Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal | Rome 2021 Final Highlights

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Emir Spahic
Emir Spahic:
The two played their first Masters Final in 2007 with 20 and 19 (second youngest final) and now with 34 an 33 (second oldest), just another stat that shows just how good those titans are
Novak said in his post presser "It doesn't get any tougher than playing Nadal in a final on clay." Nothing left to say after that.
Yussepi G
Yussepi G:
I love those sudden surges of passion and violence that Rafa brings to matches in certain important moments. It’s exhilarating. It’s like he plays matches chapter by chapter and knows how to build up excitement.
Back to back in Rome Masters matches, Nadal got plenty of rest while Djokovic had to battle 4-5 hours until late the prior evening. This masked how well Djokovic was actually playing, and no one noticed that this year. This particular match here was a warning sign for Nadal. This was Djokovic's 3rd match in 24 hours, and it was still very close.
At this age a spectacular performance by both of them.. both are legends but only one can be a winner's legend of clay ..king Rafa
Rafa's spirit is immense. Good match! Well deserved!
dreamy fairy
dreamy fairy:
Like i said, when these two will retire, tennis won't be tennis anymore...Thank you gentlemen for the joy you brought us since around 2005...
Antonia Delante
Antonia Delante:
Orgullosa de ti, como siempre y para siempre. Gracias Rafa, por darnos tanto🇪🇸
Nadal model should be mentioned in Schools to show how hard work ethic and perseverance is rewarded. To give up is never considered an option.
Colapso31 Colapso65
Colapso31 Colapso65:
El jugador con más compromiso, ética, confianza y seguridad....eso es un deportista de verdad, respect Rafa
The ability of Rafa to reset and completely re-adapt his game is astounding. After a very poor second set, many felt Djokovic had him on the ropes. But Rafa "miraculously" reproduced the magic of the 1st in the 3rd set, to clinch the title.
What impressed me most was Rafa's ability to move couple of gears up in the final. Not yet at last year finals level which means he can still go 1-2 levels up.
Novak did a humongous job to make the final as close as it gets after playing for nearly 5 hours on Saturday. It proves his superior fitness levels.
Eduardo Leguey
Eduardo Leguey:
Este tipo no se cansa de ganar. La misma cara que cuando era más joven y ganaba sus primeros torneos. Una grandísimo deportista a nivel mundial y una leyenda insuperable.
Rafa's fighting spirit is immense- he just keeps getting better and better.
nikos GR
nikos GR:
A well deserved victory and an amazing Rafa. Thinking that after 15 and more yrs these two are still in the final makes you wonder about the next gen!
Brand New
Brand New:
The level they can still produce at this age is crazy.
Benjamin Xu
Benjamin Xu:
Just amazing!!! Rafa's matches this year has been sooooo exiciting! He is now must see TV, and Tennis needs him and his ratings!
She Dont
She Dont:
A legend and true champion on the court. Great gentleman off the court. Complete entertainer. Rafa Nadal 💫🏆
I love to see Rafa win! He is amazingly good! He usually lets his opponent score more but he was ruthless that day.
Tirthankar Sarkar
Tirthankar Sarkar:
He made it. Despite the tough draw, inconsistent service woes, Madrid disaster, two nasty falls, he found a way through all of that like he's done throughout his career. This victory will be a huge confidence booster for him heading into RG ❤️
LaDecima #4
VAMOSSS 🏆🔥🇪🇸💪🏻
J M:
The eternal duo in the eternal city. As they are on the twilight of their careers I cherish each and every match they play against each other. What a legendary rivalry.
Two Fifty Seven
Two Fifty Seven:
That passing shot by Rafa at 6:34 is absolutely amazing. Rafa is the greatest warrior and champion of all-time.
shani yan
shani yan:
I used to be a Roger fan in the 2000s. Since then I've been won over by Rafa's unbelievable heart and strength, both mental and physical.
stan Bernard
stan Bernard:
No player brings excitement on the court like Nadal.
Patrick Hörwarter
Patrick Hörwarter:
*Thank you Rafa & Novak* for giving us a week of intense and unvaluable emotions. 💎 Legends 💎
Aitor Goiri Sánchez
Aitor Goiri Sánchez:
Habrá vida después de Don Rafael Nadal en el tenis español??? habrá nadie como este fenómeno jamas....
Manjunath D
Manjunath D:
Rafa you are my inspiration... How to play in critical condition both life and game thank you for never give up mentality... Go rafa you are a true legend...
Nadal, the final boss on clay (Difficulty Level: Nightmare)
Alex Grant
Alex Grant:
6:01 you always know it’s a big moment in a match when Nadal pulls out the big guns with his celebration. That hold for 3-2 is what ultimately won him the final!
Namispond Jamispond
Namispond Jamispond:
Never been a big Rafa fan but what he is still doing is incredible. There were people who thought that Sampras' 14 GS would never be passed and next month Rafa might equal that total at just 1 tournament. Much respect for that.
Zamrah Mohamad Zam
Zamrah Mohamad Zam:
Apply on every sports. If you playing with that spirit and determination even you're losing you're still a winner. Nadal is such a beast, mentally and physically. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Igor Dc
Igor Dc:
Nadal simplesmente incrível 👏👏👏
Matt Nolan
Matt Nolan:
I love it when two of the tennis gods meet in a final. It’s even better how they each have a surface that they own. Such a special era of our sport
Diogo Schultz Dos Santos
Diogo Schultz Dos Santos:
Nadal, um grande nome na história do tênis!!! Sempre admirei o trabalho do Roger Federer, que pra mim, é o tenista preferido. Comecei a jogar tênis por inspiração dele. Por isso ganhou 20 grand slam, assim como o Nadal, que tem 20 também. Agora o Roger já está na idade, sabem como é né?... E nem por isso vai deixar de ser meu preferido! Por isso, como grande admirador do tênis, só Rafael Nadal vai superar o Roger!!! E falo isso porque os dois são muito amigos, e tenho a maior satisfação em torcer pelo Nadal, que construiu um legado no tênis! Não é à toa que Nadal é chamado de "o rei do saibro"👏👏👏
Paul Treadaway
Paul Treadaway:
2 of the Greatest Tennis Titans of all time.That first set epic the history the rilvary the stats is so close between them Rafa and Novak.Rafa winning this Rome Title 10times is crazy seeing them the world knows so many years hope it continues for a couple more.Since the last 15years
william Gonzalez
william Gonzalez:
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Orgullosa de ti, como siempre y para siempre. Gracias Rafa, por darnos tanto🇪🇸
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
Orgullosa de ti, como siempre y para siempre. Gracias Rafa, por darnos tanto🇪🇸
The big trio Roger, Rafa and Nole made tennis glory, and I can't imagine the game after their retirement. Thank you for the fun you gave to the fans.
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir:
These two are reinventing everything in the sport. By the physical fitness displayed on court, it makes me think they are good for another decade. :D Congrats, Rafa.
Back to the 90's
Back to the 90's:
Rafa in the game 2-2 he's the GOAT!!! saving breakpoints, one went to the line!! haha Amazing!!! Incredible!! And the next game...0-40 and is a hit with a very hard stone....poor Djokovic...
A great fight/quality shown by Novak even after playing 2 matches the day before!! Congrats Nadal!!
Vinay Kunisetty
Vinay Kunisetty:
Back here after rg semis, it's amazing how Nole unleashed his supreme level against the clay monster
Rafa is improving rapidly with every passing day! Can't wait for Roland Garros now.
I used to be glued to Rafa’s matches 10 years ago! So happy to see he’s still getting it done
Nadal regrouped during the third set, what an inspiration, when pushed to a tight defence, he cld turn it into a speedy offence! There are so many life lessons to learn as we watch sports 👏👍
What a match!!!! We are extremely lucky to see those legends playing 😁😁 .....
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Great match. Great PLAYERS at the highest level. What the emotions!!
Aaron L
Aaron L:
Forget "Legends", invent a new word to describe these two Champions!
Vamos Rafa 🔥
Vijayalakshmi N
Vijayalakshmi N:
I am a great fan of Rafa. My hearty congrats to you for winning Italian open 21. I appreciate his immense
надежда ковалева
надежда ковалева:
Красиво играют, всегда интересно смотреть.👏👏👏👏
geva ramires
geva ramires:
Novak monstro, mostra q não é jogador de apenas um torneio
HS Hminga
HS Hminga:
Rafa's forehand spin is powerful. When he's in form, he'd always be a formidable opponent in Tennis.
Rhone Resch
Rhone Resch:
What a memorable event Rome was this year. Great battle from the next gen, but Rafa and nole are still holding strong! Tennis is in a great spot right now.
Tuấn Từ
Tuấn Từ:
Seeing him struggle at the beginning of the tournament, I didnt think Rafa could win the title but somehow he managed to win it. What a fighter!!!
I'm so happy to be living in the days of Rafael Nadal. I'm sad that I'm about to see you like this, and I always admire you, Rafa.👍❤
Luis vicente Doren pinares
Luis vicente Doren pinares:
Rafa es un guerrero incansable,y un grandísimo campeón,los dos son grandísimos campeones!
We've seen it all with these guys and they still make us gasp in awe!
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
Rafa was down a set and a point for a double break vs Shapovalov, as well as saving two match points.

3 days later, he wins his 36TH Masters 1000 Title. Truly incredible.
Michael Taphouse
Michael Taphouse:
Great job game guys. Love these legends!
Santiago Díaz
Santiago Díaz:
Nadal's topspin forehand on clay is for me the best shot ever. 15 years! later and no one has found a good response to defend it, and it's still the dominant shot of the surface
Vineet Nair
Vineet Nair:
1st match - Sinner
2nd match - Shapo
3rd match - Zverev
4th match - Opelka
Finals - Djokovic
Well thats why he is considered to be the GOAT 🙏
Berhane Deg.
Berhane Deg.:
Rafa is the greatest inspirational athlete ever, his hard work and fighting sprit is absolutely incredible.
I can't wait to see u at Ronald Garros.
Julián junior
Julián junior:
On May 8, 2005 Nadal won his first master's degree in Rome, my son was not 4 years old; 16 years later Nadal repeats with his tenth title and my son is of legal age, cooks and drives his car. A lifetime in the elite!
D S:
I love their matches. True, I like when Novak wins, but I have HUGE respect for Nadal and he is the king on clay surface. And they are both great sportsmen.
reactions 4u
reactions 4u:
I predicted a comfortable win for rafa and after the 1st set that's what I expected. I cant believe the dip in his level. it was unreal. completely lost the plot in the 2nd. the way he recovered in the 3rd was exceptional! congrats, from hugeeeee rafa fan
Twenty3 Rides
Twenty3 Rides:
In early years of his career.. That RAFA backhand always seemed uncertain.. I somehow had an uneasy feeling when the ball went on his backhand side.. but nowadays he just rips through it with so much confidence. This guy is actually improving.. Even the Serve is so much better especially that out wide one on the deuce side. Way to go RAFA.
Ram Bakshi
Ram Bakshi:
In this match, Rafa really showed why he is the King of clay courts. What a warrior!!
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What an enthralling match between these two legends! Huge congratulations Rafa for reaching 10 titles in Roma! Just incredible! Especially considering that Rafa was two match points down against Shapovalov! What an absolute warrior!
Marc Marco
Marc Marco:
And month after the triumph of Novak on clay at Roland Garros against Rafa..

Novak the GOAT..
Valentina Otal-Pradas
Valentina Otal-Pradas:
Felicidades Rafa!!!Campeón👏🌟🥇
LilboysWeat Nica & Brandon Show
LilboysWeat Nica & Brandon Show:
His celebration victory was priceless and his smile on his face is so humbling and inspiring. For a person to win this 10 times is a joy to watch. His feeling is like winning his first and last. Love this dude!
I know Nadal is terrifying on clay but that backhand at 6:34 is totally something else.
Robert Pulfer
Robert Pulfer:
These two guys have won 72(!) masters 1000 tournaments - 36 both holding record; it's absolutely incredible!
Still huge respect for Novak, after the the two bagels he got at the last RG and Rome final, I wasn't expecting him to show up this well on court. The guy really is the best all round court player. Wish Rafa could start at least taking sets away from him on HC
Conchi Peinado
Conchi Peinado:
Es uno de las s mejores deportistas que hay ,sin mencionar la humildad y buena gente excepcional 💪💪💪😘
virtuoso Productions
virtuoso Productions:
Rafa is so humble. Love him.watched him on 60 minutes.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
no event is more satisfying than Rafa making another conquest ... brilliant yet again !!!
Manuel Zapatel
Manuel Zapatel:
Cada domingo q Nadal gana, es un momento de inspiración, de alegría, de optimismo y de orgullo...Hace tiempo q ya no hay palabras para definirte..solo me atrevo a decir q eres el deportista más grande de todos los tiempos🙏
Vishal Kharat
Vishal Kharat:
Rafa proud of you....What a fighting spirit!!!

Congratulations and keep going 💐💐👍
priyanka vaidya
priyanka vaidya:
Huge fan of Rafa.. he inspires all with his unrelenting spirits... Thanks for giving some moMemts if happiness in such time of despair
Rafa, my tennis hero! We all need to appreciate the time we have left watching him as he will eventually have to hang up his racket.
P S:
Hard luck Novak 👏
Vamos Rafa 👍
Thank you both for the entertainment 🙏
Serbian Beast
Serbian Beast:
Even with Novak's ability to counter Nadal's ridiculous Forehand topspin to the backhand (Federer's Achilles heel), Rafa when playing close to his peak on clay and importantly aggressively, is virtually unbeatable. That extra-bounce and extra-time he has on clay courts, give him an edge over Djokovic. On hard courts it's Novak's playground.
Slacker, Inc.
Slacker, Inc.:
Some absolutely incredible points. Brilliant tennis!
Issy Jas
Issy Jas:
Great match between the 2 best tennis players of all time.
Djokovic wasn’t far away this time, he may not have beaten nadal anyway but spent a lot of time on court past 2 days.
Shane P
Shane P:
Nadal puts 111% into every point. He plays every point like it was his last.
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj:
Wow ... What a phenomenal player ❤
Georgiy Jegoulov
Georgiy Jegoulov:
This smile in the end of the game, those legends. Thank you guys !
Ashley Bui
Ashley Bui:
the king of clay,my best tennis player ever,congrats Nadal.
Lakiu Y
Lakiu Y:
Nadal beaten at his home( clay court), well played, Novak. 👍👍👍
Sean OConnell
Sean OConnell:
How lucky are we to be witnessing tennis history when it comes to the Big 3. No matter who you cheer for at the end of the day we must salute these individuals for being such unbelievable athletes. That continue to push each other like no other sport can duplicate.
Daniel Kirkby
Daniel Kirkby:
Tennis is so so lucky to have three legends at the same time . My two other favourite sports had it once ( golf and snooker) but those three are magical. I think we might have 4 more years of them🤞♥️
SpinDr DMV
SpinDr DMV:
Remember these moments- when these two are gone, it’s not going to be the same
akash puri
akash puri:
Really a fascinating match. Remarkable play from both legends. It was rafas match but djokovic proved what it takes to beat him
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2:
Amazing rivalry. Phenomenal Rafa.
Carlos Roger Orero
Carlos Roger Orero:
I remember when Rafa broke Agassi's record of 17 Masters 1000 in Madrid in 2010. And now, he and Novak have 36 each. It's something out of this world...
Rebecca Villafuerte
Rebecca Villafuerte:
Rafa, besides a great tennis player, is also an action star...
He’s everywhere inside d court...
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
To be fair, Nadal channeled another level of tennis in the final set, and there wasn’t much his opponent could do. I think Djokovic performance exceeded expectations
manoj kumar Jerripotula
manoj kumar Jerripotula:
Thank you Tennis TV for allowing us to watch the finals Live...