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Music video by Niall Horan performing No Judgement. © 2020 Neon Haze Music Ltd. and Niall Horan, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Niall Horan
Niall Horan:
No Judgement is one of my favourites I’ve written. Loved writing this song as I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And from blank canvas idea to the most colourful and most fun video to make with my guy Drew Kirsch. What a day with the wonderful Pimm and Barbara, the real stars in this clip. Let’s stop judging each other, life isn’t about that. Enjoy it and enjoy this video! Go and dance like no one is watching.
Janice D'Cruz - CS
Janice D'Cruz - CS:
People say "Niall has only human fans"

Like if you're a potato
this song is criminally underrated
Tacool DNA
Tacool DNA:
Fun Fact Nial is one of the most handsome men to ever live
Yee Lam Ng
Yee Lam Ng:
I love how he singing cheesily of 'no judge' while all his expressions are written with 'judging in Niall'
seyuwami seyuwami
seyuwami seyuwami:
no judgement hit me harder when i realized it could be for harry. i felt like i was about to cry because niall's the friend everyone should have. i want someone to play this song on my birthday or what, because im so confused with myself lately, i just want someone to comfort me and tell me to just be myself :((
Happy Face
Happy Face:
Is no one gonna talk about him saying "told ya" in the cutest way possible at the end?!?!?🥺🥺🥺
Sofia reis
Sofia reis:
He said it was about a ex bestfriend so everytime I heard this song I cry in a Narry way
Divyani Srivastava
Divyani Srivastava:
No one:

No one ever:

Not even Kevin The Pigeon:

Me: who TF disliked this masterpiece?!
Natilee Youngbull
Natilee Youngbull:
cant believe this is the same person that yelled "POTATO" and said "Just chill'in out in me box"!!! <3
Ifrah Shaikh
Ifrah Shaikh:
Niall: hates the smell in the bathroom
Also Niall: keep standing there spraying 😂
Oh Niall
Hi Hola
Hi Hola:
POV: you’re here looking for comments about Harry
Safia Singla
Safia Singla:
Niall singing: No Judgement

Also Niall in the entire mv: judging the old couple
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose:
0% sex
0% language/swearing
0% trash
100% art
Monica Espina
Monica Espina:
constanza nario
constanza nario:
Barefoot and a bottle of wine
You can stay with me tonight
You don't have to change when I'm around you
So go ahead and say what's on your mind
On your mind
When you're with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement
We can get that from everyone else
And we don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
I get us breakfast in the morning
Or you can slip out in the night
You don't have to give me a warning
'Cause we both got nothing to hide
Nothing to hide
Even though we don't talk for a couple of months, yeah
It's like we didn't lose anytime
I can be your lover or your shoulder to cry on
You can be whoever you like (oh)
When you're with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement
We can get that from everyone else
And we don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
I hope we never change
Even though we both know
That we'll move on again
I'll keep your secret safe
'Til the time we both find
Ourselves alone again (oh)
When you're with me, no judgement (no judgement)
You can get that from everyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement (no judgement)
We can get that from everyone else
We don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm (yeah), when you're with me, no judgement
Ohh (no), we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
Francisca Fierro
Francisca Fierro:
niall debería dominar el mundo, no sé, es el mejor xao
This is about your ex best friend?? Harry?? Ex?!
Seren Kaneko
Seren Kaneko:
Niall when he makes all these "NoT jUdGiNg but totally judging in Niall" faces
Kaleigh Gilbert
Kaleigh Gilbert:
So, Niall is just their "butler" that kind of just...spends the day relaxing and hanging out with/watching them? I like it.
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez:
Acá haciendo str34m porque alto álbum que se hizo mi pupi
Bruna Alves
Bruna Alves:
Director: What do you want ? Niall: Harry and Louis together again !.
Director: Why ?
Niall : Because Liam and I are the captains of that ship. Ahaha...
Me: Yes Niall, Thanks !!.... I from Brasil.
Naju Martínez
Naju Martínez:
Sos todo lo que está bien, rubia.
Sofia Rodriguez
Sofia Rodriguez:
El temon de Niall, sos un capo, te amo, aunque probablemente no entiendas un carajo de lo que te escribí, mucho amor <3
Danitza Valentina Villegas
Danitza Valentina Villegas:
Todas las canciones de Niall son ✨ARTE✨
Renatta Puccini
Renatta Puccini:


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- Pueden ver el video 30 SEGUNDOS o 1 MINUTO y ya cuenta como v1st4.

Lucia Herrera
Lucia Herrera:
When Niall is wearing suits, He looks like an Irish prince.
Bianca Toledo
Bianca Toledo:
Ya que no encontré un comentario en español, vengo a dejar el mío
Eduarda Hanauer
Eduarda Hanauer:
Not being enough that this is a narry song this is a freaking perfect representation of narry as an old duo and I'm loving it
Clarisa Yanes
Clarisa Yanes:
Este guapo necesita hacer un ft con Zayn Louis Harry y Liam... los conocen? Creo que harían una maravillosa banda
larryandziam andniall1d
larryandziam andniall1d:
what is your fav actor me: all the boys of 1d
my friends: but only harr......
me : all the boys of 1d did you watch best song ever or there movies thay are actors
harry watching this: NIALLER!! what did i say!?! NEVER make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana!!
las pioliss
las pioliss:
"Puedo ser tu amante o tu hombro para llorar" jalo
Ah Ah Ah
Ah Ah Ah:
Not even Simon Cowell:
Niall: There comes a time in the maehting cyhcle ofh humans
Estos señores me dan mucha ternura, fin del comunicado
Novijny Samontina
Novijny Samontina:
I still picture him having braces and shouting "POTATO!" 😂
Key Epic
Key Epic:
Can’t believe how much Niall has grown since 1d, both as a person and in his music. What a lad.
Subhadra Chaudhary
Subhadra Chaudhary:
Nobody gonna talk about
**"It gets a little bit strange."**
In the beginning??
It's DAMN CUTE!!! 🥺🥺♥️
Aisha 93
Aisha 93:
The candles in 2:09 it’s 27 and he turning 27 tomorrow 😳
Pasha Namir
Pasha Namir:
This song reminds me of I don't care by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran so much, when I first heard it I thought it was that song
Divyani Srivastava
Divyani Srivastava:
POV: you're screaming in NARRY!!!!!!!! And so am I!!
anxkita aaa
anxkita aaa:
Other artist's songs : nudity, drugs
Niall's song: cute old couples living their best lives.
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith:
Captain Niall and his new ship x
Angel Peace
Angel Peace:
I hope you find your true "NO JUDGEMENT" love. Someday that perfect person that loves you for the true you and nothing else. Always stay the happy-go-lucky gentleman you're. Please don't ever let anyone take that from you. That's what makes you an extra special individual. ✌❤
Renatta Puccini
Renatta Puccini:
Nayal que sos lo mejor que le paso al mundo TE AMO IRLANDESA
Abdur Rafay
Abdur Rafay:
If I was a girl,
Then Niall would be the only person I would think about
Tanisha Joshi
Tanisha Joshi:
Can we take a minute to admire Niall James Horan wearing a freaking white suit please!?
Hailey Styles
Hailey Styles:
R u kidding me? No Judgement but dis is about LARRY 💚💙 & ZIAM ❤💛

Niall always our best captain 🧡
Dulce Batz
Dulce Batz:
Tasha B
Tasha B:
I have loved Nialler since the start of 1D and he has acomplished loads.

I did temporarily forget that he even existed in 2016, but that doesn't matter. It only lasted, like, 4 months? Maybe 6. Idk.
Violett rose
Violett rose:
Amo está canción💖💖💖
Literal, cuando amas a alguién no lo juzgas y siempre intentas ser empático con esa persona buscando siempre lo mejor.
Niall supo expresar eso en una hermosa canción. Al menos eso pienso.

Niall, igual y nunca leerás esto , pero te amo y mil gracias por tu música, sigue haciendo felices a las personas con tu maravilloso arte, tu voz, tus canciones y tu brillante personalidad.
Ella Jones
Ella Jones:
Kinda miss One Direction, kinda love more their seperate careers. They are really all good.

Edit: oh my lanta! Thanks for all these likes🥺❤️
Tania Nadal
Tania Nadal:
Haber, ¿Por qué no hay comentarios nuevos? No los veo reproduciendo está joya!!
Hernandez Miranda Jeniffer Rocio
Hernandez Miranda Jeniffer Rocio:
This one deserves more than 100 million views
MrJabez Gaming
MrJabez Gaming:
I feel bad for Niall
He is very underrated right now😔
He should at least deserve 100 million views
Where are all the directioners gone? 😔
Phoebe Downey
Phoebe Downey:
"A period called no judgment"
"It gets a little strange..."
"Told ya!!"
Good job Niall!! Hope you read this comment. That would be amazing! Love ya!! 💖
N- The
I - Best
A- Irish
L- Princess
L- Ever

You see? Fits perfectly
Marie Weisinger
Marie Weisinger:
*When someone wants the latest hack, only use ***
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Katrina Abela
Katrina Abela:
The cake said 27, He should recreate that cake for his birthday this year
Leonides Rojas
Leonides Rojas:
Fan de TINI dándole str3am apoyando a Niall..!!
rociioop ._
rociioop ._:
Adoro a esta Irlandesa mal teñida❤️❤️
kopila Tiwari
kopila Tiwari:
this man is literally that boyfriend which every girl wants😂
Adoro que me salga en recomendados :)
Fátima Lara
Fátima Lara:
You’re art Niall Horan 🥰
Clarisa Yanes
Clarisa Yanes:
Bebé rubio irlandés
syahara khairunisa
syahara khairunisa:
“it gets a little bit strange” I CANT MY HEARTTT
Navya Siddanur
Navya Siddanur:
Bare foot and a bottle of wine.......
Niall: all dressed up eating a banana
Isha Alvarado
Isha Alvarado:
I loooove this song, it's a goal to find someone so special to dedicate it.
Kevin Taylor López Pacush
Kevin Taylor López Pacush:
Rumor has it that 1D's contract ends this year in December so since we're the best fanbase why not make all of the boys' videos exceed a billion views. WMYB has already exceeded a billion and DMD is close, but what about the other videos? why not make them reach the billion, also with the boys' solo videos that all their videos reach more than 100 million views.
we are the best we are a family so why not do it? I will do it and you?
I LOVE this! I was hoping Niall surrender to the fun, and he would strip off his beautiful tuxedo and patent leather shoes and join the two at the end.
Natalia and Tristan Michalczuk
Natalia and Tristan Michalczuk:
Niall is perfect. Love this song.
Akshansh Prakash
Akshansh Prakash:
Just Chillin out in meh box

If you know you know...
Ana Valen
Ana Valen:
How’s he so talented? Like this is such a great song and video he’s just so underrated
Vijay Ahluwalia
Vijay Ahluwalia:
As soon as I heard the instrumentals to this song, the earworm was planted. I just had to listen to the lyrics, and I have to say, it's icing on the cake!! Good job Niall.
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos agenos, thx
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos agenos, thx:
Cuando estés conmigo, no hay juicio,
"No tienes que probar nada" puedes ser tú misma, sin juicio

Así es, con la persona correcta jamás pretendas ser alguien que no eres, vivan sus loqueras juntos, kisses
Sofi Colamarino
Sofi Colamarino:
niall you r the most beautiful people I ever know, you deserve the world
Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson:
Harry: I’m the only one who can make weird videos

Niall: Hold my banana
Skye Mia
Skye Mia:
I like to think that he’s talking to us like we can be as weird as we want and he’ll join in love you nialler 🥔❤️
jennifer ann
jennifer ann:
I’d still keep a poster of him on my wall if I wasn’t engaged
Fußballfreund Sidi
Fußballfreund Sidi:
I love his voice, his way of making music, his character and he's super cute toooo!!! I love him forever!
ariadna rojero
ariadna rojero:
Director: How perfect you want to be in this video?

Niall: Yes!
Shrrutii Nigamm
Shrrutii Nigamm:
this sounds like I don't care by Ed Sheeran.

just saying
peace4ig 80
peace4ig 80:
kamrul Islam Anoy
kamrul Islam Anoy:
Brother, you've gained an another fan.
sarika rawat
sarika rawat:
Riddhi Manna
Riddhi Manna:
Imagine Harry commenting here: "Thanks Nialler! Love you too -H" OMG!
fatima06 .mahmoud
fatima06 .mahmoud:
I'm not a fan for naill but he's so handsome and I love his voice🥺🥺💕
Sofi Derma
Sofi Derma:
Now THIS is a masterpiece
Vienus Stories
Vienus Stories:
the message of this song is just so amazing
gmiinluv cover
gmiinluv cover:
Who's is here in October 2020:)‽

Still love it 💞
Risma Rahmawati
Risma Rahmawati:
niall looks fresher than lemonade.
This song is so cute idk how I don’t cry every time I watch it
Jo Schulme
Jo Schulme:
Like los que creen que Niall merece muchísimo más reconocimiento♥️/Like those who think Niall deserves much more recognition ♥ ️
speedy engine boi from class 1-a
speedy engine boi from class 1-a:
this man became my first EVER celebrity crush when i was 9.
now i'm 15 and i still love him. I'M SO PROUD TT_TT
Elisabeth Van den Eynde
Elisabeth Van den Eynde:
Everyone have seen his socks😂
lesly ._.
lesly ._.:
niall: *is cuter than EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD*
Best part of this video is when he say a li-ttle bit stra-nge
k4rm4slutr4 .
k4rm4slutr4 .:
the banana in the beginning this is so about harry my narry heart😭😭😭