Nishikori vs Pella; Tsonga, Andujar & Chardy In Action | Barcelona Open 2021 Highlights Day 1

Day 1 from the 2021 Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell featuring Kei Nishikori and Pablo Andújar...

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100+ comentarios:

Nnif Jote
Nnif Jote:
That Nishikori-Volley😳👌
Yuta Ito
Yuta Ito:
As a Japanese, I'm really happy to see all these comments from around the world rooting for Nishikori every time tennis tv uploads a video. He has said throughout this season that he is just waiting for that '6th sense to click'. It may be baby steps, but I'd like to think that he is heading towards the right direction. Thank you from Japan for supporting him!
I wish Nishikori went back to his prime
Dev Dharmadhikari
Dev Dharmadhikari:
Watching Nishikori play is so satisfying. Such a clean style
Random Tennis
Random Tennis:
First. Great match by Nishikori, glad he is always fighting back.
Tsonga is having a really tough time on the tennis court right now.
Sayres Rudy
Sayres Rudy:
more tennis wisdom from the commentator: "that's genius," "that's wonderful," "that's a backhand," "what a tennis ball strike,"...
Tanmay Sachdeva
Tanmay Sachdeva:
Nishikori is gonna be back on top again
Alex Wright
Alex Wright:
I think we can start saying goodbye to Simon and Tsonga on the tour
Fantastic highlights from Chardy-Basilashvili's match! Thanks Tennis TV!
Ricardo Jasmins
Ricardo Jasmins:
Good to see Kei back¡ Chardy is having an amazing year well done 👍🙏
Alex Richardson
Alex Richardson:
Tsonga was one of my favourite players to watch back in his prime, kind of sad seeing him struggle at the moment.
J nid
J nid:
Nishikori. wow. whew. really hope he continues to get bacl into the winners circle
Vapor speed
Vapor speed:
Only two points for a whole Basilashvilli match?
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
Happy for Nishikori to moving forward - it's tough to come back from surgery and face Pella in the first round!
wl nov
wl nov:
Nishikori Victory✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
I would love to see Kei nishikori stays injury free for another 3-4 years.
Chopper Fok
Chopper Fok:
Would like to see Nishikori keep up the top quality of tennis good luck. 👍
chris Kaza
chris Kaza:
Little more highlights please if you can from the other games!
With the majority of the tour struggling to find their form due to lack of matches, it’s great to see some of the older players like Nishikori start racking up W’s and building that confidence back up again
So great seeing Kei grind out a tough win
I think Kei is genius.
Pokegaminge Trainer
Pokegaminge Trainer:
Where did Tsonga go 😢 he had a great all around game but he’s the shadow of himself right now
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron:
10 secs for chardy’s match 😭
Great improvement in the camera angle for this tournament, used to be very far and high.
silvester porcone
silvester porcone:
Please nadal win this tournament!!❤
ma boy Nishiiii need him back on tour beating the best
Alexey Yarovikov (yalex87)
Alexey Yarovikov (yalex87):
2 rallies, 19 sec of highlights - both points - setballs (Chardy vs Basilashvili)...hmm, new record ladies and gentlemen
A la mierda Chardy vs Basilashvili🤣. Tsonga, Simon casi juegan por cumplir ya no les da el fisico porque el tenis de ahora demanda mucha potencia, Basilashvili como siempre un 👻, su titulo de este año es solo un espejismo.
Deniz Yanıköz
Deniz Yanıköz:
Did we all have a hallucination of Chardy&Basili motion?
Lucas Lee
Lucas Lee:
Tsonga always in that level,he cannot be a strong tennis player
Man i really want nishikori to win something. I like him a lot and he really gives it his best whenever he's out on the court. This was a good win, but i hope he can continue his level. I just feel like he deserves a win man.
Alejandro Pikoulas Plata
Alejandro Pikoulas Plata:
Adding Max Mirnyi in the coaching team has been a great choice!Kei will do great things this summer💪🏻
abhishek vanenooru
abhishek vanenooru:
i love court level views
that was genius, magnificent, unbelievable, truly stunning, amazing, very nicely done...just lovely tennis
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
This is only the second match of the year played by Tsonga, if I remember it right,.
Glinda Conard
Glinda Conard:
Wow it’s good to see these players🎾❤️
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Chardy is underrated. He is having a good year and I hope he raises his ranking further
Matthew Foster
Matthew Foster:
Two points for a 3-set match between Chardy and Basilashvili? C'mon now, TennisTV media team. That's cheating your fans out of some good tennis.
The tiny sip of the Chardonnay match left me thirsty for more. 😬
Can't understand why Simon is still playing... Except for money, it is becoming really awkward to watch.
Peter Miller
Peter Miller:
Tsonga tennis career is over its very difgicult for him to win a next tournament
Tennis Hammers
Tennis Hammers:
Let's go Nishikori!
avtar Kahlon
avtar Kahlon:
Paire lost again in first round
Lucas Puget
Lucas Puget:
Cadê o jogo do Thiago Monteiro?
aw gosh whatta bummer. i just watched that birthday video reel of tsonga killin it against the big 4 [sic] and it had me all hype on him, and someone said he'd be playing again in a couple days, i was excited. but here is a guy who can barely move it looks like.
Juano Etchevers
Juano Etchevers:
I suddenly blinked and missed chardy vs basilashvili highlights ☹️
20 Kkk
20 Kkk:
Let’s go Nishikori
- “‪NO This is Patrick‬” -
- “‪NO This is Patrick‬” -:
Has Basilashvili won anything since Federer?
Jimbo Arias
Jimbo Arias:
It'd be better if you didn't add the Chardy's "highlights" to this..
oracle yang
oracle yang:
I feel kinda sorry for Tsonga
Go Nishikori, GO!!
steven gao
steven gao:
Does nishikoria ever just win in 2 sets?
Teodor Balaban (Bali)
Teodor Balaban (Bali):
I'm also happy to see Kei back playing better and better but is there anyone else who feels bad for Pella?? I really like his style and i enjoyed watching him 2 seasons ago when he beat raonic at wimbledon and had a few good results(broke into top 25 I think?)
Sean Durham
Sean Durham:
What happened to Tsonga? He used to go toe to toe with the top four.
- “‪NO This is Patrick‬” -
- “‪NO This is Patrick‬” -:
Is this the retirement tour for Tsonga?
Hugo Pichon
Hugo Pichon:
Mana K
Mana K:
was that an inside out lefty slice serve on match point from Gerasimov? love when people actually use that serve
Tsonga played so passively
Min 8:00 In the background, you can see kinda the logo of "Real Inter Milan". And they are in Barcelona 😂
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee:
Watch out Kei might try to take a 15 minutes shower.
Gilles simon needs to retire. His brand of tennis would only just about work on grass.
Go Nishikori!
Gurvijay Gill
Gurvijay Gill:
Man Nishikori backhand is right up there with Nole
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
I wish Tennis TV would indicate which country each player is representing (ESP), (USA), (ITA) etc.
helie d'auvigny
helie d'auvigny:
Great ballkids!!!!!!!
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
The nextgen crew is here and making their faces known. Players like Simon are on the sunset of their careers now.
Jamea Park
Jamea Park:
Mrs Rose Robert and her method works like magic I keep earning single week with new strategy
Christopher Young
Christopher Young:
Will a French player ever win a slam again?
Tsonga played too passive, too defensive. That's not his style. He normally dictates points.
Tsonga and Nishikori were in that weird generation that was snuffed out by three big three and the occasional Stan and Andy wins. Looks like they are done, the next gen is here and they are as we struggling
Djokovic1 Novak
Djokovic1 Novak:
Giorgi Damenia
Giorgi Damenia:
Tconga fack
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
it's over Joe Wilfred...
Niels Miroux
Niels Miroux:
What the hell how did gerasimov served for matvh point 7:58
Gevorg Ghushchyan
Gevorg Ghushchyan:
Where is Nick Kyrgios guys?😀
I missed him 💪✌
Tsonga's one handers are like icing on a cake
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia:
Tsonga has a lot of class!!!lol
Фанаты А4
Фанаты А4:
Gerasimov very good player
James Crisp
James Crisp:
great camera angle!
Peter Miller
Peter Miller:
Tsonga tennis career is over its very difgicult for him to win a next tournament
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner:
Does anybody know how to hit angles on clay anymore? Man, has the game deteriorated.
Mitesh Shah
Mitesh Shah:
What channel if any is this shown on in UK?
Louis Gianfrancesco
Louis Gianfrancesco:
Pella plays a lot like Murray.
Tsonga is finished
New camera position?
Poor Tsonga...... He just had his birthday a few days ago and he is struggling bad on the court. He is a shadow of himself now. I feel so bad for him. :(
Nguyen Chanh
Nguyen Chanh:
Wonhee Lee
Wonhee Lee:
The editor seems do not like Nishikori. What a thumbnail pic. His look is definitely better than that
Andreé Flores
Andreé Flores:
Why is tsong still playing?? He is only embarrasing his own career
Rurangwa Musole
Rurangwa Musole:
nak_ apl
nak_ apl:
Christian Astudillo Ayala
Christian Astudillo Ayala:
GRIDO Pella 😂
charlie chuck
charlie chuck:
Are They training?