The Kissing Booth 2 movie promo clips & trailer!

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Elle Evans (Joey King) just had the most romantic summer of her life with her reformed bad-boy boyfriend Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi). But now Noah is off to Harvard, and Elle heads back to high school for her senior year. She'll have to juggle a long-distance relationship, getting into her dream college with her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney), and the complications brought on by a close friendship with a handsome, charismatic new classmate named Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez). When Noah grows close to a seemingly-perfect college girl (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), Elle will have to decide how much she trusts him and to whom her heart truly belongs. Director and screenwriter Vince Marcello returns for The Kissing Booth sequel, based on characters from Beth Reekles' 2012 young adult book.

100+ comentarios:

cassidy christianson
cassidy christianson:
The first clip tho- thats to touchy
Berenice Amado
Berenice Amado:
That’s not even my boyfriend and I felt so maaaaaad
Briar rose
Briar rose:
Who else is going to watch it tomorrow
And thank you for the likes
meghan Hernandez
meghan Hernandez:
ik this movie is gonna test my patience , i'm gonna get so irritated
Trey Artemov
Trey Artemov:
PLOT TWIST: Elle and Lee actually fall in love & go off to Berkeley together like they originally planned!
Layla Garmadon
Layla Garmadon:
Movies always make going to Harvard look as easy a catching a cab
Alexis Octavia
Alexis Octavia:
My prediction she won't end up with neither of the guys. She will go find herself
Disappointed with the ending just wish Netflix gave Elle more then your typical 2000's ending.
I would be so pissed if a girl hugged him and even kiss my man like that like wtf you can just say hi NO PHYSICAL TOUCH
Reatile Mohoanyane
Reatile Mohoanyane:
I feel like she should drop Noah . Periodt. He has a lot of mingling to do. They both clearly still need more time for character growth. Later in life (well the movie) they'd probably get a nasty divorce and blame other for holding each other back not down.
'Kissers this year' 👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼
Raul Barriga
Raul Barriga:
Kissing booth 3: Marco goes off to Berkeley to chase after Elle because “she is” worth it.
Aubrey Borecki
Aubrey Borecki:
I’m scared this might feel a bit fake cause they broke up and now they’re doing another one but no matter what I bet it’s still going to be good
Elena Xx
Elena Xx:
I’m just guessing Elle and Noah are gonna break up
Sofiasco .-.
Sofiasco .-.:
Oh my goodness, the fact that Noah didn’t introduce Elle is so upsetting 😒
I feel like there's gonna be a part 3 because of Marco saying "Yes she is" to someone else saying "she's not worth it", like it might be about Marco trying to win her heart in Part 3 (btw i feel like Marco is more of a gentleman than Noah)
Jazmin Bonilla
Jazmin Bonilla:
I’m just saying I think she should’ve went with Marco 👁👄👁 is it me or does Noah and Marco kinda look alike
London Louise
London Louise:
Im gunna be so mad, because the first relationship always prevails, but Marco is SO MUCH BETTER
ivanaa escamilla
ivanaa escamilla:
I just finished the movie.
Conclusion: I LOVE Marco
This makes it seem like Harvard has a 90% acceptance rate or something😂😂😂
Sister Shook.
Sister Shook.:
I bet it’s gonna be like “to all the boys I’ve loved before ps: I still love you” and she’s gonna be with Noah 👌🏽☺️
Kaleihua Medeiros
Kaleihua Medeiros:
I had moments where I really wish she just picked Marco
Billy Boutsady
Billy Boutsady:
Hold up. If my boyfriend greets his girl-friend like that in front of me, there will be problems
Lidia Yuzko
Lidia Yuzko:
Once again this preview makes seem like Elle and Noah don't work out. And he makes her cry, hate him already.
sophie young
sophie young:
Kinda wanted Marco and ell to end up together kinda want another kissing booth Movie
Kate Cronshaw
Kate Cronshaw:
Doesn’t look like Noah likes Marco 😂
Am I the only one who likes Marco more than Noah? After they broKe up I don't see the same chemistry between them anymore, it almost feels like they were not uncomfortable filming together!
Linzi McLean
Linzi McLean:
ive been waiting 2 years for this movie. If its the same ima be pissed.
Brittney Laws
Brittney Laws:
Idk why I feel like Noah and Marco look alike for some reason it’s there eyes and smile it’s dam near identical 😂😂
genny jonson
genny jonson:
i just realized that Noah's new girl actually played "Rebekah" in the Originals!
shorT 33
shorT 33:
The first clip was, interesting-
Maison Caraway
Maison Caraway:
I wanna watch it so bad tomorrow but I promised my best friend that me and her would watch it together so I have to wait until I see her again which will be a couple days after it comes out!!
Corliyah Galloway
Corliyah Galloway:
Now all we have to do is put all the scenes they already put out together 🤣🤦‍♀️
Aria Tsang
Aria Tsang:
0:06 Guys and Girls, if you let your boyfriend/girlfriend do this and you dont speak up, yall stupid.
Samantha Dills
Samantha Dills:
They make it seem like its easy to get into Harvard.
Queen Quizian
Queen Quizian:
His girl friend is lesbian I'm calling it lmao
x_.sophia Panda._x
x_.sophia Panda._x:
I kinda actually wanted Marco and Elle to be together instead of Flynn and Elle...😞
Tf I just watched it and I’m already hating the girl
Alondra Torres
Alondra Torres:
The acting between Jacob Elordi and Joey king is very irritating... especially since Elle ends up choosing Noah over Marco...😒
Destiny Mariah
Destiny Mariah:
Bruh I’m scared cause I feel like there’s gonna be a part three cause of this new guy coming in😂
Original. Fun
Original. Fun:
Soo like I’m waiting to see what’s finna happen between Marco&Noah when they meet face to face !
spoon full
spoon full:
So Noah it is huh ?? ... He maybe good .. but Marco ... Dude has been literally used .. she kissed him and yes he's the rightful owner of 25,000 $ , not only he's a partner but also he choreographed ...and wassup with getting in both the colleges ??? I haven't seen them study for a single minute
Elle ~ Noah:
It's you Noah. It's always been you
Luci is that you!??? 😱😂
Fire Emily
Fire Emily:
I hope they do not break up they are such a great couple and look good together to and if I was her I will make sure he will be mine
krisha ruparel
krisha ruparel:
I'm soooo excited!
I just finished watching this two hour movie
marco's voice.......... it's killing me
Chloe Zanders
Chloe Zanders:
Wow that’s touchy for being a good boyfriend dump him and move on with someone you deserve girl period
Charlotte B
Charlotte B:
I dont think I can watch this without thinking about Joey and Jacob’s history, it kinda ruins it honestly
s t y l e
s t y l e:
The first scene was way to touchy, Noah said he wanted to be lee and for Chloe to be lee’s Elle, but that’s just impossible, they were born on the exact same day, same time and everything, but my point is that lee never touched Elle like that
Timyah Whiskey-Pierre
Timyah Whiskey-Pierre:
If this don’t end up the way I want it to I will fight somebody 😤
Allana Allen
Allana Allen:
Okay, okay😂 friends dont be all up on each other like that tho
Ana Vicky UwU
Ana Vicky UwU:
I am sooooo maaaaaad
But well I have hope the actor that plays Noah (Jacob Malordi I think) said that he doesn’t wanna be in the kissing booth saga anymore, like he doesn’t wanna to people talk of him as just Noah from “The Kissing Booth”
I don’t if I explain right
PD: forgive my English it isn’t my first language
Tuesday 2 Thursday
Tuesday 2 Thursday:
Marco was the obvious choice I was so sad at the ending
Kobe James
Kobe James:
See I can’t watch this bc I just gonna wait until 12:00 am in the morning
Alhanna Allen
Alhanna Allen:
Honestly the other dude’s face looks a little bit like Noah idk I might just be hallucinating 😂
Emma Eaton
Emma Eaton:
1:17 “chaaaarityy”✨🤙🏄‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️💗🧜‍♀️❤️✨
Mia Yzabella Vargas
Mia Yzabella Vargas:
They are actually each other's ex.
Chelsy Vmpr edits
Chelsy Vmpr edits:
WATCED IT! it was so freaking good I literally cried
There are moments when Marco looks like Noah with a black wig on
Mechelle Gin
Mechelle Gin:
There was like almost everyone posting this on their snap story lol
Reshma Mohabeer
Reshma Mohabeer:
Well it was an amazing movie I only watched it today♥❤ now I can't wait for part 3♥♥♥♥♥♥
Frank Angulo
Frank Angulo:
I feel so bad for Marco because he was just played The HOLE movie 😩😩😩😆
1:21 ktoś mi wytłumaczy ten żart? // will someone explain this joke to me?
Rylan Peck
Rylan Peck:
I literally stayed up till 12:00 in the morning to watch the movie because I am so excited and it’s still not out yet,I can’t wait any longer!!! Who’s with me?
Looks like Marco is the new noah
Júlia Rafaela Silva Prata
Júlia Rafaela Silva Prata:
Alguém do Brasil?
Olá eu sou!!!
Noorjahan Shah
Noorjahan Shah:
Kissing booth-1: love Noah
Kissing booth-2: 😍marco is better.
Sofie Petrak
Sofie Petrak:
Mia looks a little different in this one🤔😂
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper:
Who else was team marco😣😔
Maliya L
Maliya L:
We need a Kissing booth 3 end of story!! The second one was amazing!! Loved it!’ I want to know what is going to happen to the main crew!! It seems they left a cliffhanger in a way!! I need a 3 end of story!! Make it happen lol
crixtina. h
crixtina. h:
I watched it already it's sooo good I need TKB 3!!!!
• Mari •
• Mari •:
Gonna watch this later💃🏽
Michelle Yu
Michelle Yu:
lol when I first heard that she said I love her already I was going to say I hate her already
KCTV Channel
KCTV Channel:
After watching the movie, there was a part of me wanting for kissing booth 3 and hoping Marco would prove himself better for Elle♥️, I know elle and noah looks good and all but Marco and Elle just had a chemistry that we all can't ignore.

PS. Marco was a really gentle guy, so hard to not love him
Rimli Lover
Rimli Lover:
I am so excited for this !! I hope Noah and Elle ends up together ... atleast in movie....
Lainey Sheets
Lainey Sheets:
I just watched the movie and I really liked it
Omgg this movie is a 1000/10 🥳🥳🥵🥰💀😂it’s the best movie from Netflix 🔥we want to see moreeeee ... #kissingbooth3
I just finished it it’s 2:00 A.M.
I couldn’t really get into this movie I wasn’t impressed
After Passion
After Passion:
HELLO FROM GERMANY🇩🇪 I’ve watched the movie with my friend today and I was happy, crying and then happy again... I really love the movie and it’s such a beautiful and happy vibe movie!!! HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE A PART 3 CAUSE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXT!!! 🤧🥺😩❤️❤️❤️😍 I FREAKING LOVE THE MOVIEEEE😍🙌🏽
gabi joshua
gabi joshua:
Omg just watched kissing booth 2, was sitting on the edge of my seat.
اميرة الشرق الاوسط
اميرة الشرق الاوسط:
I just watched the movie and it's amazing and funny I smiled all the movie ❤❤❤❤
Elizabeth Karen
Elizabeth Karen:
I just watched it now I want a kissing booth 3 they said they were thinking about it w(°o°)w
Rae O’Quinn
Rae O’Quinn:
Adriana Vido
Adriana Vido:
Amei o final. Escolheu ficar com seu grande amor!! Perfeito!! ❤️🥰
claudia_in _colour
claudia_in _colour:
Just finished watching it aaaaand.... I LOVED IT!
spoon full
spoon full:
Y does this and PS I still love you have the same vibe
adam ali
adam ali:
Will it just like pop up on Netflix
Lale Avci
Lale Avci:
Marco look like noah 😂
DreShaud Browley
DreShaud Browley:
Yeah the exact same movie again
sugar squad
sugar squad:
is Elle wearing a brandy shirt in the first scene…?the Amara top
Tanisha Sanon
Tanisha Sanon:
Is it just me or when I found out the release date it felt like it forever for it to come out
Walking Dead Now
Walking Dead Now:
Great clip 👍! As a horror fan and current YouTuber, I am on the lookout for fresh ideas!
A A:
I was waiting for this movie for so long, this is going to be good!!!!
Black Cannery
Black Cannery:
My prediction is Elle and Chloe are going to end up together 😂
Rhianna Loane
Rhianna Loane:
omg I swear I saw Sabre Norris in the thumbnail 💀💀 it looks like her side profile huhhhh trippy
Joy Anthony
Joy Anthony:
I️ didn’t even realize elle real name is Rochelle lol (watch the ending and it reveals it )
Pethrese Chamber
Pethrese Chamber:
Love this movie Noah is mad annoying with his touchy feely friend that's a girl
But am I the only one that think Marco looks like noah