Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and his old friend Niall Horan hop in for a carpool across Los Angeles, singing songs from Niall's new album, "Heartbreak Weather." And James helps Niall confront his fear of pigeons. Order "Heartbreak Weather" here:

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Maria Paz QUEVEDO:
james: "do you actually think 1d will get back together"
niall: "yes"
guy: true
me: **cries in one direction( in a cool way)**
S. Bleek
S. Bleek:
James: “Do you like Simon Cowell”

**Long Pause**

Niall: “Sometimes”

Queen Irine
Queen Irine:
Amitiel Santos
Amitiel Santos:
Petition for james to kidnap the members of one direction like what he did to jonas brothers
liv noot
liv noot:
i love how niall is completely fine with talking about one direction and it doesn't bother him at all
Ainsley McDermott
Ainsley McDermott:
Nialls song: “I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink I swear”
Niall in tattoo roulette 4 years ago: * shaking *
0Ne DiREctIoN aRE tHe BeST
0Ne DiREctIoN aRE tHe BeST:
Absolutely Nobody:
Not Even Elsa:
Not even Harry Potter:
Not even Kevin:

James Corden: Knows the lyrics to just about every song on the planet

alexa maldonado
alexa maldonado:
no ones gonna talk about the fact that Niall didn't even hesitate to say yes about the 1D getting back together , LIKE WHAT !!
I feel like James is the only person who probaly can bring one direction back together, like seriosly!

Edit: thank you so much for, 1,606 likes! It means soo much to me!❤
Olivia Paine
Olivia Paine:
Niall: claustrophobia
Also Niall: just chillin out in me box
ilaria _f
ilaria _f:
Niall: pigeons are horrible
Kevin: but... Why :(
Louis: how dare you Nialler :o
Zayn: Niall you made Kevin cry!
Harry: but in a cool way!!
Liam: at least it isn't a spoon...
tommo sun
tommo sun:
niall: sign of the times or nice to meet ya?
james: sign of the times
harry: 😌✨

niall: am i your favorite member of one direction?
james: yes
harry: 👁💧👄💧👁
M.Jesús Olivares
M.Jesús Olivares:
Niall is so underrated, he is so talented, but James is talking more about 1D and not about his solo career; James talked and asked him about 1D and put steal my girl ( thing that Niall enjoyed). Why he didn't do that with Harry? He never talked with Harry about 1D and less put a song.
I know that Niall is happy and proud of 1D and he can talk about it. But his solo career is important too.
Yaoska Briones
Yaoska Briones:
I swear, he's the cutest guy in the world
Mariajose Ruiz
Mariajose Ruiz:
Niall is so underrated it pisses me off. HE IS SO FREAKIN TALENTED
dharma rojas
dharma rojas:
James: do you think 1D will come back?

Niall: YES

James: 👁 0 👁

Me: crying on a cool way
Margeaux T
Margeaux T:
when harry comes on the show he gets treated like James's boyfriend, Niall just gets scared shitless.
Chloe Quan
Chloe Quan:
**flashbacks to the time when the boys would try to make niall claustrophobic whenever he said his fears** 😭😂
Purva Shah
Purva Shah:
Niall: Am I your favourite member of one direction?
James: Yes
John: That's a true
Harry watching from home:👁️👄👁️
Amaya K.
Amaya K.:
James: we’re bringing in another pigeon
Niall: WOT
Just A Lil Muffin
Just A Lil Muffin:
James do you realize how much power you hold? You are the chosen one. We, as a whole select you as our champion. You’ve got the capabilities, the resources, the connections, but most importantly, the bravery. I understand this is not an easy task and it would be the feat of the century. But if anyone is right for this incredible task, it’s you James. I, as a representative of the One Direction fandom, beg you....bring them back together. We have an intricate plan prepared for you, all you have to do is say yes. If you do choose to accept your mission, you can find us in many places:

You will find the Harry fans loitering around any Gucci store, wishing their bank accounts were full enough to purchase the sacred fabrics. You will have to pry their hands away from the store windows, but they will be waiting for you.

You will find the Niall fans flooding golf courses in search of Mr. Horan. You’ll be able to spot them because none of them will actually be playing golf. They will simply be humming Viva La Vida and wandering. You’ll need to break their trance by screaming “POTATO” in their face. Only then will they listen.

You will find the Zayn fans crying in their bedrooms. You will have to coax them out by repeatedly shouting “VAS HAPPENIN?!”. Do not be phased by the puffy eyed, tear stained faces of these poor souls, for when they hear that you’ve accepted your mission, they will be fully supportive of you.

You will find the Louis fans running as fast as they can around various cities, yelling “STREAM WALLS BY LOUIS TOMLINSON” at the top of their lungs and flipping off those who won’t listen. While they are very intimidating, Louis fans can be momentarily quieted by hearing the intro of “Only The Brave”. Catch them in this state of vulnerability and they will be behind you and willing to do things The Tommo Way™️.

You will find Liam fans attempting to destroy every single spoon in the world. They will have already heard the news of you rounding up the fans due to the constant refreshing of social media. When you find them, say your favorite album is LP1 and they will instantly Adore you. (See what I did there?)

I hope you are up for the challenge James. We are ready to support you in any way we can. Good luck.

Louis: "Niall"
Me: *Noticing he’s slightly right!* 😂
He is a good singer! He must sing with Louis Tomlinson , Harry Styles , Liam Payne , and Zayn Malik
Crystal Itorcheak
Crystal Itorcheak:
fifty percent of the comments: Kevin
other half: one direction related
I know this sounds crazy but, James should blindfold all the 1D boys and put them in a car to do carpool karaoke. Niall in the front, Liam behind him, Harry in the middle, and Louis behind James. Halfway through, James says that something stopped the car. They all get out to see Zayn just chilling in the roof. The band is back together.
Luchie Ortega
Luchie Ortega:
am i your favorite member of one direction
james: yes
guy: true
niall: yasssssss🤩😻
us: we all know is harry. have you kiss niall james?
Pranay Praveen
Pranay Praveen:
WOW, niall really can sing
I think he should collab with liam payne, harry styles, louis tomlinson, and zayn malik

Who else agrees with me??;)
Jameson Tarrant
Jameson Tarrant:
Can we have a Louis Tomlinson carpool karaoke now that “Walls” is out 🥺
m a r
m a r:
no one:

not even niall:

directioners when they see the pigeons: KEVIN!!!!
No one:
Literally no one:
Not even Leeroy:
Not even Veronica:

Niall's Email address: [email protected]
Denim Jeans
Denim Jeans:
hearing niall sing steal my girl reminds me of seeing him singing in his underwear with the biggest smile on his face
dharma rojas
dharma rojas:
niall: “pigeons are horrible” kevin watching this: ✋👁 💧👄💧👁 ✌️
bc 566
bc 566:
petition for james to blindfold the boys and trick them into getting into the same car and making another carpool karaoke
Catherine Freytag
Catherine Freytag:
James Corden everyone. the only person to know every song on the planet
Catherine Freytag
Catherine Freytag:
James: do you actually think one direction will get back together?
niall: yes
john: true
Subhadra Vasudevan
Subhadra Vasudevan:
If they had sung little things:
Niall: maybe you will love yourself like I lo-
James: YoU SinG!
tommo sun
tommo sun:
“do you like s*mon cowell?”
niall: **sweating** sometimes—

How to Keep You Job: with your host, Niall Horan!!
Niall: am I your favorite member of 1D
James: yes
Harry: or is itttttt?????
James: Who's late night show do you like being on the most?
Niall: James Cordens late night show
Guy: Lie
James: OH MY GOD 👁0👁
Sele Sanchez
Sele Sanchez:
Niall: “pigeons are horrible”
Louis and Kevin: *crying*
Ana Victoria Suarez Irigoyen
Ana Victoria Suarez Irigoyen:
James: What's your biggest fear ?
Niall: I hate pigeons
Kevin: WoT AboUT Mee?!
Aleks P.
Aleks P.:
Niall: sings „steal my girl“ Me: 😭😭😭😭😭
shannah moore
shannah moore:
niall: pigeons are horrible

kevin: *crying in an uncool way*
briana grace
briana grace:
the fact that james hasnt done this w louis or liam🥺😭
Watermelon Harry
Watermelon Harry:
Harry and Niall are perfect and i can’t compare them.
Makenna Winfree
Makenna Winfree:
Niall: am I ur fav 1D member
James: yes
Harry: am I a joke to u
Molly C
Molly C:
I honestly lost my shit when Niall said one direction would get back together and it was true
Emery Reeves
Emery Reeves:
nialls stress level: tattoo roulette
Alexa Mendoza
Alexa Mendoza:
I cried when niall is talking to a doll himself.Im crying in uncool way.
Abha Abhilash
Abha Abhilash:
Niall: Pigeons are horrible

*Kevin has left the chat*
Makenzie Reilly
Makenzie Reilly:
harry when he hears niall is james’s favorite: 👁💧👄💧👁
Anishka Chandra
Anishka Chandra:
Niall: I hate birds
Louis: **barges in with Kevin** VAS HAPPENIN
James: Do you think one direction will get back together?
Niall: yes.
John: true.
James: goes home and screams in his pillow
Melissa Manion
Melissa Manion:
James: what's it's name
Me: Kevin, it's Kevin
"This one's Ted"
me: IT'S KEVIN!!
Caitlin Worrall
Caitlin Worrall:
If Niall ever decides to get a tattoo he has to get the crosses on his ankle
Dani Chase
Dani Chase:
My heart dropped when he said he believes One Direction will get back together someday ❤️🥰
Batched Feels
Batched Feels:
Is it just me or like. I can’t accept that they all grew up! Like whenever I see 26 year old Niall I remember 20 year old Niall I cannot accept the fact that Niall grew up
Hannah Moomba
Hannah Moomba:
Niall: am i your favourite member of 1D? James: yes. Harry watching from home: 👁👄👁
Savannah Yefchak
Savannah Yefchak:
James is the only person who can get 1D back together
violet hetherington
violet hetherington:
james did not HESITATE to say he didnt like nialls darker hair oh my god
Alexis Doty
Alexis Doty:
Lina Fattah
Lina Fattah:
Niall: am I you favorite one même en of 1D?
James: yes
Harry: 👁👄👁
ada relz
ada relz:
niall: “pigeons are horrible” kevin watching this: 👁👄👁
Eunice Chia
Eunice Chia:
James: "now let's bring in another pigeon"
Niall: "wot?!"
(2nd pigeon on Niall's shoulder)
James: "let's bring in ANOTHER pigeon"
Niall: "WOT?!"
Johnalyn Maneja
Johnalyn Maneja:
James: do you actually think one direction will get back together?
Niall and directioners:YES!!

I Hear Them Calling For You
I Hear Them Calling For You:
13:48 "He's watching too..." HE IS??
ruby 708
ruby 708:
“We should probably sanitise”
wow james you were so ahead of the trend 🥰
Maya L
Maya L:
James: “Do you like Simon Cowell”
Niall: “sometimes”
Way to cheat the system, respect ✊🏼
Lauren Quamina
Lauren Quamina:
James was really hoping that the lie detector wouldn't pick up that his favourite 1D member is clearly Harry styles 14:18
Leia Bengtsson
Leia Bengtsson:
Niall: *Pigeons is horrible*
Kevin watching this: 👁💧👄💧👁
Ella Power
Ella Power:
I swear the audience are so slow with reactions:

Niall: *comes into view*


Carolina Perea
Carolina Perea:
"why, why do you have a fear of pigeons?" Niall: Flashbacks to kevin...
Luz Arciniega
Luz Arciniega:
You can tell Niall’s heart broke a little when Steal my girl came on & it not being the same like before. My eyes cannot right now
sarah martina
sarah martina:
can we just take a moment to overanalyze the fact that Niall said yes to GETTING BACK TOGETHER not just a reunion,
no no he said yes to *GETTING BACK TOGETHER*
i’m officially dead, rip ⚰️
"Do you like Simon?"


That's something like Zayn saying "wE neVer REalLy tAlkEd" about Harry
“so accurate that i’m the united states you can not become a police officer without passing one”
Marissa Mims
Marissa Mims:
i haven’t seen niall that nervous during the pigeon bit since tattoo roulette
Sünger Uşak Karepantol
Sünger Uşak Karepantol:
26 year old niall giving advice to 16 year old niall had me in tears. Even he got so emotional. His birthday is in 8 days and he's 27 now. I feel like they grew up too fast and I'm so scared that this will all be gone some day. I'm crying but not in a cool way. :'/
James didnt even ask harry about 1d, but he did to niall. He even played steal my girl and did not to harry. Harry is the least member to get asked about one direction?
So Niall is scared of Kevin? My whole life is a lie.
Louis' Girl
Louis' Girl:
Just saying
Here James said that's niall was his favourite member of one direction but when they were in one direction and he was asking harry styles a question but harry answered him with a straight no he said to Louis that he always been his favourite soooooo
What does that mean 🤭🤭

Yes I'm a larrie
Susanna Brown
Susanna Brown:
James: do you really think one direction will get back together?
Niall: yes
Lie detector test dude: true
Me: cries but in a cool way
Jada 2007
Jada 2007:
Niall: *hates pigeons*
Harry: *likes pigeons*
R K:
No one:
Not even harold:
Me: noooooooooo...... its chonce NOT chance!
just look how happy james looks when they sing steal mu girl
Kyara Zink
Kyara Zink:
Hispanohablantes: aTrEbiDo
A J:
"We should probably sanitize"

Remember the days we could joke about that
Luchie Ortega
Luchie Ortega:
niall: phobia to pigeons
me: being kevin but in a ugly version
amanda Trindade
amanda Trindade:
petiton for james do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson
alwaysyou -
alwaysyou -:
when niall said “everybody!” it reminded me of “you sing!” 🥺

also has anyone else just been rewatching there carpools?
Reba Alexander
Reba Alexander:
I think Niall was really missing the band when he was singing steal my girl 😭😭😭😭😭
If you didn't cry when Niall was talking to his 16 year old self doll, than you're not human.
Ricky Colley
Ricky Colley:
James: I think its Time for you to Face your fears . Nialls Face: 😊-😳
"do you like simon?" this was everything i needed lmao
Ayesha Nagarwalla
Ayesha Nagarwalla:
When Louis watched this, he probably was so mad at Niall for hating his pigeon 'KEVIN' 😂😂
Lyra Clarke
Lyra Clarke:
Courtie Homer
Courtie Homer:
“This is Niall the guy who sings from your toothbrush” this is when you know you’ve made it
emiko jade
emiko jade:
James in 2015: ( Talking to Louis ) You've always been my favorite.
James in 2020: ( Talking to Niall ) You're my favorite.
Me: Haha, *okay* .
happy jeff
happy jeff:
Niall looks like James' son who came home from college 😂
Merryn Jones
Merryn Jones:
Has anyone else noticed that Niall and Harry do the same little hand dance thing