Novak Djokovic vs Aslan Karatsev Match Highlights (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Novak Djokovic takes on Aslan Karatsev in the semifinals of the Australian Open 2021.

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John BUI
John BUI:
This is an easy win for Novak, but for someone who is unseeded and outside of the top 100 to reach the semi finals in a grand slam is just insane and outstanding!
Djokovic is like Tom Brady, people keep hating on him and he keeps on winning
Ongla Samy
Ongla Samy:
what a monster this Novak. go my champion gonna win me AO for the 9th time. GOAT Djokovic
F.R.S •
F.R.S •:
Karatsev has the level to compete against djokovic but it’s just he’s so unused to this level so he can’t consistently keep it up for the whole match
Alexander Birkin
Alexander Birkin:
Great job by the Russian his rankings going up defndlty after that performance
M K:
Novak recorded over 100 aces at this years AU Open. Most he had since '14 Wimbledon (86). Impressive how Novak, Rafa & Fed keep evolving & improving.
Ambikeya Mohapatra
Ambikeya Mohapatra:
Novak: The greatest to have played the Australian open ever
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner:
Aslan got sent back to Narnia. Great run though!
Filip Mijailovic
Filip Mijailovic:
Novak is cruel. The haters got their hopes up that Novak's injury will prevent him from taking no.18, thus prolonging hopes that the other 2 GOATS can keep the lead on him. That's behind all this bitterness...
Enjoy highlight of highlights.
Braden Ayers
Braden Ayers:
I think Novak winning the AO would be the best way to shut up his haters
Karatsev was looking tired at the start of the 3rd. Novak made him run and turn so much. Novak is so fit.
shakabrah rob
shakabrah rob:
Djoker just ups his level as needed ... crazy
This guy comes out of nowhere and gives djokovic a really good match, applause to both players
Socrates Medrano
Socrates Medrano:
The fairy tale may have ended for Karatsev, but what a run for a great qualifier!
normal guy
normal guy:
If you hate Djokovic then you’re not a real tennis fan
I’m a federer fan but I like Djokovic
Pratish Dwivedi
Pratish Dwivedi:
Defeating Djoker is nothing short of a miracle and miracles don't happen often. Irrespective of who your favourite player is, you've got to put your hands together for his resilience and consistency.
It ends here, he met the real deal. Show them how its done Djokovic.
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
King of rod laver arenaaa always
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
The Tennis King is going strong! Congrats Novak 🥳 lots of time to recover and be ready for Final! Enjoy watching Meddy vs Stef 😁 love the way you play here and your attitude, lazer focus and brilliant play 💚💚
Yashwant Singh
Yashwant Singh:
Whichever Player that butterfly/Moth touches is going to be the champion this year.
B Ilic
B Ilic:
By this time next year it will be official his new name will be Novak Goatovic .
Naga babu
Naga babu:
Good job done by new Russian player...👏👏👏.. I'm Nole fan..waiting for 18th grand slam championship
Bujem Naga
Bujem Naga:
Really Impressed with Karatsev this AO. He really showed that he is in it to the game... I can see him in top 20 and even top 10 very soon.
rohit saxena
rohit saxena:
straight sets win and 2 days rest before the final against the guy on undefeated streak(most probably medvedev will win sf 2)...... Can't ask for more as a nole fan
Djokovic is the only tennis player I know of that seems to thrive off of the crowd cheering against him.
Joya Thiem
Joya Thiem:
Congrats nole for your 9th finals in AO 🏆.
Truther11 Seeker
Truther11 Seeker:
Karatsev. Well done. You have gained a lot of respect & believers. Now you know what you can do to the sports. Onwards to the next grand slam.
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
Aslan: Do not cite the deep magic to me witch, I was there when it was written
Djokovic: Wrong movie man
Chris Theprophet
Chris Theprophet:
Against the Russian machine Medvedev he will need all his experience.
james john joyce
james john joyce:
NOle: the best...ever.
Hannah Zheng
Hannah Zheng:
Novak slapping mainstream media with a convincing victory
Jed Honrado
Jed Honrado:
Novak is going to stroll his way to another AO title.
shivraj yadav
shivraj yadav:
Haters won’t like it🤪Congratulations Nole on reaching to record 9th AO final. Watch out GS#20
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen:
Novak looked much better compared to previous matches, he peaked just in time for the final.
Djokovic is so strong both mentally and physically
badr unlucky
badr unlucky:
Just one more step to enhance the record at AO.

Expecting a great semi between med and stef .
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik:
Those Russians sure seem to know what they’re doing these days. Two are top 10, and an unseeded man made the semis. What an incredible tournament for them.
Sagar Koduri
Sagar Koduri:
Congrats to Karatsev. He is an easy player to root for, and has a nice and athletic game. Not his fault that he ran into a hardcourt chainsaw!
blue dream
blue dream:
Yin Hou Khor
Yin Hou Khor:
Too great as always! And what's even better is that he is more or less back to full strength! And a two day break to go with it. Can't wait for number eighteen!
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
he is novak djokovic, that's it!!!!
Oan Zyadat
Oan Zyadat:
Damn that was quick from you guys at the AO 😂❤
Sel Os
Sel Os:
And there were people who said Karatsev would beat Novak... Nole made him look like his ranking
Joseph D T
Joseph D T:
0:08 - you know you are in trouble when GOAT Novak gives you a thumbs up on a cool shot you hit; ask Federer 😂
Congrats to Novak~ Job well done!
rnz lanza
rnz lanza:
It's nice for someone like Aslan to be temporarily in the spotlight. It's great when no names (no matter their ranking) make it far into a Grand Slam draw. So many have achieved this. Only a handful can repeat it over and over again... then you become a Top 10 player.
jeff how
jeff how:
Congrats to Novak. Well, some of the forehand winners of Karatsev made me think of Delpo. Miss him for a while
Novak djokovic is the greatest of all time
Victor Santos
Victor Santos:
good luck beating Medvedev haha
Joey Rose
Joey Rose:
Djokovic didn't need to do his things tonight 😉
Elangbam Roshan
Elangbam Roshan:
As expected, Tsitsipas, Medvedev , Thiem, Ruvlev, Kyrgos, , Singer etc are now on line for the next generation.
Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are slowly going out.
But these youngsters their body movements on the courts are kind of jerky and not flowing.
These can cause lots of injuries in their careers.
The best flowing movers on the court are, Federer the best and Nadal the next.
Djokovic movement is the worst but somehow he got through those injuries. Remarkable inner strength Nole.
Mirka Joniaková
Mirka Joniaková:
Aslan 💪🏼..what a great player !! I wish him good luck in tennis in the future .. he deserves more attention 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Zale Trifunovic
Zale Trifunovic:
Nole your play was magical as always, pleasure to watch you play champ. God bless you, I see you kissing t AO trophy, so happy for you.😍
Tennis Files
Tennis Files:
King Karatsev! Amazing run, Djokovic too good.
Vijay Pawar
Vijay Pawar:
Aslan Karatsev moving from 114 to 42 in World rankings.

And , his career prize money has been doubled in last 9 days.

Precise Perfection in the end by No Djo.
when Nole said "IDEEMOOOOO" my heart exploded
Nick Y
Nick Y:
No wonder somebody is afraid to play lol.
Janet Donald
Janet Donald:
Novak improving all the time - his vegan diet fueling him.
Love this man and his authenticity 💗
Amiro Peña
Amiro Peña:
Nole the GOAT
Mahinth Gokul - Art - DIY Abstracts and Realism
Mahinth Gokul - Art - DIY Abstracts and Realism:
This 2 minutes highlights make me want to play tennis, look so easy :)
Chris •
Chris •:
Djokovic has fully recovered from a torn muscle in just two days
What a miracle that was
Damian Moscovitz
Damian Moscovitz:
Good job, Aslán. We are very proud of you! 👏🏻
Hermano de Jesús
Hermano de Jesús:
Different ball game here.... good run Karatsev 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.
Prashanth M
Prashanth M:
Novak did not allow karatsev to get his rythm.. if he did.. karat wd have been too dangerous.. but the mental toughness of Novak is superior.. comes from a comprehensive understanding to oneself and situation..
Chandan Bora
Chandan Bora:
How will Novak play with his clone at the final that's gonna be interesting
Federer- Wimbledon, Nadal- French open djokovic - Australian open .. 😀😀👍
Just like Lucas Pouille before, everybody was overrating him, and Novak easily defeated him.
Skeeter McTavish
Skeeter McTavish:
"I definitely tore a muscle" what a clown and a liar.
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
Even though I was rooting for Thiem to win this event but Thiem choked. Go, Novak!
Hilmi Firdaus
Hilmi Firdaus:
No more fake fans. Hell yeahhh
B7 TV Nutrição esportiva
B7 TV Nutrição esportiva:
Well done karatsev, you've did a great tournament
Swizz Bre
Swizz Bre:
I'm remember watching this dude retiring from a challenger match 4-5 down in 3rd, who retires 5-4 down? he looked fine 🤣
badr unlucky
badr unlucky:
Playing against a Q isn't as easy as it sounds, because he have nothing to lose.

The way djoker won that 2nd set, shows that he was there mentally.

Also his serve is working pretty good, especially when facing bp.
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
9th Australian Open final! Unbelievable! Sometimes I wonder why he is still behind Roger and Rafa in the grand slam count. He's been the favorite for every AO, Wimbledon and USO for the last ten years and yet they are still in front of him. They had a massive head start on him but still, you'd think he should be at least even with them by now.
Drop Shot
Drop Shot:
No more Hollywood acting for Novak?! Alright, we had enough.
Adrian Reyes
Adrian Reyes:
damn russian men's tennis is hot right now
Michael Eckstut
Michael Eckstut:
Hey Nick -- this one is for you, baby!!
Straight sets! My man 🤙🏾
Rishabh V Iyer
Rishabh V Iyer:
Final: Djokovic vs Tsitsipas/ Medvedev
Andre Mayers
Andre Mayers:
Message to all opponents: Step aside and just give Djokovic the title its not making any sense trying.
Aj Champ
Aj Champ:
42 in live ranking
Aslan karatsev
Jd Vanny
Jd Vanny:
Had a feeling this nobody would look across the net at one of the best ever and choke .. the top three always won by being mentally stronger not being so much better than the next level guys
Emilio L
Emilio L:
Great win by Novak. Hopefully it’s his last one.
S T:
After the match it is reported that Djokovic said, "tonight we go to discoteque!"
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
Is it possible that Joker overreacts just a bit? Like when sealing the second set vs. a virtual unknown?
Martin Hall
Martin Hall:
Thank you Australian Open for sharing 2 minutes of your product with us and blocking those nasty pirates who were stealing 15 minutes of your product. Two minutes is all we deserve.
Fully expect Medvedev to steam roll Tsitsipas and then Joker
Ashwath Arjun
Ashwath Arjun:
1:08 that voice crack tho
Saad •
Saad •:
I see no sign of injury at all from Djokovic
He looks very good right now
Eddie Adams
Eddie Adams:
Wow! Crushed him.
He was unplayable tonight. Laser sharp focus (something I missed in RG). Only 1 UE until 4-1 in 2nd set. Medvedev will be a huge challenge on current form, though. He knows how well the Russian is playing, and he can physically drain Novak with his calculated tennis.
Regardless, if he plays the way he did tonight, he will lift 9th. If he plays the way he did from Tiafoe to Sascha, then it'll be a close match.
Adithya Vasudevan
Adithya Vasudevan:
Novak is the GOAT. There's nothing like him on planet earth. Expect him to make 25 grand slams. He has no ceiling. As for Karatsev, his serve let him down big time, as did his unforced errors.
arpi sakarya
arpi sakarya:
Congratulations Novak Djokovic 👍👏
Dark matter
Dark matter:
North Ossetia represent!
mr Scroozz
mr Scroozz:
Make it 18th tbh neither Medvedev nor tsitsipas will get past him in AO...