Novak Djokovic vs Karen Khachanov | Dubai 2022 Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Tariq Joseph
Tariq Joseph:
Nadal sure must be glad the Australian government kept Novak from playing. This guy is a monster. A shame politicians got involved in the grandslam race.
Asif Khan
Asif Khan:
After seeing him playing like this, I feel the Australian govt stopped him from winning that title. Man o man, he's in the beast mode right now.
What a delight to live in the same era as Novak.
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar:
Jesus christ the final return was simply outstanding. How the hell did get his level that high after not playing for months.
A P:
Djokovic's level right now looks downright scary. Anyone really think he would not have won the AO? The return of the king
Anthony Hirsch
Anthony Hirsch:
Djokovics level is scary when he's playing his best, I rlly do believe he probably has the best peak in tennis
It's moments like this where it's undeniable that Novak is the best tennis player in the world. The shot selection and actually making it a reality is incredible.
No booing , just folks enjoying some quality tennis, love it
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a performance from Novak, especially in the first set. Such a delight to see him back on tour! Great effort from Khachanov as well.
it's me
it's me:
Like it or not he will prove everyone that he's the best💁🏾‍♂️
danish dhar
danish dhar:
Absolute beast performance from Novak!! Khachanov also displayed brilliance in 2nd set.
R C:
The way that Djokovic gets a big serve back, then from defense to offense is breathtaking
fernando quiñones
fernando quiñones:
Better and better.. Let's go Novak!!!
J. J.
J. J.:
That final return was insane, the reaction time on the serve was unreal
Djokovic is playing some of his best tennis at the moment. Backhand dropshots were on point today.
Cesar Alfaro
Cesar Alfaro:
El mejor tenista de la historia Novak Djokovic
M Dob
M Dob:
Good to hear the fans cheering for both of the players. Respect for both of them. Hope Nole wins another slam soon.
Djokovic mentally prepared to beat all obstacles! Fantastic
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren:
That Final return was out of this universe. A Laser beam of a return.
mounir baich
mounir baich:
Just wow... Amazing performance from the best ever... How could rafa Nadal won the Australian Open if this man allowed to be in action ❤️💙❤️💙
After the win, Novak remains reserved....approaches his opponent....they shake/embrace. He shows respect and comeraderie. Even after, he celebrates the win with the crowd with quiet, respectful reserve. He is a class act 100%!
Sergio Aguilera Concha
Sergio Aguilera Concha:
Excelente Novak, jugando cómo solo él lo sabe hacer!!
Insanely high level from both to say the least. What a finish as well. What a match.
I think the most devastating part of Novak’s game is his consistent depth in rallies, he rarely hits a ball in the service box. Hard to dictate when the ball bounces so close to you every point.
Gabriel Margolies
Gabriel Margolies:
Djokovic was obviously insane, but Khachanov has actually been playing better and more consistently at the last few tournaments than he had in quite a while. I hope it's a sign that he will be returning to the top 20 soon.
What a return to seal the match 🔥🔥
Warren Forest
Warren Forest:
Huge fan of this man. He represents freedom right now. Nice one!
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri:
Maybe people forget interesting facts.... NADAL hasn't won 1 single set vs NOVAK on hard court last 9years.... 🏆🏆🏆🦁🦁🦁💪💪💪 original GOAT 361
Kamran Kaifi
Kamran Kaifi:
What the hell was that return for a match point. All the players have crucial serves at important moments of the match but he has crucial returns.
Novak is just amazing.. the final return what a way to end the match👏♥️ This man is just gifted
No wonder they need the mandates to stop him playing - it's their only hope 🤣😂🤣!!
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Brilliant tennis from Novak Djokovic. Happy to see HIM playing so good. Go Nole and win this tournament to show them who deserves the best respect, who is the best of the best player ever. Always support You❤💪🎾🏆
Heize King
Heize King:
Amazing game from both, especially Novak. It was really fun to watch.
next ruller
next ruller:
3:19 that's why we called him the greatest returner ever!👑
Fabiano Caruana
Fabiano Caruana:
Was a great match, both guys played at a very high level. Novak is playing more agressive tennis again and its so enjoyable to watch.
Ovi Dragos
Ovi Dragos:
The drop shot -lob combination is lethal! I ve been using it from a v young age. It's the best way to torture opponents. Love the fact Joker started using it more and more. Love the variety way more than just boom boom boom.
That's what tennis needs and hopefully to improve audience.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Greatest to see return of best world no.1
Novak👑❤ what a performance very impressed Absolute . !!!!!!!
Laurent Dvr
Laurent Dvr:
As said on previous video, it is AMAZING when you have the pictures of both players at the start so we don’t directly know who won 😊 I have to say I will watch much more the clips if this is like that every time!! Thanks guys - huge promotion to the guy who had the idea to do that :)
Valery M
Valery M:
It looks like Djokovic can play longer than Federer.
Newpost for general studies
Newpost for general studies:
Novak Djokovic 💚💚💚
Sel Os
Sel Os:
Novak was TOYING with Karen with those drop shots and lobs
Scorpions Tennis & Cricket
Scorpions Tennis & Cricket:
Last return was amazing what a returner he have amazing 🤩
Come on 2 match away from the Title ❤️🙅👑
If he continues playing like this, he is gonna be unbeatable
Alexander Grabowski
Alexander Grabowski:
The man who keeps on giving.
Ornela Tafa
Ornela Tafa:
Mamma mia con tutto il rispetto per gli altri ma Nole è di un livello superiore. GOAT ❤️
Nole playing amazing tennis. Even the majestic djoko-smash is there!
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Карен просто красавчик, держался хорошо, но это Джокер!
Winston Du
Winston Du:
excited to see novak back playing and ready to break some records
Reinhardt Human
Reinhardt Human:
Great to see the real champion back in action 😁👍
Federico Town
Federico Town:
What a monster return in the end how can you do that ? Just wow
I never appreciated how beautiful Djokovic’s forehand is
tom sd
tom sd:
With Djokovic playing like this, how in hell would Nadal even make final in Australia if Djokovic were there.
Idemo Novak 🇷🇸❤️💪🏼👏🏼
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez:
That guy just laid those shots down beautiful accuracy he is the greatest of all time
Joshtwista Reviews
Joshtwista Reviews:
Stop wasting time. This guy is winning this tournament. His name is Djokovic. The fire in his eyes is unstoppable.
Oan Zyadat
Oan Zyadat:
Even though I am seeing this on the phone ( and saw it live on the TV ) , I still can't see this drop shot( 0:58 ) coming , simply unbelievable
Go Novak....gooo ! Nicer that ever to see him win...apart from that I like Khachanovs powerplay a lot...
The great Djokovic!!😍🎾👏
Nathan Green
Nathan Green:
So sad we didn't get to see Djokovic vs Nadal fighting it out for the 21 title at the Australian Open because of some silly politics. Cuz this man is on fire yo that would've been a crazy battle. Hopefully we get to see it this year somewhere else.
3:18 What a point to finish the match
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Incredible! He plays like never!
Michael Moy
Michael Moy:
Djokovic was playing in first gear and taking it relatively easy.
Extremely good and fast. Looks like a machine. I am not a fan of Novak but my god he is good
Julian Bobasso
Julian Bobasso:
Seems that Khachanov is growing in confidence... he said his objective was to come back to the Top 10. I see him getting into Top 20 at most, there are too many great players around, and some young guns on the rise. It would be a great achievement for him nonethless
Andrey Lupinos
Andrey Lupinos:
Показал, кто есть батя! А Новак может долго играть на таком уровне.
Danica Dabic
Danica Dabic:
Now imagine what we could have witnessed at the AO. He never ceases to deliver. The final return, absolutely insane.
Assim como Federer, Novak joga muito!
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri:
Tennis EMPEROR 361 and counting 💪💪💪... ATP stealing 2000 points but even this is not enough to put GOAT on second position 🤣
Milan Dzunda
Milan Dzunda:
You have to give credit to Khachanov for doing his best but it.s just not easy to play vs world no.1 pressure is on all times. Glad to see Djoker back in game.
Anastasios A. Papanastasiou
Anastasios A. Papanastasiou:
What a performance! Djoko 🐐
Anne Ryan
Anne Ryan:
Well done Novak you are on fire!!!
Grande Grande
Grande Grande:
Novak is on that vintage mode again….
ravinder dasila
ravinder dasila:
Is it just me or this court looks brutally fast? almost cincinnati level fast!!
Дмитрий Новиков
Дмитрий Новиков:
Good level from Khachanov in the second set. Hope he will maintain it for some time
Mickael Marx
Mickael Marx:
Djoko donne encore cette impression d'invincibilité
Il est impressionnant et va encore faire mal cette année
Go Novak!!
backhand drop shot from novak, best in history for me, that magic <3
Novak channeling all the negative energy into beast mode.
Leandro Baz
Leandro Baz:
Novak must be training these short plays a lot, this gives his intention to shorten the points or finish the points as quickly as possible, it may be to save physical but I suspect that these plays (which are even very well executed) are proof of that the Serbian's physical capacity (stamina) is no longer the same as it used to be, age is weighing in.
Djoker is a machine.
Subhashis Malla
Subhashis Malla:
The last one was The LUCKY SHOT👍🙏🤘
Lun Chen
Lun Chen:
OMG! This man still got the things!
S Kuzmanovic
S Kuzmanovic:
Bravo Novak Djokovic 💪👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Самый Сочи
Самый Сочи:
Missed you, Novak ! So good, so beautiful.
Language Teacher
Language Teacher:
Go Novak go - great play
Raj B
Raj B:
Legend on the court 😍❤️💐
Tonton Madoff
Tonton Madoff:
Kachanov play like unvaccinated incredible player !
Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic:
Love to see you playing champ. Great match
In addition to all his GS, tittles, weeks as World #1, head to head winning records and other records, his unique combination of athleticism, flexibility, mobility, balance, return/defensive skills, endurance and mental strength; what makes Novak the undisputed GOAT is that his game has no weaknesses and he is the one who has played it at the highest level ever.
Welcome back GOAT. Tennis and its fans missed you and need you.❤❤❤
His body, his choice, his rights and his freedoms. Thank you Novak for standing up for what you believe in.
Jay R
Jay R:
Amazing ahleticism, playing scary good against a player much younger and bigger than him. Still in the end, Nole still had more in his tank to raise his level
Amazing player, even more amazing is his protection of all of our human rights.
Deutscher König
Deutscher König:
dinan rubiks
dinan rubiks:
Oh my god the last return was a stunning blow.what a way the finish the match
Marianna LAI
Marianna LAI:
The King! Amazing performance.
S M:
Khachanov came back strongly in the 2nd Set but sadly couldn't sustain the intensity.
Joker just looks superior on the court. Measured and controlled
amaury pacheco
amaury pacheco:
Tiemblen , q volvió Djokovic…🎾
Abhi Ram
Abhi Ram:
OMG! I got fucking chills at that final point.😳🔥🥶 What a return!?
Ngl, Khachanov did a great work..
Leonardo Lemos
Leonardo Lemos:
Amazing djohkovic!!