and great to see Azarenka contending again.

Yassss Naomi congrats again. She's gonna be unbeatable for a long time

Vika should also be proud been out of the game for a while then come back and make it to the finals. That's still an accomplishment. Happy for her too
ssazm330 :3
ssazm330 :3:
Serena’s Curse is real.... How come this match have the exact results like in the semifinals xD
daudi dåudi
daudi dåudi:
Looking at the highlights you could have thought Azarenka won, terrible.
Sha Gryin
Sha Gryin:
Man I’m impressed! She has shown some great character and she stepped up her game during the final! 👏
Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara:
I love this girl 💓 The greatest
Lachlan animecat
Lachlan animecat:
Naomi Osaka is Japan's Pride!!!
Nanthato Phetphongsy
Nanthato Phetphongsy:
Naomi! Stay focused! U have 19 more slams to win!!!!!!
Mr.Future PA
Mr.Future PA:
I love how much Naomi stays calm and her grunts are so focused not all screaming. Something peaceful about her
Congrats to Naoimi for your 3rd Grand Slam.

I thought than Vika is gonna win this because she was 6-1 2-0 and was unplayable, she didn't let Naomi play, that was the most brutal set I saw in the last times.
Then, somehow Naomi finded the way, and played better
Well YBA Cordae’s having a great time
Piece SmileMark
Piece SmileMark:
Banzai!!!congrats Naomi!!!!
butti fdft
butti fdft:
Once Osaka found her game Vika couldn’t handle that power, not many can when she’s in the zone
Sir RobiN
Sir RobiN:
What a match! Hard hitting strokes exchanges from the baseline, and IMO they're even harder than the man player's rally (after watching Medvedev vs Thiem). Amazing 👏
William H
William H:
I love it when the quieter player wins! Many grats to Osaka for the well deserved victory.
iam kotaro
iam kotaro:
Im looking forward to seeing her on Ellen show again haha
xola xola
xola xola:
Thank you standing up for black people and creating more awareness about white police brutalizing black people, you are a wonderful person and great champion