New Champion Crowned?! F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 Russian Grand Prix

Dennis Hauger has the chance to win the championship if he can earn six more points than his rival Jack Doohan in Race 1!

The race, originally planned for Saturday morning, was moved to Friday due to uncertain weather forecasts

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Ferrari's Masterplan
Ferrari's Masterplan:
Hauger was from another planet this season! His consistency and his great overtakes were spectacular
Elizabeth Sterling
Elizabeth Sterling:
Nobody's really had an answer to Hauger over the course of this year. Shame for him that such a brilliant title victory almost feels like a formality given how flawless he's been.
Simbarocks ONE
Simbarocks ONE:
Hauger has just been class this year. A well deserved title win for him.
I wonder what team Hauger will drive for in Formula 2 next season. Prema if Piastri wins the title maybe?
Coaster Scouts
Coaster Scouts:
I'm so happy to see Sargent win in F3.
I am amazed how Dennis Hauger have dominated this season in Formula 3.. He have set several records in FIA Formula 3 as well..
So that Dennis won the FIA Formula 3 championship is very well deserved!
Dennis Hauger have dominated the FIA Formula 3 championship this year so he for sure is a worthy FIA Formula 3 champion!
I really hope that Dennis Hauger stays with Prema next year in Formula 2 since Dennis and Prema is working so great together!

Dennis Haugers manager is the person that first "discovered" Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button if you do not know that.
Ryan Shane
Ryan Shane:
i really hope sargent can get the funding he needs for f2 because as a selfish american i would love to see an american in f1 again
passionate star*
passionate star*:
Sometimes I get confused between F1, F2, and F3 races because of a mixup between FP1, FP2, etc in the title.
Then I saw Alpine on the front of the grid. It immediately clears all of my confusion :)
I really hope Sargeant can find the funding for F2. He dragged that car onto the top step today
Hauger, Martins and Novalak have been drivers of the season for me, Dothan has also put a great title fight up, and some standout moments from Sargeant, Collett and Smolyar too! Great season to watch and hope to see more next season
Grindcore Rager 40
Grindcore Rager 40:
So... why isn't Sergeant in F2 again? He took a last-place car and won with it!! Just an absolute stud!!
Yt AltAcc
Yt AltAcc:
These engines actually sound a lot better than F1, wasnt expecting that
A win finally for Sargeant, the first ever for Charouz in F3, a deserving champion in Dennis Hauger, unfortunate for Doohan, but the fact he could take the fight to the Prema team is worth a lot of credit. Honourable mention to Juan Manuel Correa too, great to see him back in the points as he continues his recovery.
Harvey Robinson
Harvey Robinson:
Novolak has impressed me this season with decent consistency. Well done to hauger too, class above the rest this year
Tom Price
Tom Price:
Big congrats to Hauger! Would love to see him in F2 next year, the Trident drivers Doohan and Novolak deserve to be there too
I'm happy for Hauger but I really just wanna see Logan in F2
Canice Tang
Canice Tang:
What a great talent Hauger is! Congratulations to him for winning the F3 title. Onto F2 next year and hopefully he can challenge right away just like Piastri is right not for the crown. He will be exciting to watch. Also it would be great if Macau can get the F3 back and he can race there too.
Even though he doesnt represent my country (Im from Ecuador aswell as Juan) Im super happy to see Juan Manuel Correa back in the points again, hope he has a better season next year
Max Godfrey
Max Godfrey:
This is exactly why Sargeant deserves his F2 drive! The kid is on a no name team and is doing work! He should have already been in F2 this season…
Chetan Sharma
Chetan Sharma:
Congratulations to Hauger. Brilliantly driven all throughout this season.
Die Legende
Die Legende:
Almost something nostalgic about seeing a proper old engine blowout again
Kishan .M
Kishan .M:
Congrats to the F3 champion 🏆👏🏼
Adk M
Adk M:
More competitors means more excitement
F1 Basti
F1 Basti:
Hauger did a Hamilton this F3 season
I mean, look at the championship lead gap
Chris LaKous
Chris LaKous:
Congratulations Hauger!!! Nice win Sargent!
If sargent can find some sort of funding

He could very well be the first American driver the F1 since Speed in 2008 (or 2015 if u count rossi)
was cheering on vesti but must say, what a mature and impressive season from Hauger
Excited to see some of this talent in F2 next year.
Big up for Hauger, and for being the first Norwegian winning in formula! Real proud to be a Norwegian today
Modern DIY Craftsman
Modern DIY Craftsman:
What a race 👌
Bobb Grimley
Bobb Grimley:
Best single seater series for the second year in a row.
Well done Dennis you deserve it
Valentin Münch
Valentin Münch:
I'm so enjoyed for Correa that he final comes in the points again after his horrible crash in Spa 2019! 😁😇😻👍
UniverseDC Legollun Historia e Games
UniverseDC Legollun Historia e Games:
Logan won, amazing
What a 🎊win🎉 & awesome🔥 performance🏎️ from Hauger🙌
FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine
FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine:
Sweet baby Logan! Yes! (And congratulations to a worthy champion in Hauger.)
Salvador Capalbo
Salvador Capalbo:
Dennis Hauger, a name I would like to see soon on the F1 starting grid
First time watching F3. These engines sound so much better than F1!
That race was held at a really dangerous time of day
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald:
Can't help noticing that since Max Verstappen dished his Red Bull into the wall going through the turn 1 run off last year, that those barriers have been moved to allow for straight lining through them. Now, it's questionable as to how much time you actually lose. The first car that missed the corner in this race went off in 7th place and rejoined narrowly 8th. Suddenly, drivers can weigh over running the 1st corner as a genuine choice. Especially F1 cars that can accelerate back onto the track far quicker than in this discipline. It's these tiny little changes that change this sport so significantly. Keep your eyes out on turn 1 over the weekend, because it will certainly cause some controversy.
Elevate Bothnia
Elevate Bothnia:
Congrats to Hauger, but let's hope Logan makes it to F2 while Haas is still Haas. It would mean a lot for Gene to be able to sign an American driver.

Yes, I know. Super license points, but still.
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Hauger ripped this season to shreds
Alex Castle
Alex Castle:
Sargeant needs an F2 seat. He almost won the championship last year and he has been a front runner in a Charouz. Need I say more?

P.S. I am an American so I am biased but I still believe that he deserves it
So great to see Sargeant back on the top step. Maybe the American still has some hope
Davide Selli
Davide Selli:
Completely deserved F3 driver championship title for Dennis Hauger, what a brilliant talent!!!!!
I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.
I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.:
Congrats to Hauger, deserving champion. Would have loved to have seen how Doohan would have gone in a Prema.
dimych 555
dimych 555:
классный старт,гонка супер,жаль,что наш выбыл🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Shine Sara
Shine Sara:
Hauger my new fav driver 🔥.🔥 with leclerc
Kristian Philip Karlsen
Kristian Philip Karlsen:
Hauger was in another leagu this whole season!
Just waiting for rain in F1, but not too much again.
Go Dennis!!
Adrian Roger
Adrian Roger:
I wish We could see the starting grid at the beginning of the video.
Yasser Direche
Yasser Direche:
Congratulations for HAUGER
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri:
F3 has become Formula Prema... Shwartzmann, Piastri and now Hauger
Congrats Hauger!
Gianni Knies
Gianni Knies:
Is it just me or does Alex Brundle really sounds like Martin Brundle
Too Late
Too Late:
Happy Norvegian here. When will drive for survive formel 3 release 🙏👌
Ammar Shaare
Ammar Shaare:
I feel like they have to remove the sausage kerb at turn 2 cuz we saw that Doohan's car bounced when it came in contact with it. I just don't want the thing that happened in Monza be repeated here.
Took me 2 minites to realize, this isnt F2
Bucu Indonesia
Bucu Indonesia:
Dennis gauger is pro championship🏆🏆🏆
as an american, super happy for logan
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Dennis Hauger deserved that 2021 F3 title.
JiuJitsu4Life 2013
JiuJitsu4Life 2013:
i want to see Sargent in F2
O R:
He should get Mazepin's seat in F1.
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer:
Yes!!!! Congrats Logan!!!!!
I see the spirit of Mika Hakinen on Hauger
Bob Dole
Bob Dole:
Logan Sargeant deserves a better ride
Kartik K
Kartik K:
Great now Gauger can challenge for a Haasnseat
Luthfiana Lintang E
Luthfiana Lintang E:
Sargeant win in a Charouz overshadowed by Hauger win the championship
Hitendra Kumai
Hitendra Kumai:
Nice to see a RedBull academy driver win the season
Nick Wallace
Nick Wallace:
Marcin Mackojć
Marcin Mackojć:
What time will be next F2 and F3 races in Sochi? Today or tomorrow?
Ronny Johansen
Ronny Johansen:
Dennis Hauger, the chosen one...
Lucas Henrique Souza Silva
Lucas Henrique Souza Silva:
I was wondering why Horner or Marko wasn`t there,because when Schumacher won Binotto was there and when Russel won Toto was there
Surasak kanokkaew
Surasak kanokkaew:
Payam E
Payam E:
This looked like the video game at the beginning!
ace matthew ocampo
ace matthew ocampo:
if you look at the results of every races so far, logan sargeant is dragging that charouz. if he doesnt find a funding for his f2 ersuit he has to go to indycar or any other racing series. he is a talented kid, too bad that the reality in formula series is that you're talented but this guy has more funding than you sorry
great race for Correa
proud fan since 2018
Pianoforte Sam
Pianoforte Sam:
“ We are racing in Shang-Chi. ”
I love how Alex Brundle sounds just like his dad
Scott Svarrer
Scott Svarrer:
How do I watch races live and know there date and time?
Ian Milo
Ian Milo:
Is this martin Brundlećs son commentating? If so, like father, like son. Amazing and the tone of voice is very similar :)
Kyllian Beia
Kyllian Beia:
Now He is 51 points clear of his rival not bad for the rookie
Marcos Fernández
Marcos Fernández:
He wouldn't do worse than Tsunoda next year
F3 sounds 10x better than F1
congrats hauger
Transfer news Wayne Rooney
Transfer news Wayne Rooney:
Prema really put all effort into Hauger. Nonetheless, congratulations to Hauger!
Daniel Skuse
Daniel Skuse:
Is it too much to ask for a replay of the lap 1 crash? I’ve waited all this time for the highlights to see it again and you didn’t even show it. Smh
Prema proving once again that this isn't as equal of a playing field as they make you believe
Transfer news Wayne Rooney
Transfer news Wayne Rooney:
Hauger in F1 Please
Proman476 THOMAS
Proman476 THOMAS:
The first Norwegian F1 driver?
Low key wish there was a F3 game ngl
javier pardo
javier pardo:
Hauger 🏆 👏
Kaushik Aditya Das
Kaushik Aditya Das:
F1, F2, F3 all in the same weekend?
G K:
Brundle's son sounds just like him. Talks like him too.