New Orleans Pelicans vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | March 6 | 2022 NBA Season

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40 comentarios:

Zac O'Regan
Zac O'Regan:
Pel's played a killer game today, The joker was just better in the end. Pels have a good shot of playoffs with how they've played the last few weeks since cj showed up!
So many crazy performances this weekend! Today Jokic with 46, Tatum with 54, Middleton with 44, Fox with 44 and yesterday James with 56...! Freaking crazy games!!
Mac Tsai
Mac Tsai:
Tell Nick Wright to watch the game before he ever disrespect JOKIC on any TV again.
Dude’s hate on Jokic needs to be changed.
You can be critical but calling out little details while leaving the Bigger Greater parts of his game is stupid
Uncoloured Steve
Uncoloured Steve:
How can you call this full highlights when you skip so many of the field goals? Nugs score goes from 5-15-28
matteo Ughetti
matteo Ughetti:
That’s my MVP. Clutch play after clutch play all the game( even with refs sleeping like 3/4 calls only in the highlight).
3 Steals and 4 BLOCKS. But he’s bad at defense. 46/12/11. Embiid can’t even dream to make one game like this.
Noam Lefler
Noam Lefler:
Man, Jokic is so good
Straight up domination at the most clutch moments. there is no way embiid deserves MVP more than joker. Joker is the best player in the league period. the crazy stats does not even do the justice
Truffle pudding
Truffle pudding:
How about that steal on the end of regulation and a pass to Green for a win and with 100 years of experience in NBA you miss it. DAMN Man I cannot believe how hard it feels to carry a team like this but sure saw a glimpse on Jokers face after that miss and Green is laughing.
ryan Thong
ryan Thong:
Jokic is a monster even Double team also unstoppable 🙉
el pistolero
el pistolero:
Joker with 4 blocks and 3steals,please dont say that this guy can't play defense
Menelaos Petridis
Menelaos Petridis:
Let's go Nuggets!
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas:
Ingram needs to get to the next level... it’s about time.. you know he has every potential to be a legit all star in the league.... Work harder BI
İyimser Muhabir
İyimser Muhabir:
that was so dominant, the joker. wow man
Blaz Haugland
Blaz Haugland:
3:52 ... "More Cowbell!" Incredible reference !! LMAO
For those who never saw it: "SNL cowbell"

And Jokic played the hell out of that cowbell!
Amor Gross
Amor Gross:
jokic is my mvp. he's unbelieveable
Romeo Monteverde
Romeo Monteverde:
I'd have to watch Arvydas Sabonis game, but is Jokic possibly the 2nd coming of Arvydas? Because for those who were alive during the 90s, remember that Arvydas was a really big prospect supposedly coming in to the NBA at that time, but was delayed. Then he only came at the latter part of his career, out of his prime, but we still saw flashes of brilliance. I've never seen his international tapes, but with how he was described being a really good scorer, passer, an all around bigman who was dominant. Could Jokic be in that mould?
Felix Malcherek
Felix Malcherek:
Wait, so Jokic had 24 points with 3:30 left in the 4th, and then finished with 46? Daayum, that dude just WANTED the W!! :D
If he keeps this up until the end of the season there should be no reason for him not to win MVP. He's been doing it since day 1, has not missed as much playing time as Embiid, and doesn't have other co-stars around him like Embiid or Giannis.
Only hitch could be the final standing, which is, unfortunately, a factor for that title.
But he is, by far the best allround player in the NBA this season.
Marko Curcic
Marko Curcic:
Funny how CJ how isn't even an all star player gets more friendly whistles than the MVP.
Sandan Saiyan
Sandan Saiyan:
8:18 LMAO 🤣
Let's just call him Nick Wrong from now on.
Bryan Bondad
Bryan Bondad:
Joker not even breaking a sweat...he is just playing around
Jon Jones
Jon Jones:
Юлиан Георгиев
Юлиан Георгиев:
MVP 100%
Run to the basket Greeeen!!!
F. Lundamo
F. Lundamo:
A new Big era coming? Jokic gonna be a problem man. Ps First time i see B. Ingram smiling, nice
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
Willy Barton's top game at the level of this season's MPJ - I expect a maximum contract for Willy Barton as well as an MPJ contract of around 200 million..Demarcus Chousins in 10 minutes showed that when Jokic leaves next year, Denver expects a bright future with Demarche Chousins - TOP SCORER . The Austin Rivers player without whose points Denver cannot win he is the future of the club.. Willy Barton', Demarcus Chousins .Austin Rivers .MPJ -are the players every club wants. .In the Chinese league.
M Meda
M Meda:
07:52 traveling violation.
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić:
Yeah give Jokić 10 FTs per game and he will easily avg. 30+. Former MVP who is at border of top 20 at FTA per game. Nobody says he must be in top 5 or top 10, but not even top 20??? Man that's what Malone meant when he said most disrespected MVP. Dude is avg. 26 with only 17 FGA and 5 FTA per game. Give me a break.
Polaar Name
Polaar Name:
Jokic is ICE COLD
Saudi boy19
Saudi boy19:
The Joker💪💪💪
M Meda
M Meda:
02:40 traveling violation.
Ivan Lugar
Ivan Lugar:
Jokić is a level up
Mojtaba Mehrpour
Mojtaba Mehrpour:
Wow man. Im not jokic's fan but U like it or not, joker is really better than joel 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️as a centre right now🙏
Simon Mic Theft Moniedafe
Simon Mic Theft Moniedafe:
chris martinez
chris martinez:
Greg Oden looks short on the bench.
Alvin DJ. Tv
Alvin DJ. Tv:
The Joker is no a Joke....
Rinnegan Itachi
Rinnegan Itachi:
Jokic MVP
Gordon Rastovski
Gordon Rastovski:
Cooper Wilkinson
Cooper Wilkinson:
pels vs refs
Elia Baroni
Elia Baroni:
pelicans centers defence is trash