Nicki Minaj is pregnant...and Meek Mill reacts! | Kanye West needs an intervention

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100+ comentarios:

iash blunts
iash blunts:
69 knew nicki was pregnant and didn't snitch that's progress people.
Bryanna TV
Bryanna TV:
Meek she’s moved on. She’s not with you. She’s married. let it go.
barbs know how important nicki getting pregnant is to us and her 😩❤️ she’s been wanting a family for soooo long, only the real ones know 💯
g g
g g:
“Nicki don’t want you” - 6ix9ine
Miya J
Miya J:
Meek is weird straight up, leave the girl alone, all he do is like comments and act weird
She should have a daughter because she already got too many sons.
Sherly C
Sherly C:
Didn't Meek Mill just have a baby? He's so salty that she's moving on without him and yet, he's allowed to move on and start a family?...
Legend Darius
Legend Darius:
Nicki is well educated. And she has one of the Biggest brains in the industry. She wouldn't marry a random guy and fall into problems. It's all planned. Don't worry Y'all.
AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness
AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness:
I'm very happy Nicki is finally having a baby..... Don't like her husband but she did always want a husband and kids and time was ticking. Pray for a easy delivery. CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI
Ceira Johnson
Ceira Johnson:
If Kanye becomes president ... 😯😯😶😶😶 .. I’m moving to the U.k
Alex Feng
Alex Feng:
i feel so bad for meek's gf like he is so embarrassing-
Meek is acting like he's the father he doesn't need to react
Kiara Williams
Kiara Williams:
The girl that said “y’all, we leaving rn” 😂😂😂
The Phantom of an Aries
The Phantom of an Aries:
Meek Mill wanted to be the father of Niki Minaj's baby and missed out on that opportunity period
Niki Peters
Niki Peters:
Nah I knew she was pregnant...
Can we take a moment to realise how 69 knew and he didn't snitch😂😂😂😂😂
Yoru sz
Yoru sz:
Nicki looks absolutely stunning in her pregnancy pics
Blacc Chai
Blacc Chai:
Kanye need more than an intervention. He's sick all the way around. Seems like he's fighting a spiritual battle
Everytime you talk about Nicki - Meek or Cardi do not have to be mentioned
“Yo we leavin right now”😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I can’t stop laughing y’all...omg my sides hurt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
B C:
Meek mill has a whole newborn at home but worried about pregnant nicki. How pathetic. Regular for him, but still pathetic
The OC Network
The OC Network:
I’m from Philly and ALL Philly Men stalk they ex’s
Meek cares more about Nicki than himself lmao
Mimi's Craft
Mimi's Craft:
People can say what they want about Nicki's husband. Not my man not my problem. I am just glad she is not a baby mama to one of these dusties out here and yes men with money does not exactly equal men of means. Alot of them treat their women and eventually baby mamas like trash and move on to pump and dump the next one. They rap about it and embrass these women all over social media and national t.v.. At the end of the day she is a business woman and very talented at that. I can always respect a woman that makes moves and is about her money. She is a smart woman. What she does with her love life and whom she chooses to marry and have children with has nothing to do with me atleast. I am happy for her❤👌🙌FYI I have never cared for Kanye like that I liked some of his music growing up he to me is a musical genius.He made some serious hits, but he has unresolved issues he needs help with. I would not spend my energy wasting it on him. I will pray for him like I do everyone else and move on.
Antasia Shaw
Antasia Shaw:
I can’t believe she’s pregnant tho. When I seen the pic my heart stopped (in a good way). She did it right, lived life has a successful career and got married now she has it all congrats
Nicki was very good at hiding her pregnancy because I honestly had no idea.
Star Rising
Star Rising:
I think Nicki is very happy and living her best life.
Kiara Williams
Kiara Williams:
Drake is annoying..Get away from the queen!
Queen Lady
Queen Lady:
Why did that security guys eyes damn near pops out his head when kanye spoke on HT lmao 😹😹😹
Amyah Bell
Amyah Bell:
I knew she was pregnant when she took the pictures with 69... she was tryna cover up😂
ReRe T
ReRe T:
No matter how people feel about Nicki & her relationship, she did it right. Marriage first, kids later🤗🤗
“The stalker tendencies need to stop” 😭🤣 expressive funny .
Niah bug
Niah bug:
I feel like Nikki would be a great mother and I’m happy for Nikki being able to have her kid
Leron Hill
Leron Hill:
This respectfully Justin sounds like he needs to be BLOCKED
Rodrigue Desouza
Rodrigue Desouza:
Man career went down so he wants clout from Nicki😂😂 pathetic
Taniyah Wiliams
Taniyah Wiliams:
I can’t believe Nicki pregnant🤔 And people had the nerve talking about she couldn’t have kids😒. Personally, I thought this day would NEVER come because she was to busy with work. But it’s finally did so happy for her🥰
Shaunte Reneese
Shaunte Reneese:
Profanity and God in the same sentence is disrespectful. He could have read his outline and that would have been better than what he was crazy 😝 and Kim not walking away from a Billionaire. 🤔 so, they don’t care what he do...😂
Bunny Baby
Bunny Baby:
👀🤦🏽‍♀️😢🤯Can anyone explain why Kayne has patches of hair missing?!!😩 The powers that be must be doing a number on him with the mk ultra
Erica Morris
Erica Morris:
"Y'all we leaving right now" 😭😭😭😭
Not Interested.
Not Interested.:
The girl saying "yo we're leaving right now" and the guy with the shook face took me tf out 💀
Justine Auene
Justine Auene:
She’s finally giving her sons a sibling
Cam D
Cam D:
She looks so pretty with that multi color hair
Lincoln L
Lincoln L:
This man needs help (I'm talking about meek).. He's got a whole baby but always stalking his ex 🤣🤣... His galfrnd must be embarrassed
Diør Diør
Diør Diør:
At this point y’all can stop supporting meek since we don’t know him personally
Vibin With Kay
Vibin With Kay:
Nicki didn't hid her pregnancy...she been told us
Omg Nicki is pregnant, Im shedding tears of joy !!
Kiara Benjamin
Kiara Benjamin:
Crazy or not. The only time Kanye wants to be seen is when he’s putting out new music🙄🙄🗣Next❗️❗️
Tiphanie Elise
Tiphanie Elise:
kanye : “what’s the most controversial thing i can say to make people mad ?”
Peyton Rowe
Peyton Rowe:
He reading a script. I dont believe those are his organic plans.
Miss Chantell
Miss Chantell:
Everybody had or having a baby this year. Safaree, Meek, and Nicki. So that means everybody moved on enjoy your children
who knows if she's pregnant with twins, she could bc that average ages where women mostly have twins is in their 30s but we don't know yet I hope she gives birth to a healthy child and I'm Kenny would be a wonder father to their children
Natasha St clair
Natasha St clair:
They need to commit Kanye fast !Loved Nikki's speech when she was home about teenage pregnancy it struck a nerve in TT.
xhalifi gaming
xhalifi gaming:
so were just no gonna talk how he said he’s gonna give a million dollars to every one who has a baby 😂
Lee Grogan
Lee Grogan:
I love Nicki. I am extremely happy for her and Meek is just a stalker. I love how she is living her best life. She knows that she deserves it. And after all she has been through with all her ex's she most dedinetly deserves it!
Just Using
Just Using:
At this point Meek has taken the crown for King of the Salty ex’s
Ken petty is probably one of those black men that got accused by a Karen or Becky, cause i dont see what people got on this man. Nicki is grown and knows what she wants
When he was talking about Harriet Tubman.... He was saying yes she freed them from their masters, but they were still not FREED AS HUMAN BEINGS and is still under the "white man" he's smart....and dumb at the same time
Shaun 2.0
Shaun 2.0:
Meek mill can rap. I give him that but personality wise, he's a lame. Like he's really lame! Smh. No hate, just what I see.
Malik Young
Malik Young:
Them Kardashian's are working their Magick on Kanye. Thats why he is messed up.
Amiie e
Amiie e:
If koonye was a black women, he would of been cancelled a long time ago. He’s had way too many chances.
Congrats to Nicki and Tom Holland
Deangle Rivers
Deangle Rivers:
To be fair, Kanye hasn’t been right since the lost of his mother🤷🏽‍♀️
Oisha Martin
Oisha Martin:
I knew nicki was pregnant from carnival time when she was flying to trinidad to tell her dad😊 ken said it in their ig vid
Patience Love
Patience Love:
Off topic: does anyone remember Wendy Williams??
Sasha-Gay Dinwall
Sasha-Gay Dinwall:
I am happy she is finally pregnant. She has always wanted to be a mother.
If being petty was a real person Meek Mill would fit that description perfectly.
Betty Bowens
Betty Bowens:
She is so pretty. Looks real not like other ones who really looks. And shows the plastic
Janet Lynda
Janet Lynda:
I love Nikki so much, she's so unique,her music is so lovely, I'm so happy for, she's married and now she's pregnant, she's such a wonderful woman with high taste,I wish you all the best Nikki
Tila Dotcom
Tila Dotcom:
kanye just lost his mind when his mom pass that i feel that is what missing his best-friend he isn't the same anymore cause i feel like if she was alive and she was to hear what he said would have correct him.
Mya Marie
Mya Marie:
What if she made that girl and boy bottle bc she doesn’t know what she is having😉😏
Steph K
Steph K:
Nicki looks Beautiful in her pics. She is glowing. Congrats Nicki!!
Mr. Nuke
Mr. Nuke:
“As long as 7 years from now I’m taking my daughter to pre-school”🦄❤️😩
Animebae Rayvynn
Animebae Rayvynn:
Meek Mill stay on Nikki's back, leave her alone, Congratulations Nikki❤
Auset Ma'at
Auset Ma'at:
She's having a virgo or libra?? Probably a Virgo hence the Virgin Mary pic!!
Kayla N
Kayla N:
Nah Kanye has been crazy since his mother passed honestly
RaOsun Bes
RaOsun Bes:
He came to SC us Columbians "never knew" In my Tony Baker voice😂😂😂😂
Meisha Holmes
Meisha Holmes:
Nikki chose who she ❤ apparently she has a Spiritual connection etc. only her & her husband know what it truly is ,I think it's lame aside from creepy for people to keep speaking on this man when they don't know this man💯 aside from judging by his criminal record & even in that no one truthfully knows but God, Satan, the accused & the officers/Judicial system cause Lord knows some people still are trying to fix the falsified stains put on their characters from years ago...
Felicia Stolz
Felicia Stolz:
I respect that she waited till she felt she was ready . congrats to her
And wendy Williams said she would look bad, Nicki looks great
keisha Allen
keisha Allen:
Ooh Meek is really mad dam he mad cus he wanted to get her knocked up for a while but she ain’t allow tht
bonnie komori
bonnie komori:
Somebody tell me why this popped up in my recommendations after I done listened to the song all eyes on me by meek n Nicki n me replaying drake verse on the song only😂😂🤣🤣🤣drake n meek gotta be the two main ppl ik who r practically obsessed with her🤣🤣
Shawnda Logan
Shawnda Logan:
I mean he was just being himself n not talking professionally... but he should’ve thought about his words before Going on the stage n offending the “white peoples “ bcuz it was other races in slaved not just blacks we just get overall looked at as slaves bcuz the color of our skin .
Efie Johnson
Efie Johnson:
Looking forward to seeing the baby Nicky
"Y'all, we leaving right now"
Please and Thank You
Please and Thank You:
Kris is not going to allow Kraye to ruin their brand. he's outta there!
Savannah Dino
Savannah Dino:
not meek mill commenting on a pregnancy that isn’t his own 🤧
Kanye has been saying for yearrsssss that he was gonna run in 2020... did y’all forget?
natasha larry
natasha larry:
I wish people would leave nicki along what ever her husband did in his past has nothing to do with present time mind y'all damn busy I wish them the best....
The person "yall we leaving right now" need her own tshirt line 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Avakin QueenHailey131
Avakin QueenHailey131:
Meek Mill just needa stop because she's married.
NeyAmani Johnson
NeyAmani Johnson:
She said “y’all we leaving rn” 😂 cause aye rs wtf
Cesar Barona
Cesar Barona:
🙄 I’m so tired of Kenny’s accusations. Please review the case. He was 15! And had to plead guilty
latonya newt
latonya newt:
Nikki baby. is gonna be one of the prettiest baby ! Go Nikki !
Poett !
Poett !:
He’s still in love with Nicki clearly.
Shayla W.
Shayla W.:
My ex husband behaves like Meek Mill... These men need to grow up because I’m not here for the b.s. at all & I’ve let that be known.. God bless Nicki, her unborn baby & her husband.
Charity Psycho
Charity Psycho:
Lol I can't imagine 6ix9ine kept this a secret😂
Tiphanie Elise
Tiphanie Elise:
we knew she was pregnant when she stopped being active on insta a couple months ago 😩
Create Your Best Version
Create Your Best Version:
Happy for her. She will give her babies lots of love 💕 and financially she will be able to provide them with whatever they need🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🙏🏼💕
Briana Marie
Briana Marie:
Damn why we can't say congrats to Nicki tho even if she don't see it ‼️ They act like we can't be happy for her. Why mf so maddddd !
Because I'm Ricky
Because I'm Ricky:
"As long as 7 years from now, I'm taking my daughter to preschool"
7 years later: *Preggers*