Naya Rivera Dead at 33

Former ‘Glee’ star, Naya Rivera has died. The actress went missing on Wednesday after she rented a boat on Lake Piru in Ventura County with her 4-year-old son, Josey.

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“if i die young, sink me in the river at dawn” that gave me chills
This is not fair!!!!!! She was so young, had a child and had a whole life to live!! I'm in tears...... We love you Naya.
wearing your life jacket will save your life..why she didn't wear hers is strange, since a lot of people have lost there life's in that lake..signs should be posted and warnings should be put on all boats to wear your life jackets even while swimming
The song lyrics 😱😱
Her son looks exactly like how she did as a child 😢
J R:
The fact she sang “if I die young... sink me in the river at dawn” 😐😔 Rip beautiful Naya.
Noor Salem
Noor Salem:
The fact that she died on Cory Monteith’s 7th year death anniversary- not only that but singing “if I die young” on glee FOR CORY that also had the lines “if I die young...sink me in the river at down” this just gives me so many goosebumps
The fact that she made the ultimate sacrifice to save her child. Man this one hurts.
Roseanne Platt
Roseanne Platt:
The sad thing is when she talks about being a mom and talks about her son she says she doesn't want to miss anything that's sad. I hope to God she didn't suffer God bless her family especially her little boy Josey.
Affan Shahriyar
Affan Shahriyar:
Notthat Serious
Notthat Serious:
It's scary how these glee actors are dying out young so sad😢
Rooz Hamnoie
Rooz Hamnoie:
I can’t even. This is so heartbreaking. Her poor son! Life’s unfair
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin:
"The boy told investigators that he and his mom were swimming when he last saw her as she 'boosted him' onto the deck of the boat from behind. He told investigators that he looked back and saw her disappear under the surface of the water." Some heroes don't wear capes. Rest In Peace, Naya.
Knsa Khan
Knsa Khan:
I’m so sad she’s gone and I didn’t even know her, I can’t imagine how her family must feel.
Carla Lee
Carla Lee:
She was 33 this is tragic I pray for her family. Also listening to her sing that song was eerie if I die young bury me in satin lay me down in a bed of roses sink me in a river at dawn send me away with the words of a love song. What smh
Chloe Huggs
Chloe Huggs:
*“I wanna be here for him, and I don’t want to miss anything”*
Wow that had me. I hope Josey grows to know how much his mum wanted to be there for everything and clearly loved being his mum.
This segment is so insensitive, from playing the clip of her singing “when I die young” to the clip of the interviewer asking what’s next for her .. so insensitive especially to her family. Well done ET!
Maky Churchill - Finance : Earn, Save & Invest
Maky Churchill - Finance : Earn, Save & Invest:
She was found her on the 7 Year Anniversary of Cory Monteith's death, her Glee Costa. So sad this is so heart breaking.
The Adventures of US
The Adventures of US:
I can only imagine what is going through her son's mind. He's probably too young to really grasp what happened. My heart breaks for the family.
She died a hero, saving her son. Naya went out on that boat with josey for the last time not knowing it would be her final moments on earth. rest in peace, beautiful soul♥️🙏
Laura Leah
Laura Leah:
I can't imagine how her son must've felt... all alone on that boat, surrounded by water and his mom gone. heartbreaking.
Melanated Coils
Melanated Coils:
Out of all songs they picked “if i die young” the disrespect...
Queen Caramel Kiss
Queen Caramel Kiss:
She literally sang about her death and how she would die. 😢1:03
“I wanna be here for him, i dont wanna miss anything” 😔💖
Michael Tyson
Michael Tyson:
That exactly how I want my wife to look like . she's stunning rest in heaven
Neemoh Wairimu
Neemoh Wairimu:
The fact that they found her on the 7 Year Anniversary of Cory Monteith's death, her Glee Costar.
Ariel_ westcoast10
Ariel_ westcoast10:
"If i die young, Sink me in the river" Made me sad.
"If I die young............... sink me in the river at dawn" WOAAAAH
Zsa-Zsa Lee Gordon
Zsa-Zsa Lee Gordon:
She was her son's age when she started acting...

And now that her son is that age(4)

She passed away 💔😢
I know 99% of people won't see this but to the 1% that do see this have a blessed day.
It’s really sad, but finding her can comfort those who love her. Now they can grieve knowing where she is.
i can’t imagine how confused that child must be right now. i can’t imagine them having to tell him that his mother is dead . so sad
No Name
No Name:
That ending was so heartbreaking. She’s going to miss out on so much of her sons life. So sad.
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle Lee:
but no one is talking about how the date she died was close to Cory M's death... RIP
Raisa Rahman
Raisa Rahman:
"I wanna be there for him. I don't wanna miss anything" 😭
Avery Butler
Avery Butler:
Hearing her sing the song “if i die young “ hurts so so much . She helped so many LGBTQ+ people, and we a are thankful to have grownup with such an amazing role model. R.I.P easy Naya thank you. 😞😔
Samantha Milne
Samantha Milne:
just like remembering everthing she's done in her life and you know that she's dead like
I'm really sad but Josey really did have a good Mum , He was lucky

R.I.P Naya Rivera Fly High
Ava Lightwood
Ava Lightwood:
I can’t even start to understand how her family must feel. Rest In Peace, Naya. ❤️
rihanna navy
rihanna navy:
She was on vanessa's friend on the bernie mac show as well.
R.i.p naya u live thru ur son Josey
This is so sad and scary. One minute you’re living, happy, enjoying time with your son, and the next you’re gone. Just like that. How heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine the pain the family and the son is going through. How devastating. My heart aches. Rest in paradise angel.
this is so heartbreaking 😔 i was really hoping she’d be found safely :(
Kellz 0402
Kellz 0402:
My brother died unexpectedly at 24 & My Dad said "When God goes to pick a flower, he picks the most Beautiful one & that's what he did today", he did it again with Naya. Rest Peacefully Naya, you will be missed 💜 🦋
Krisha Capati
Krisha Capati:
Got chills when that clip of her singing "When I Die Young" played. Also teared up a bit. So sad hearing of her death.
Jandy Mojica
Jandy Mojica:
Omgggg... 🥺💧She will be missed. I can imagine her child growing up and watching his mother through tv and YouTube... Didnonly way he could know her. RIP.
Reagan W
Reagan W:
I can’t imagine what her son will go through when he is old enough to realize he saw his mom pass away. It’s double sad she was found on the day Corey died.
Frank Smith
Frank Smith:
0:56 weird that she sang this song on Glee because of the fact she did died young and she died in a lake (sink me in a river). It's like she predicted her own death
Tammie Monroe
Tammie Monroe:
She was sacrificed; I’m sure! Hollywood is falling
{Angel_eyes} Faithy
{Angel_eyes} Faithy:
Sad 😭 " if I die young " she basically predicted it , which is even sadder 😭😭😭😭 , love you Naya 💖
Putra Manalu
Putra Manalu:
R.I.P NAYA RIVERA 1987-2020
Ali Abrahem
Ali Abrahem:
I always heard of the show "glee" when I was younger and it always seemed to be that show that many people watched. Although I didn't watch it, it was everywhere, from glee lunch boxes in Kindergarten to adverts in the past few years, Naya always seemed to be the one who stood out. RIP, hope her son will be okay.
tsuki takaa
tsuki takaa:
“She had the energy to throw her son to the boat but not to save herself.”

"With every broken bone, I swear, I lived”

I remember this lyrics that fit the last moment of Naya’s life...

That’s what this song was talking about...
Pao Gee
Pao Gee:
*2:26** "I wanna be here for him, and i don't want to miss anything"*
Oh my 😔 thats just too sad to hear. I wish her son all the best!
Kelsey Chevarie
Kelsey Chevarie:
"sink me in a river" from that song chilled meeeeee
chding zuure
chding zuure:
I feel bad for her son, His gonna grow up without a mom. 😭
"lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn" aye yo 😭😭😭☠☠☠
Yee Haw
Yee Haw:
I actually watched “The Quarterback” episode yesterday where Finn had died. I swear when she was singing I got chills thinking about the lyrics and when she runs away screaming and crying. It made me so sad.
"If I die young..Sink me in the river at dawn" Wow... How tragically poetic
Lisa Costanza
Lisa Costanza:
She really loved her little boy so much. I can't imagine what he's going through.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
I can only imagine what is going through her son's mind. He's probably too young to really grasp what happened. My heart breaks for the family.
Hannah Patterson
Hannah Patterson:
Her singing if I die young when remembering Cory 😢 even more heartbreaking 💔
"sink me in a river" okay that's so weird and creepy since what happened
Spiritual Gangsta
Spiritual Gangsta:
I’m sorry.... that “if I die young” song was a bit to coincidental for me.. “sink me in the river...” am I the only one??
Sidney j
Sidney j:
It’s really sad how such a memorable character can die so young... i can imagine how her son and husband must be feelings, I truly loved Naya Rivera and even though i didn’t know her in person she was such a great person and very professional. She was like one of the best characters on glee and now she’s gone.. I honesty couldn’t even believe it when i first read it , I kept thinking “This better be a joke”. When I find out it wasn’t my heart sunk. Rip to my favorite character and best mother 😔💔.
TikTok's BEST OF
TikTok's BEST OF:
Enjoy every moment with your loved ones 🙏💙
Buddy Ramirez
Buddy Ramirez:
Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Rip. ❤️🤍
Some One
Some One:
I love her, words can’t explain what I felt when I heard this news
Filipino Archmage
Filipino Archmage:
just listened to her performance in Glee, "If I die young". It hits even harder thinking about her sudden passing.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu:
"If I die young..Sink me in the river at dawn" Wow... How tragically poetic
Theodora Christina A.
Theodora Christina A.:
Appreciate your loved ones everyone. You never really know when is the last time you'll ever see them 😢💔 RIP Naya
LittleMiss Empath
LittleMiss Empath:
She seemed like such a beautiful soul 💗 God bless her son ✨
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams:
so heartbreaking. her character had an impact on so many💔
Jessica Ibe
Jessica Ibe:
I’m at a loss of words💔💔😭
Such a gorgeous girl. Rest in Love Naya Rivera 🌺🌿
Tavita Tata
Tavita Tata:
If I recall my swimming lessons, it is not recommended to swim in lakes or oceans unless you are a very strong swimmer. I don't think a 4 year old qualifies. It's tragic that the death of such a talented individual serves as a warning of this.
Diana Mae Calderon
Diana Mae Calderon:
This breaks my heart. 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻😭
Sheeps sleep while you stare
Sheeps sleep while you stare:
Finding her on the 7th year anniversary of Corys' death. That song of her talking about death and a river I don't know if it's just me but I find this very suspicious
David Richardson
David Richardson:
The fact that her son is going to grow up without his mother present is heartbreaking. Prayers to the family. #RIPNayaRivera
Gino's Gaming
Gino's Gaming:
This is so heart 💔, and so sad specially she foud dead on the day Cory's death RIP Naya, prayers for you and for your family 😭😭😭
Karol katherine
Karol katherine:
"What i love more than acting is being josy mom and i wanna be her for him,i Don't wanna miss anything" 😭😭😭 At least she push him on the boat,she saved him😇 This is so sad.
abdallah duker
abdallah duker:
Did she say, "sink me in the river?"
Tyson Bull
Tyson Bull:
its gonna be odd when he finds out his mom died to save him from drowning
kala nala
kala nala:
I'm not really an emotional person but this hits me. it's not fair that she's going to miss him growing up
Dominique Jenkins
Dominique Jenkins:
Wow I've been watching this beauty all these years and never knew it.. RIP mama
Grateful Princess of God
Grateful Princess of God:
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they
may have life and have it abundantly.'' John 10:10. Jesus is The Way,
The Truth and The Life. People needs Jesus. Jesus Christ is real. You
must come to Him, every one of you. Only He can save. Seek with ALL your
heart and the door will be opened to you. Never give up on yourself.
Never give up on believing that Jesus is real. He loves you, every
SINGLE ONE of you.
Sally Vera
Sally Vera:
This is so sad and tragic! What a beautiful soul and lady! It's heartbreaking! 😣😔
Jailan Rayvon
Jailan Rayvon:
DeAnna McCrimmon
DeAnna McCrimmon:
The fact that she died after saving her son will always stick with me😭. Rest well sweet Naya♥️.
Chuck Boi
Chuck Boi:
“Sink me in the river at dawn
Saby Creatives
Saby Creatives:
when she sang that line sink me in the river... made it harder to hear the song
Kiara Carbajal
Kiara Carbajal:
Rest in peace, beautiful angel.❤️
Nick Papaeuthimiou
Nick Papaeuthimiou:
Miss you already rest in peace legend 🙏💔
K H:
Such a shame she did not take a friend out on boat they could have saved her. Her poor son 🥺
Magdalena Alena
Magdalena Alena:
I don't want to believe this...tell me it's a cruel joke please😥
This is just so heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends who love her. Gone too soon. :(
Leon Rouge
Leon Rouge:
Shit man, the "When I do young'" cover is fucking haunting. Devastated xxxs
How devastating!!! :( RIP beautiful young lady! So talented! I always pictured myself as Santana! Love her acting and her voice! So sad!!!
Ana Alexzandria
Ana Alexzandria:
2020 has literally taken all of my energy and it's not even over yet. Constantly hearing about tragic events has reached its peak
Master EE
Master EE:
May she rest in peace she was a wonderful person on the show and in reel life.
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes:
Praying for her beautiful son left to grow up without his mum.