Norwich City vs Manchester United | Key Moments | Quarter-Finals | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

The Emirates FA Cup returned as Norwich City hosted Manchester United at Carrow Road in the first quarter-final. Harry Maguire's late goal was the decider, after Todd Cantwell's strike equalised for the Canaries.

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kev in
kev in:
Krul when he plays Manchester United: *prime Casilas*
Jose Morales
Jose Morales:
ighalo is such a humble person. Man it brings me joy that he's giving it all.
Ryan Wong
Ryan Wong:
Lol imagine if it went to penalties... Krul would have won again :(
Prince Wayne
Prince Wayne:
Do you guys realize that the so underrated Ighalo have saved Man Utd more times than ever in less than 4 matches for the club
If only Norwich could perform like that in the league
This was Man Utd's worst performance in their 14 game unbeaten run
Tommy Morahan
Tommy Morahan:
It's great to see pogba back in action
The Ultimate Wanderer
The Ultimate Wanderer:
Martial showing true spirit in Maguire’s goal. He’s loving it atm!
Caël Poynee
Caël Poynee:
Man.Utd semi-final now come on guys won the fa cup and the europa league come on
Lund 396
Lund 396:
At this point they should just move Harry Maguire to striker
Ashton Mackay
Ashton Mackay:
Pogba was pure class again coming off the bench, the difference maker 🇫🇷🔥
This was the worst game in a long time for United. The B team killed the momentum for the subs. No patterns and tactics to breakdown defences. So rubbish at breaking defence. Smh. At least we won.
Can we talk about Luke Shaw? he has been on form lately
Louis Timperley
Louis Timperley:
The two players we all love seeing score, Ighalo and Maguire
Alex Gavin
Alex Gavin:
You know the game was bad when they get 2 minutes of highlights out of 120, and a minute of it was replaying Maguires goal
Adewale Tunnez
Adewale Tunnez:
Likes for ighalo
NGR maxidger33
NGR maxidger33:
Anyone else finds it nostalgic that in Ighalo's goal we can't hear the "YEEEESSSSS" of the crowd?
kev in
kev in:
Ole has dome a great job at United
Caraboa cup semi finals
Fa cup semi finals
Beat pep and morinho in a week
Double over man city
1 of 3 teams to take points off liverpool.
Conceded 3rd least goals in the league.
Martial Greenwood rashford have 50 goals this season
Rival fans: Pe TeAcHeR
Shukria Naseer
Shukria Naseer:
Someone give Krul a Ballond'or for those saves. The corner save from Maguires header was splendid
Jacob Gooch
Jacob Gooch:
Klose getting a red took us into extra time.if he didn't fowl ighalo United would have won before then
German Kasay
German Kasay:
I really enjoy when Ighalo scores. He is living his dream ❤
Martial doing Maguire’s celebration😭love to see it ❤️
Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
For most of the match, I was confused. Was I watching Jesse Lingard or was I watching Iniesta!
Ma spal pe dinti
Ma spal pe dinti:
I really like this United team! Surely, they will play in the UCL next season! Respect from a Liverpool fan.
Lord Fifth
Lord Fifth:
Cant lie bruno needs a rest his been overworked
Alejandro Sicaju
Alejandro Sicaju:
Bruh I could hear pogba celebrating
David Iyiola
David Iyiola:
Here for ighalo 😊
aravind nair
aravind nair:
Martial reaction when Maguire scores❤️❤️❤️❤️
Random guy
Random guy:
Unbeaten in 14 games let’s go
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
For most of the match, I was confused. Was I watching Jesse Lingard or was I watching Iniesta!
Unlucky Norwich 👏

You showed great determination, despite having less players
Abdul Mahmuod
Abdul Mahmuod:
Let me call him legend 😂😂 IGOAL, I remember BRUCE LEE the goal he score 🤗😀😁😂
ross meroe
ross meroe:
Mata and Ighalo have a telepathic connection. They always combine well in the last third.
Aruna Alangghya
Aruna Alangghya:
Let’s pray this pandemic ended. We need to bring back crowd in the stadium. Our player need them
Ois W910
Ois W910:
it’s great the way they don’t show the score In the name so if you haven’t watched the match it doesn’t spoil it
Michał Lewańczyk
Michał Lewańczyk:
We have semi-finals! 🔴❤
Musab Margan
Musab Margan:
all of this done on my birthday THANK YOU MANCHESTER UNITED!!!
Martial looks hungry. His reaction at 1:47 when Maguire scores tells it all!!
Mustafe Burcaawi
Mustafe Burcaawi:
Man United fan's like pells 👏👏💪💪💪💪💪
gagsjj momom
gagsjj momom:
why is tim krul so underrated ???!
Amaan Kayani
Amaan Kayani:
*as a United fan I have to say Todd Cantwell goal was a worldie!*
Clavers Odhiambo
Clavers Odhiambo:
1:23 Pogba's scream
Edward De Gea
Edward De Gea:
1:32 got to love dem swear words tho
Rustambek Muhtarov
Rustambek Muhtarov:
At the end of this highlight, the smile on Solskjaer's face - PRICELESS!! ))
Was an unexpectedly tough game though
Viggo Norgren
Viggo Norgren:
It wasn’t pretty, but the win is all that matter🔴⚪️
1:32 did anyone heard someone sayong f**king shaite?
Ole Gend
Ole Gend:
@1:27 Tony Martial imitating the Slabheads celebration 😂😂😂💉
Ethan Silva
Ethan Silva:
Maguire doing like he trying to break Ramos's record
Hassen Abdi
Hassen Abdi:
Onto to the next, cmon united❤
dirty coupe
dirty coupe:
The pass from pogba was pure class
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown:
I am impatient to watch Man U next year❤
Kyle Rahman
Kyle Rahman:
Ole should sign ighalo he has alot of potential for this club
Anon ymous
Anon ymous:
0:40 literally thought I was watching womens football
Britlife Voyager
Britlife Voyager:
I was absolutely raging for ighalo when klose pulled him down for his second goal.
Webby & O'Neill
Webby & O'Neill:
Captains performance at both ends of the pitch
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Appreciation for Idion Ighalo... 5 goals in 5 starts 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joe Robbin
Joe Robbin:
Is Harry My gwaya a striker or a defender? I'm confused guys
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
I really like this United team! Surely, they will play in the UCL next season! Respect from a Liverpool fan.
Mr squash boi
Mr squash boi:
1 on trending wow
grab your left nut make your right one jealous!
grab your left nut make your right one jealous!:
Hahaha you have to live the added sound effects and barely a fan in the stadium fair play to utd though
Tom Killa
Tom Killa:
Congrats to man united but well done norwich as well, excellent defending for so long and easily could've won it! Conceded 2 crappy goals.
Zounnouraine BAH
Zounnouraine BAH:
What a Pogba’s Pass!
Can we all just appreciate Cantwell's goal
Faris Irfan
Faris Irfan:
Imagine that match continue to penalty time. Tim Krul show his ability
Emile Heskey
Emile Heskey:
at 0:10 ighalo looked like 2012 Heskey 😂
Nafi asdin
Nafi asdin:
Bruno is tired and Rashford kinda lost his touch
Abdi Al Kala
Abdi Al Kala:
We are now benefitting from the amount invested on Maguire 😂👊
Krishna Pavan
Krishna Pavan:
No crowd, No commentary. Man, it's so tough to watch. Happy that United won. Let's pray things to get normal soon
20 times Man United
20 times Man United:
Shaw's crosses are improving. He could become another Robertson
Alistair Inglis
Alistair Inglis:
Scrappy goal from Macguire, scrappy game in general. On to the next round, all that matters, but we will have to do better than that in the future. GGMU
Moheeb Alam
Moheeb Alam:
Martial banging in goals and assisting like he didn’t even mean to 🔥🔥😂
Abin Binu
Abin Binu:
Anyone else hear the swearing? 😂😂
Keyaan Munshi
Keyaan Munshi:
This was an amazing game and Norwich deserved that goal
Ali Rawjee
Ali Rawjee:
Maguire’s goal was amazing
Boy Junet
Boy Junet:
when harry as a fw.
1:18 You are LEGEND Pogba
Stewart B.S Manhanga
Stewart B.S Manhanga:
Can I hear someone saying Manchester United Is red.great goal from the captain
Thompson Leonard
Thompson Leonard:
I am super proud of United players, they all work hard in one spirit. Congratulations guys
A K:
Everyone got minutes around 60 - 70 each apart from bruno maguire and ighalo, im glad this will make players fitter! Now lets get to it!
Muhammad Najmi Fawwaz Radziman
Muhammad Najmi Fawwaz Radziman:
When Bruno and Mata played alongside with Lingard, they can't play well
Joshua Saragih
Joshua Saragih:
Without the fans it feels kinda "empty"
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui:
For most of the match, I was confused. Was I watching Jesse Lingard or was I watching Iniesta!
Brain Brown
Brain Brown:
This match remind me of playing dream league soccer with no commentary
Adrian Ekky Akadhita Wahyudi
Adrian Ekky Akadhita Wahyudi:
it looks like in the PlayStation.. only the sound of the spectators 🤣
Klose was very close to ighalo on that foul.
1:28 wow the pass from Pogba
William Manggala
William Manggala:
Lol we have to play extra time to win the match. I hope players’ fitness is okay.
God of Destruction Alex
God of Destruction Alex:
1:32 Any y'all hear that
Daring Dreams
Daring Dreams:
last min Goal reminded me of Sir Alex Ferguson...….
Yani Simba
Yani Simba:
We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wembley 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪❤
A K:
United barely got out of 1st gear, i'll put that down to match sharpness and fitness etc.. but have to kick on now! Going to wembley!
football Skilz 99
football Skilz 99:
Second person to say second 😂😂
Aaditya Kharel
Aaditya Kharel:
❤️ Manchester United FC ❤️
*Норвич роднинькие спасибо экспрес 39 прошёл спасибо родные!*
James Fuza J
James Fuza J:
Maguire Loves a Quarter final goal!
Man UTD:
opponent of Man UTD in the semi-final?