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New World Launches today, and I figured I'd livestream the launch event so we can all remember how chaotic everything was day one. I mean MMO Launches are always flawless... right?

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Dirty Saxophone
Dirty Saxophone:
Tbh one of the things I liked most about the game is enemy audio. The sounds your enemies make as you cut them apart or beat them bloody are surprisingly well done.
Proximity chat in an mmo.. I love it! Nothing like walking into town and someone saying “Welcome to Costco”
Matt Whitehead
Matt Whitehead:
This game needed more time, you only get to release an mmo once (unless you are final fantasy). I can't see people sticking around for long with this.
Armstrong Campbell
Armstrong Campbell:
They push back lost ark for this game. It better be worth it
BYtoady Nolastname
BYtoady Nolastname:
Gotta say, at 2x speed, the Marauder leader sounds a lot like Mr. Krabs.
Austin McClary
Austin McClary:
12 hours, you mad lad
This game rocks!
Fun fact: If you are a streamer you skip the queue
Suck it Dad? I make a living out of playing videogames 🥳
Lord Shonji
Lord Shonji:
Lesson learned: Don't come between Ruikhan and his hemp
I hate amazon but i hate them even more when they make a good game.
Howard Day
Howard Day:
Game is unplayable due to long queue times. Get a refund come back when they get game fixed. No one has that much time setting for hours. 1
This is the game that was released instead of Lost Ark? My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown:
Not like ark at all, but it's basically Albion online( which is free) with a dash of Gloria victis. Just better graphics.
Shame the actual character graphics really havent come for decades. Seems all games focused on gorgeous peripherals. Seriously the main characters animation looks similar to games 20 years ago,,wtf!>?!?! edit : 5 mins in and yup, looks crap. Everquest had bout same character graphics. What garbage/
Presley Johnson
Presley Johnson:
9:09:50 made me sub lmao
We Asia still use the tree to broadcast internet, that's why we don't hv any server.
Amazon is one of the world largest server farm. They host Netflix,Twitch,FB and others and they can't even provide enough server for their own 1st game launch.
What a joke.
Looks reeeeeally boring, hut thanks for sharing.
James Izatt
James Izatt:
Thanks for the stream 👍..
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez:
dedicated, predicated, and medicated.
I think I am going to Stick with XIV, this looks very boring.
Game is alright. I just don't see how the game is supposed to have any kind of long term motivation? There's basically no interesting talent / build system to bring any form of variety, combined with the lack of abilities I believe it will grow ultra boring super fast. Played the beta for like 12 hours and already lost the hype and vision for the future development for my character. Already had all my skills and basically stopped playing. A single class in WoW or FF14 offers more variety than this entire game. If your focus is crafting, then sorry, that will fail if it's not a sandbox game which New World is not.. Big ufff for an RPG imo... It's sad, because I like the world, the sounds, the visuals and animations quite a lot. But it the end, the rpg- gameplay is not there. Also, game being from Amazon, I'm sure the ingame shop will start to grow more and more desastrous over time..
Is it still bricking cards?
Luis KabaL
Luis KabaL:
Nothing against you dude but... what a boring game ffs
Ovidijus Pocius
Ovidijus Pocius:
I was like new mhw game. I felt in my guts. Ahhh no.
What is this, a crossover episode?
What is this, a crossover episode?:
This is a walking simulator or what?
mww m
mww m:
you been playing for 12 hours?

what faction is rurikhan?
Waste of time.
Mr Spooky
Mr Spooky:
Can you play with a controller??
This game good or bad?
Rafa Schultz
Rafa Schultz:
ehhhhhhhhhhh..... backing to Guild Wars 2
Gabriel Noira
Gabriel Noira:
another black desert?
931 in queue so here i am
Giga Arsanidze
Giga Arsanidze:
oh and no daggers :D
Is there a pack where we can buy and go directly to END GAME. I'm tired of grinding.
mmos are super boring
Allen Crippen
Allen Crippen:
Seems alot like ark
The only problem I see this game having is the interminable queue. In general the game as it is, is really fun to play. With proper updates this could really be the next huge mmo for years.
Channing Parker
Channing Parker:
The world itself is beautiful, but the battle mechanics are quite bland..
Vogg Vogg
Vogg Vogg:
This game is absolute garbage, I am excited to watch this game decline over time. Such a mediocre lazy and boring created game world. Pvp will bore people to death and leave a niche group behind just like Eve online did and that game is garbage. Amazons only wanted there greedy hands in the game world gold pot.
John Roe
John Roe:
Damn this guy talks way to much, takes him 57 minutes to log into the game. I'm out
Giga Arsanidze
Giga Arsanidze:
no greatsword no dual wielding swords or axes in game this MMO sucks man :((((
I hope this comes to PlayStation prolly won’t but a dude can dream