Nuggets postgame interview: Michael Malone (06/09/2021)

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50 comentarios:

Gazi Bengazi
Gazi Bengazi:
Nikola's teammates congratulated him on the MVP in this way.
Martín Martín
Martín Martín:
"I like how Michael Malone takes responsability for his role, isn't afraid of being selfcritical about his decisions as coach and always try to protect his players, taking them away from the spotlight of the defeat" Said no one ever...
Brandon Biaesch
Brandon Biaesch:
It’s really tough to be a Nuggets fan right now. The amount of disrespect I have seen about Nikola’s MVP is out of this world. Being down 2-0 is the series doesn’t help either. But, this team is resilient and they have proven people wrong time and time again. I cannot recall a team that is as resilient as the one that plays Mile High Basketball. I think we come home and get our first win of the series. Unfortunately, just being realistic, the Suns got our number and because of that, I am wishing them the best in the Playoffs. Again, this isn’t over yet though. I think we will come out very strong next year. With reigning MVP The Joker, MPJ and The Blue Arrow coming back mid-next season, I think we will be one of the “teams to beat” in the league. We have a bright future in Denver and I think that I can speak for all Nuggets fans, “we will hoist a trophy soon.....”
Chris •
Chris •:
After hearing this the team will either respond in a big way in game 3 or they will quit on Malone
Fernando Cabral
Fernando Cabral:
It's amazing that this team, suffering casualties from its starting five in the regular season, has come this far. Denver nuggets have based their game on good team play and contributions from their bench, like no other team. doesn't matter how this series ends, I really hope you can turn over this two losses, but anyway thanks for what you have given up to here guys
Malone is to blame as well. We start off in a good position but the refs always get the morel down by making bad calls and not calling any fouls when we get beat up and he just stands there. That kills the whole momentum of the game. Also why didn't he attack the rim when ayton had 2 fouls in the first 4 minutes that makes zero sense.
Isaiah ::Powell
Isaiah ::Powell:
U can’t just have everyone stand on 3pt line waiting for joker to bail us out, no defensive adjustments and played to small
Temp -
Temp -:
Love this team and I’m just super disappointed in them let’s get it together guys
Sami 0
Sami 0:
I love coach Malone because he always honest about his players or anything he is talking about
Raine Soke
Raine Soke:
Never seen him this mad he is usually relaxed, he always knows what his team needs though
Good Things
Good Things:
Lets hope it isn't too late for coach to instruct them to attack the basket, toggle mcgee w Gordon for shot blocking and rebounding, defensive schemes and for the guards to brush up on shooting
Jonas Guzman
Jonas Guzman:
Just stop blaming on "energy" and "attitude" of players... do your coach job...the offense is static, there are no variants besides giving the ball to Jokic or allow MPJ take awful selected shots... the offense is no fluid and I think isn't the players fault after all....
D S:
People forget that for player to get assist, the other player needs to score. So CP3 is lucky his teammates are scoring, while the situation on the Denver side is almost opposite.
Effing the Ineffable
Effing the Ineffable:
Rough. Still like what we've accomplished. Jamal will help Jokic take the next step.
Martín Tenenbaum
Martín Tenenbaum:
Sad thing nuggets r dealing with so many injuries and also with a toxic coach.

It's really hurting to hear that from him and I'm not even his player. I imagine being a father to his sons or daughters (don't know and don't care about their gender):
- You failed because you didn't worked hard enough
- But dad, you helped me to do it, it's actually an extra and you are a part of it too, why is this only my fault?
- Hey everyone! Did you saw him? He's crying like a little kid! Come see him cry.
- But dad why are you making this worse for me?
- Guys did you listen? Come here and ask them questions now. Oh and I forgot, he sleeps with he's teddy bear couse he's afraid to be alone n the dark

I know it's just a bad joke but the point is why isn't he putting he's own head in the chopper? Why is it only the players fault? Doesn't he has critics for himself? And how declaring to the press this kind of stuff helps anyone?

Maybe he's frustrated and I get it but there's nothing good coming out of this inflammatory conference... Go work on your frustration with your therapist. Don't make the team have to not only deal with injuries and two lost games. A good leader doesn't behave like this at all
Aj Walker
Aj Walker:
Yes I agree that the effort was extremely lackluster multiple wide open 3s nobody, stopping the ball in transition running that stupid trap on D book in the high pick and roll and most importantly nobody outside of Jokic can hit a shot. And even Jokic hasn’t been fantastic so far. I get all of that but someone’s gotta be like we have been down worse and the series isn’t over. Remember this team is at its best when our backs are against the wall
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia:
If I see the same lineup in game 3, I’ll just change the channel. Stop having the same game plan, change the lineup. Every team is different; especially the playoffs.
Lipa kao Lipa ne kao Lipa
Lipa kao Lipa ne kao Lipa:
Whenever the Naggets lose, Malone always blames the “energy of the players”! Honestly, he bored everyone with that stupid phrase!
James 420
James 420:
Maybe challenge some plays to show you believe in them. I've never seen so many no calls in my life and you just sit there shrugging. I could see why they'd stop trying if they aren't getting calls and no one sticking up for them. That's is the coaches job.
Temp -
Temp -:
Terrible performance not sure what’s going on everyone settling for contested shots porter jr needs to be better his IQ is just way too low needs to be much better if no 3 pointer is open drive to the rim needs to be more aggressive whole team just gave up no matter home court or not we keep playing like that suns are going to sweep us
Milan Babuskov
Milan Babuskov:
Letting Chris Paul hide and having nobody to defend, no wonder he was full of energy to run offense in the second half. Denver needs to attack Paul, make him chase his guy.
It’s going to be hard to peel the nuggets out from under the bus Mike Malone threw them under
martin shil
martin shil:
If they don't put McGee as the starting center and move jokic at the 4.. its gonna be a sweep. Gordon at the 3 guardingbooker, barton guarding Paul, Morris or Campazzo to play pick and roll
Malone is doing his best to curb his inner Obradović and rip them a new one with a fury
Mierda, ahora estoy mas preocupado. El partido solo pude ver los ultimos 20 minutos y fue patetico. Pense q habia sido mejor la primera parte. Lo peor de todo es perder asi, sin dejar todo y esa fue la sensacion y pense q me equivoque, un cachetazo, y q dificil revertir esto.
Why is CP allowed to shoot a wide open jumpshot from the free throw line?
Why is your game plan just a static jokic waiting for somebody to open?
Why was first half, whole lineup just chucking bricks from 3pt line?
We need to play javale
Wulu Deah
Wulu Deah:
Coach malone is a real one he not going hold back shit!!
Wulu Deah
Wulu Deah:
Damn he is going in on his team real hard😂😂😂
Mr Pix
Mr Pix:
Parece que al Joker solo le importa replamar y no jugar. Bien lento y se queda atras reclamando y no defiende. NO ha desmostrado ser el MVP en esta serie.
Coach monte mpj gordon jokic mcgee 1 q ,get Jokic out on 8;00 let him play second q with Paul and green will and facu,this is on you man .
Coach takes some accountability too! Your getting out coached.
Thomas A
Thomas A:
We shot horrible. It kills our confidence on both sides of the court.
Literally always blames his players and just called one of his players a liar for his injury.
Cucumber Cossa
Cucumber Cossa:
No McGee ? No responsibility? Fuck Mike Malone we’ll never win a chip I swear
Kroenke out of arsenal this summer
John Sams jr
John Sams jr:
Unleash bol bol
And mcgee
Brane Subac
Brane Subac:
How milsap play center malone?
Good Things
Good Things:
"TRY HARDER" doesn't work. Let's get some strategy. Shot blocker
Thomas And Melody
Thomas And Melody:
Compazzo shouldn't start, you suppose to start Monte Morris
Nikola Seslija
Nikola Seslija:
Put MGee instead off MPJ, lock the paint, play with Jokic and MGee...
Gays stole the Rainbow
Gays stole the Rainbow:
Unfortunately, it's up and down. Jokic is the only good thing in Denver again. Coaching is below average..
Denver fans. You have all the tools to actually win a Championship this year but unfortunately the game plan you are using is outdated. Tell your Denver owners to contact me on my Twitter page and I will help them win a Championship because without my help you guys are done.
Please use verified account ............. GRIM
I would hate to play for this guy. Takes shots at players
fredrick crowley
fredrick crowley:
Malone does nothing different yet expect different results, Everyone sees Facu is trash yet he continues to play him. continues to play Milsap at the 5, continue to not play magee for paint Defense, it's baffling to watch this stupid shit.nat least make an adjustment mid game to see if you can get something. This guy is horrible at adjustments. I forgot Austin Rivers is playing horrible yet continues to play big minutes. Why not play Shaq if we lacking onnS because Rivers and Facu aren't giving anything on Offense anyways.
Rednec joe
Rednec joe:
its cause we dont have murray
scott GC
scott GC:
Put AG or Millsap on Ayton. Joker cannot play defense on the chris paul and Ayton pick and roll. Plus its tiring him out too much. Put him on crowder and let him sit in the damn corner with him and reserve his energy for the offensive side, and let Millsap be the dog that he is.
KM Wong
KM Wong:
Nnaji is your savior! Don't be stupid! Play him!
Jim Knows
Jim Knows:
Sad case for Jock itch, maybe he should scramble his nuggets.