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Check out the Nomadland Official Trailer starring Frances McDormand! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: February 19, 2021

Starring: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May
Directed By: Chloé Zhao
Synopsis: A woman embarks on a journey through the American West after losing everything during the recession.
#Nomadland #FrancesMcDormand

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100+ comentarios:

THIS is what we need more movies on. The reality of how many people live around the world, how they feel and how beautiful humanity is despite the conditions
Really Interesting. It feels like a documentary in the way it’s shot and with all the interview-like segments.
I saw this in theatres and let me tell you: this isn’t an movie. It’s an WORK OF ART. Absolutely beautiful and worth every single nomination it’s been getting.
Frances Mcdormand is the best actress she needs her third oscar. should win an oscar .
Movie OSTs
Movie OSTs:
The beautiful piano piece of the trailer:

Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi
Peter Frank
Peter Frank:
I really want to see this at the theaters.
stayhappylittle mermaid
stayhappylittle mermaid:
You create yourself moment to moment. You are not born as a fixed entity, but only as a infinite potentiality.
Syl Yep Yep
Syl Yep Yep:
I don't know why, but this trailer
gives me chills.
Can't wait to see the movie !
This world needs kind people. Kindness and love everywhere.
Tigran Mkhitaryan
Tigran Mkhitaryan:
Predicting the future. This film is going to win the Best Picture at Oscars 2021.
Rong Qiu
Rong Qiu:
Cried even watching the trailer. "this life we spent too much time remembering", but what will we have if we don't remember?
Victor e perez
Victor e perez:
God I love Frances and everything she does
Abdul Nihal
Abdul Nihal:
Oscars here she comes❤️..
Melanie Banel
Melanie Banel:
Bob Wells has the most comforting voice.
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo:
I've been obsessed with van living, tiny living, tiny homes, bus homes
I really want to watch this 😓
Roger Kincaid
Roger Kincaid:
I've heard nothing but great things about the film. I'll be looking forward to see it.
Bi D
Bi D:
Looks like a beautiful slice of life film
I'm not the father I can prove it
I'm not the father I can prove it:
Chloe Zhao is a phenomenal filmmaker,, this look great... Anticipating her Marvel movie too
Melanie Nelson
Melanie Nelson:
I was so deeply moved by this trailer that I downloaded the book "Nomadland" last week and I'm reading it. I just realized that the gentleman in the trailer with the white beard is the real Bob Wells who is in the book. So cool that they used real "Nomads" in the film. I can't wait to watch it!
Nicholas Holder
Nicholas Holder:
I think that’s the most moving trailer I’ve ever seen. Wow
rian reyes
rian reyes:
This is i think i want to do in life. No expectations, No goal, No routines, No Approval from anyone... i know its hard. But learning about survival, Enjoying Gods creation, living your life spiritually and free. Is it all make sense.
the music is awesome .
John Fitz
John Fitz:
I feel like the international directors like Chloe Zhao capture and make an American tradition like this more perceiving to the audience. It was a movie so simple, but for some reason you won't forget how it makes you feel in the end. Really enjoyed the flick!
Hugh Glass
Hugh Glass:
Just watched this film. It’s absolutely miraculous. There are so few movies nowadays that strip the subject matter down to pure, tragic, beautiful humanity. Nomadland is a legend in its infancy and I guarantee it’ll be talked about for years
Blue moon Mountain
Blue moon Mountain:
I have lived like this for ten years. Working at many different jobs along the way. At the moment I am caretaking property. I have my own travel trailer and a Great Pyrenees. It's not always an easy life. Especially since all the National Forest campgrounds are closed, gas prices going up and the Pandemic. But somehow I survive. And I'm a woman and write my short stories about the many experiences I have. I have learned so much about survival and people.
M. Unsinn
M. Unsinn:
Wow, what a beautiful trailer.
The Cooper Tech Kid
The Cooper Tech Kid:
This is the kind of movie I'd want to watch after 2020. Something so relaxing and free about it.
Geek Planet TV
Geek Planet TV:
I love the style of this director, how she captures the real people on whom her films are based and the way she records using natural light. I'm excited for what it will bring to Eternals
E bag
E bag:
This actually looks really good. For a second I thought it was a documentary because it just looks "real" if that makes sense.
It maybe be because of Covid, or 2020, or both... But I felt very emotional watching this trailer.
Cannot wait to see the film.
where am i
where am i:
I'll see ya down the road. Damn that hit me for some reason lol
Lee Richards
Lee Richards:
Frances, what an icon,
what an absolute treasure she is!
She will always be one of my favorite Actors!
Live Long Frances ✌
Natalie Mccandless
Natalie Mccandless:
WE all fell in love with FERN......she is so beautiful.......more than those hollywood actresses.....she is the real deal.
Loved this movie so much and it inspires me to be more kind to others
Matt Zinnecker
Matt Zinnecker:
The music is so good
Josef Shopovich
Josef Shopovich:
Beautiful. I miss being able to travel abroad.
Isaiah Burwell
Isaiah Burwell:
She’s definitely getting another Oscar nomination for this film, not sure if she’s gonna win but her amazing performance will get her nominated
Go to RV Cheap Living - Bob Wells introduces you to the real nomads and watch the doco - Without Bound, It will change your life.
K Kingdom
K Kingdom:
Damn, this might be the first movie trailer to ever make me cry. I'm gonna watch this
Hugh Glass
Hugh Glass:
It’s not very often I watch a trailer and think “wow, this movie looks literally life-changing.” But here we are...
Dylan Slemp
Dylan Slemp:
Saw this earlier today. Beautiful film, and probably my favorite film of 2020. Almost cried at some points.
Ty Mixo
Ty Mixo:
I think everyone will walk away with something from this movie. Some will feel inspired while others with feel haunted. Some will feel pain while others will feel fear. In other words, I think this film will take you many places.
Lainer Martin
Lainer Martin:
Bob Wells did a great scene. Love Frances. Can't wait to see this.
I feel like this is one of those movies that are gonna make me cry...

And I’m all here for it.
Chandrachud Singh Rathore
Chandrachud Singh Rathore:
Feels so serene❤
James Paguip
James Paguip:
This movie is real art it shows the beauty of life.
She's such a wonderful actress
Zeal for Cinema
Zeal for Cinema:
When I first watched the movie 'Rider', I was spellbound by her filmmaking and her storytelling abilities..I have been waiting for her next movie since then..Then 'Nomadland' came..
When you leave your past and go away you don't really leave it behind you, you might physically leave it but you carry it everywhere in your thoughts and everything you do has the effect of it.
May be by living amongst all this chaos which looks like bliss makes us forget to explore the depths of what we can do as a human..Music stitches us to the soul of the film, even though the movie is for 1 hour and 40 minutes we feel like we have seen a huge journey..This movie shows how important it is to feel the "home" wherever you live and it also defines the definition of home very beautifully..Though this story follows a normal woman who is about 60 year old who does mundane things to get through her day by living in an RV but it finds poetry in all those things...The beauty of this film lies in the subtlety of its story arc and most of the characters in this movie are real nomads..even though Frances Mcdormand is not a real nomad like others, she did a brilliant job in blending naturally with them..The long and slow camera glides in this film are just visually arresting while it also keeps us in the moment emotionally
Aussie Photographer
Aussie Photographer:
Love Frances. Beautiful.
Gore Cioran
Gore Cioran:
This film left me thinking mostly about the genuine kindness of people who have lost a lot or people who live with their necessities barely covered and make a living day by day but it's never promised. It had me thinking because they had all these beautiful human values that people like me, who have all they need and maybe more, have lost or it's difficult for us to feel drawn to act like that. It was heartwarming seeing them helping each other not because they felt pressure to do so but because it was something that they had naturally incorporated on their souls.
*Sorry if I made a mistake in the writing, I'm still learning english.
Kor Kalba
Kor Kalba:
I've seen the old dude with white hair on YouTube. His channel is pretty good for nomads.
Jojo Pupra
Jojo Pupra:
sometimes I wanna be a nomaden or backpacker, travel to different places that I never visit before, that would be amazing and unforgettable experience of my life.
I can’t wait to see this.
Leon Yu
Leon Yu:
And the Oscar goes to Chloé Zhao 👏
Tyrell Grey
Tyrell Grey:
Another Oscar Performance 💯
Maarten Sijbesma
Maarten Sijbesma:
Frances McDormand is so amazing, always. Hope to see this in theaters!
Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes:
This looks incredibly poignant. I love Frances and will watch anything she’s in, but this looks remarkable. Beautiful. I can’t wait.
deepak nayak manel
deepak nayak manel:
It's a beautiful movie. A must watch. It hits different. The unhurried pacing, the character study, the music, cinematography, the American landscape...and a luminous Frances McDormand! The images will stay with you long after the end credits roll.
I’ll see you at the Oscars Chloe !
Inna S.
Inna S.:
Beautiful music
This is definitely a wonderful feel-good movie to see to forget about the awful 2020 and when 2020 ends.
David Ciriaco
David Ciriaco:
I saw it, it was phenomenal! Wow, made me value my life, those around me and most importantly that person that you give your heart to and you love the most. Such a wonderful movie, a reality for many. 🙏🏻
They gave Chloé Zhao a bigger budget to hire real actors! I have mixed feeling for "Nomadland" only because I loved "Rider" for it's simplicity. This looks like a classic though.
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle:
If this piano gonna be in this movie i will watch it
Falcon Spirit
Falcon Spirit:
I love it ❤
Oh man I need this film in my veins.
Wow. That was an impressive trailer - looking forward to the film!
Conor King
Conor King:
That beautiful piece of piano music is Ascent - Day 1 by Ludovico Einaudi
Looks amazing thats my life now traveling in a van haha
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian:
Nice 🎥 ❤
Omg I just fell in love with this movie
Michael Cross
Michael Cross:
Loved her work since first seeing her in Fargo
Lotfi Kaz Film
Lotfi Kaz Film:
It seems like she meets real people on her journey, looking forward to it
Living to be Happy
Living to be Happy:
Really looking forward to this. My husband and I worked hard for a couple years to get our travel trailer and start nomad life in 2020, unfortunately we werent able to start our journey working seasonal jobs place to place because of covid but this summer we are going to montana to start our nomad journey.. thats why we started our channel on here. Document the process and share that it is possible to live in this way. So excited to see this on the big screen in a few months if the situation allows us too. Happy traveling everyone!
Marvel And DC comics Superheroes
Marvel And DC comics Superheroes:
It so beautiful. The life we change it can be good but we always life is short and she spend time to enjoy it.
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan:
Frances McDormand getting that 3rd Oscar is just a matter of time, imo. We'll just have to see which 4 women will lose to her. The cinematography and score is simply exquisite. Can't wait to watch this!
Ariane Oudry
Ariane Oudry:
Awesome. It breaks my heart…
Elle Van Roamer
Elle Van Roamer:
OMG! Am so excited about this movie!
ZwMfUcq akmal
ZwMfUcq akmal:
Mantap ngab👍👍👍
Amy Holm
Amy Holm:
Hmm, this is based on a book and I have a copy of it. Guess I know what I am reading next.
Sam Son
Sam Son:
Ammmaaaazing movie. It is for sure a poem on screen.
Many wins are coming its way.
Yahiness Ness
Yahiness Ness:
Gave me chills
Moviez World
Moviez World:
I don't know if it's the whole 2020 thing, but this trailer, score, acting, and cinematography hits me right in the emotional gut.
for years before it was all the hype, i have though of living like this for whatever amount of time. something is missing in my life. ive met death with death and have faced them. once my body heals this IS what ill do. i started my journal for planning last night. no more waiting. i just got rid of everything except on small storage unit for when my travel journeys end and i settle. its just me and my pup with the wolrd at out feet. anyone else feel this way?? everyone thinks im crazy and here i am wondering if its everyone else that just cant understand. will come comment after i go watch this right now. that too i have been putting off. im ready.
Natalie L
Natalie L:
Love this movie already!! Cannot wait....
Sweet Priyanka Chopra
Sweet Priyanka Chopra:
Exciting than ever
raja rani895
raja rani895:
Here is the beautiful Solar flame lightsI like so much: amazon shops sogrand
shyam m
shyam m:
Hit in different ways . See you down the road
Lorcan Ward
Lorcan Ward:
You bethca!
a roadtrip across the states is still one of the most prevailing romantic ideas of this modern world.
Super interesting looking. especially since I'm planning on doing a van build and living the same way for a couple years. Can't wait to see it
Jikla R
Jikla R:
I would like to see this, seems very interesting, nice.
Rammohan M
Rammohan M:
Will watch this movie one day.
see ya on the flip !
Willy Fajar Ramadhan
Willy Fajar Ramadhan:
Can anyone recommend me another movies with similar style of cinematography? Damn I really love it
James Patricks
James Patricks:
God I hope I can see this in cinemas
Seize Todey
Seize Todey:
Can’t wait!!! 🚐💨 @SeizeTodey
Andres Villegas
Andres Villegas:
Goddammit. Goddammit. This is a beautiful trailer.
akshay ajith
akshay ajith: