Naya Rivera’s Best Moments: From Child Star to Glee and Motherhood

ET takes a look back at some of our favorite moments with Naya Rivera over the years. From her bright start as a child star, to her days on ‘Glee’ and even her journey through love and motherhood, Naya has always been candid about her life experiences. Naya reflected on her engagement to rapper Big Sean and marriage to Ryan Dorsey -- but most importantly, she gushed over becoming a mother to her son, Josey.

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Delilah Littlejohn
Delilah Littlejohn:
i don't want to believe any of this until a body is found.
am i the only one who thinks its pretty damn sick to do such a "memories of" like video before the body even is found ...
Nadia N
Nadia N:
She was so freaking adorable when she was small
It’s heart wrenching seeing her talk about her son and not wanting to miss anything 💔 I hope for a miracle but I feel quite pessimistic about this situation 😫
Sophia Edits2019
Sophia Edits2019:
2:17 "I'm not that cool I swear" says one of the coolest people ever.
RIP Naya, sending prayers to your family at this very difficult time
- alex
- alex:
I'm crying right now. Really hoping for a miracle.. poor naya & poor little boy.
Mars Sinocruz
Mars Sinocruz:
Seeing younger Naya really made me realize that Josey is truly her mini-me. From eyes to the smile to the curls (although ryan dorsey also has curly hair). Man, I hope they find her soon.
David J
David J:
Why is the media already trying to confirm that she is dead? We should try to stay positive especially this year. Praying for the family.
Anne Ramos
Anne Ramos:
"I wanna be here for him, and I don't wanna miss anything" wow I'm in tears now
sophie fotiadou
sophie fotiadou:
Am I the only one who thinks her son looks exactly like her when she was a little kid? So beautiful.
Ore Bademosi
Ore Bademosi:
She is so beautiful, a wonderful actress, singer but most importantly a wonderful mother. I hope and pray that she is found alive. This is a tragedy.
man that clip of her as a child was sad to me... let kids play... why would they have to work at that age
ravin P
ravin P:
"Your only 4" oh lord that's heartbreaking her son is 4.
Grace Dennis
Grace Dennis:
It’s really weird they’re showing this stuff when her body has not been found.
Theater Kid
Theater Kid:
Every news channel keeps using her performance of “If I die young” and I think it’s very disrespectful
love you
love you:
Is it just me, but she always appears to be sad.
Audrey L
Audrey L:
Her body hasn’t been found. How can they presumed she’s dead before it can be determined by autopsy? Why post this up as if she’s already gone?
Rangiola Cook
Rangiola Cook:
Aww she’s so adorable when she was young and her son looks like her so much 😭😭 I hope they find her body and bring her home to rest so her son can visit her in her resting place 😭😭 I’m just so heartbroken for her boy and her family and friends she seems so down to earth!! I pray that someone has more information about her and what happened before she left with her son to the lake !! There’s more to this I am sure!! It’s just devastating not knowing what happened.. and that lake looks calmed and still as hell 😩! Heard this lake has so many people that comes here for a swim and they never returned so I am thinking maybe this lake is cursed by those who have drowned there 😩😢
Uche Akabogu
Uche Akabogu:
Devastating. My thoughts go out to her family. Especially her son 😔
Sarara Potata
Sarara Potata:
Come onnnnn it hasn’t been confirmed yet

July 13 Edit: man this year is so cruel rip naya :(
Crystal Sherman
Crystal Sherman:
She was such a pretty little girl and and beautiful woman. I pray that she is still alive.
Swiftie 13
Swiftie 13:
Might just be me but posting a video like this when her body hasn't even been found yet is so wrong to me... (and I'm not dumb, I know the odds of her being alive are slim, but still.)
Polo Life
Polo Life:
She's trending now, hopefully this pays into her child's future..
Stella Musafiri
Stella Musafiri:
She died saving her son....
Michelle Kristin
Michelle Kristin:
My god her son looks so much like her, you can really see it in that clip of her when she 4 years old.
Stephii Loveless
Stephii Loveless:
Wow Josey's her her lil twin.
Nicole Dougan
Nicole Dougan:
I’m so sad that this is happening
not myself
not myself:
I think that it's very inappropriate to make these "tribute"videos.They're still searching for her...
Ay BayBay
Ay BayBay:
She was adorable as a lil kid!!

I hope she’s found!
vanesaloves music
vanesaloves music:
This is so sad I feel really bad for her child🤧
Aww she looked so happy when she was little. Growing up in Hollywood is tough. She was truly beautiful but I could sense sadness in her eyes. RIP 🙏🏽
Master EE
Master EE:
Naya was a wonderful actress on Tv but an even better person off set she will always be remembered as a loving and kind person my prayers go out to her and her family may she rest in peace
Adriana Castro
Adriana Castro:
Her 4 yo son looks exactly like she did when she was 4 in that clip at the beginning
A pierro
A pierro:
This brings back memories of when Aaliyah died..very sad
I feel so bad for her son though I cannot imagine how it must have felt for that little boy to watch his mother jump into the water and not see her again after that and the fact that he was on that boat by himself for a long time waiting for his mom to come back up out of the water makes all of this even more heartbreaking
Daniel Reiter
Daniel Reiter:
Come home naya plz😭❤️
Meagan Clarke
Meagan Clarke:
She was just so lovely. Rest In Peace beautiful Naya.
galaxy 44
galaxy 44:
Kind of eerie that she's singing if I die young...send me in the river.
Please she has to be found 🥺
Tickety Blue
Tickety Blue:
I remember seeing her on Family Matters, she was a cute kid. I pray for her and her family. The cast has seen so much death.
Noah Alexander Harris
Noah Alexander Harris:
Baby Naya looks a lot like her son 😭
Wow she was sooo adorable when she was little!!! Man I still hope they find her alive. But this also shows life is precious and we’ve to take care of it. Never let your guard down.
J Zorro
J Zorro:
Pls dont give up hope just yet
💫💭Aaliyah 💭💫
💫💭Aaliyah 💭💫:
Her son just look like her
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
So sad that Naya Rivera, this little girl who’s last name means “river”, grew up to sing the song: “If I die young, sink me in the river”, before actually dying in a river
Reneé Vaughter
Reneé Vaughter:
Her body was found this morning on 7-13, exactly 7 years after Corey died. So heartbreaking 💔!
Tomeika Martinez
Tomeika Martinez:
Rip you well be missed my condolences 🙏🙏 to the family
Fantastic Five
Fantastic Five:
So heartbreaking 💔💔😭
b jor
b jor:
Whew!! Absolutely heartbreaking what happened to her. Rest in Peace beautiful Naya🙏
L A J:
wow what a beautiful smart little girl she was, sad
Fulfillment Ebaddan
Fulfillment Ebaddan:
1:27 She singing a song called sink her in the river?!
Sina Chet
Sina Chet:
How sad she said she’s doesn’t want to miss anything with her son 😭
Lolo Future
Lolo Future:
RIP Naya. I just have one other comment. Did she do any other interviews when she talked about being a mom besides this one on ET because it’s the only one they ever show?
She is so magnetic and charismatic! Beautiful and talented, praying for her and her family!
LaBarbara Williams
LaBarbara Williams:
If I was her mom or her family I will be like don't pronounce my baby dead until y'all find a body and don't stop to you find her if y'all have to dig up the whole Lake Ocean or whatever find her
DeAm By K&S
DeAm By K&S:
This breaks my heart I've been a fan of Naya since she played Gwendolyn in Family Matters. I cried just seeing how much she blossomed into a beautiful young woman and a mother. I will never understand this. 💔💔💔
Naya is so buttafiul amd amazing I hope she is ok Ana’s alive
03 AI
03 AI:
Sadly, I think she drowned and died.
W W:
She was beautiful and talented her whole life, since birth. Rest in paradise Naya we’re praying for your son.
2020.... why do you exist...
Her body wasn't even found yet and you're already trying to capitalize on her death.
Jazmine Ollie
Jazmine Ollie:
Jesus please make a miracle. I just want her to be found safe alive and unharmed.
Shem Believer
Shem Believer:
She is one independent woman..I cannot imagine myself taking a boat and one of my small kids out on a lake known for its tragic incidences alone with no one else there for back up, leaving my belongings in my car. No way! I really hope there isny another darker explanation for her actions. Her childhood was about work and making a career in the notoriously unfriendly entertainment world of Hollywood infested with sex predators. I wish she had been shielded and given a 'normal' childhood. I've never actually watched any episode of Glee but judging by the tragic fate of some of its actors, there is something evil and dark within, lifestyles, actor relationships etc..
luany with an y
luany with an y:
i love her so much i just can't believe this is happening :(
Omg seeing her talk about being a mommy 🥺🙏🏼 My heart breaks for her little son 😭💔
Lil homie
Lil homie:
“ I want to be here for him I don’t want to miss Anything “Those words Really got me
Grace Donohoe
Grace Donohoe:
It is soo sad whay happened with her , she is truly an amazing inspirational woman the fact she saved her sons life for hers is amazing, I love Glee , RIP Naya we love u 😘
Aww her baby boy looks like her.. rip
Biborka Batki
Biborka Batki:
I know its virtually impossible at this point, but nay nay, if ur out there, come home.
Drea Contreras
Drea Contreras:
Rest In Peace, Sweet Naya. We will never forget your immense talent and big heart. 🤍🕊
Ana Marija
Ana Marija:
She's so beautiful, it's breathtaking!! I pray that she comes back to us
Karessa Mareko11:11
Karessa Mareko11:11:
My heart is breaking
Darlene Canterbury
Darlene Canterbury:
She is so beautiful shes the reason I love glee!!!!!!🥰💗💗💗💗💗
Vesko Dimitrov
Vesko Dimitrov:
why would she go alone with a child in a boat in the middle of the lake.
tabitha lewis
tabitha lewis:
He looks just like her when she was little
What a wonderful spirited human being. Where ever you may be I pray for you and your family.
Gosh. I love her so much. What a loss :( I love her from Glee and I love her as Naya. Josey, if you’re watching this from the future I hope you know how much people have loved your mom. She’s an amazing person and incredible talent. :)
Jasmine B
Jasmine B:
I remember her on the Bernie Mac show she played Vanessa friend this is so sad please lord watch over her baby boy.
Dominique S Gallo
Dominique S Gallo:
This makes me sad
Sarena Rose
Sarena Rose:
This is so sad.... I hope she is ok 🥺😭😢
Cyra Velasquez
Cyra Velasquez:
praying for you Naya 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Brandon Guerrero
Brandon Guerrero:
I still can’t believe she’s gone. She was Glee let’s keep it real 🥺❤️
this is too early please stop ❤
Luis Novoa
Luis Novoa:
She alive y’all.... ok she’s just lost somewhere and soon to be found safe and sound. Let’s be positive.
Cristian Acevedo Molina
Cristian Acevedo Molina:
slightly sick this editing
Desi Crawford
Desi Crawford:
Ahhh baby Naya made me cry so much!!❤️🦋
Did she die young and get buried at the bottom of a river at dawn by being sent away with the words of a love song?

Find her .
FrankieR Guzman
FrankieR Guzman:
So sad to hear about Naya Rivera, what a tragedy. Didn't know she got to act with the late, great Redd Foxx.
Prayers for her family. 🙏🙏🙏
heartbreaking, may she rest in peace. It's sad to see her interview at four, the same age as her son. <3 god bless her and her family
Joca Lariatto
Joca Lariatto:
Thanks for all these parts of the interview that were hidden
This is pissing me off they are acting like they found a body and she’s dead like I know the odds of her being alive are slim but still
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie:
I miss my beautiful angel so much 💜😭
Sara Abdul
Sara Abdul:
You're really gonna do a compilation before she's even confirmed dead?
That's really disgusting.
Emilee Gee
Emilee Gee:
i can not stop crying i really hope she's ok her and her son are in my prayers
Biborka Batki
Biborka Batki:
She was so happy and FULL OF LIFE i dont believe this
Feeling sorry for her, her family especially her son😢
Every news Chanel keeps comparing if I die young and the way she died as a coincidence and her family’s asked for a lot of people not to do that cause it’s like really disrespectful...
Tee YnG God
Tee YnG God:
😞This is really hard to swallow, she's a good Actress and a young Mother. I just really hope someone found her and just haven't reported it yet and she's in the hospital somewhere🙏
Praying for a Miracle.
Guys please don’t say RIP we don’t know that yet!! Stay hopeful 💖
So much strange tragedy around the cast of Glee.