Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets outlast Damian Lillard's 3 PT hellfire to win game 5 | DNBA Live

Damian Lillard set a new playoff record for 3 PT shots made tonight in a 2 OT thriller against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. But Nikola Jokic, Monte Morris, and Michael Porter Jr had the last word as the Nuggets pulled out an incredible double overtime win. MVP showed why he was the MVP and MPJ hit the most clutch 3 of his career to put the Nuggets over the top at the end. Adam Mares, Duvalier Johnson, Brendan Vogt, and D-Line Co. come to you LIVE from the DNVR bar to break down everything you need to know from tonight's game.



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16 comentarios:

Sasa Pavlovic
Sasa Pavlovic:
This is what we call a TEAM PLAY. Great game and GREAT WIN
Marko Curcic
Marko Curcic:
I've said it, Nuggets all the way!
What a game! Amazing performance by Dame, best clutch 3 point shooter ever! Respect! But NUGGETS,,,oh man,,,TEAM SPIRIT & NO SURRENDER! 💪 Way to go! 👍
Razor Burn
Razor Burn:
Great show!!! Lets Go Nuggets + Jokic 4 MVP!!! Живели! :)
mile lojpur
mile lojpur:
dame is great but when he take over games he actualy is doom for his team..cause he doesnt make others feel the rythm.. joy and doom..
Sisaj muda gugle
Sisaj muda gugle:
so I am the only one that thinks this was terrible game? Nuggets and reffs wise.
D huynh
D huynh:
Nuggets need another play maker, Cant just go to a stagnant Jokic in a high pick N Roll. Ball Movement was pretty non existent for the first final Quarter and OTs
Malone almost wet the bed by not fouling when up and seconds left
Thomas A
Thomas A:
I agree, Milsap’s fast break where he just loses the handle trying to one-hand it was annoying. You gotta take it up stronger than that! Every bucket counts!
the austin rivers foul on dam might be the worst call i have ever seen live in my life. what is wrong with those biased refs.
Marko Vujanović
Marko Vujanović:
Great game, but i am 100% sure that Jokic is so tired. He needs a good rest, maybe sacrifice next game if Nuggets start slow at the beginning and give Jokic some rest. Maybe to begin with McGee or without center. After he had rest at the end of 3rd quarter and get back to the game he had a strong rush and he started cooking (points, rebounds, defense, assists), but after that i saw he is almost without gas and not fully concentrated because he is EXHAUSTED. This series came down to which coach will lead the team better, more even than the player's (superstars) performance. Malone, its time for you to show up and end the series. Go Nuggets!
eric was a hoot this show
Rings of Jupiter
Rings of Jupiter:
Dame Time, let me introduce you to...
Neek Time!
mile lojpur
mile lojpur:
btw you need to install Emperor title:) much easier then to give away king crowns:)
Jalen Jackson
Jalen Jackson:
I'm interested in the old movie looks different hahaha most definitely no worth buying a movie ticket
Sam White
Sam White:
A thousand likes?!?!?! Let’s gooo